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  1. Well good luck to y’all. Have fun in your imaginary semi finals game. Boy, Huntingdon spends a bunch of time in your little noggin. Don’t go away mad.
  2. I think it will be @ Paul Ward. I hear that Prep has pretty good speed and a tough defense. It should be a good matchup. I don’t think anyone else in the West can match up with their speed. Well, until they roll into Huntingdon that is.
  3. Never mind. I looked it up. So no one has scored on FP this season?
  4. They do run hard. Lawton has turned into a man.
  5. I meant the cost at the gate in Huntingdon.
  6. I meant to check tonight, but forgot. I bought a all-sports pass and don’t know what a ticket costs.Anyone know what a ticket was tonight?
  7. I honestly think they could. They are tough to handle.
  8. Full moon on Friday the 13th! Anything can happen. This may be Huntingdons biggest test in the regular season. I still think Huntingdon gets it done. 42-21
  9. Man it’s tough for a average 2a team to compete with a good 6a team. You just hope you can get out without someone getting seriously hurt.
  10. Exactly. If it’s a dollar extra it should be for both teams. Not just the one you are gouging. Also if you are charging the away team a extra dollar you should provide them with a place to sit to see the game.
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