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  1. Werd yisterdee frum a reelieabull sourse sez Mairvul's Seecrit wheppun iz banchin' 375 and squattin' ovur 500.....
  2. Sum whur Bo iz laiffin' and cowntin' hunnerds......
  3. Laick ov watur onn tha practuss feeled laist fawl......
  4. We neads a goodur brokun feeled runnur imo....
  5. Lett me innerjeck rite cheer........Eye'll bet ewe'uns ant nevur haid a mimburr ov tha viztin' teem tale ewe thait yore #1 frum tha feeled durin' tha gaim......
  6. Eye heered Mairvul iz gittin' sum knew ewekneeforms this yeer....Eye jist tha look az goodur az Okedails.....
  7. Eye'll bet RR wint two Madum Rennay's out on tha Alcoee Hiway beefour tha seesun....Looked att tha old LTD 4 sail and got his palm red.....
  8. ML our littull, uneggspeariunced fellers weal bee luckee two winn a scrimmich agin thamselfs .....Gonna bee a longurr yeer.....
  9. sx, momma haz sum cuzzins thait thainks thair hoola gurls....
  10. Eye wood look out fer #1 two haiv a brake out yeer.....
  11. Thes littull fellers knead two groe upt faist...... Inn anuuver matter me and Momma haiv this nabor hear inn tha park and eye thaink he's gonna bee a souper star sanger...... Teef Sweat.....
  12. Rasslin' iz deafinitlee tha sport ov Kings.....imo......
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