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  1. Creasy makes high 5-low 6 figures from RuCo schools and bc of service years he has it'll probably go up each year till it maxes out
  2. There's alot of 5A programs that would happily take their place. Page has been the underdog in each of these games. Early in the week I was thinking first one to 14, but not sure the winner will have that many. If you like a good ple fashioned slobber knocker this is your kind of game
  3. Not alot of parallels to draw from that game other than the fact that Upperman will be a underdog. The weather will help even the playing field. Pearl sure isn't Lipscomb and Upperman isn't some .500 team that just got hot at the right time Have the highest respect for both programs, both are well coached and do things the right way. Upperman does have their motivations, but let's not act like Pearl doesn't either. Pearl has been right there on the cusp of a title so many times under Brunetti. I'm sure most of the players are aware of what this game means not only to their program, but to Metro going on a 15 year title drought. Brunetti truly embodies everything it means to be a coach. I haven't wanted to see a non-Oakland team win this badly since Tullahoma broke through and send John Olive out a winner in 2021. I think Pearl finally gets the monkey off its back and wins 28-20
  4. Wondering what the attendance record for the title game is, this game could come close to breaking it
  5. Come on now BC, your just mad your 'naders couldn't pull that Blackout trick like you guys did on Bearden
  6. Don't think either team is going to be throwing it that much Saturday with rain in the forecast for the day before and day of the title game
  7. That's what they call having the common touch. I believe most truly great football coaches have it
  8. Thanks Barney, I always found it curious he left and I know Maryville folk talk about him like Bama folk talk about Bear Bryant
  9. I had heard he put he supported all the local programs not just Cleveland, guess I heard wrong. I'm not much for moving around once I get inside so I didn't mind
  10. Question for some of the Rebel folk.... What led to Ted Wilson leaving Maryville and ending up at DB?
  11. You can take Goodpasture off the list, just hired Tyler Turner
  12. Daune Morris would be the first one to tell you he doesn't do it by himself. Ashton Jones will def factor into the running game as well. Every year I hear fans from every other team say Oakland is too 1 dimensional and yet they've won a title 4 out of the last 5 years. The fact that you can't spell Bradley and think Houston would "kill" them tells me all I need to know
  13. I think Page would fare pretty well in 6A. Each title run is pretty special bc it's incredibly hard. Hopefully Page can score one for Middle TN in 5A
  14. Best thing Glencliff can do is to co-op. At least gives their kids a chance of being involved on a team with a hope of making the playoffs
  15. Lol was just my way of turning it around on Barney, don't expect that to happen but it's a entertaining thought seeing what he could do with a roster like that. Oakland is probably one of the very few public schools he'd consider if he came back to coaching HS
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