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  1. No doubt that they do. But you can't develop something that's not there. Best QB Oakland ever had was on some pretty bad teams
  2. Which is why the wing-t makes sense for Oakland. We don't have quarterbacks grow on trees like they do in Maryville
  3. No doubt that where he is at right now is in a better place than Siegel, but Siegel offers a better chance long-term. In my opinion, he's reached the ceiling of what is possible at his current job
  4. There is doing what's best for your family and then there's Meadows. What's this job #8 in the last 20 years? It's amazing he still finds teams willing to hire him. You hire Meadows, you better have a updated short list of coaches to hire at all times
  5. Filled: Milan: Carl Difee ( HC @ North Panola, MS) Pigeon Forge: Scott Meadows (HC @ Carter)
  6. Currently Vacant: Carter Cheatham County Clinton Cumberland County Franklin County Germantown Green Hill Goodpasture Harding Academy Hixson Liberty Lincoln County Loretto Memphis Overton Pigeon Forge Red Boiling Springs Siegel Silverdale Southwind Station Camp Westview
  7. Can't possibly imagine why they would do such a thing
  8. Your the one that started with the names, which is what usually happens when your wrong. Truce, it is
  9. That or have an announcement the first week of the semester. Making a change quickly gave Siegel a head start over everyone else, so the quality of applicants was going to be higher
  10. Whitehaven v. Pearl Cohn Oakland v. Alcoa Brentwood v. Knox Central Oak Ridge v. Gallatin
  11. Based on who they interviewed, whoever they hire will be a significant upgrade
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