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  1. HTV

    2019 Top Ten in 5A

    What is stopping you from "turning them in"? The TSSAA has posted contact information. Plus go to whatever school you think is being wronged and notify the AD. Until then, fingers you point are pointless, pun intended.
  2. HTV

    2019 Top Ten in 5A

    So, exactly what are they "at"? Specifics, please. If you are going to point fingers come with specifics. I've heard of kids planning a transfer to quite a few different schools in Knox County. School isn't out until Thursday. Not much anybody can do about a transfer until after then. Can't even do summer workouts with another school until one has physically moved in to that zone and enrolled at the new school and be eligible if they started at another high school.
  3. Absolutely agree with that. Derek and the staff did a good job of making sure he didn't get put in to a position to have to win the game on his own. And Braden looked really poised that night and darned near brought Maryville all the way back to win. As the saying goes, if there were another couple of minutes left on the clock, I would have liked his chance to pull out a win. But their weren't and the rest is history. But that said, only one QB can play at a time. The other guy is a legit Divsion 1-A prospect with multiple offers thus far to prove it, and more coming.
  4. Heck fire. Most of them didn't even make the jump from Pee Wees to Midgets, but they made the jump from home grown to Maui Wowie.
  5. And you've also got the "Advisor/Handler" in this day and time, too. They are worse than the Agent Daddy.
  6. I'm just amazed at the movement that has taken place in Knox County over the last 10 years or so. And it's not just one or two schools. It's pretty much county wide.
  7. HTV

    Wes Jones resigns from HVA wow

    Depends on how high up the food chain he is.
  8. HTV

    Wes Jones resigns from HVA wow

    HVA assistant Scotty Dykes was hired to replace Caleb Slover at Cocke County today. Great hire.
  9. HTV

    Wes Jones resigns from HVA wow

    Oh, I have heard the same thing on the DC for about a week, now, but yesterday I was told that there may be a step back and start again coming. Not saying that the DC is not going to end up being the guy when all is said and done, only that there were some "unexpected" names that applied and are going to be considered.
  10. HTV

    Wes Jones resigns from HVA wow

    Don't think that is true at all. He may be a candidate, but the job posting is still open. If it were done they could have closed the job posting by now and started the interview process. I've heard about a dozen names today who have, or will apply by the end of the week.
  11. Yep. Do the link in my post. It's a killer Red Dirt/Texas Country festival at Key West in January. 0 Fest for Mile Marker 0 on Highway 1. Click on the pic.
  12. I'm about to plunk down big bucks on a deposit to Mile 0 Fest 2020. The lineup this past January was about as good as it gets. If they bring the same folks back my much better half and I will be more than happy. Mile 0 Fest 2019
  13. I cut my teeth on Gumbo rock with Benny Spellman and Dr. John ....... " - Jimmy Buffett, Saxophones
  14. Yep, me as well. XM60 - Outlaw Country is my go to. Also like Willie's Roadhouse. Change of pace are Radio Margaritaville, Grateful Dead Channel, and yes - I even like No Shoes Radio at times. Only "bro country" I can handle. Right now XM30 is The Lynyrd Skynyrd Channel. I've been pretty much stuck there for a couple of weeks now. Only going to the end of Memorial Day weekend to coincide with Skynyrd's Farewell Tour. The boys really are going to retire this time.