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  1. I have several friends as coach, some of whom are HC's. They wholeheartedly endorsed Cunningham. Yes he's an alum, but he made his bones on some pretty good coaching staffs. He's seen up close what it takes . He's taking a pay cut and the potential of taking over his own program in RuCo eventually to come back home. Young enough to relate to the kids. This was the best FC could do
  2. I think it's pretty well established that if your coaching HS Football, money isn't going to be a big factor. Price of living in FC is also much cheaper, to the point that he would probably be keeping more in FC than he would in RuCo. For some, you can't put a price on going home
  3. Yup, wins in 2016, 2017 & 2018 v. Maryville sure sounds like choking. Go back to NC little league ball
  4. There's 4 Gold and 3 Silver that says otherwise
  5. I guess you missed Oakland putting the mercy rule on Maryville last year. We sure got more history than Duck Creek. Your obsession with Blount County is a little unhealthy, maybe you should see a doctor
  6. Well not all of us can have a name as dumb as Mallard Creek
  7. I imagine it doesn't take much to get you confused
  8. Yeah I'm sure that mythical title means alot. A state championship is earned Check the profile doofus
  9. Last I checked, winning the gold ball is the only thing that matters
  10. Then do everyone a favor and go back whatever hole you sprang from
  11. Might be a former Oakland assistant, but no one is leaving Oakland for Siegel
  12. With their combined 35 titles, I'm sure that's what everyone else was thinking
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