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  1. Furr furvur considerayshun.... https://www2.unapproved website.com/50-best-high-school-football-schools-of-all-time-ranked-by-wins/33?utm_subid=5821159&utm_adset=1414257&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=916100&fbclid=IwAR1bcElZEbuFrVDPXvkcwKlTZJRTSpBetRk0o-e1o5HlxkvyfZUZMjDtsGk
  2. One roomur eye'm heerin' iz thay's sum twin tares coming....
  3. Welp eye ant so shore abowt thait....Butt roomur haid hit thait hur littull ole husbund didun't haiv much hind-end left.....
  4. Waco yore problee rite abowt thait.....Down att tha U ov A (Allin-Wick) we haid a maff teechur that wuz abowt 5'11" 255.....She haid hur paddull thait she used hangin' upp onn a nale att tha end ov tha chawlk bored....She haid a sortee haipy face once she haid a reesun two taik ewe out inn tha hall and enflict punnishmunt onn yore baickside....Hur face wood git az red az hur hare and she haid a swing like Boog Powell.....Man she cood maik yore I's water......Bless hur hart....
  5. Barn eye wundur if'un Stork iz tha one puttin' upp this pole....???......We mite end upp wif free Murrfreesburg hearse servuss like Mairvul's footbawl teem did laist yeer....
  6. rw87 eye am heerin' a goodur LB haz waltzed acrost Tecks-Us and rite on upp two 825.....Me and mommaSTARS haiv played this 'un minny times and dainced tha nite away hear att tha traylur....
  7. Jist takin' a minutt two wish everybody a Haipy Easter and to reflect on what it's all about.....God Bless each and everyone one of you and your families during this special time....
  8. Bee Cee eye'll bet yore citty don't go out on Christmas affurnune and pick up all ov tham old boxes and paypurs like SNB Recrootin' & Garbige Servuss duz tho.....
  9. Hit iz now confermed......Thay's sum pepull frum Callyfornee wif a big yungun lookin' fer garbige servuss....
  10. RR uhparentlee ewe'uns haiv knott seed momma deestroy hur own pursonull 10 peace famlee pack wif tha mashed tators, gravee, grean beens, cold slaw, haif duzzen kittun haid biscutts, and a haif gallun ov sweet tee....
  11. MommaSTARS sez..........Bless hur hart....
  12. Eye am heerin' roomurrs ov a fue peepull checkin' intwo garbige servuss.....
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