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  1. I understand the difference but when you supposedly have the best talent in Metro Nashville schools and your not doing nothing what does it speak about your coaches? I'm not gone sit on here a let them talk about ours. Just like the Stratford coach running his mouth saying we have Tshirts and Shorts kids. Friday is going to tell a lot and I can't wait until it gets here. We aint got nothing to lose. I respect them but they ain't hitting on nothing. It's cold outside #WarmWeatherBoys
  2. Like I said you open your mouth about East then I'm going to speak up. Cool yall scored 140-14 and still haven't won a gold ball. Yall are proud to be the CHAMPS OF METRO. Who really cares about that BUT yall?
  3. Look little guy im not going back and forth with you. I already said what I said. If yall turkeys do make it past us twice "Which I dont think will happen with this team" yall will lose to Giles or Stratford. Changing your defense around for the playoffs won't save you.
  4. And y'alls is? 6x freshman champs and 1 silver ball?
  5. Changed it for our biggest haters online and in real life. @MichaelMyers76 @FBfan26 and the other pc poster @FIREBIRD80
  6. Our coaching is fine. worry about your programs who's probably already playing Basketball.
  7. I stand by everything I have said. Ain't nothing changed @FBfan26
  8. Maplewood wants no part of this district.
  9. Keep thinking that @crow6424 The mistakes was cleaned up and even with their QB and WRs back PC wont throw the ball much. I think it will be another low scoring game. We got nothing to lose!
  10. I made this just for you PC guys. Let's go Part 2
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