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  1. The big running back from Central got ejected last week in the first half. I’m not sure of the high school rule but I’m sure he missed at least part of tonight’s game with Portland. That would hurt MC having him out.
  2. Mike and Lee do great job with this show. Tune in if you can. I’ll be listening at 5 PM today for sure!
  3. Is Coach Wilson still set for 5 PM?
  4. I can let you know after week one. We open with them there.
  5. Nah, had dad duties come up so didn’t get to make anywhere Friday night.
  6. A little rough, they won score wise but I didn’t keep track of the score. They throw it well with the first string. We played a lot of guys, as did CPA. They’re a good football team, maybe the best we see all year. I never put a lot of stock in scrimmage outcomes, though, because they’re more of a teaching experience for the boys. Last year for example, East Nashville killed us but we still made the semis at the end of the year. Good luck to you guys, I think Watson will do good things up there. Hate that our series ended too.
  7. Thanks for the info. Do you know what time it starts? Springfield has a scrimmage at East Nashville but I may not go to it and this one looked interesting.
  8. Hey GWave, is the MJ/Clarksville scrimmage at MJ or at Clarksville on the 9th?
  9. We would love for you guys to come to Springfield sometime!
  10. It may not be on Google Earth yet. We opened the new field August, 2017. It is directly behind the high school. We no longer play at Boyce Smith Field at the middle school. Wish it had a little more seating, especially on the visitors’ side, and only reserved parking is close to the field. General parking is in the main school lot in front of the school. I just looked and it does show up on Google Earth.
  11. We were a little rusty at first, but settled down. Had one starting linebacker out as well. We played everybody too. How did you like the new stadium?
  12. Looking forward to you guys coming to Springfield this fall and then our trip to MC next year. Awesome series for two traditional 4A programs to start.
  13. Marshall County at Springfield will be interesting. I think it is week 6.
  14. Looking forward to 2019!! Springfield has to replace some key skill players. The schedule is out and we drop Gallatin and Beech, and pick up Wilson Central and Marshall County!! I'm not sure the last time Springfield played Marshall County but it's awesome to see a game between two tradition rich programs.
  15. I'm curious as to who will be the hire. Football in Middle Tennessee is better when Gallatin is good. Hope the new coach can make that happen. I also hope that the series with Springfield will get renewed sometime in the next few years.
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