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  1. Eye down't no fer shore rw87.....Butt aftur my viddy-o studee eye thaink Farrah-gut haz tha best offence Mairvul haz seed this yeer...... https://livestream.com/fhsfootballboosters/events/9312750/videos/211198598
  2. Eye jist seed whur Farrah-gut's quotabaick broak a skool reccurd wif 6 td paisses laist Fridee.......Tha Add's haiv now mooved upp two a 91.9 pt. favritt agin our littull fellers.....
  3. Allinwick '73 vs. Loss Angelees Timptashun ov tha Longerray Leegue (any yeer)
  4. Afturr my viddy-o studee Barn iz rite and hit's att MackMen.....Cherokeys bye att leest 5 tds.....
  5. TB eye jist hoap we cain stay wifin' 40 orr 50 ov tha Adds.......
  6. Accordin' two my cyferrin' he iz 45-3.....
  7. Me two rw87......Butt Farrah-gut mite bee way ahaid att haif time.....
  8. rw87 this sownds like a vurry vurry goodur idee......
  9. Mairvul bettur pick thair gaim orr tha Admirulls weal leeve 825 vurry vurry haipy......Thay ere loadid onn tha offencive side wif big ole Purcell att RB and tuff #9.......A vurry vurry accurait QB inn #6 and Mr. White #20 lines upp evurwhur and iz faister thain Momma threw tha buffay line att ShowKnees.......Thairfour wif all thes wheppuns and a goodur deefence eye haiv inn stalled tha Adds az a urlee 88.8 pt favritt.....Eye jist hoap we cain keap hit clost......
  10. Knott two menshun tha compleemintary corn dodgers.....
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