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  1. Several versions of the story going around right now. Nobody is exactly sure at this point. Going to have to wait until the TSSAA Bunker in Hermitage opens for business on Monday to see an official report.
  2. Maybe the 2 County schools in Blount County can get together and do one of those co-op things. Just a thought.
  3. Yeah, Lee's Dad, Daryl was a very good friend and Lee played with my son at Powell. Couldn't be any more happy to see the way that Lee has turned his life around and become not only a 10 year NFL veteran, but also a great husband, Dad, and citizen.
  4. I always thought Jermaine was the underrated J5 Bro.
  5. Yep. Powell has played for a state championship twice in football - that 1991 game where Brentwood Academy destroyed them 49-0 and then in 2011 when they lost the heart breaker to Henry County 17-14 after Randall Dunlap made an incredible play by stripping Dustin McPhetridge of the football when Powell was on the doorstep of taking the lead with under 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter. As I understand it, DG was a CC kid originally, but ended up at AC after leaving Powell. And keep in mind that in those days the transfer and eligibility rules were pretty much zero, so there was nothing against the rules about his starting practice at Powell and then going to AC before classes began. That was a widespread practice statewide in that day.
  6. Probably didn't miss the state's #1 prospect again last night, either. He would have made no difference.
  7. Yeah, he was pretty good. Did you know that Davy Gillum started out at Powell before leaving before the season began? Think about how good Pal could have been with both Lowe and Gillum in the backfield.
  8. Yep. Pretty amazing that these two schools, which are about 10 miles apart as the crow flies, never played varsity football until 2009. They have been in the same district for all other sports for several decades, now, but they never played football until 2009.
  9. Don't care who McMinn County has or hasn't beaten at this point. To have two unbeaten teams playing in week 10 is pretty special. Yeah, I expect Maryville to blow them out, but it's still been a year that those McMinn kids, and especially the seniors, will remember for life.
  10. No. They have the Heritage/Karns game up as scheduled. Not talking about being ready to view. Normally they are listed as scheduled.
  11. So now a Twitter post from Diamond Clear Media yesterday says that they are going to be streaming Powell/West, but still nothing on the website. Who knows at this point? Guess we'll find out when we go to either the Roku app or the website at 7:30.
  12. The Big Gal coming with the facts. Enturestin'.
  13. Agree. The non-called safeties were the only plays I really questioned, but even then we didn't have the goal line view from the TV angles that the officials had live. There were some other things that could have been called - both ways - but they pretty much evened out at the end of the day. I'd rather see officials call a game that way than to pull a flag every other play like they could. And I am a Bearden alum, by the way. Just didn't see this as a game the officials decided.
  14. Looks like no radio game of the week, either. Odd that DCM isn't carrying it.
  15. LOL. He was recently on your coaching staff. LOL. LOL. LOL. Another glass houser.
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