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  1. Correction. DB actually showed up and competed in that game in 2012 and it got away late. DB had 290 yards rushing and was within 7 until very late in the game.
  2. Heard too much talk from the sh side this week about the Brentwood academy game.....sheesh. They ain't playing BA tonight. Won't be close...blow out.....
  3. I wouldn't feel too good about things...you guys don't exactly have a steel curtain defense yourselves
  4. So...the two have nothing to do with each other. And it was a loss just the same. You guys gave up 21 points to a terrible Crockett team that DB shut out...it won't mean diddly on Halloween night.Maryville is above them all.
  5. I agree...science hill is gonna roll and defensive coordinator is not getting it done. Catfish is rolling over. 2 games against good competition and the defense has given up 83 points and over 1000 yards! And the conversion of a 3rd and 25 was inexcusable. You can't dial something up? Grhhhh!!!Offensive play calling checked out on the 1st and goal from the 6....three vanilla plays, why not go and get the win or go down swinging? Playing not to lose...ghosts of McMinn county.
  6. The stats are pretty convincing...out rushed, out passed, gifted with 2 TOs, the refs ran precious seconds off the clock on the game winning drive. Give the DB players some credit, they drove the field with virtually no time or timeouts and won the game. It wasn't pretty but they outplayed THS and deserved the W. Why aren't you coaching or reffing...or both at the same time? It's obvious by your long winded responses to both the refs and coaches that this has you torn up and you obviously know more than anybody else on the sidelines or in pin stripes or on coacht! Good grief...grab your paci and blankly and take a nap. It's always easy to blame somebody else for our shortcomings...kind of represents where we stand as a nation. Goodness, it's just a high school football game.
  7. "Don Helman's (sp?) incompetent play by play"....now that we can agree on
  8. For all those that have so much faith the coaching staff will "figure it out"...let me remind you that had there not been an injury last year to the starting QB, we may never have seen what Foreman was capable of....and he may have been at Centre College instead of making the INT on Saturday. I mean why would they change both the QB and RB in the Farragut game deep in DB territory and promptly fumble the exchange....why wasn't Holt in there late in a tie game at EHHS where they could have drove the ball for the winning score? I heard some excuse about Holt had to come out in the Farragut game for some official reason. Not sure of the excuse...uh I mean reason why Holt was not in there last week in a tie game and he had 150+ yards rushing already.
  9. It wasn't that many seasons ago when SHHS went down and got 70+ put on them by Bradley Central and everybody was calling into the radio and crying classless....that is a school with 2500 students whining about getting a beat down. I would expect no less from a Stacy carter coached team.
  10. Please! I doubt with all the prep these players/coaches have poured into this week it took the freakin band director to get them fired up!
  11. yeah...litle boys run around the field at J Fred as well on Friday nights dreaming of playing on the field some day. There is more to it at Maryville and it begins with the coaches and it ends with the players being sound and executing to perfection...you have 2 opponentsif you want to get the victory: you can't beat yourselves and then you have to beat them DB didn't do either very effective last night and they got what everybody else got, sent home to get ready for basketball.
  12. Dude...chill out. With all due respect the DB band and players work just as hard and deserve to show out as well. The DB fans came to pack out the stadium, the entire 400 person band came down to show support for their team as well. Yes Maryville has won the championships but they play football, cheer, and toot horns in every community in this state. Now, from what I hear everyone was glad to see the band travel down and be a part of the action..and when they come they will be a part of the festivities. I guess you are mad because the band didn't file in and be quiet...I would thought a fan of a team with so much success would not care about the friggin band. Talk about giving respect. I think it showed a ton of respect to send the band down for this huge playoff game (they don't travel to most)...that tells me they thought alot of Maryville and the tradition down there. I thought that wa what made the high school football Friday night so special...kids that have put everything into their sport (football, band, cheering) getting to perform.
  13. I would like to say thank you to the DB players for giving their all for my school this year. I would have liked for the ride to contiune but you guys made me as a fan and alumni proud to be a part of the Tribe nation. Man I can not believe that the swafford and Foreman show is over. A bunch of great young men that will represent the school well after they are gone. Thanks Too bad we never had a real newspaper to report on these guys. Unfortunately I doubt they will even get any ink in the morning edition. I'm sure the full color spread will probably be about the Gate City bowling team. Sad
  14. I wouldn't make plans for next week just yet..tied against North last I heard.
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