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  1. You know we are in ET where most everybody is kin.
  2. Athletes? There are still athletes at hairtage? You better keep it quiet. Especially with the upcoming holiday season and free Christmas Day garbage service that local schools offer.
  3. I’ve only seen a few murvil games this year. Alco, Brad Lee, and fairgut. Murvil looks very very good to me. Maybe each of those teams was down this year-I don’t know. The team in red/black will have to beat themselves IMO.
  4. I have to agree with Pinocchio on this one. Nobody is authority really gives a flip about hairtage football. If they did, something would have changed by now. This recent push for an Eagleton HS isn’t about improving athletics at hairtage.
  5. Chuckled at that one! I am looking forward the the game Friday night. It will be a big recruiting weekend. Top west Knox middle schoolers to be in attendance.
  6. Fairgut loves their futball. How many points has murvil given up after that fairgut game?
  7. I’m all fer murvil playing out of state. Just schedule it in 2025 after my kid is graduated. Or 2026 just in case it takes him a little longer. As a fan, a game like that would be great-you can go if you want. As a parent who has to go, no thanks. But if they could play at a neutral site (ETSU got a field yet), then maybe.
  8. Next thing you know, they will pass a rule that we can’t play our 12 yr olds anymore. Congrats to murvil on a GREAT preseason. I hope they play their best the next few weeks.
  9. Is Coach Adams still helping with the Cyunts Hil football team?
  10. All four Blount county schools in the playoffs this year - impressive!
  11. Yeah, it wusn’t good...folks will take you literally around here, lol. I think LA may have a better than decent shot this week at dB. DB may be willing to help them. Watch out 91!!!
  12. Go govs! If I remember right, the last time wb went to the playoffs the coach allowed some players to opt out of the trip. Will the entire team travel to dB or just a couple handfuls?
  13. I will probably take the Richie Cunningham’s in this one.
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