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  1. It was a tough, hard fought game. Oakland just kinda wore Maryville down as the game went on. It was slow, but gradual. Great season for the Rebels. Nothing to be ashamed of to lose to that bunch.
  2. Not sure what else to call it. Dominated tonight and had the talent to win it all last year and flat choked against OR.
  3. Congratulations to Powell and my ole pal, OSU. Straight up manhandled West. 2 years in a row West and Lamar have laid an egg.
  4. I’m thinking The Living Legend should breathe some of RebelRon’s air instead, being he is the real living legend in Mairvul.
  5. I just got chills reading this. Hallowed be thy name……..
  6. And still broke every receiving record @ OR, if I’m not mistaken.
  7. But sometimes if you continue to dream on, the dreams can come true. Steven even says so in the song!
  8. I’d love that hire. He applied after Blade left, but of course we hired Gaddis.
  9. I would most definitely call, for sure. He has ties to OR, so you just never know. I’m sure as many friends he has @ OR though that somebody has already called him.
  10. I just think it was too risky of a move for OR to take a guy with zero head coaching experience this time around. OR is in a position to where they need a coach who has quite a bit of experience right now. It’s an extremely important hire for the Wildcats, but like I said, just too risky at this point given Miner’s HC experience, which is none. Who knows, the coach OR picks may not end up working out in the long run, and Jeff may turn HVA into a prime contender, and eventually end up @ OR anyway. Time will tell.
  11. This is a good one if you want historical records and things like that of pretty much every team in TN. http://www.ahsfhs.org/tennessee/
  12. Hey Czar, in your opinion, who do you think will get the OR job?
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