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  1. My thawts onn tha gaim..... 1. Will-Yum Blunt haz a vurry goodur kickur b. Will-Yum Blunt haz a evun betterer daince teem 3. Mairvul passin' gaim looked vurry gooder 4. Vurry glaid two see all tham yung'uns playin inn tha seccund haif fer tha boys inn red and blaick e. We rilly missed ole Gov-man twonite playin tha toons.
  2. This iz a vurry vurry scirry gaim fer our littull fellers az we play one att hoam necks Fridee.......Eye jist hoap we cain keap hit clost.....
  3. Lett me ennurjeck rite hear...... Tha faymus farr thait spreaded ovur onto tha campuss wuz sumthin.....Pie-Romania wuz inn tha air.....Eye wuz lookin fur couches two bee throwed on..... Thait wuz tha maddust eye evur saw tha calm collectid GQ onn tha 9 play drive frum tha 10...... WB iz a 39.5 pt. favritt fur a reesun......
  4. sx eye nose ewe wur thankin' abowt tha old JT spotbilt.....
  5. Fellers me two.....Eye jist thawt he wuz talkin' abowt tha docks att Lewisvul Poynt Park.....
  6. BD thainks......Looks like D-B might be better this yeer....???
  7. gowb maid fun ov my spellin' yisterdee and now he's takin' shots att our head bawl coach.....
  8. Bow yorns heds when'st ennerin' tha 'Wick.....!!!
  9. gowb ewe down't haiv two rubb hit inn....Sum ov us come frum tha pore side ov tha trax inn Allin-Wick......
  10. Cood ewe git me thair naims and addressus...??? Knead two chek onn thair garbige servuss....
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