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  1. Both places Woods has been at have gotten better pretty quickly after his arrival. If you can win consistently in Metro while having to fend off the vultures from picking your roster clean, your doing something right
  2. Whatever the case is, burnout is a real thing among coaches, especially those with family. He could go 0-10 and wouldn't change my opinion that he's a good coach. We try to define good coaches by their record, but plenty of other ways to judge a coach
  3. I disagree. Sitting a year out allows him to visit other programs, see what's working for them and incorporate it into his own philosophy. Woods' success at CR got him alot of interviews, if he can rein in some things, 1 year isn't going to stop him from getting a good job when there are 60-70 openings every year. HS football is such a grind for coaches that taking a year off will be really beneficial for him
  4. Honestly, I'm not. Woods put his name in for alot of vacancies. Sometimes a program needs a new voice. I think it will also be a good chance for Woods to refine his approach if he has aspirations of getting a job outside of Metro
  5. https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/high-school/2024/04/04/eddie-woods-cane-ridge-football-coach-resigns/71339964007/
  6. There is nothing stopping other cities from bidding. When is the last time you saw Knoxville or Memphis bid on any of the championships? TSSAA goes with the best bid for them, if that was in Memphis, that's where the title games would be
  7. You may know something I don't but I haven't heard anything about an opening at Oakland. They overachieved and made Sub-State playing a brutal schedule so if there's a change it won't be bc a lack of success
  8. More power to them. Oakland scrimmages McCallie every year and it helps them get ready for the season
  9. Chad Hibdon (Tullahoma) graduated from Oakland I believe
  10. Oakland and Blackman made Sub-State this year. RuCo is adding a new HS every 4 years, that's going to dilute the talent a little bit. Oakland gets the most out of their talent, not as flush with talent as Riverdale/Blackman were or have been
  11. McCallie and Baylor got that fancy garbage service with new passports for everyone. New logo should be the Canadian flag in their colors
  12. I've made my feelings about Stevens as a HC known so not going to rehash them but from everything I know, seemed to be a decent guy. I wish him luck at A-E
  13. Never said Oakland wouldn't lose but certainly won't back down from a challenge. Oakland scrimmages McCallie every year and holds their own so yet again I say I don't see any volunteers
  14. I don't see anybody from II-AAA volunteering. Oakland has scrimmaged multiple II-AAA teams just about every pre-season. Oakland has entered spring 4 years in a row with just 9 games so you want some, come get some
  15. 2024 is the biggest salary of his deal at 55M, after that it steadily drops down into the mid 40s for the rest of the deal. So yes, Burrow took a page from Brady and left a significant amount of money on the table in the hopes his team can't put it to good use elsewhere
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