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  1. They don't have to go to Middle Tennessee for that. There's Maryville and Alcoa in East Tn. or even Elizabethton and Greeneville right in their own backyard. Other than the past couple of years with Oakland you can't do much better than those four teams I mentioned.
  2. That post right there is called being loyal to a fault and kicking your football knowledge to the curb.
  3. On paper the conference should be down as a whole. But you never know for sure because it depends a lot on how hard the teams work in the off season. And there's a chance that somebody will get some super star transfer that will take a team on his back to a great season. A lot of families moving in to the entire area. They can't build houses fast enough. DB has a lot of players back so they should be a little better but they lost a few coaches as well so who knows. I know one thing for sure. It will be easy to pass on them.
  4. My beef with trying to compare teams from the past years is that it's not an argument that can have a winner. It's not an argument that's worth having. There would be no end to it. You're correct, it's a great accomplishment just to get there. Playing 30+ games and being one of the final 8 teams. There's been about 6 times that DB has made it to the tournament with a real chance to win it. In 73', a couple times in the 80's and a couple times in the 90's and again in early 2000. All ended in disappointment. I think most people thought Bartlett would win it all this year with little problem. I was watching the replay of that game and you could literally see the air go out of the Bartlett players and fans after that last shot. We DB fans know what that feels like.
  5. lol, The ole' my Dad can beat up your Dad argument.
  6. DB and Greeneville split in regular season and I consider those two teams pretty even. Both teams represented upper east tn. very well this year. There shouldn't be any question those two were the best teams down there out of the publics.
  7. Although you lost in 2014 it's still very special to play that final game for a championship. Like I said, it's just very hard to get there. I don't know how it stands now but at one time DB had made more state tournament appearances than any other school. But could never close the deal. Was a shoo in in '73 but lost to Gallatin in the final. A couple times in the 90's they were picked to win it but came up short. One year they were calling DB a college team compared to the rest, but they didn't make it past the semi's. And I think it was in '03 when "that last coach" took a "1" loss team to the tourny and got blowed out by 40 in the first game. So yeah.....finally got one.
  8. A lot of people probably didn't. It's really tough to go through the entire season ( 40 + games) just to make it to the state tournament. Then you get there and you're just one of the best 8 teams left. Seems most people were picking Bartlett and Cain Ridge or maybe Bearden going in. DB had played about 5 games that were "state championship caliber" this year. So they had the team to do it if they just put it together at the right time. After the first half of the opening game against Coffee Co. they just played great basketball. I don't think there's any question DB was the best team down there. Four players on the all-tournament team and Browder had a monster game in the final to win MVP.
  9. Dobyns-Bennett Indians, 2022 4A Basketball State Champions. I like the sound of that. Honestly didn't think I'd see them win a state championship in one of the big 3 sports in my lifetime. Can't say they lucked into it either. Beat 3 very good teams to get it. Great job by the players and especially the coach. Turns out that "national search" was a good ideal. I am now convinced they got the best guy. Buck Van Huss was the best high school basketball coach that ever lived in my opinion. And he couldn't win a state championship at DB.
  10. Wow! I knew DB had it in them if they could just put it all together. I was happy with beating Coffee Co. and getting to the final four. I guess they might as well go ahead and play for the championship while their down there.
  11. Most of the time all the slow down tactic gets you is a closer score but not a win. And if the opposing coach knows it's coming he can adjust and the slow down doesn't work as well. I think what wins it for DB is to shoot in the high 60% range, which they are capable of doing. But we're all just talking, nobody knows how the game will go until the clock starts.
  12. DB has had about 5 games this year where they have played lights out basketball. So they have it in them. If they can play lights out and Bartlett is a tic off then DB can send them home. Me as a fan, I'm happy they made it to state and won the first game. Thats final four. So the pressure's off. Just go play ball.
  13. I agree with you on that. But it's almost a crap shot either way. You don't really know how somebody will do until their in the job. And if you hire someone proven you don't really know if they will fit in your system or get along with everybody on the staff. It's just frustrating to watch their approach to preparing players in the lower grades and little leagues. Which is basically no approach at all. DB hasn't been very good on defense since we lost coach Watson. It seems most people are pushing for Teddy Gains to take the defense coordinator job. I don't have anything against Gains but I don't see anything from his past that would say he'd make a good defensive coordinator. He's coached the safeties for two or three years (I've lost count) and there has been no improvement there. In fact the safeties have went from very bad to much worse. DB's pass defense basically is getting a lot of pressure on the QB and forcing him to make bad passes. Any time they go up against a team with a good offensive line, their toast.
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