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  1. I know nothing about the Memphis teams. Two questions, have you seen a date for the Springfield-Henry Co game and will you guys have the turf field done before next season?
  2. I was pretty young but still remember the size of the crowd that night. The visitor seating used to be 3-4 times what it is now there.
  3. Ricky and Kimmie were undoubtedly the best backfield duo in school history, with Ricky being the best RB ever most likely. Sadly, both have passed away within the last year or two(not from Covid). The old stadium was huge back then. The renovations in the early 2000s reduced the seating quite a bit. I’ve seen pictures of when it was full all the way around, including the seats that used to be in the east end zone.
  4. @GWAVE1 did you attend any of the Gallatin games in the mid 70s at Boyce Smith Field in Springfield? My first game to attend was there I believe in 77. I think it was a playoff game but there had to have been 6,000 people there. That place rocked back in the day.
  5. All I was commenting about was Creek Wood and Montgomery Central and Portland traveled to each other the last four football seasons after someone commented about their new basketball district. I don’t know what you’re talking about.
  6. No disrespect taken. I agree HC is the best until proven otherwise. I wish the Gallatin series would pick back up as well.
  7. Maybe I’m a little biased, but Springfield will make it tougher than a cakewalk. I think we will be a little more competitive this time than we were the last time we were in 5A.
  8. Springfield will make noise. Probably begin an annual quarterfinal matchup with Henry County.
  9. They made those drives the last four years for football games.
  10. When I saw the head ref in the 1A game I knew it was bad. He called one of our games earlier this year and was beyond awful.
  11. Rollins’ hamstring is affecting his mobility.
  12. WTH is “illegal conference” and why was it 15 yards against Haywood and only 5 yards against Betsy?
  13. Haywood principal > Betsy principal She was smokin’ I am watching on TV
  14. No doubt the 2017 team would win. Be a good game though
  15. Witten is a classy guy. He won’t run it up too bad
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