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  1. Sounds nice. I hope they don’t put it out toward Seymour with the baseball field.
  2. Yes. Or Lower Alabama if cruitin in the pan handle.
  3. Stars-FYI-I hear LA has a young RB being courted by Lane. I hope LA doesn’t build a wall!
  4. Same thing in baseball. And football for that matter.
  5. The one with the hammer should drive out toward Seymour for one of the home baseball games. If you come during a track meet, you can also get your walking steps in for the week. It’s like nobody talks to each other.
  6. Does the AD not have a role in what the athletic programs do at 825? ADs are in the administration for a reason after all.
  7. Back to grass! All for it! BTW - I saw a nice looking new field out near walland gap yesterday. It looks great. I hear the one in LA also looks good. How long before the "new" thing is having a real grass field?
  8. And I didn’t know they had a swim team. Prolly $1K to be on those teams as well. I think the golf coach should be an easy fill. I can’t remember many good divers except for a couple of buddies that used to jump out of the trees up at the Sinks.
  9. Does the new kid play baseball? Let me guess… Or can he teach hitting?
  10. I think the new gym floor also has some yellow paint on the floor.
  11. Never underestimate the power of Christmas Day garbage service! The gift that keeps giving.
  12. The rebs are lucky to have such fans…credit to you rw. I watched online. It looked like we were as good as Cookeville, but not that day. Great season for those 2 seniors and all. Best team in ET.
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