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  1. Hopefully you guys are so drained after this Greeneville game that you overlook Boone the following week.
  2. AC plays Powell, Science Hill, Rhea County and Elizabethton. Not an easy schedule. No idea what South Doyle has but they have not been a pushover the last few years. All those aforementioned games are probably winnable but it's going to be a challenge.
  3. I think SH underachieves way more that DB. But in the end neither of them will ever get past Maryville in round 3 so maybe it's a moot point.
  4. You could be right, it just seems to me that if the Toppers could ever play together as one cohesive unit they would be a force to be reckoned with.
  5. I totally get trying to keep all the guys as safe as possible and avoid injury, heat strokes, etc. But at the same time, are we raising a generation of snowflakes with all of this? Imagine telling this guy to tone it down a notch or 2....
  6. Toppper fans, don't be offended by this statement because I am just stating something I have observed year to year: For the level of talent that is generally on the field at SH the Toppers always underachieve. I don't know exactly, it's almost like they just can't focus all that talent together. Not sure if everybody is just doing their own thing, not listening to the coaches, etc. If you guys disagree or maybe I am not seeing something right feel free to chime in.
  7. Welcome to NET. How would you say we are different than SET?
  8. I am hoping that we (Boone) can win this one, but since this will be our first ever game against WR it's really hard to know. Pulling for you guys to beat DB and SH but I just don't think that will happen.
  9. That's about what I expected, no way is a program like Greeneville going to drive off a cliff from one year to the next
  10. Hey Greeneville fans, I know someone from DB who thinks the Devil's have dropped off way too much this year and are going to lose to the Indians. What is the REAL state of Greeneville football in 2022? I am still picking Greeneville in the DB game but that is all based on pre-season guesswork.
  11. I wish you the best against Greeneville, but history shows another Devil's win. Greeneville has won the last few 35-7 (2021), 43-3 (2018) and 35-21 (2017). DB has not been close and unless Greeneville has driven off a cliff I don't see this game being any different. However, the other games are certainly winnable.... Well, Science Hill has owned DB the last 10 years so I would not count a win against the Toppers either. Best of luck
  12. Looking over the schedule, the 1st 4 games will be slam dunks for DB (vs. Tenn High, Volunteer, Mo East, Crockett). If DB wins each game by anything less than 20 points I will be shocked. The 5th game is against West Ridge, and while I am really pulling for the Wolves to build up a good competitive program I do not see any way they can hang with DB. So folks you read it here first, DB starts the season 5-0 and ranked in the top 10 in 6A. But then comes the 2nd half of the season..... I see definite losses to Greeneville (6th game) and Science Hill (10th game). The rest of the games are certainly winnable against Jeff Co, William Blount and Oak Ridge. OR is going to be an unknown quantity at this point, they always seem to get after DB and vice versa, but with new coaching it is really hard to know what the Wildcats will be like. So for DB, something like 8-2 is pretty realistic but the worst you can do is 7-3. And don't scoff at that record, we at Boone would kill for a season like that and a lot of other schools would too. Best of luck and we'll chat more as the season unfolds...
  13. Aug. 19 Volunteer............ W (1-0) Aug. 26 Daniel Boone......... L (1-1) Sep. 2 @ Science Hill....... L (1-2) Sep. 16 Dobyns-Bennett....... L (1-3) Sep. 23 Cherokee............. W (2-3) Sep. 30 William Blount....... W (3-3) Oct. 7 David Crockett....... W (4-3) Oct. 14 @ Morristown East.... W (5-3) Oct. 21 @ Tennessee.......... W (6-3) Oct. 28 @ Jefferson County... W (7-3)
  14. LOL, nice try, but it appears this thread has fallen prey to a subset of Godwin's Law
  15. This is a football thread but let's take a moment and congratulate the DB basketball team on their first state title since 1945. I have no idea if there is much crossover to football but is it possible for that basketball mentality and hunger for a championship to flow onto the gridiron this fall?
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