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  1. HVA is under a completely revamped coaching staff. It’s not like they don’t have quite a few issues of their own. Y’all remember Joe’s first year back? There was a lot of rough patches during that season. If there’s one thing we have over them it’s stability, and that’s big in a game like this. Relax and enjoy the game. The sun will rise (hopefully) win or lose the next morning, promise.
  2. Thank you, sir. Are you a Farragut fan? Seem to recall seeing you on some past Admirals/Wildcats threads? I’ve always been proud that our sports teams have kept it ‘in house’ so to say. Even back in the 90s when people used to accuse us of recruiting (even though we weren’t) I grew up with pretty much every single guy that was on our team from 94-96. Pretty much the whole 91 state title team was OR boys who went to school together from kindergarten to 12th grade. We’ve usually had enough athletes within the city to where we don’t have to look outside. I personally don’t think Maryville ‘recruits’ in the way people think, but their success through the years has recruited for them, and as a result of that, kids from all over have come to play for them. Same could be said for Alcoa. Kids wanna play for winners.
  3. Ummm, he was bragging on Blade.
  4. Very true! Things could be way worse. I honestly feel for the folks at WB.
  5. Yeah, let’s not even go there ha. Credit to Ravenwood though, they were tough, but we should’ve won. Oh well, if ifs and buts were candy and nuts....
  6. Yeah, it was kinda like sitting and watching a train wreck about to happen. You could see it slowly transpiring and knew what was about to happen, but you couldn’t stop watching it. That was one of the toughest defeats ever for me personally as an OR sports fan because we were so close and within inches of hoisting the gold ball. It was an agonizing defeat and a heckuva long ride back from Murfreesboro.
  7. Correct. But, like you said, even when we do have a few big linemen like we did in 2014 with the likes of Chapman, Burum, and 1 or two others that year they are just slow and have no amount of footwork when they go against a quick line like Cleveland had that year in the playoffs. As big as a few of those guys were that year they were awful run blockers for some odd reason. We couldn’t run against Cleveland or Rhea Co in the playoffs that year. I don’t know, I’m almost under the impression that we are cursed at OR as far as linemen go lol. The best line we’ve had the past 15 years was in 2005, and we went to state that year.
  8. I don’t know about y’all, and trust me I know the line was decent last year by our recent standards and I’m well aware of the fact that they’ll get better. But, there was not only an obvious size differential (especially our OL vs Maryville D line barring our 1 big guy), but there was also from what I saw a vast difference in strength. The Maryville D line was in the backfield in at most 1 second every time we hiked the ball, but as you have both pointed out, that goes back to the size differential. I don’t see us competing for another state championship anytime soon unless we get some bigger and stronger linemen. We can get away with it with most of the teams we play in our district, but when you start playing the big boys it’s a totally different story. All of this talk about athletes is a moot point if they have nowhere to run or the QB has zero pass protection.
  9. One of your best posts ever on here. Preach!
  10. Boys basketball state runner-up in 2014-15. Honestly they should’ve won it all, but had a meltdown with about 3 minutes left when Blackman started up a full court press and our young point guard lost his composure.
  11. 92 is a good ole fella. Thanks, 92. Ditto to what bonkers and WW said.
  12. I wonder if Gaddis has calmed down yet? Man, from what I saw yesterday he’s the guy I want with me if I’m in a foxhole.
  13. Why is Preston Turner not in the secondary with his speed? Maybe I missed something but didn’t see him out there on D. Half the guys on defense looked lost like they didn’t know what was going on. It honestly looked like they hadn’t even been practicing, which obviously they have, but didn’t seem like it. From what I saw from a physicality standpoint from the secondary yesterday, they would have a hard time bringing down a life sized cardboard cut-out of Kenny Chesney. Powder puff city.
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