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  1. My dog makes cupcakes that look similar to those.
  2. Pals food is good....not great. They have lighting fast service, you won't find a cleaner restaurant inside and out anywhere in the country, the staff at all pals are always clean, courteous, and they "Never" screw your order up. Also locally owned and operated and a huge contributor to the community. That's just a few of the reasons we LOVE Pals. Oh, I forgot about the grass. That's some of the best looking grass I've ever seen. I don't know how they grow grass like that in Kingsport.
  3. Coaching staff has everything to do with it. Get them started in the little leagues, keep tabs on them in middle school and have a winning high school program. Everybody want to be part of a winner.
  4. You are 100% correct Batman. Before the season started many including myself were saying this was going to be a 2 - 8 team. We weren't seeing what was going on during the off season and spring. The hard work by the staff and players turned that 2 - 8 team into a 10 - 2 team. I think with the good returning class and another year under this really good staff next year will be even better. Two things need to happen in the future to get to Maryville's level. Get better coaching in the little leagues, and get those "athletes" walking the halls interested in football.
  5. I can't believe a Blackman fan coming on this thread to talk smack to Maryville fans.
  6. The DB band is so big they actually have an Aquatics Division. So tell your friend yes.
  7. Half of the $20. goes into a hat to finish building the fancy Suites at the top of the upper deck. That's where they'll be serving Champagne & Hors d'oeuvres to all the uppity blue hairs.
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