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  1. Shad has about another 6-7 years before you can make the comparison. WB was never going to be a quick fix and they've never had the kind of college level talent LaVergne has had
  2. How many former Rebels are HC's now? Isn't Coach Rang at Gatlinburg Pittman one as well?
  3. I guess you don't mind SC scheduling tough teams so much now, do ya? Congrats to SC
  4. If the school cared, the HC would have been gone a long time ago. No coach in the state does less with more
  5. SC has been bad for awhile now, that tends to scare ppl of. Their record under Hollingsworth proves school admin really doesn't care, he wasn't even that successful even when he did have talent
  6. Springfield 28 Wilson Central 20 White House 22 Station Camp 21 MJ 35 Stewarts Creek 14 Oakland 41 Hendersonville 13 Beech 28 JNS 7
  7. Time to get some conversation on this region. Week 1 starts tonight with these games: Oakland- Hendersonville Blackman-Alcoa (Sat) Riverdale-Northeast Siegel-Franklin Rockvale-LaVergne Cookeville-Upperman (Sat) Warren Co- DeKalb Co Coffee Co- Franklin Co Alot of toss up games. Could see the region winning most of these but could see this region losing almost all of these, except for Oakland Season Prediction: 1.) Oakland 2.) Blackman 3.) Riverdale 4. Cookeville 5. Siegel 6. Rockvale 7. Warren Co 8.) Coffee County I think you could put the teams 2 thru 5 in almost any order and have a decent chance of being right. If Siegel had more depth, I'd be tempted to pick them 3rd. Blackman has won 8 games every season since 2009 (Something even Oakland hasn't done), but with non- region matchups against Alcoa, Ravenwood and Independence, that could be in jeopardy. The Blaze are the biggest wildcard in the region, they could go 5-5 or 9-1 and I wouldn't be suprise at either. This is Year 4 for Riverdale under Kriesky, the time for excuses is over. On paper, they have a team that is very capable of beating Blackman and have a 3 year starter at QB and a strong running game. If they can't make a move this year, I'm not sure when that is. Cookeville probably looks to be about the same place as they were last year where making the playoffs is a good season. As long as Maynord leads the program, they'll have a chance to pull an upset or two. If you just look at the starters, Siegel has a team that can compete this season. But dressing around 40 kids with no jv team doesn't bode well for the future of the program under the current HC Easy to look at Rockvale's schedule and fall into the trap of thinking this team could be near.500 in it's first year. But this is basically a JV team this year, with about 90 percent of it's team being freshmen or sophomores. Success will come for the Rockets, but it's gonna take time. They'll be very well coached and if they can finish 6th (or even 5th), it will have been a good season. Warren Co./ Coffee Co-: What little chance either had of making a move within the region only is made worse by the addition of Rockvale. There is a reason both HC's left for greener pastures in the off-season.
  8. Blackman is never gonna lack for talent, especially on offense, but they run into trouble once against teams with a solid defense, as evidenced by their game with MJ. Newsome will play WR and I expect Murphy to see alot of snaps at TB
  9. Milan being ill prepared is going to be a common theme going forward
  10. Offensively they're night and day. Haven't seen them this year but last yr they were strictly Spread No Huddle. Defensively, they're gonna go with 3-4 or 50. I feel like they rely more on their athletes to just go out there and make plays, where Oakland is just gonna bring more guys than you can block. Blackman did get 2 WR transfers and they return their QB so I imagine they'll be airing it out. Not really sure what they got at TB since their leading returning rusher transferred to Oakland. They have a kid in the secondary getting SEC offers, although not sure it's gonna mean as much playing a run- heavy team like Alcoa In college terms, Blackman tries to play like Oregon did under Chip Kelly. They're gonna tries to wear you down with their depth but having sustained drives is gonna be key. Their HC played under Rankin so he'll know better than most what to expect
  11. By no means we're they superior but when you start to take that kind of talent for granted, it can hurt. I can see a scenario where they finish 3rd or 4th. They have a really difficult schedule, even in the best of years. Talent-wise, there isn't much difference bewteen Oakland and Blackman
  12. Couldn't agree more, it's more like the ACC where 1 team Lord's over the rest of the conference. There was a time when RuCo was strong county wide, but those days are gone. Creasy gets alot of credit ( as he should), but McDaniel set the table for him to thrive going forward
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