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  1. But aren’t you the one that was spewing all of that big talk all year? I’m just confused about how you aren’t even a Indian fan, but then talk this big game all year about how we will beat everyone. But now after the season just ended now your tune has changed and we are now nowhere close to the Maryville level. Just make up your mind. On another note, the game was much closer than the score showed. Yes we got crushed 45-10, but we also had 3 turnovers in positive territory (2 inside the 10). Potential 21 point swing right there. They scored off of every turnover as well, I’m not saying they wouldn’t have scored anyways, but if you look at it that way it shows we are on the right track. I’m not here for sympathy wins, but it’s a great sign for our program. I said it when we hired Christian that I thought he could come in and change the culture of the program, year 2 was a good look for that. That being also said we are the only team to score points on the Mighty Rebs in the playoffs. I’m also very excited about the amount of guys we have coming back next year. Lets break it down, QB is back Both RBs back Lose 1 WR but will get back Marshall who we lost preseason to an ACL tear. Lose 2 OL, but get back 3 Season Ending Injury guys including the 3 Jrs that started to finish the year Lose our TE Lose 2 DTs but the other 2 are Jrs that played a ton of snaps this year Lose our star DE Lose our Mike Lose our Sam and that’s it. Realistically we have 4 positions to find replacements for. Yes, I know 2 of them are 2 of the best on our squad, but I have faith in the kids and the staff to find the right personnel for next year. To me this is a great sign of what is to come for this program.
  2. I felt like it was a great time to go ahead and start the off-season thread for next year... proud of the guys for exceeding our expectations this year, but I am very excited to see where this program is headed. This years team was loaded with Juniors and great leadership. I hope a great offseason can take it up another level. fun fact: this years team is the 100th team in DB history!
  3. I’m gonna throw this out there, and I know I didn’t participate in any discussion on this thread, but keeping up with this thread all week has been fun. The back and forth has been fun, and very enjoyable. that being said, obviously this game did not go in favor of the Tribe, but a few mistakes here and there keep this one a really close game. 3 turnovers in positive territory and 2 of them are inside the 10 yard line, can’t happen against the Mighty Rebs. I’m very proud of how the kids fought, and they more than exceeded preseason expectations. I hope they take this into the offseason and build for an even better 2020 season. Roll Tribe.
  4. If you remember, the Ravens did it against the 49ers in the Super Bowl in 2013 and didn’t give San Fran enough time to come back and it won the game for them. Like I said, there is a good amount of risk, just like in a lot of decisions in the game of football.
  5. It’s called “Take A Safety” when it is late in the game generally if you have a 1-2 score lead and want to take a bunch of time off of the clock on 4th down and you are backed up on your own endzone. The punter will catch the snap and run around as long as possible with the entire line just tackling the defense and at the last second the punter will run out of the back of the endzone for a safety, it obviously is a penalty, but since it is 4th down and time has already lost the opposing team will decline it and take the points. The main idea of this play is to obviously take time off of the clock, but it also flips the field, so instead of a team getting the ball back at it inside of the 50, they will be able to kick the ball off and make it a longer field for the team to go down and score. Every college team in the country has it in their arsenal, but the situation is generally rare so it is hardly ever seen. It’s a strategic move that has a good amount of risk and it didn’t pan out for DB in that game against McMinn County(which I agree with Batman, they were light years better than them, it shouldn’t have been close) Just a bit of background about that play from 11 years ago.
  6. I think DB was picked lower than that. Maybe around 5/6 behind Bearden/HVA. I would have to go back and look for sure.
  7. You make a great point. DB this year has proven to be a great 2nd half team. I think it is a testament to their conditioning, that also being said SH usually isn’t the best conditioned team, I would be a betting man and say that this will be a difference maker come Friday night.
  8. Sometimes the best pass defense is a pass rush. All year there have been times where it wouldn’t have mattered if a team had Julio Jones running wide open, the QB has been running for his life and can’t set his feet and throw which is helpful when your weakness is in the defensive backfield. Just like when the Broncos won SB50 their DBs were good, but the DL kept pressure on Brady and Newton so they couldn’t get the ball to their playmakers. Jet Harris and Jackson Martin have been absolute terrors off of the edge and that’s part of the reason teams can’t get a rhythm in the pass game. Also Waco, has this coaching staff shown a point in time this year where they are gonna play Clark style running clock offense? If they have I haven’t seen it. I think this staff has done a great job keeping their tempo consistent and attacking the opponents weakness on D. Part of the reason we are averaging 38 a game. Not trying to argue or anything just giving my input as an outsider who doesn’t post very often, but I have been to every game this year.
  9. Big rivalry with conference championship on the line! If DB wins, they win Region 1-6A outright. If Science Hill wins, they will have to beat Bearden the week after/Farragut will need to lose to either HVA or Jeff County. A lot in favor of the Tribe to win this one. I don’t think it will be easy though. SH has a very powerful passing game with some great athletes at WR. DB is going to have to cover well and get the QB off of his spot to throw off his rhythm. Hopefully the Tribe offense continues to take what the Defense is giving them and score points. Tribe by 2+ Touchdowns
  10. I remember when we played you guys every year this was a running line. I like the Tribe by a ton especially if Cole is still out.
  11. What do you think about this weeks Homecoming matchup for the Indians? DB coming off of a bye week, and HVA regrouping after a tough loss to Knox Central. I like the Tribe in this one by at least 2 TDs.
  12. For the first time in a long time there is a new head coach going into the 2018 football season at Dobyns-Bennett. Felt like a right time to start a new thread moving into a new era of DB football.
  13. Surprised by the final decision, but given the opportunity I believe Christian will do a great job at the helm. In his 15 years at OL coach he has put some big players through to the next level. I do believe he will still come in and change the culture.
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