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  1. If somebody has something to say to me ....call me 615-812-5999 I can handle it
  2. After I finished the clips I thought I had enough to create a quick vid of Eric Taylor. He de-committed from TN State. He is a game changer. Its been 11 years since I created an individual reel for a player. I Train was my last one. Let me know your thoughts.
  3. Both locally it'll be on TV and you can pick up that same feed to the nfhs
  4. LINK is created on NFHS TV Game Sidelines for me
  5. https://player.video.wowza.com/hosted/hf2xvgns/player.html Link is ready for Friday
  6. Would you happen to know where I could locate the 1995 Smyrna football roster?

  7. I just sent an email to Heather and endorsed my competition. Billy Orgel is a very successful tower builder and I respect his work. School is getting a good deal. They will need some ground space but I am excited for the school and tower ventures. I have called a bunch of schools trying to help with coverage. Tower Ventures always builds a nice site. It will not be there by this fall it cant clear FAA and the Tribal Letters but it will be there next fall if he can get the ground lease done. I hope it happens. The wattage is at its lowest now coming off the panels. You guys will be able to watch my games in Rutherford County with no hassle.
  8. Lou Katzerman I know him well. Tower Ventures out of Memphis. He works for Billy Orgel. https://www.thedailytimes.com/news/cellphone-tower-at-maryville-high-school-stadium-could-bring-revenue-better-connection/article_96aa295d-4c39-5d37-93c6-4fd0180b6815.html
  9. That's a good deal. Need a 100x100 ground space to get all the carriers. Be better on the hill somewhere. Send me a pic when it's stacked.
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