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  1. Wow. DB is averaging over 30 per game, and I know they could have scored 80 on us and probably a few other teams. Maryville's D must be incredible.
  2. How many points do you think DB can score on Maryville's 1's?
  3. Are there any Maryville fans who will admit to being even slightly concerned about this game? Or is it just another *yawn* ho-hum shellacking of another NET school?
  4. He will be on the other side of the field.....
  5. Will you'uns let me sit on the Rebels side if I'm wearing a Boone hat?
  6. Yeah, but can you get Pal's at home? heh-heh.....
  7. If you ever figure out how to do this let us know. Boone has some amazing athletes who will not play football because they are going to play (baseball, basketball, track, etc.) in college. Probably the bigger the school the more guys roaming the halls who could be playing. I have given up over the years on Boone, we will just have to be satisfied with the guys who want to play football and do the best with what we have.
  8. Should school size enter into this discussion at all? We hear this all the time, it isn't "fair" for Unaka (337) to have to compete against the schools with 2000+ kids like Science Hill and Dobyns Bennett. But then along comes Alcoa (635) and Greeneville (914) who regularly stomp most 6A schools more than twice their size. Should we really be trying to find a single state champion across the board? Or is the T-ball mentality (everybody's a winner, everybody gets a trophy) just too hard-baked into out culture now? How about having 95 state champions (one for each county)? What if we had a single champion from the 3 natural divisions of the state (east, middle, west)? So many ways to slice and dice it......
  9. DB also pitched 4 shutouts, so you still have to give the D some credit. I have said this before on other threads, but DB has 2 very good defensive ends. They know how to play contain, they do not overrun their lanes, they get to the backfield very quickly, have awesome lateral pursuit, and although they may not lead in tackles it is because they are so adept at routing the runners towards the core of the D. Maryville must be aware of these DE's in their game plan. DB's biggest challenge in this game is to walk out onto the field believing they can win. Every player knows about Maryville's history, and a lot of them have already mentally conceded this game before it even starts, that is just human nature and keep in mind these are just knucklehead teenage kids. And if any of us CoachT geniuses were playing on DB's team we would feel the same way. It is up to the coaching staff to somehow break through that wall of mental negativity and have these guys believing they can win. Now, even if they can somehow do that 100% on every player (which they can't), but if they could would it be enough? History would say probably not, but I KNOW you cannot beat a team if you do not first believe it is possible.
  10. With rain in the forecast, I don't suppose Kingsport will have time to finish DB's dome by Friday?
  11. https://www.timesnews.net/Football/2019/11/17/A-burning-question-for-Dobyns-Bennett-and-Elizabethton.html?ci=stream&lp=5&p= Kingsport Times News is kinda sorta giving DB a chance. I think the last sentence says it all. DOBYNS-BENNETT’S PATH The Indians started the season with a thunderous win over Tennessee High. It was an important step, posting notice that 2019 would not resemble 2018 in any way. More wins followed as the Indians navigated their first eight games without a four-quarter challenge. Adversity hit in the form of Science Hill in game No. 9. The Indians didn’t perform up to their established level, suffered the upset loss, and put themselves in position to lose grip of the top spot from Region 1. Fortunately for the Indians, the potentially critical defeat was undone when the Hilltoppers couldn’t close out the league title. They lost in Week 11 to Bearden, which looked like a pretty good football team. The same Bulldogs showed up Friday night at J. Fred Johnson Stadium and tested the Tribe, carrying a 14-7 lead into halftime. But the Indians had their own case to present, owning the second half and keeping their season alive. It was D-B’s first come-from-behind win since a 7-0 second-quarter deficit against Tennessee High, and it says a lot about the players and coaches. Trailing 14-7 at halftime in the playoffs — with no significant or recent history to say, “Hey, we’ve been here before, let’s do it again” — could be a scary place. But coach Joey Christian and his team didn’t panic, made halftime adjustments and won the football game. Such steely nerves could come in handy if Maryville jumps ahead Friday.
  12. What if DB plays a PERFECT game... ZERO penalties ZERO turnovers ZERO missed tackles Is that enough?
  13. What if DB plays a PERFECT game... ZERO penalties ZERO turnovers ZERO missed tackles Is that enough?
  14. Well well well, here we are in round 3 and DB hosts Maryville next week. Who woulda thunk it.....
  15. Thanks man. We just played sloppy tonight, way too many stupid penalties. No, not the refs fault, we did it to ourselves. I think everyone was just glad Boone made the playoffs this year. Wish you the best next week at Central.
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