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  1. Here here, Pep! Enjoy the game tonight, go Rebels!
  2. Guarantee Hammontree is hyping his guys up this week with "We're gonna stick it to them Beavers!"
  3. I'm glad he's here, but why repeat your post or even feel the need to validate things? I'd say it's pretty obvious to anyone who questioned the move who came out on the better end of things.
  4. Agreed, if he thinks that's fighting he needs to grow a pair.
  5. Shouldn't I ask you the same question?
  6. I'm not saying "never", but this year it ain't happening. I will say this though, just be happy we decided to play up a class because HC wouldn't have sniffed a 5A title otherwise.
  7. I'm a Maryville guy, why hate on a school that poses no threat to us whatsoever. I'm just stating facts...
  8. 99.9 % of both teams (Maryville & Alcoa) grew up, went to school, and played for their respective teams since youth league football.
  9. How is it asinine? West, Powell, and Knox Central would all come away with a W against HC so 4th is about where they'd be.
  10. Who's this guy??? I'd say MidTNFootball knows his stuff.
  11. Maybe, but not this year. However, there's 2 in Blount County HC ain't touching.
  12. Powell maybe, but the others as far as I know aren't bringing in a ton of open zoned kids. Regardless of where HC is located, my point is the myth that teams are afraid to play HC is exactly that, a myth...
  13. Some schools chose to move up voluntarily, so to say you're about taking on all comers isn't factual. What ever HC decides to do, I don't believe there are many teams afraid to play HC. If I'm being honest, HC would be the 3rd or 4th best 5A team in the Knoxville region.
  14. I know one 5A team that plays up, seems to me they're doing just fine....
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