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  1. Hard me to see us in the top 5 too. Jackets have lost some good players to graduation the past two years
  2. I think that BDP will be better this year. I always look forward to the SHS VS BDP game. It has a great atmosphere, venues and is a spirited rivalry
  3. Our area is better when Gallatin is good and I enjoy it when the Jackets play the Green Wave. I for one hope we renew this series
  4. Good luck today Henry County from the Yellow Jackets in Robertson County
  5. I tip my cap to Haywood. The Tomcats beat us in every facet of the game tonight. Kudos to you. I couldn't make it to the game but I listened on the radio to your home broadcast. Your announcers did a GREAT job. It should be an entertaining game next week for the 4A championship
  6. Different year, different venue, some same/some different players. I am expecting a hard played and exciting game like we had last year with Haywood. I am also hoping for the same result as last year too Happy Thanksgiving to all the TomCats and their fan base
  7. Trust me on this, it is next to impossible to get a waiver from our School Board to attend school out of zone
  8. Agreed. Last time I check this was a Springfield/Haywood Thread
  9. Off topic but your baseball coach at Rossview is a very good one
  10. Maplewood and the Jackets are good but Greeneville is on a higher different level
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