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  1. The kid from IMG/Webb looked as advertised on the video I saw. He's pretty special.
  2. Yeah. Central never had an impact out of zone player or transfer come in you know. Some people can't see the forest for the trees.
  3. He has D1 offers at this point, correct? Just looked at his profile. EDIT: USAFA, a couple of Ivy League schools, and D1-AA schools have offered. He would be a good fit football wise at a Service Academy.
  4. 30 of the 32 first round picks in last month's NFL draft were multiple sport athletes in high school. Any coach of any sport who pressures students to only play his/her sport needs to be publicly called out. They're selfish and putting their own interests ahead of what is best for the young folks. Kids onlhave one opportunity to play high school sports. Play them all.
  5. What's his rasslin name, The Murvl Mauler?
  6. Wait, what? Thought only Powell and Bearden waded into the transfer portal. Must be a mistake.
  7. Lost their biggest offensive lineman to graduation, but otherwise the OL is pretty solid. The biggest questions on offense are finding a QB to replace a former Mr. Football finalist, and keeping a 160 pound RB healthy.
  8. Pretty much how I heard it from folks on both sides who were there. Goid scrimmage from both perspectives.
  9. If only they would let the media covering the game turn on the lights inside the press box when it gets dark .........
  10. DB is #1. Nobody else is close.
  11. Just leaving this here. https://twitter.com/5StarPreps/status/1658141947498774528?s=20
  12. Partin and Hawkins are 2 that I know well. Both quality coaches.
  13. Spring scrimmage. Lots of variables there. Can't put much stock in them either way.
  14. I'm guessing he missed the part about how I said Joel was a great coach and a genuinely good guy. And I never said that he did anything wrong. I said he used the system to his advantage, which is what others are doing now. Didn't try to ruin his name in any shape, form, or fashion. Again, an example of that poster not being able to debate using reasonable and rational thought.
  15. But Hunter's Safety class was very much a needed 9 week elective! And I loved Joel. Great football coach, and a genuinely good guy. He worked the system, much like some guys are doing now. But like I have said, that poster is incapable of rational and reasonable discussion.
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