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  1. I believe his wife has battled cancer and a few strokes, so her health is not great. There were also rumors of some administrative and personnel items that had to be addressed. One post I read on social media stated "retiring" and another stated "resigning", so not sure if we will see him on the sideline anywhere again or soon. Great guy, great coach, definitely a hall of famer
  2. North Side graduated their two guards, but the coach's son will be a freshman and he's ready to play right away. South Side was all Seniors and Freshman according to the guide on TSSAA
  3. If i had to guess I'd say the same 2 teams, North Side and South Side
  4. What exactly does vacating titles do? If it doesn't give the runner up a gold ball then what's the point? They have their rings and they know they won. Whether it was illegal or not removing it on paper doesn't mean much. Just my opinion
  5. I like McKenzie to go Back to Back. Wayne Co. will be back. Greenfield's days are done. Dresden is an iffy thought. My dark horse is Trenton. They are small but have a knock down shooter and are one of the scrappiest bunch I have seen.
  6. A good bit of the colleges host team camps and offer boarding.
  7. She has got athlete in the blood from both sides.
  8. Didn't they coach HS this year? Wonder why she didn't play up?
  9. If had to guess I would say South Side, Westview, McKenzie would all be in the talks again next season as well as a few others around West Tn. Also, someone mentioned the kid at USJ. I wonder if she will play high school next season. She is pretty darn good.
  10. That will be good for them. Where did he get transfers from? I saw Dyersburg middle in Medina but I only remember his granddaughter and one other kid that was pretty good.
  11. I look for them to be competitive once his grand-daughter gets there. She's pretty good plus the kid he has now should be a Jr then.
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