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  1. That is what I am expecting as well
  2. Ok, thanks for straightening me out. The ref’s seem to make sure that they got plenty of face tine on camera in this game. It was hard to get much flows because of all the laundry on the field
  3. I am not being argumentative BUT if the players can huddle after each play how Is it a penalty to huddle during a timeout. I personally didn’t see this called all year. I must admit this is a strange rule
  4. Isnt illegal conference too many coaches in the huddle during a time out?
  5. congratulations to both teams. It is quite an accomplishment to make to you a Stare Championship game in any sport
  6. True, Betsy is good. They were disciplined and well coached
  7. I think there will be no basketball after Christmas
  8. Yes, Witten did an excellent job of keep away from my hometown Jackets last year
  9. Would you guys be kind enough to post scores for those of us that can’t attend ?
  10. I couldn’t believe it when Haywood missed the FG. It definitely gave the Jackets the chance they needed
  11. I think we will be more competitive too this time versus Big Red. I am looking forward to it. Do we go to Paris next year or does Red come to us? We have built an on campus stadium since our last game it will be more comfortable for you
  12. If he was 18 in 1956, that makes him 84 years old. I got to give him credit he has seen A LOT of football in his day
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