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  1. Good gameplan by Lexington! I agree with a few others, MC couldn’t stop the run. VERY unorthodox style of play, but whatever works, WORKS… right!!! Good luck to Lexington the rest of the way out, but I’ll be pulling for our region brother Pearl next week.
  2. The only thing bad about that kind of offense (or gameplan) is if you get behind do you have the fire power to “giddy up and go”??? MC has proven to do both, and pretty good at both. I think this will be e very interesting and good game that could go either way but the edge HAS to go to Lexington playing at home!!! Although I think Lexington will have the edge with home field, I think MC will pull out the victory.
  3. Creekwood is a very good team that has three tough losses to three very good teams!!! They played us (Marshall) very tough (we did have some starters injured), but we won on a late FG. Very tough with with a pretty good mix of pass/rush.
  4. Could region five’s #3 and #4 upset region six’s #1 and #2??? Creekwood (R5 #3) and Greenbrier (R5 #4) are very tough!!! Can they play with Lexington (R6 #1) and Hardin Co. (R6 #2)?
  5. Marshall playing pretty loose hosting a Greenbrier team that seems to have put some things together toward the end of the season. Who ya got and why?
  6. Been busy since the game and haven’t had time to get on here. What a game!!! This is one of those games that you hate for either team to lose!!! What “I” saw (everyone has a different opinion I know), was MC won 43 minutes of the game and PC won 5 minutes!!! Those 5 minutes WON them the game. PC showed what ELITE speed will and can do for a team. Yes, it is very possible for these two teams to meet again (3rd round of so). Good luck to PC the rest of the way out and maybe we’ll meet again… to be continued???
  7. Oh WOW!!! I forgot about that. Thank you sir for the reminder. Will you be at the game tonight?
  8. Please tell me they still have them FISH SAMMICHES!!!!!!!
  9. …and that HOMEFIELD advantage is BIG up there!!! Their crowd is loud, their band and dance squad KEEP the crowd in the game!!!
  10. Does PC have all of their pieces back? I know they have had a few out the first half of the season or so.
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