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  1. I hate it for the kids at Catholic, but not surprised this happened. Always amazed me how Siegel was able to keep his dui quiet when it's a career ender for alot of coaches
  2. I stand corrected. Sad that it took a 1A school to fill out Oakland's schedule
  3. Kudos to SP for having the stones to schedule this game, which is more than I can say for most teams in this state. I'm looking forward to coming to SP, always been a place I wanted to see a game
  4. At this point, I'll be suprised if Oakland is able to find a 10th game. It's a shame none of the big privates stepped forward
  5. Shad did plenty get himself fired. Justus' hires in football haven't been great, but she deserves no blame for firing a guy who thought he was above the school. Having to slum it at WB is karma pure and simple. Not worth hiring a guy with his baggage when there are tons of other good coaches out there
  6. Keyword: Chosen. Your just going off what you've been told. Give the man a chance before you make these assumptions about him. Good men I have no doubt, good coaches is up for debate. For all you know, Tygard could come up with a staff that's better
  7. Said it way better than I could. We still got room for you at Oakland B45
  8. Experience doesn't mean good. If the HC wants to rip the band aid off and start fresh, that's his prerogative.
  9. No doubt. I know nothing about the new coach so I'm not gonna make assumptions just because he hurt some feelings.
  10. I don't know the new coach from Adam, but a fresh start is needed. Only chance Blackman has of ever catching Oakland or Riverdale. If you maintain the status quo, just barely making the playoffs would be the norm
  11. Don't think Memphis has even bid on the Blue Cross Bowl
  12. If you make the state championship, do you really care if it adds 90 minutes to your travel? If Oakland made the title game, I'd travel to Bristol if that's what it took
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