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  1. The Kingsport faithful are all worried about DB this year. I guess we will find out Aug 30
  2. Uh-oh, I was way off...... Okay, so now we need 341 classes. But actually we should anticipate future growth and just round it up to 367. This idea would really simplify the playoffs, every school would get their 1st place trophy this way.
  3. According to this, there are 294 high school football teams in Tennessee. Therefore we should have 295 classes.... https://www.fieldlevel.com/explore-teams/football/tn/highschool
  4. If you guys are talking about the quarterfinal in 2014, Science Hill went to Maryville and got stomped 45-0, and in fact SH never crossed the 50 yard line until deep into the 4th quarter. Maryville outcoached SH in that game, made McGue look like a middle schooler. The Maryville front line played a lateral defense, basically shifted left and right with McGue and let him take his time and run around in the backfield, then once he tired out they came in for the kill..... er, uh, tackle that is..... Everybody SH had played rushed guys back there to get McGue, he was just way too elusive for that and ended up getting past them and then it was off to the races. I was at that game and its almost as if Maryville coaches and players had.... uh, maybe studied game film and come up with a strategy to contain SH???? Nah, couldn't be that......
  5. How are the OR faithful feeling about game #2 against Dobyns Bennett?
  6. I remember a few years ago that Science Hill had a super small QB (McGoo I think, but that may not be spelled right). Anyway, he was one of the toughest guys I have ever seen in high school football. And he was just so fast, you would blink and he was gone. So you never know, DB's guy might be cut from the same cloth, and if he is then the offense has a lot of potency. I think the first game will tell us a lot, if DB struggles against Tennessee High then it may be a long season for the Tribe. But I predict a DB win by 3 scores. Not sure of the exact stats, but I would bet that DB has not lost more than 5 games combined against local teams (except Science Hill) in the last 20 years. So I guess the real test will actually come in game 2 against Kenny Hawkins High...... oops, I mean Oak Ridge. OR is just such an unknown quantity at this point, but it will be very important for a Tribe win to start 2-0. There are going to be some challenging games for sure, but at least Greeneville and Maryville are not on the menu this year.
  7. You think the DB offense will just basically run over everybody this year?
  8. You may be right, but I think the kid you are talking about graduated. He was one of the best RB's in this area last year, in fact he pretty much carried the offense.
  9. Interesting comment about school size, and it probably should be its own thread. Do you guys think that in general big schools should always be better than smaller schools simply due to having more athletes from which to choose? Is that why Dobyns Bennett (pop. 2208) and Science Hill (2248) don't play local schools Cloudland (233), Unaka (341), Hampton (421), etc. ?
  10. The Tribe will have 4 slam dunk wins this year (Tenn High, Boone, Jeff Co, Mo West). That means there is a potential for a 4-5 DB team to come into Alcoa for that last game. DB has never had back to back losing seasons since football started back 100 years ago. It is going to be imperative that DB defy all odds and win this last game.
  11. Elizabethton vs. Alcoa, now that is a game I would pay good money to see. Or even bad money for that matter. Back to the thread topic, DB travels down to Alcoa this year, last game of the season. Any thoughts on this one, or is it too early to know at this point?
  12. Doesn't DB usually scrimmage Elizabethton every year?
  13. I don't know coach Connor personally, but I hear he is a good athletic trainer at Boone. http://jcnewsandneighbor.com/daniel-boone-strength-coach-now-calls-himself-world-record-holder/
  14. It is amazing, last year at Science Hill we kicked it to their best return man 3 times in a row, the first one he smoked us for 6 and the others he brought out to midfield or better. The Boone fans were screaming uncontrollably "DO NOT KICK THE !&*^% BALL TO # whatever". I was doing the ole face/palm, I mean we can't be that stupid by arbitrary chance can we??? I love our coaching staff, but how in the world could they possibly even remotely think it was a good idea to kick it to him over and over???
  15. http://www.fridaymainevent.com/preseason-top-ten.html
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