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  1. All that goes up in the air if y'all lose to Stratford again lmao. James moore for 200+? Seriously I hope you guys are underfeated when we play. This might set up for the #1 Defense vs #1 Offense and you know how that went last time.
  2. Old coach told me "If they cant stop it keep running it" Yall should know about that because that's what Stratford did to yall lmfao. I would wish yall good luck since yall are representing 3a and our region but I would love the ravens to feed yall some humble pie. 0-3 Fire pigeons?
  3. In the am I want you to make a appointment to the eye doctor to get your eyes checked lol. OE4L
  4. Maplewood should be tied with Hillwood. They looked terrible.
  5. You will very soon trust me. Y'all need to cut some of that salt out of yall diet. You still mad that polls have us ahead?
  6. Its something special about this team
  7. East Nashville 35 Smyrna 10 book it
  8. I truly believe we will finish what we started last year and get over the hump.
  9. You're obsessed with ol East just admit it! The man asked a simple question. That's that PC education huh?
  10. Yep tell your girl call me
  11. You cry to much man. Who cares what y'all do
  12. I never understood why everybody put Cane Ridge so high but after reading comments I guess its coaching and what district they're in. If Cane ridge played in a all metro district and the other surrounding counties would never see them they would be lumped up with the other metro teams. You look at their oldier schedules and besides who they're supposed to play it's really not impressive for the caliber of team they're supposed to be. I wonder why they don't play the BA's,Ensworth,MBA or top 3 metro teams? Maybe because they would get exposed like oakland did them yesterday from Varsity down to freshmen? I'm surprised they're playing the firepigeons and I think hillsboro. Playing the pigeons would make since this year because everybody know their young.
  13. Coach T is going to ban me. I'm going all OUT lol
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