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  1. https://www.newsbreak.com/news/2446268393371/playoff-football-page-earns-first-championship-berth-after-torrid-rally-against-henry-county?noAds=1&_f=app_share&s=i0 a nice write up for those of us that didn’t attend or watch the game
  2. Thanks @Facts4You this sounds like a colossal collapse. @JacketLover watched the replay and updated me. I will say it was one heck of a weekend for the McNamara Brothers. First Page wins then Michigan beats OSU today
  3. The brother of Page’s OB McNamara is playing QB today for Michigan today. For those interested
  4. Congratulations Page. Bring a Gold Ball to Middle TN for 5A
  5. No matter how good a team’s D is it can't stay on the field for 3 quarters. It they do we get the score we got last night
  6. @mmb @RollRed @BigRed88 @olddevil @Drewcephus Congratulations on your win tonight. I didn't expect us to be shutout but we were. Keep it going
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