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  1. And Boyd isn't on here? I mean he just put up 300 on Farragut and that's not an every day occurrence.
  2. To be clear, I never thought he was #1 but he has to be in the Top 5 I would think.
  3. I'm glad Boyd is a Senior this year, seems like he's been around forever. My question for the Blue Bloods would be where he'd rank on the top RB's to come through Cleveland and who'd be #1 all time?
  4. I hope it wasn't that hypocrite defensive coordinator.
  5. So did a ton of other national schools, but it wasn't likely he was going to Baylor.
  6. Yes he did and he's still wrestling. Won NC state as a Freshman.
  7. Kage Williams will have a ton of yards and tackles in this one.
  8. Region tournament will still place top 4, then an additional weekend (sectionals) will have the top 4 from their respective regions match up against their predetermined region partners (R1 v R2, R3 v R4, R5 v R6, R7 v R8). So an 8 wrestler sectional with the top 4 advancing to a 16 wrestler bracket at State.
  9. Kage Williams. Would be the best player in Blount County right now on both sides of the ball if he stayed. We almost got him back when COVID hit and NC delayed football, but he stayed in Robbinsville.
  10. He was in Maryville from 5th-7th grade.
  11. Give it a rest. If Williams was still at Maryville he would the top RB or LB on our team (that includes Noah Vaughn). Y'all should be thankful he moved back to NC.
  12. Wasn't happening, but would have been nice if we could have kept him. No telling where Maryville would have played him.
  13. I'm not sure who that'd be, our football team is full of multi sport athletes.
  14. Robbinsville would be great matchup. Williams for Robbinsville is special and he's torched Alcoa before as a Maryville Reb.
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