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  1. I remember plenty of OR folks though the sky was falling at beginning of the year in regards to the offense
  2. Gotta admit, I was slightly suprised that OR won, but I was really suprised that they hung 41 on MJ. Even more impressive when you consider they were down by 14 halfway through the 1st Quarter
  3. Final- Oakland 31 Riverdale 14. Makes 8 straight wins over Riverdale for Oakland ( tied for longest in the series)
  4. Going to be a great game, but I would be very suprised if either team scored 30+. I'm thinking more like 21-17 or 17-14
  5. heckuva game by OR. If they can play like this going forward, they'll be a very tough out in the postseason
  6. Hendersonville had a real chance to put the pressure on Gallatin but you got to capitalize on opportunities. If they can put it all together, they're gonna be a tough out come playoff time
  7. Halftime- Oakland 17 Riverdale 7. Warriors certainly showing more fight than Blackman did, but Oakland has killed themselves with penalties
  8. Gotta say, I didn't see a shootout with these 2 teams
  9. He had the job and pulled a u-turn when he realized LC wasn't going to be the only show in town anymore
  10. Show me a local broadcast that isn't biased, and I'll show you someone that is doing their job wrong
  11. Shows how much attention I paid. Thanks
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is he the first OL with FBS offers you guys have had in awhile?
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