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  1. You might want to go ahead and delete this post now because I think it will come back to haunt you in a couple of years. Betsy is coming.
  2. What if the Moon really is made of cheese?
  3. Well at least their finally figuring out they need to make a change in coaching of the defensive backs. Both these guys were good players, we'll have to see how it pans out. Playing for UT doesn't make you a good coach.........or does it?
  4. A figure of speech. He's the offensive coordinator at Emory & Henry now so I figure he'll be out of town during football season. You think?
  5. I could round up enough boys walking the halls at DB to beat the team their going to put on the field. And that's with me coaching them. I think the starting QB weighs 145lbs.
  6. Home run hire. Lets see how he deals with the "Good ole Boy system". My guess is he'll be so frustrated by the end of his first year he'll burn rubber leaving Kingsport. Hope I'm wrong and he cleans house and saves the sinking ship. I'm actually shocked that they hired an outsider. Maybe the "Good ole Boys" are losing their grip now that Clark is out of town.
  7. = butt hurt because Rankin left Riverdale for Alcoa.
  8. Sounds to me like Bledsoe and a few others are just butt hurt over the success of the sports programs. I just don't see any reason for alarm over these two student athletes coming into Alcoa. The same thing is happening all over the nation at high schools. Sure, school is for education, but theres no reason you can't get a good education and play sports at the same time. But all the excitement is on the sports side. You can't attract 3,000-8,000 fans to watch a class take a test. These school boards are butt hurt because they see it as taking a back seat to the football team. The way they plan on fixing that is by destroying the sports teams. I believe there is a effort underway to take sports out of high school all together. Liberals hate anything that's fun or exciting.
  9. It would be nice to be back in the conversation again. I think most real DB fans would be happy just to be respected again. We've gone from expecting a 10 win season to hoping to win 5 games. I don't see anything changing for the better though. Their all about protecting their job's and they have it locked down pretty tight top to bottom. We just have to wait until they all die of old age.
  10. If I remember correctly McMillan was just getting over a ankle injury and didn't even start in that game. They finally put him in when they couldn't move the ball and he pretty much took over the game. Greeneville couldn't even slow him down. As I remember it he was gang tackled down near the goal line and someone in the pile grabbed his foot and tried to twist his ankle. He threw a punch and got kicked out of the game. He wasn't one you wanted to mess with. One of the things that all DB haters always like tp bring up is that DB has never won a state championship on the field, or that they are one and done in the playoffs. The one and done thing hasn't happened to DB anymore than it has to 95% of other schools. I think there's a lot of people on here that can't count past "1". The thing that upsets most DB fans is that in the past (before coach Watson left us) DB was always a force on the field. They always played teams close if they lost and everyone respected them as a good team that you had to bring your A game to. Now they struggle to stay on the field with average teams and nobody respects them. Sad to see a team with so much history go down hill like this. The "Good ole Boys" did this. Never forget.
  11. Anybody remember the days when a DB thread was all about DB or DB and whoever they were playing next? I remember when it only took two or three days for a DB thread to reach 30 pages. This thread took 8 months to get to thirty and its mostly about other teams and their success. Thank you "Good Ole Boys"
  12. ........and I think he had minus 5 yards against Maryville.
  13. That's all his pals on the DB coaching staff.
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