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  1. Nice to see a team from Middle Tennessee win it. I’m looking forward to watching Coach Olive’s YouTube show.
  2. I thought you said you like Summit by 2-3 scores? Did I read that wrong?
  3. Congrats to Betsy as well. Three consecutive final appearances winning two isn’t to be taken lightly.
  4. That’s a bold move, Cotton. I actually think the opposite
  5. I knew this game would be good, I think the 6A game has the potential to be decent too
  6. Congrats to Tullahoma. John Olive can thank his defense for pulling that one out.
  7. I think so too, which is why the going for it and not kicking the field goal is even more insane.
  8. The only kicker of the year may be John Olive kicking himself in the rear for not kicking that field goal.
  9. Hey @Pizzpatriot2, is Boyce Smith being recruited by anyone? He’s pretty impressive from what I’ve seen, and being as I’m from Springfield I was interested in his future.
  10. The family moved to Williamson County once the oldest went to college. They wanted to be closer to where their sons were attending college, so they could have an easier time trying to make their games. Main Street Preps had an excellent article about the family and the two quarterback brothers a couple of weeks ago. https://www.mainstreetpreps.com/county/williamson/i-see-a-lot-of-myself-quarterbacking-comes-natural-to-brothers-jake-mcnamara-and-michigan/article_ff6f1b6c-32bb-11ec-8e44-3ff1418dd5fb.html
  11. I went to bed and turned it off when Townsend popped another long TD run to put HC up 45-28. I figured it was over. I wonder if the scoreboard clock not working had an effect on HC milking the clock in the last quarter. I don’t think the play clocks were working either.
  12. My observation from watching so far, Springfield defense > Page defense and Page offense > Springfield offense. That Townsend run may be an early nail in the coffin.
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