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  1. Fairly good scrimmage from the boys and Catholic. Not that anyone was keeping score, but I had it 24-14 Maryville unless I missed something.
  2. My statement is still correct. Neither one of them would have beat the 4A champion that year.
  3. Bearden has never been in a 6A semi. Maybe 5A, but 6A they've never come close.
  4. His move was based more on his better half's promotion to Assistant Principal at JSE. With her taking on more responsibilities and a growing family with 4 kids, it made sense for him to make the move.
  5. That's not the reason he came, but we're happy to have him.
  6. I knew a few of them went with mine to the Chattanooga camp.
  7. You know a lot, thank you sir. This group is definitely motivated and hear everything that's said about them. Hopefully this year we can stay healthy and not have any phantom fumbles derail momentum.
  8. Yep, youdontknowmuch.... but you pretend you do I guess.
  9. Howdoitknow doesn't know much, does he?
  10. 7 on 7 victories, pffft. I guess Mr. Bean will take about anything over there, huh?
  11. The last time I can remember West, Powell, or Anderson County beating us it was in the late 90's. The last time they lost to any Knoxville team at all was in 2001 against Halls I believe.
  12. For multiple reasons, a lot of the top girls skipped this event. A bunch of injuries, girls prepping for Fargo, other sports, etc. We have work to do on getting the best girls out for sure. However, for all the talk of those other coaches mentioned above, almost no one from their programs participated. I will say TT is a good coach to have out there with an awesome 'stache to boot.
  13. You have to get the kids participating in other sports early. We've done a better job lately of letting our athletes participate in multiple sports, but then there's always that one coach who will pull a kid out of class to "encourage them" to make a different choice.
  14. I give my input to DF where it matters, whether you're in on those conversations or not doesn't matter to me. You do a good job for the most part and I'll keep doing my job as well.
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