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  1. James C Haile is the oldest middle school tournament in the state. I’m not sure on all the details. It seems to be mostly middle Tn schools but I know that Wayne Co (boys/girls), Decatur Co boys and South Side(Lexington area) girls, Beaver School(boys) and Huntingdon(boys) from the west were in it. There were 3 classes. Decatur Co boys had a really good team but fell in the finals in AAA. Huntingdon boys won in a close one in the semi over Columbia Academy and blew everyone else out to win AA.
  2. Hart for Gibson co and Kee for Huntingdon both played big time last night. I think Hart had 26 and Kee had 24
  3. I have seen this same behavior from this group in tournaments from 10-11 years old all the way up to last season in a game against Gibson Co. It’s one thing to foul and mouth a bit to get in another teams head. It’s another to try to hurt an opposing team player and cheap shot every chance you get. Especially if things aren’t going your way. It’s partly on the coaches from the early days up to now and the parents for allowing it. I pull for all kids to compete and be successful in everything they do. However, this was a long time coming.
  4. I just saw the video on YouTube. I don’t know what really happened or why. Several technicals handed out to Henry Co. It had to be something said. Then Henry player started dancing around toward officials and parents giving the bird. Game was called with 35 seconds still on clock.
  5. Lilly Kee ,Huntingdon, having a great season a should get some votes. She can take over a game.
  6. Missed a layup and got the rebound and got hacked and no call. I hate to have to talk about refs after such a hard fought game by both teams. I am not saying they cost Huntingdon the game. Westview won the game. They just shouldn’t even be an issue. I’ve seen the animated ref several times this season. You do not want a close game down the stretch because he may do just about anything. I saw Wilkins really questioning him in the tunnel at halftime.
  7. It was an exciting game. Good atmosphere. It is a shame that refs can’t get it together. Either way. Two really good teams.
  8. Very much since last season. Wilkins played 2 freshmen last season which resulted in a ton of turnovers. It resulted in those players getting experience and Wilkins saw the big picture for this year. Huntingdon has 5 solid guards that can handle the ball and 6 that can really shoot it.
  9. Don’t count out Huntingdon just yet.
  10. It is not because they scheduled soft teams. McKenzie(state champs), Dresden was in the state tournament and brought everyone back. Gleason is usually tough. Greenfield is normally a power.
  11. Huntingdon Fillies playing good defense. Greenfield is down but when is the last time they were held to 6 in a half. Fillies won Christmas Classic defeating Riverside, Greenfield and Chester Co.
  12. Is that the dude that got beat up down in Memphis?
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