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  1. I don't get "offended" when Powell is brought up. I simply call out that those who are pointing fingers need to look at history of what has gone on for decades and the fact that everybody in Knox County plays in the margins. If you think I am offended, your interpretive intuition is way off and you don't know me. I simply have no tolerance for hypocrisy. And a big deal was made of the way Clinton supposedly hammered Bearden in a scrimmage. Again, just pointing out the "real story".
  2. Enough that he was the OC of a 5A state championship team.
  3. Actually they hired the OC of the team who won the 5A state championship 5 months ago. But that doesn't fit your narrative. Try again.
  4. Always found it humorous that a certain parochial school in West Knoxville used do crow about "beating" Maryville in scrimmages, but could never even once beat them in a game that actually counted in the W/L record.
  5. You are assuming it came from a Bearden source. Don't assume. And there is video, you know. And you said it - why even put a "score" up in a situational scrimmage? But the folks in the press box at Clinton chose to, so you need to ask them that question.
  6. Cheated is a strong word. I prefer to say they may have fudged a bit.
  7. Jesse Smith did a comprehensive report on it. Jesse said that it wasn't a "game format" scrimmage, but rather a controlled situational scrimmage, and that both teams made some plays and both teams had significant players out. For Powell neither Redmond nor Soles played, I do know that. And by the way, Soles, in just two seasons, is now the career sacks leader at Powell.
  8. So back to football, I have been given the Paul Harvey on the Bearden/Clinton scrimmage. Seems that there was come creative and selective scoreboard engineering going on during the scrimmage. I'm sure it was just a glitch. Must have been working on getting bugs out of the electronics of the equipment.
  9. Actually I never said that kids didn't move from other programs in the past, and I never said or inferred that they are only doing it now because of social media. That's quite a stretch on your part. Your reading comprehension is way out of whack if that's what you read in to what I posted. Welcome to the club, by the way. You and the others on my ignore list will have a swell time yucking it up together.
  10. Hello McFly! I have said many times that while I am from a different generation that i recognize that times have changed. Some things have changed for the better, some haven't been for the better. So, tell me - specifics, please: What "outdated ideas" have I suggested sticking with? I simply believe that social media has completely changed the landscape. That's what I see, and that's not saying that everything about social media is bad. I never said or inferred that. And disagree to disagree doesn't mean that I am telling you that you are wrong. It's simply saying that we can have different opinions. But that's one of the things that not for the better in this day and time. Sone can't accept that it's ok to have differing opinions and not feel like they have to dislike those personally who have different opinions from their own. You can see things how you like, and I am not asking you to change your views. It's simply discussion. If you can't handle that then I welcome you to put me on ignore. And unless we have met and carried on conversation, and I don't believe that we have, you can't possibly know where I stand on most issues.
  11. Never said the world had gone to heck in a handbasket. And my generation made plenty of mistakes, but it also helped make plenty of advances that have made a positive difference, too. All of us are responsible for where society has succeeded and failed young folks in this day and time, some more than others. Get the chip off of your shoulder.
  12. Yep. Halls has it and a double dose of a strong antibiotic will normally take care of it.
  13. Agree to disagree. Social media has completely changed the behavior of all, including kids, and the fact that behavior that was unacceptable in the past now becoming the norm has affected today's yutes in a huge way.
  14. If it were only that simple. I'm an old fart, too, and a traditionalist but I recognize that it is a different day. Social media and the need for instant gratification have completely changed the youth and high school sports worlds. And not necessarily for the better.
  15. No matter what one's feelings or opinions are on the subject, Bearden's roster will look much different come August from what it does right now.
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