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  1. Missed 3 PAT's and 1 FG. But you never know, could be a bad hold/spot, etc. And then again, what if Science Hill secretly magnetized the goal post so that is created a force-field type of quantum interference.... hmmmmm......
  2. Greeneville shot themselves in the foot often and early.
  3. What's with Greeneville's kicker? 4 miscues tonight
  4. EHS/Boone..... This will be like shooting fish in a barrel. Congratulations on win #32. We are going to the Greeneville/Science Hill game. And yes, sitting on the GREENE side. Wearing the greenest thing I have, which is a red Blazer hat.....
  5. Okay....... NOBODY is going to crush Alcoa this year. It was 3-3 last night in the 4th quarter until Maryville pulled away at the end. I believe DB could, with a bit of luck and elimination of mistakes, beat the remaining 6A teams on the schedule. But if they make it to round 3 against Maryville.... not happening. But hey man, just to make it to round 3 is a great accomplishment, especially after last year not even making the playoffs.
  6. FWIW, DB is #8 in the state 6A poll this week. Looking at the remaining schedule (Hardin Valley, Boone, Jeff Co, Farragut, MoWest, the Hill, Alcoa)... Who is really going to challenge the Tribe? Alcoa for sure will be a loss, but the rest? Maybe Jeff Co and Farragut, maybe... So at worst DB finishes 7-3, but very likely 9-1. And that is quite a turnaround from recent years. But regardless of how the regular season goes, there is always that pesky little 6A team from Blount County that seems to cause everybody so much grief..... I just do not see DB being able to hang with them in round 3
  7. Yep, 2nd half they really stepped up
  8. That Alcoa defense is really tough. You just can't seem to run or pass on them, other than that the Rebel O is doing pretty well though.
  9. Some further analysis needed here... Firstly, let us examine the etymological origin and construct of Bearden. In its purest form we get an amalgamation of two roots, Bear + Den. Interesting, because a Bear Den would also describe the BC Bears homely abode. Next, let us consider some lexical parsing using A=1, B=2, C=3, etc. BEARDEN = 49 = 4+9 = 13 BRADLEY = 67 = 6+7 = 13 EDGE: EVEN. (WHOA NELLIE! Could the Bear Den step up and tie the game?) Perhaps if we indulge ourselves in the mascot angle it could provide further insight: BEARS = 45 = 4+5 = 9 BULLDOGS = 92 = 9+2 = 11 And yes, we are conducting this scrutiny on 9/11. But 9 vs. 11, still too close to call EDGE: Bearden As it is in real estate (as opposed to fake estate), it all comes down to Location, Location, Location: CLEVELAND = 78 = 7+8 = 15 KNOXVILLE = 124 = 1+2+4 = 7 EDGE: Bradley Hmmmmmm, should we just flip a coin?
  10. Anybody know if the Hill still has Chick-fila at concessions? I know they have in past years.
  11. I will be there this Friday yelling for the GREENE to stomp the HILL. Something tells me that the Hill will hang tough the first half, but then Greeneville's conditioning pays off later in the game.
  12. Cole might be back for the last 3 games, the 3 C's (Cocke Co., Crockett, Cherokee). Unfortunately we will be 1-6 at that point. No way we beat Crockett, Cherokee is looking very good this year, Cocke Co. is a tossup. R1/5A will be between Crockett and Tenn High this year, but Cherokee could mess that up a little.
  13. BC just has too much firepower. Bradley Central 31, Bearden 3
  14. When you don't know a lot about two teams, some lexical analysis can be helpful. Using A=1, B=2, C=3, etc. we have the following: NORTHGREENE = 129 = 1+2+9 = 12 TWINSPRINGS = 168 = 1+6+8 = 15 So Twin Springs takes a close one 15-12 BUT WAIT !!!!!! HUSKIES = 92 = 9+2 = 11 TITANS = 83 = 8+3 = 11 This bit of cognitive interpolation leads us to believe that regulation ends in a tie, Twin Springs kicks a FG in the OT period for the win. Wow, this is going to be a much closer game than I originally thought.
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