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  1. I agree with him. I probably should’ve replied to HTV.
  2. Nolen was literally the best player in the state and was considered one of, if not the highest rated player in the whole country. He alone could completely change a game, single handed. He was literally unblockable later on in that season that year. He was triple teamed at times. There’s zero comparison between him and the Central player, as far as who was the more dominant player who could single handedly change the outcome of a football game. And that’s coming from someone who never saw the Central QB, and I’m sure he was great, but Nolen was one of the most dominant talents this state has ever seen. The comparison is pretty silly, IMO.
  3. In my humble opinion, no, and any Powell fan who is honest with themselves would probably tell you the same.
  4. Fighting with helmets and pads on. Doesn’t get any more genius than that.
  5. Although OR has dominated the rivalry for years, Clinton/OR has always been a great rivalry. Most years it pits relative against relative and most of the kids know one another due to the closeness of the 2 cities. Back in the 50s or 60s (not sure which) they had to stop playing for about a 10 year period due to brawls between the 2 fanbases. Good stuff.
  6. Pretty awesome. https://oakridgeathletics.com/2023/05/05/tennessee-sports-hall-of-fame-to-induct-1958-national-champion-orhs-wildcat-football-team/
  7. You’re welcome, buddy. Seems like that was Ravenwood first year as a school, if I’m not mistaken? Someone correct me if I’m wrong. I think they’ve won 3 total football championships in all. I know they beat Maryville one year, as well. Heck of a program for as long as it has been around. Always in the mix, it seems.
  8. Agreed. Good explanation. Becker as a spy on Gulmire really handcuffed the offense. He did a tremendous job at that.
  9. I was just replying to IPB’s response about there being no imagination on offense for OR that night. Hard to have much of any imagination in play calling when the weather was as bad as it was. It certainly affected both teams, which is why I said the Ravenwood OL flat blocked better than ours did, with the limited play calling because of the weather in that game. Like I said, they were the better team that night. I’ve always given them credit where it was due. No excuses here.
  10. Weather conditions had a lot to do with that. It was sleeting and windy. It was awful. They just flat blocked better than our OL did that night. TC Jennings (their QB name, I think) was super good at that bunny hop option they ran, too.
  11. That’s the mystery we’ve all been trying to figure out for going on 18 years now. While we did have the better team on paper, as we all know that doesn’t always translate to winning. There are all kinds of excuses and factors that could be mentioned, and I’m one of them that has made them throughout the years concerning that game, but at the end of the day Ravenwood was just the better team that night.
  12. You’re a Powell fan, too, right? Appreciate the blunt honesty. Lol
  13. As long as Lowe is there, they’ll be good. Say whatever ya want, but he’s a good coach, and knows how to attract talent, or whatever you prefer to call it.
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