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  1. I was one of them, I will admit. We looked awful that first game against a bad team.
  2. AND it could be argued without our best offensive player too in Isaiah Johnson.
  3. Not bad for a former big boy MidTenn. The Ridger’s still got a lil bit of swag left in the ole tank!
  4. Thanks to the Maryville brethren for the support and kind words.
  5. What a great game by the big OR. You can’t measure heart and pride. So proud of our boys.
  6. Can’t believe how good our offense has been.
  7. Too bad #20 got hurt. One of if not our best players on offense and defense lost on the first play of the game. Hope it ain’t too bad.
  8. Lighten up, it was a joke. BTW, I am a proud follower of Christ, but I'm also not a self righteous fogie. Life is too short trying to find fault with silly meaningless things like "going off topic" on a High School football message board. Get real, and get a sense of humor. Good Lord.
  9. I thought this was a thread about the Oak Ridge/Mt Juliet game, not a biblical sermon? Get back on topic, CG!! Sorry, but I had to.
  10. That Jefferson County team was something special that year. I think they ended up #3 in the national polls that year. They were just on another level then everyone else.
  11. If you’re talking about the 2012 playoff game it was actually tied 25-all at one point in the 4th quarter, but they just kept handing the ball to their 2 workhorses Prevo & Shuler and eventually just wore our D down, but it was a valiant effort on our end. I believe the only 2 games we lost that year were to the Rebels. That 2012 team was probably one of the top 3/4 teams in the whole state that year, not including private’s. Well, in 6A, at least.
  12. Man, that one was ugly! Why you gotta go bring that up for, bruh?! Lol It still wasn’t as bad as that a$& kicking Jeff County gave us that year in the playoffs though. Lawd have mercy.
  13. I would love nothing more than that. Lots of great memories of the Wildcats and G-Wave locking horns throughout the years. The 1993 14-7 game was a memorable one. What a slobber knocker that was.
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