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  1. Doesn't mean it was the right decision to make considering it affected 1/3 of the world's population. This virus has been held in check ( to a point, through no help from the fed gov't) because lessons were learned from previous pandemics. People need to prepare for the fact that in alot of areas (especially population centers) there will be restrictions on the amount of ppl in attendance, unless we as a society want to risk the chance of a 2nd wave that hits harder than the first I'll gladly sacrifice a year of football/sports for a chance at slowing the spread of this virus, I would absolutely hate it for the kids if it came to that, but there are things at stake bigger than HS sports
  2. The good playcallers adapt to their personnel. They maybe a little bit more balanced in what they do, but their a run first team all the way through. Palmer should consider himself lucky that he got a 2nd chance in a really good position. Here's hoping he makes the most of it
  3. True, their schedule has gotten better. Farragut, OR, Greeneville are also solid, but if they want to beat Maryville they're gonna have to get used to playing elite 6A competition. Sign up for home and with a WilCo school or Whitehaven. May mean fewer wins but may also mean people actually take DB seriously in the playoffs. This year may be the best chance they get in awhile to beat Maryville and they'll still be a underdog
  4. Not really a concrete date. Under their 4 phase plan, Nashville/Metro won't re-open schools till phase 3, they are currently in phase 2. June 8th would be a best case scenario
  5. True. Don Thomas got out right before the talent dried up
  6. Hester got the bottom of the barrel compared to Stevens. I'm not saying he would have went on a run like Oakland or Blackman has, but I think at the least he would have 8 games every year. Stevens couldn't win more than 6 in his best year
  7. Kind of suprised Perry stuck around. Their gonna get a good feel for what Oakland had to go through when Siegel opened. They'll be fine this season, maybe even in 2021, but a new school opening nearby pretty much destroys your depth and feeder system
  8. Not sure what the rest of RuCo has to do with it, but the truth is under Stevens' watch, no team did less with more than LaVergne. They got an instant upgrade with Woodward
  9. BC has wilted against any good team. Maryville gets the benefit of the doubt, BC doesn't. People thought the same thing about Oakland in 2017 and they went 13-1
  10. Kudos to LaVergne, made the best hire they could make
  11. When we starting using math in place of doing what is right, then we have failed as a society. Until there is proven treatment/vaccine and the rate of new cases has flattened, you risk a 2nd wave of infection. I want sports back as much as anyone, but this is the biggest public health crisis in over 100 years, sports is a luxury. I hate it for the kids but it's for the best
  12. Just about every principal would have done the same thing. Palmer gave them no choice
  13. So you think a 9-17 FC team is going to upset Oakland?
  14. That's because in TN, an AD practically means nothing
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