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  1. If groves goes down then it’s anyones ball game. But as long as he’s healthy, he’s gonna be hard to stop. Already added 10lbs since last season
  2. Winner of the region gets beat in rd 3.
  3. Most athletic and fun to watch 1A basketball player I’ve seen in the tournament to this day was David Woodard in 92’. 87’ 88’ and 89’ ER teams could run with the best of them as well.
  4. @Indian1999 @margaret1989 and his other 4 accounts would love for Brooks to get the boot. even though he has the highest winning percentage in 2A since taking over the program.
  5. If dominos are falling, they’re falling into place.
  6. TC will have a resurgence soon. Satterfield is a good coach… can’t win without talent, and there isn’t any walking the halls at TC, and if their is talent their they can’t take coaching.
  7. 12-1 season. Fall to ER in quarters is my prediction. Fayetteville still has wiloughby but I doubt that’s enough
  8. Young Kid, grew a lot in the late part of the year.
  9. Last year we didn’t have a 6’7” 330lb tackle starting.
  10. Looked good in the weight room today. Stopped by and they looked impressive. A lot bigger than last year
  11. Beat Pickett Soundly and then beat Hendersonville. Should have beat Goodpasture but couldn’t finish it off. Lost to Portland but that’s because All the groves were in the Texas for the all American game.
  12. Yeah that’s true, bring future in cross plains. Middle school has won the championship 3 years in a row. Baseball will always be good with Wix there as well as Basketball with Caton. Girls Basketball will be really stout next year. I really wish the softball team had more success, Kevin Evans used to have an amazing program, talent has had a huge drop off.
  13. If they go to 1A ER will as well. ER numbers are lower than TC.
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