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  1. Retrayvon Windham, 12 yr. old duel threat QB playing at Robinson. Has anybody seen this kid play? I ask this on the other thread but my post got left in the dust.
  2. We had a fake athletic director that decided we didn't need Tom Taylor anymore. Tom Taylor was just the best announcer in the state by far. Really dumb ideal. The last I heard Taylor was doing his thing for Bristol Motor Speedway. I'd say money wise he came out smelling like a rose.
  3. So what about the kid at Robinson, Retrayvon Windham
  4. You are right about some things and wrong about others. Alcoa is not overrated. Anybody with half a brain would no better. "Way Overrated"? I think you're confusing unfaithful fans with cautious fans. You don't become a "powerhouse" just coming off a losing season and winning your first three games over so-so or worse teams. I don't think you can compare them to any Maryville team until they actually win a state championship. Which is what you have to do to be compared to Maryville. Now I do think this team is playing well and playing as a unit. I've posted on here two weeks ago that I think this is the best DB team since 2012. The line on both sides of the ball have dominated so far, the backfield has been great and the linebackers are playing well. Special teams have been closer to special than they have been in years. The coaching staff has done a great job turning it around. A lot of people didn't know if Christian would make it as a head coach but looks like he is proving he's a good choice. The biggest plus is he doesn't run scared in the second half of games like that other guy did. The bad. It's a DB trademark to make a lot of mistakes and have a really bad secondary. It's been that way for 30 years. These are two areas that go back to bad coaching in the pee-wee and middle school leagues. I'll give Christian credit for bringing in new blood to coach the secondary but so far I can't see any progress in coverage or in mistakes made on the field. In defense of the coaches you can't turn that around in the amount of time they've had. And it probably won't happen this season. When DB runs into a team with a good QB and offensive line they'll be in trouble. That's not me being unfaithful and unknowing, that's me being cautious and a realist. I'm probably a bigger fan than you, just not a sunshine pumper.
  5. The Johnson City Press is not a real newspaper. many others?
  6. Interesting story........said no one.
  7. DB has done it plenty of times. Who cares if Science Hill does.
  8. Wasn't there two flags on the sideline? If so what was the second flag for? I think I remember two flags. The first one would of been a 15 yard penalty on the sideline but the second flag got Colobro ejected? Am I right?
  9. Well yeah, we're better than we've been in a while. Probably since 2012. But you know whats going to happen on down the road when we run up against a team with a good QB and offensive line. It was great to see a head coach tonight that didn't freak out when Bearden came out at halftime and scored a quick TD. That "other guy" would of went straight to running up the middle every play and tried to run out the clock on his first possession. Two running backs over 100 yards tonight. Losing the other two before the season started doesn't look like a factor now does it.
  10. So we haven't had the right horses in the stable for like 30 years? And what technique are they using to let receivers get 10 yards behind your entire secondary on half the routs they run? I'm telling you, without that line getting all that pressure on the QB DB wouldn't be undefeated right now.
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