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  1. Neither of us said they didn't. I'd be surprised it's not a Powell/West semifinal round.
  2. Win or lose tomorrow night they have a legit shot.
  3. And the PxP guy for Bearden is actually listenable, unlike most of that bunch.
  4. Never claimed to be. Just been around a long time and have pretty much seen it all over the years. I can recognize a fraud when I see it. If you don't want my opinions, don't read my posts. It really is that simple. And by the way, you have a problem with coaches allegedly calling students, but it's ok in your mind to shop one's kids to coaches all over the area? That's being a hypocrite. And again I repeat, I have no ties to Powell any longer. Still have a few friends that support that program and it's the community where I live and where my son played. But that was a different Powell High School from what it is today.
  5. Mr Hundley. Stop it. You are making a fool out of yourself.
  6. What i know is that you really don't know a thing.
  7. Regular season home game. No gate split.
  8. So whether you realize it or not you just confirmed what I posted. The TV guy is paying both schools to play the game on his broadcast. It wasn't going to happen otherwise. And this game is at Powell. There is no gate split. It's a Powell home game. For a guy who refers to himself as a Czar you aren't very much aware of reality.
  9. Nope. Catholic didn't pay for the game, I've been told that the TV guy is paying both schools to make it happen. He's apparently opened a big can of worms for himself as now other schools want bigger payout to allow him to come and broadcadt.
  10. I've asked the same question without getting any answers. And what most don't seem to understand that recruiting and playing an ineligible student are 2 totally different things.
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