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  1. He’ll be lucky to coach 2 games. Ha
  2. That’s right, I was thinking about 2021 I guess. I think it was 14-7 or somewhere around there.
  3. That’s true, the whole area has been engulfed.
  4. The Wild West, that’s what the Knoxville High School football scene has become. Maybe it has always been that way, but since social media came along, it’s on steroids. Crazy times.
  5. Is the impending doom of OR football upon us, Sheriff? On a serious note, Halls does seem to be on the upswing. They’ve already proven they can hang with Pow. Seems like they gave em a really good game either last season or the season before last.
  6. Amazing. They may win it all this year.
  7. We have been over this before, but both of those guys are at the type of schools they should be at. Neither were top flight prospects at any time. Both were really good HS players though, especially Dozier. Rembert was just super fast. And of course, Howard is a household name when it comes to OR football.
  8. Yeah, I’m not sure what we would do without all these “insiders” and their cutting edge knowledge and information.
  9. Oh, but according to the Sheriff, Rang and Gaddis do a TERRIBLE job of getting OR football players exposure. Lol
  10. Wait, I thought everything is collapsing at Bearden? Gotta love CoachT. Lol
  11. I’d venture most of them will jump ship because they have zero ties to the community.
  12. No kidding. How many games does Clinton win this coming season?
  13. It’s pretty late in the evening for you to be on here, Sheriff.
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