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  1. Our mats were peanuts compared to the price tags for the new track and baseball field. We held multiple youth tournaments this year to go along with the HS tournaments to pay for them and I believe our mats are now fully funded.
  2. This is pretty good, but I don't see how you can have a Region champ #32 when he's already beat 4-5 kids who are also in the tournament.
  3. Check 2 years ago, Williams was the heavy favorite at 220 in TNAAU but lost to a Halls kid he'd beaten like a drum all year long. I'm not seeing anythone that can beat Lance this year, but I said the same thing before.
  4. Yes, I was surprised at the crowd you guys brought to Fairview Elementary. As far as Region 2, Halls has the dominant program there and will have for as long as they stay in the current set up. Not sure if you guys or Sevier County have enough to overtake them based on the youth talent. Region 3 should be a Heritage-Maryville battle for the next 5+ years. None of the Knoxville teams in that region have strong youth feeders and William Blount's strongest kids are on their elementary team.
  5. William Blount, most of them anyway. Their elementary group is really good.
  6. I want to see how Tetoe Boyd looks next season. Ever since I saw that kid on the mats as a MS wrestler I knew he had IT. Hard to hold his performance against us against him, but he looked good the number of times he carried the ball. He may not be no Dante Hickey, but he's still better than most if you ask me.
  7. About time! I'm definitely down for this as it will boost the visibility of all our boys and girls sports teams. There has also been discussion from some of our wrestling boosters to fund a project to install a spotlight system in the main gym. I think both basketball teams, volleyball, and both wrestling teams (hint hint) would love a feature like this to go along with all of the other great stuff our AD is putting together.
  8. Didn't Pigeon Forge beat Kingsport DB this year?
  9. We shall see, I think Rankin is allergic to the forward pass to be honest.
  10. That would be me as I lay the tech fall parade down on your defense.
  11. I ain't looking for any reaction, I just tell it how it is. No keyboard warriors here...
  12. I don't care about yours either outside of the fact you're wrong. On the other, if it's me I score 10 out of 10 times.
  13. Defending takedowns, shots, what have you. Maybe that defense is better than your defense of the best line in the state, maybe not.
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