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  1. 8 yr old travel ball is for dads. Let your kid play 8 to 10 games and enjoy their summer and save their arms.
  2. Scott’s Hill is pulling many kids from Lexington.
  3. It’s been said numerous times why Huntingdon is 1A. There are 5 high schools in Carroll co.
  4. I hope Coach Wilkins shows interest in some of the players coming up. I know hands are tied with high school coaches and what they can do with summer leagues and workouts, but I don’t know if I ever saw Lowery in a gym if the high school Fillies weren’t playing.
  5. Whoever gets it will be getting a great gig. Most coaches in 1a would love to have the chance to have 50-60 players players come out year after year. Not to mention the community support.
  6. So what is Wayne Co.’s move? Did they have any idea this was going down?
  7. 20 or so seniors that have played key roles since their sophomore year.
  8. Believe me, I have been wrong too. The athletes that have been in Huntingdon is off the charts. The boys have played as tough as you could ask of them. I can’t take anything away from Cornersville the last two years. They won. I know Huntingdon gets a bad rap because of some of our posters. It’s a shame. Not knocking LC or anyone else but with what Huntingdon has coming back, it should be hide the women and children.
  9. Lake Co/ Huntingdon in the West. Both will have great senior classes.
  10. First I want to say I am a Huntingdon fan and I have no dog in this fight. I do however want to tell you that these boys are being shown how to be men from their coaching staff. My stepfather has a great nephew who’s 8 and is a huge Haywood fan. He’s in St Jude and is in a real fight with cancer. These boys went down and spent time with him in his hospital room. It meant the world to him. They didn’t do it for praise. They didn’t do it for press. They did it because it was the right thing to do. Im not going to say that saying cuss words in front of young kids is right, but they were getting ready to go into battle with a opponent where they have been told they had no chance against. Give these 16 and 17 yr olds a break.
  11. CB10, nothing to hang y’all head about. In 50 years y’all can look back and say you beat Huntingdon twice and have 2 silver balls.
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