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  1. This thread is long on rumors, short on logic. Only way Hartsfield leaves Blackman this year is on his own, he has no pressure from the administration. Blackman has taken a step back, but nobody stops to think why they have instead they just blame the coach. Replace Hartsfield and your gonna have the same problems. Blackman could have taken the easy way out and played an easier schedule, but they didn't; some years you reap the benefit some years it's just not in the cards. Nobody in RuCo is beating Oakland until Creasy and Jackson leave, so the quarterfinals is the best you can do and that's exactly what Blackman did in 2019
  2. Worth mentioning that alot of the key contributors will be back
  3. True, he's won at a high level everywhere he's been, but when you ask people to rattle off some of the great coaches of the last 30 years in this state, I wouldn't be surprised if he were to get overlooked. Had he gotten some bounces to go his way at his first tenure at OR and HC, he'd be right up there with every coach not named Rankin or Quarles. Losing to OR in '97 was probably one of the most painful losses I experienced. Oakland was making progress under Butler, but losing to OR like that seemed like one step forward, 2 steps back. Fortunately it was a glimpse of what was to come the next season, as well as getting revenge over OR
  4. Lost to Oakland in both '88 and '89. 7-3 and 17-15
  5. If it wasn't for Oakland and Riverdale in the late 80s to mid 90s, alot of people might view Joe Gaddis a little bit differently
  6. No argument that '94 Riverdale is an all time great team in this state, but an argument can be made that they're not even the best team from Murfreesboro. 1970 Murfreesboro Central team only had a roster of 40, yet had 16 go on to play college ball ( 8 of which went to play in the SEC) as well as sending 2 to Oklahoma. They were dominant in a time where this state wasn't watered down with classifications
  7. Never implied the were. They play in the toughest region in the state, so like I said, I don't blame them for backing out
  8. Guess it's time to get my eyes checked
  9. Interesting that they chose to play Alcoa over Oakland & Upperman
  10. Hard to ignore the pull of being able to create a program from scratch , esp when you know the talent will be there. It's not like he went far. If you have a chance to hire a coach who has won a state title and been able to beat Maryville, good chance your not gonna be able to do better than that. Why waste time with a search?
  11. It was their first appearance in awhile, not their first appearance ever. Ravenwood had success pretty early on with Rector at the helm
  12. Agree wholeheartedly. If I was an administrator hiring a HC, he would be at the top of my list
  13. Other half of the bracket didnt have to put Maryville down before reaching the championship either. Oakland has won 135 games in the 6A, which puts them right up there with anyone not named Maryville. We don't need to piggy back on nobody. There's not another team in 6A that has beaten Maryville more than once, Oakland has done it 4 times, so yeah we've earned the right to lump ourselves in with Maryville.
  14. As long as Coach White is there, Moore Co is always going to be in the hunt
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