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  1. SweetScience

    Oak Ridge Football 2019

    You really don’t like Stanton do you? Haha
  2. SweetScience

    William Blount 2019

    Was it David Gregory? Did he have on that sterling silver chain linked necklace on that he always wore?
  3. SweetScience

    Oak Ridge Football 2019

    Rankin comes over to me as wayyyyy too competitive to ever 'throw' a football game. I have been to some Alcoa practices and that guy is a wild man. Maybe not his greatest coaching job, but I seriously doubt he threw a game.
  4. SweetScience

    Maryville vs DB... most players in the NFL?

    No offense, but not many teams have had a player of the caliber of those 2 come out of their respective programs haha
  5. SweetScience

    Maryville vs DB... most players in the NFL?

    I don't think he ever played for Alcoa though. I think his family moved to CA when he was a small child (2 years old to be exact ha), but I may be wrong...
  6. SweetScience

    Maryville vs DB... most players in the NFL?

    Billy Williams, Randall Cobb, Shannon Mitchell are a few I know of.
  7. SweetScience

    Maryville vs DB... most players in the NFL?

    Thanks, bud! We need as many as we can get! 28 years is a long time without a championship! Let some of us others revel in our achievements for once! On a serious note though, for a town the size of OR (appx 26,000 people give or take) to have 8 and possibly 9 NFL players in our programs history since 1943 (if Tee makes it also) is a pretty big accomplishment and something to be proud of.
  8. SweetScience

    Maryville vs DB... most players in the NFL?

    Correct. Actually, Colquitt was drafted by Carolina in the 6th round but never played either. The thing about Danny is my dad said he wasn't even that big of a star when he played for OR. Still, quite an accomplishment just to be drafted.
  9. SweetScience

    Maryville is Overrated

    You're right. Not sure why I keep thinking it's Saturday.
  10. SweetScience

    Maryville vs DB... most players in the NFL?

    Danny Sanders, Stan Fritts, Mike Caldwell, Bobby Richards, Jerry Colquitt, Jason McAddley, Bob Winkel, Richard Howard, and hopefully Tee Higgins barring any major future [email protected] Clemson players who have played or been drafted in the NFL for OR.
  11. SweetScience

    Maryville is Overrated

    Yes, I said one of the keys going into the game that would give us a slight chance would be for us to not give up a lot of offensive rebounds and 2nd chance points. Well, that obviously didn't come to fruition tonight. Again, just too much length. I thought our guys did well for the most part. I am proud of them. Hopefully we can beat Sevier County on Saturday and still make it to state.
  12. SweetScience

    Maryville vs DB... most players in the NFL?

    I bet OR's list of NFL players can rival DB's. How many has DB had total?
  13. SweetScience

    Maryville is Overrated

    Had the margin of victory right at least. In the end, Bearden just had too much size in the front court for us. I bet they blocked close to 10-15 of our shots tonight. Our guys battled like he*& and actually got it down to 4 at one point in the 3rd, but their size and length were just too much to overcome. All the credit in the world to the Bulldogs, they are a fantastic team, but they can be overly cocky and downright arrogant at times. Some say if you can back it up then that's okay, but not me, I am old school. Playing with class is a lost art in today's society in a lot of ways. With that said, they are very very good.