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  1. McKenzie returns all but 1. But, Who knows if Marquez Taylor will be there after Christmas because of football.
  2. McKenzie does return all but one starter but that starter is a team leader in Dani Dyer. Her leadership and ability to manage the game was huge several times this year for the Rebels. McKenzie will still search for the post player that has eluded us this year. There is a rumor that one player who did not play this year is coming back for next year. If this happens, add another forward into the mix who is really scrappy.
  3. He didn't start yesterday but came in probably within 3 minutes of the 1st. He finished with 16 pts. Demarkus Kee had 21 and Derek Kee had 14. I watched Clay County yesterday as well. I think Peabody has a shot at beating them, and it does help Hunt is back on the floor. My Rebels were just out athleted yesterday, and they did a good job of taking away our 3 and dishing underneath.
  4. Here is the stats from yesterday.
  5. Honestly, we fronted her a little bit and denied the ball. In the first half, we out rebounded them and scored 18 points in the paint to their 9. Briley Auvenshine had 18 pts for McKenzie. Danni Dyer had 13. Wilkins put a good game plan in. Anderson did not start for them either. I was surprised.
  6. We were wondering the same thing. Isn't it the same each year and you just slot the teams from the different sectionals? I really don't know.
  7. Moore Co brought a solid defense to McKenzie last night. They lead at the half and there were multiple lead changes in the first. The Rebels out scored them 30 to 17 in the second half. Mikayla Reynolds 3 ball in the first half was huge as she went 4 for 6. She finished the game with 18. But the play of senior Dani Dyer to get inside and put up shots was huge. She finished the game with 12 points. Savannah Davis ended up with 9 points but the double teaming in the second half opened the door for Dyer and Reynolds. Richards and Brazier were players for Moore Co. We questioned why they took Brazier out for a lot of the second half. Richard’s had 16 and Brazier 15. McKenzies free throw shooting in the first half was not as consistent as it has been. But in the second half, 90% from the charity stripe.
  8. Oh man! That is terrible! With my job with Bethel I got to Lewis Co and Perry co a lot. I always plan visits on Thursdays.
  9. If you are going through Parsons to Hoenwald, eat at Little Josh fish place as you are going out of Parsons. phenomenal catfish. But take cash or a check. Last time I was there, no debt cards.
  10. We have to get past Moore County first. Houston County is tough. We beat them all 4 times we played them but Simpson and Gant are the scorers. Gant will drive on you and Simpson, if left open, can shoot the 3 ball just about from anywhere on the floor. That game at McKenzie that night was the best high school girls game I have ever watched. 26 threes!
  11. I will be at the radio broadcast table. Come say hi.
  12. Well, we have a boys game Monday night as well, so concession stand should be good to go. But, I would suggest a couple of places in McKenzie. Marias Mexican, Rivals Sports Bar and Grill (Get the wings), or The Station. We have a place called Praters Taters as well that is pretty good. And of course, on Bethel University's campus, we have Chick Fila.
  13. Ha..I have a feeling we will need more than 3 for you guys.
  14. We will be at the high school. It will be a packed house for sure.
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