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  1. ERMS just won their county championship to cap off an undefeated season.
  2. They fixed it. They have bathrooms at the bottom of the hill now. Still play at the park
  3. I’m an ER poster, 1st time we’ve been in this position in a long long time. Gonna take ER 17-14. I think it’ll be the game of the year and one to remember for both teams depending the outcome. I’m just glad to see westy and ER going at it.
  4. Last 3 meetings between these teams 2021 Westy 9- 6 2020 Westy 35-7 2019 ER 27-7 Total Points Westy 50 - ER 40
  5. BBQ restaurant and a Mexican restaurant right when you come into town is all we have.
  6. You can’t be 0-6 currently and say they have 2 of the TC greats on that team.
  7. ER posters all year have been wanting y’all in the top 10. We’ve been outraged over y’all being left out and harpeth being in it for the past 5 weeks!
  8. Ik their is alot of TC posters on here and I saw the SC and TC forum talking about TC legends but I was wondering if any trousdale posters would tell me their personal top 5 or top 10 players in TC history. I believe one player that was great for TC that no one talks about anymore was tacola seay, he has to be in some peoples top 5 or is their 5 better than him?
  9. Love watching 615 preps. Talked to Chris tonight and he sounded like a great guy. Hope y’all come back to cross plains again sometime this year
  10. He’s not a real Indians fan, Cam. I wouldn’t give him the time of day if I were u. He’s just a hoot and hollering.
  11. I was amazed he ended up at Lindsey Wilson, he was about 6’2” and if he was 6’4” theirs no doubt in my mind he was a Power 5 type guy. He was big athletic and strong as an ox.
  12. Mason Brasford was his name I believe. He was the best o lineman I’ve seen play in the last 5 years in 2A
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