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  1. Meh, if it's true he'll end up losing to one of those teams.
  2. Although I love my HC (Hammontree) at Maryville, he was not one who liked any of our players wrestling. Every day he tried to talk me out of wrestling and cutting weight. I get it, but at the same time I disagree with his philosophy. If you look at our current lineup from 145 pounds and up they will almost all be football players. A couple stopped playing football to focus on wrestling, but the rest of them we share with football on a daily basis.
  3. We win more than a few. To answer cbg's point, until recently the football coaches weren't too keen on sending players our way but in no way do we prefer specialization. That why I made it a point to build our K-8 feeder club with a ton of kids from the Bears and Rebs. Look at our current HS football roster and you'll see a bunch of former and current wrestlers. So this year and from here on out cbg will see us in the Top 10 if not higher.
  4. As a Titan fan, I hope he becomes the next Stephen Neal.
  5. JSamson7


    Branch was a stud wrestler and is an awesome coach IMO. I thought he might take over the OSU program when Smith eventually steps down but I've heard Guerrero might get that position himself. Regardless, those 2 will definitely be learning from a great one. Congrats!
  6. Wow, some virtue signaling huh? People tend to forget how they were back in the day but I sure don't. Disappointed that would even come up if it's true, but people are easy to become hypocrites these days if it fits a current narrative.
  7. What is there to be butthurt about?? My thing is if the old Maryville guys are whining about anything maybe they should look in the mirror...
  8. Haven't watched it and don't plan to, but was it Nix & gang said about their old school?
  9. I assume if Barn would say it on here he wouldn't be afraid to say it to his face. Shad's not necessarily the most intimidating guy in the world...
  10. Let's hope they have better judges than when I competed. Still got the trophy... lol
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