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  1. Have all the great Memphis area players gone the private route?
  2. You’re right about it being loaded. Whoever makes it out of that gauntlet will have definitely earned it.
  3. That’s true. It should be really interesting.
  4. I hope so buddy. Just never know this time of year. Ain’t no easy ones right now. Survive and advance is the name of the game. They’re a really good team.
  5. Basketball is a crazy sport. That’s what makes it so much fun. You just never know. All it takes is a subpar night of shooting and you’re heading home.
  6. True. That JC win much more shocking. 8-19 coming into tonight’s game.
  7. Surprised by the JC and West wins.
  8. Yeah, that one’s a head scratcher. Just shows you in basketball you can be beaten on any given night if the shots aren’t falling. Also, there’s a chance they could’ve been down some starters, too. I don’t know any Fulton fans on here to find out if that was the deal or not though.
  9. Yep. Congrats to the RC faithful. Them some good folks around them parts.
  10. Oh yeah, I expect a really close game. West always has some great athletes. They get after it. They’re battle hardened too, being in the district their in. Just hoping for a win at this point. Survive and advance.
  11. Clinton top 10, you think? I think they will regress quite a bit myself. Losing some talented players, namely the HC son who was a 4 year starter, of course. I’ll be surprised if they are top 10 material, but stranger things have happened.
  12. Boys have started to hit their stride at the best time. Hopefully they can keep it going against West Saturday evening. Don’t be fooled by West’s 15-10 record either, they’ve beaten some really good teams throughout the course of the season.
  13. Ahh, well I’ve always heard he was from there. Another lesson in not always believing what you hear!
  14. I take that back, I believe Pennington was a Halls kid.
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