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  1. For sure. I don’t think there’s any man-made way to get it done really. The problem is, is OR just doesn’t have as many kids as we used to. The HS has gotten a lot smaller in terms of numbers from just 20 some odd years ago. Just need more families and more reasons for people to wanna live here and raise a family.
  2. It seems to go in cycles. A few years ago the cupboard was completely bare @ Robertsville. In OR’s heyday, both feeder programs were top notch. Need to get that back.
  3. Reggie White #4 from Chattanooga Howard is probably the highest ever if I was guessing. Tee Higgins from Oak Ridge was just taken with the 32nd pic (I think) earlier today. Congratulations to Tee.
  4. I do miss the Central/OR rivalry. I’m with you, WW.
  5. I was thumbing through Twitter the other day and OR football Twitter page retweeted a picture Kendall had posted of himself saying he now weighs 200 lbs? If so, that’s crazy. I have a feeling the offers are gonna start rolling in now that the few teams that have offered him have gotten the ball rolling. Oh yeah, he is ripped to shreds too in that picture. Kinda reminds me of myself.
  6. I don’t blame ya buddy. I wouldn’t like anybody messing with my “ole man” either. Speaking of my ole man, his dad (My grandfather whom I never met BTW) told my dad when he was younger that Griffith ran a 10 flat 100 on a cinder track. Back then tracks weren’t like they are now of course. And Dave was a good 200+ lbs. That dude could scoot in other words. Still holds the all time single season record in terms of yardage gained, I believe.
  7. Ok Willie, now tell us the real story. That Maryville guy kicked your a&$, didn’t he? Just messing with ya.
  8. Impressive win on the road for the Wildcats against a really good team. Great game to our guys. They impressed me. Led the whole game pretty much and dominated in the 2nd half. Green must have lit a fire in practice the past few days.
  9. Thorough domination from start to finish for the Rebels. They came out of the gate swinging, and we never recovered. Hard to beat a team that shoots that well from 3 range. Y'all beat us in every facet of the game where it counts, plus you outhustled us. I was really disappointed at our kids in the 4th quarter. I don't wanna say they quit, but to me looked like they pretty much conceded the game sometime in the 4th early on. Best of luck to the Rebels against DB, but I don't think y'all will have much problem. Aaron Green said on the radio that to him, this is the best squad Eldridge has had @ Maryville, including the state team in 2007. Maybe, maybe not won't win state, but more talented than the 2007 team overall, in his words.
  10. Haha! Good luck with that bold prediction Willie. I do love the confidence though.
  11. I don’t expect us (OR) to go into Maryville and beat a team the caliber of Maryville, but I do hope that we at least make it competitive. It seems to be able to do that you need to limit J Anderson on the score sheet, in terms of limiting the amount of points he scores. Easier said than done, but if he has a big game like he did against Clinton last night scoring 35, it’ll be a long night for the Wildcats I’m afraid. Best of luck to both teams and hopefully no major injuries happen to either.
  12. Thanks a bunch RR. It was good to see ya buddy. Yeah, I grew up in the gym and football fields with dad taking me to the games. He’s always been a passionate fan, that’s for sure. Again, sorry for any expletive words I may have yelled in your ear. Mom kept nudging me on the shoulder to keep it down Lol I apologize for that.
  13. You just wanna squabble with me, don’t you? I’ve missed you.
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