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  1. WaCoJaCo

    Class AAA Sectional Matchups

    I've never liked watching a slow down game but if you're a smart coach you go with what gives you the best chance to win. Poore is a very good coach and in a few more years he won't have to use a slow down game to stay with teams like Bearden. Heck that last so-called coach at DB probably would of forfeited the game. I don't think it was in his contract to play past the regular season.
  2. WaCoJaCo

    Tennessee HS football

    Your coworker ain't to smart. Yeah, they play some awesome football in Texas but you lost me when you said "Teams like Oakland" wouldn't make it across the 50 yard line in Texas.
  3. WaCoJaCo

    Dobyns Bennett

    lol, Everybody calm down. You do know that all this started by somebody saying they knew somebody that heard somebody else say it "could be" in the works. It doesn't get any weaker than that. I'll also add that there is not one single person that could possibly have any control of "Eastman money" that gives a flying flip about DB sports, football or any other sport. If that were the case you'd see DB winning state championships at the rate Maryville has been. DB sports is controlled by the "downtown crowd" (blue hairs) and the "good ole boys club" They have it locked down tight and no outsider is coming in to upset the setup. Clark ran the program all the way into the ground. I think Christian is actually a better coach than Clark even in his first year. But he is surrounded by a bunch of cardboard cut outs. DB football is dead and buried.
  4. WaCoJaCo

    Dobyns Bennett

    LOL! I haven't heard that but if true I'm betting the newbie won't last long.
  5. WaCoJaCo

    Dobyns Bennett

    Doesn't make sense to me. I don't know what Ballard was making at Greeneville and I don't know what Christian was making last year. I just don't think DB could pay him more as a coordinator than he was making as a head coach at Greeneville. I don't see him stepping down from head coach to an assistant at what is actually a lesser program. If the rumor is him coming to run the offense that makes it even less believable. DB hasn't had much of a problem scoring points, their problem is that can't stop anybody on defense. All this and Ballard is obviously no dummy. He's not going to involve himself in the mess that is DB football.
  6. WaCoJaCo

    Dobyns Bennett

    When H-E-double L freezes over lol. To start with Ballard is a multiple state championship winning coach so he has to be a pretty smart cookie as to how to win state championships. So that also means he would be smart enough to know he would have to clean house at DB to even start the process. That will never happen because the "good ole boy" club controls that system from top to bottom. Ballard with the current coaching staff at DB would do no better than what we've seen in the past 8 years or so. This is all wishful thinking and it will never happen. Unless H-E double L freezes over.
  7. WaCoJaCo

    Class AAA - Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 (Regions 1 and 2)

    I just don't see the "big 3" out of District 1 being able to stay with the "big 3" out of District 4 come tournament time. DB is slowly getting back to being a dangerous team after years of very poor coaching. Both Science Hill and DB needs to get those boys walking the halls interested in sports. That's on the coaches and the AD'S
  8. WaCoJaCo

    Can Crockett beat Science Hill

    I'm starting to think that Sensabaugh wasn't the problem over there last year. Crocket looks like crazy town. And no, they won't beat SH.
  9. They'll probably do like DB did and have one of those national searches, then hire some guy down the street.
  10. WaCoJaCo

    No interest in the Arby's this year?

    68-51, Wasn't what I expected. I figured it would be the other way around with Gate City on top.
  11. WaCoJaCo

    No interest in the Arby's this year?

    Gate City is obviously the best area team in the tourney. Hopefully they'll make a better showing.
  12. Hey, Where's the chatter?
  13. WaCoJaCo

    Dobyns Bennett

    DB loses the entire backfield and just about all the OL. The leading candidate to start at QB is 5'5" and weighs about 130 soaking wet. Not sure about the defense but I think a couple of the linebackers are coming back. Doesn't matter about the defensive backs because no matter who is back there they couldn't cover my grandmother with her on a walker.
  14. WaCoJaCo

    Dobyns Bennett

    Of those "5 winnable games" I say they win two of them. Five years from now if DB wins 5 games in a year we'll all consider that a successful season. I'll call it dumbing down the fan base.
  15. WaCoJaCo


    I think he's smart enough to look at the situation in Kingsport and not want any part of it. Plus, he's an outsider and there's no way the "Good ole Boys" are going to let him in. So, no I'm not thinking of Kingsport. He'll end up at one of the Knoxville schools.