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  1. Yes. They play at Jerry's World, which is a retractable roof stadium. 4 years ago when I was there the roof was closed during a couple of the games because of thunderstorms, but opened during the other games.
  2. Texas plays their state championships in indoor facilities, so weather is not a problem, and even if it were the climate is still generally very nice through December in most of the state.
  3. WATE has been very left leaning for years, and it's even worse right now, and especially anything Lori Tucker has her finger on.
  4. Access and available staff at Tucker Stadium or any other stadium on a college campus is also a factor, too. Most of the state universities close up the week after the BCB is played.
  5. So have you sat in Tucker Stadium the first week of December? You want to go two weeks deeper in to the month weather wise? Plus so many schools, especially the lower classification schools, rely on multiple sport kids just to field teams. Go two weeks deeper in to the season and it seriously penalizes basketball coaches and teams. It would make a tough situation in scheduling early season basketball tourneys and games a complete nightmare, and that's just not fair to anybody involved. Yeah, this is a football board and we all love football, but those kids deserve the opportunity to play multiple sports if they wish. The 8 game plus two extra if a team doesn't make the playoffs gives teams a full schedule. And it might create some really interesting games between teams that don't normally play each other during those last two weeks.
  6. There never was a plan to decide today. It was the first time they have met to discuss either issue. From what I have seen the plan on when to start the season and under what format is July 8. Not sure on classification at this point, but I think this season is a little more important right now. I criticize the boys in the Hermitage bunker when warranted, but I don't see anything wrong with their being given a week so figure out what is going to happen this fall.
  7. Elated that my good friend, Eddie Spradlen, was promoted to the head coaching position this morning. Eddie is a class act and a very good football coach. He'll do well in his new role, IMO. It's ironic that his first game, which I believe will be in the spring (I see football being moved to spring and baseball/soccer/track to the fall as the best option for the TSSAA at this point) would be at home against his alma mater, Powell.
  8. Not a petition, but Knox County schools doing it anyway. My wife is a Knoxville West grad. She's gotten nothing in the way of correspondence either for or against it. But it's irrelevant. Knox County is quick to remind the citizens that they are not community schools, but rather Knox County schools, so opinion of other than the school board, superintendent, and powers that be in central office don't mean a tinkers da*n any longer.
  9. Butchie Boy didn't use his best cliches during his interview and that cost him the job. And if what I am hearing turns out to be accurate Greeneville is making a great choice.
  10. Took Donovan a ton of work to do a decade in review on every classification in Tennessee high school football. Here's his D2-A review. He should have AA and AAA out the next two weeks. How did your favorite D2 team fare in the 2010s?  
  11. OK. playing devil's advocate here: Who outside of Elizabethton is a "bigger' name among local head coaches? I'll hang up and wait for your answer.
  12. It will never happen. The guys in the Hermitage bunker need their 50% off the top of the gate at those first and second round games. They are too addicted to the $$$$$.
  13. They don't have any choice but to play Heritage and William Blount. Those are region games. They have played Alcoa forever, and over the past few years they have played Fulton annually, and they have had Catholic on the schedule up until last year. They also have Farragut on the schedule non-region. Those aren't exactly cup cakes. They played Oakland home and home in the regular season. It's not just as easy as "scheduling an out of state team". I know for a fact that they have talked to a good number of out of state teams about playing. Those teams have to agree to it, too, and travel costs and dates are a factor for both there. Those games have to make financial sense. Perhaps other schools need to worry about getting themselves better instead of complaining about who the Maryvilles, Alcoas, Greenevilles, now Knoxville Central belongs in that group, etcs are or aren't playing non region.
  14. Link to the counter petition: Don't mess with the name
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