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  1. The only decent team on that list you guys faced was Haywood and everybody knows 4a right now might be the worst division in Tssaa football too to bottom.
  2. Sidekick alarm! You guys married?
  3. So I’m a clown Because I said Hillsboro was the better TEAM?
  4. Yep. Did you watch the game?
  5. Hillsboro doesn’t have one star on that team and was the better team last night and I’ll be surprised if Stratford wins another game. Hunters lane will.
  6. The biggest difference between us and them is our offense AND defense is performing and there offense is still on the white board. Hillsboro was the better team and night and East wins by 13 and wins the district with this game.
  7. 1. East Nashville I 1.Cane Ridge 3. Hillsboro 4.Fireducks 5. Hunters lane 6. Stratford The rest don’t matter at the moment.
  8. Hillsboro gives the Fire Chickens a gut check and wins by 14.
  9. We picked up maplewood but seriously a 2a team? No Bueno
  10. Did y’all hire a defensive coordinator yet?
  11. I really don’t like you fire chicken guys but I respect the heck out of your reply. If only people use their brain and thought like this. It’s basically the bloods and Crips all over again lmao
  12. Watch your mouth!!! Can’t wait until we run the ball down y’all’s throat. Something that we all know is PCs weakness.
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