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  1. Too bad they didn’t in the state championship. No grant strong to save y’all this year.
  2. Gonna take the Rebels over the Bulldogs 41-14! Not a knock on clay they just don’t have anyone to stop that rebel offense.
  3. Not saying ER is better than tyner just saying they left points off the board btw
  4. ER beat themselves bad. Tyner is a dang good team too but ER left a lot of points off the board. Now since watching this Tyner and York game ER would boat race York any day of the week.
  5. Clay should win handidly. No matter the outcome of the championship game hats off to clay co on an amazing season. Wasn’t long ago my Indians and Clay Co were bottom feeders and now they’re respectable programs. Hats off to Clay Co!
  6. I hear a couple jackets are actually gonna be owls next year.
  7. Tyner has seen a lot of good defenses. Moved the ball on alcoa just couldn’t convert. Beat Westmoreland who has a great D and ER who has a good D by 4 scores
  8. Beat a Westmoreland team people were saying was the best Westmoreland team in years.
  9. @Cam615 I saw what you commented on my brothers twitter post. Thank you for the kind words! He was a senior for ER and I hope he put down a great stepping stone for the future of ER football
  10. Class of 89’ was 3 peat state champs in basketball!
  11. I’m 99% sure vandy fan isn’t saying it’s about their race. ER has had black kids play with confidence on the basketball court for years.
  12. Didn’t think they were dirty. Good luck the rest of the year.
  13. Coach Brooks is already loved in cross plains and we’re thankful to have him. He’ll fight like heck for his players and they play hard for him. An amazing season. We’ll return 8 starters on defense next year and 5 on offense. Gonna have to have a great offseason and get that offense up to par. Loosing 3 real good lineman(Alarcon, Montgomery, Cheatham) 2 year starter at qb (Collin Cook),4 year starter at WR (S Groves), Starting TE (Carson Craig), and 2 Year starter at RB Zech Prince who we hope gets mr football. Been a great year and good luck to tyner.
  14. ER had a great game plan just failed to execute. Hats off the tyner. Great team and brought a pretty solid crowd. Brought way more than I expected. Go represent the east for us!
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