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  1. EastNasty

    Metro Rankings

    You guys are disrespectful. Scheduling us for homecoming now are you?
  2. EastNasty

    Metro Rumors

    Sorry bird but East Nashville is better. Let's compare. East Nashville,Stratford,HuntersLane,Whites Creek,Maplewood > Cohn,Hillwood Princes Chicken> Hattie B's I could keep going and no I dont want no fish sandwich #EastNasty
  3. EastNasty

    Metro Rumors

    I guess your coacht patrol and you just pulled out your flash light? Why dont you put your name in the hat since you got all the answers. Not trying to be ugly but come on man.
  4. EastNasty

    Metro Rumors

    Where in a politically correct error. For the record y'all still do suck. Yall do have extraordinary talent but top metro schools should be right next to you guys. Take hillsboro for example. Their oline averaged 6'4 290 with Alpha males everywhere. I stand by us because this year alone we had some of the top talent in TN and should have beat Cohn Pearl soundly.
  5. EastNasty

    Metro Rumors

    My problem is with you guys is why every school who wins recuits? Let's be real any predominantly African American school will have Athletes and with the right coaching will win. You cant go on any trend on coacht with schools Who consistently wins and people are not talking about recruiting. Nashville, Memphis, Summer county,Blount county,Alabama,Georgia,Florida. Its Starting to give me a headache just like everybody's always complaining about the refs when calls don't go their way.
  6. Name a few coaches who are ADs
  7. Curious to know what some of yall think.
  8. EastNasty

    Metro Rumors

    Just watch!
  9. EastNasty

    Metro Rankings

    Im alive and well and hey life continues with or without waite. Theres no secret that a lot of fans want cohns OC. If you ask me it wouldn't be no different because he could get it done at PC. Yall need to send some prayers up.
  10. EastNasty

    Metro Rankings

    How many of your coaches leaving? Looks like cp is literally on FIRE lmaooooo
  11. EastNasty

    Metro Rumors

    Where there smoke there's fire. I heard alot of assists was also was ready to leave. It looks like the Cohn Pearl train has derailed.
  12. EastNasty

    3A Title Game - Alcoa vs Covington

    Alcoa QB won Mr Football?
  13. EastNasty

    2nd Round: Stratford @ Pearl-Cohn

    I put this at 1 lol. It looked like a MBA vs PC game.
  14. EastNasty

    2nd Round: Stratford @ Pearl-Cohn

    Startford has always had the players and size to be region champs. Cohn doesn't have real LBs. 5'8 165 pound guys are not going to cut it. Number 2 and 7 smashed you guys all night.I wont be surprised if more teams doesn't do this in the future. Along with that your Mr football did not come out to play lol
  15. EastNasty

    Round 2 East Nashville at Fairview

    Cohn,East,Cane ridge and blackman all going down in the same night. Wow