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  1. That's by design. Athletic programs in Montgomery get zero support
  2. Perfectly fine relying on Hill for the next 2 years. That kid is nearly impossible to catch if he gets past you
  3. No doubt. FWIW, Haynesworth already has an offer from Oklahoma and Hill has them rolling in as well. The offense will be fun to watch
  4. Forgot to quote to post, but Maryville v. Blackman would have been a fun game to watch. I'd have given Maryville a very slight edge, but wouldn't have been surprised if Blackman won
  5. If they were smart, they'd be camped outside Creasy's house. That sophomore class is LOADED
  6. Neither is raiding the rosters of Metro schools, but I digress. Maybe it does make both better, but I'd rather support public schools. Perfectly fine with letting that loss eat at Dilfer from now till the end of time
  7. I don't disagree with most of this, but Oakland has scheduled the way they have because no one will play them. No one wants to see them play schools like Liberty Creek or Antioch, but those kids deserve a full 10 game schedule just like everyone else In a perfect world, I'd give the middle finger to the private schools and see Oakland in marquee, cross-sectional matchups. Unfortunately, you cant force teams to schedule you Would have loved to have gotten more than just 2 matchups of Quarles v. Creasy
  8. Or ducking competition for that matter. They have more guts than most programs
  9. Its frustrating not being able to put together a schedule quickly. Last couple of years, Oakland didnt get a 10th game until well into the summer. Once your perceived to be a traditional power like Beech is, the number of teams willing to play you reduces drastically. I'd be lying if I wasn't a little annoyed that Warren Co appealed to play in the next region over, costing Oakland a game on their schedule (knowing full well they won't make the playoffs in that region either)
  10. That's not an easy trip to make in the regular season. Can't say I'd blame them if they found a closer option
  11. Not sure what Ravenwood returns but it would be interesting. Beech and Oakland still need games
  12. Good chance I was showing a little bias with that statement. Agree with pretty much everything you said. Going to be a good old fashioned smasmouth matchup
  13. Then start calling the ones in Middle TN. This state needs more marquee games that feature East/Middle v. West
  14. No coincidence that Oakland got better on both sides of the ball when he came back healthy. This late in his recruitment he might get some SEC interest, but I imagine their more interested in the backs that play behind him
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