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  1. We Springfield fans wouldn’t take anything for our coach, but I can say that after watching and listening to Shawn Witten over the last week or so, mainly on the Tom Taylor Show, I can say I have mad respect and admiration for him and I know Betsy fans wouldn’t take anything for him. I said it earlier on this thread I believe, but the similarities between Witten and our Coach Wilson are crazy. Both are hometown grads and former players and I don’t think either have a desire to go anywhere. Their mannerisms and love for their athletes shows through in what they say as well.
  2. What you see is what you get with Coach Wilson. He’s Springfield through and through. Everyone is held to the same standard, whether you’re a star player or one that never sees any game time.
  3. Me sand the Commish go way back. I couldn’t resist getting a little dig at him.
  4. You guys need to come to Springfield next season Mike. I’m sure Coach Wilson would love to have you and I bet he would feed you pretty good too!
  5. I would like to think we had the most attended game of the 9 that were played there this week. We had about 50% more there when we played Greeneville than we had yesterday.
  6. Commish, you posted again on this thread after saying your post previous to this would be your last on this thread.....
  7. Thanks man, but I feel like we left a lot on the field. Wish we had been more aggressive offensively in the first half. We will be back. Both of these teams are young so we could see a rematch next year.
  8. Congrats Elizabethton. Wish we had played better. The better team won. I knew we had to play our A game to win and that didn’t happen
  9. Springfield can pass, just don’t do it enough. 20 is a player.
  10. Game day sports fans! Can’t wait to see this game today. Say what you will about the West side of the bracket being easier than the East. One team came out of that side of the bracket despite being underdogs at home in the quarters and the semis, and that team was Springfield. The Jackets are an underdog again today against an undefeated Elizabethton team. I’ve got mad respect for the Cyclones, but my gold Yellow Jacket blood thinks the Jackets find a way to pull it out today. Let’s go Jackets, #yjp #BSU #GYPH #SptBrand.
  11. Thanks brother. Hopefully we can bring a gold ball back to Middle Tennessee.
  12. Alcoa is a beast, no doubt. Number 2 isn’t anything to be ashamed of Firebirds. Hate to see the QB get hurt like that, especially so late in the game. Hope he is able to come back from that.
  13. Hopefully I’m not the only one watching these games at Tennessee Tech wishing they would put new turf down there. I really wish the TSSAA would move football to Murfreesboro or Clarksville once in a while. Both colleges there have stadiums that are nicer than Tech’s.
  14. Seriously though, I’m sure he’s watching Hudl from the in game film.
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