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  1. Before he left in his junior year he was averaging 4 yards per carry, which was a full yard per carry behind what he averaged his first two years. So, yeah, lack of production compared to what he had done. And that's not a put down. Butch promised him he was going to get snaps in a formation with the QB under center and didn't. Nobody is blaming Hurd for leaving.
  2. Eddie is a good guy. I started covering high school football when Eddie was playing at Powell. My son played along side his younger brother on the defense at Powell. Great family. Don't disagree with your take. That said, Powell has a lot of new kids in the program who have a chance to be difference makers, and a 3 year starter at QB who is a tremendous athlete and a really smart kid. He's an ETSU baseball verbal who has a chance to be taken in the baseball draft next June. Should be a great game, and one that could go either way. Like I said, I only favor Powell because of the home field.
  3. If his defense can hold Powell to 3 points, I will drive up and buy the Greeneville DC, who is a good friend, dinner at the Farmer's Daughter.
  4. Been going back and forth on this one. Should be a really good football game. Both teams are really talented. But as I said earlier, I believe that Greeneville will miss both Ballards more than most believe, and especially early on in the season. I like Powell in a close one - mostly because of the home field - something in the 31-27 range.
  5. But remember that they aren't a regular old high school. They are an academy.
  6. Check out the offer list. I tend to trust college coaches whose muti million dollar contracts depends on whom they bring in more than I do butt hurt internet cowboys. Just saying. Reggie Grimes' offer list
  7. So, yeah I am guilty on the hang the banners comments, but you've got me on the claim to fame thing. Are you famous or something?
  8. That's ok. I may or may not be there, but at least I know that I didn't have to resort to dishonesty, deception, and flat out lies to try to get my way. Hang yourself another banner.
  9. I don't know if he will or not, but the potential viewer numbers for a high school football game in one market are much different from region wide or nation wide college football market potential numbers. My question was just that - a question. I promise you there has at least been some discussion on what options there might be. That's just basic business. Sometimes it's easier to give in and change the plan that to be bullheaded and get your teeth kicked in.
  10. Snake Oil Salesmen always point fingers at others. Peter Popoff would be proud.
  11. Wondering if the Thursday Night Rivarly game scheduled for that night might be moved to Friday or Saturday? No way Bearden and HVA can compete with Catholic/Brentwood Academy for viewers.
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