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  1. I have never been one to ascribe favor to one team over another due to bad weather, but since this matchup will be a wet one..... To those of you who think it rains on one side of the line of scrimmage but not the other, how does the rain factor into this game if at all?
  2. It is very difficult at the high school level to have a successful team that passes nearly every play. There is too much involved: passing + catching + blocking. And all 3 have to be synchronized for it to work and the probability that a given HS has that kind of personnel attending at the same time..... Yeah there are a few who can pull it off but very few.
  3. I have been wondering the same thing and did some research, talked to some people in the medical community, etc. A virus cell is about 100 nanometers in length, which is below the visible wave length of light, therefore cannot be seen with an optical microscope. For those of us who do not deal with very tiny things day in and day out it is very difficult to get a grasp on just how small a virus cell is. From what I could gather it does seem that masks will prevent/reduce small globules of water that we exhale and those little globules may contain virus cells, so in that sense a mask would work. But even at that it is no guarantee. One of my friends was sanding a tabletop the other day with an electric hand sander, decided to put on his virus mask to keep all the sawdust particles out of his nose.... yep, you guessed it, when he took it off the inside of the mask was brown with sawdust particles and so was his face. There is a guy on here from Tennessee High, I forget the screen name, but he has a lot of knowledge of microbiology, hopefully he will see this and chime in.
  4. exactly, that has been my point for a long time.... why do we have to keep scheduling several unwinnable games every year? What has it gotten us except for guys getting injured? We lost the MB because Crockett is a better team. Here's the crazy thing though, it is hypothetically possible for Boone and Crockett to meet again in the playoffs. Not that I think either of us can beat the Knoxville teams but with Covid causing problems with forfeits..... who knows??
  5. But what I'm wondering is if Maryville/Oakland were hypothetically eliminated due to Covid so that DB would not have to play either one, then how does the Tribe stack up against the rest of 6A in order to get to Cookeville?
  6. What if Maryville and Oakland both have Covid situations once the playoffs start..... What would be DB's probability of getting to Cookeville?
  7. If you see someone in a Boone hat stop by and say hello
  8. don't forget Tony Williams, I think he ended up playing for UT
  9. I do not think there is any value in trash-talking individual players on here and very few people do it. Even our coaches, I love them all, just get really upset sometimes when they do bone-headed things over and over. I guess this place is somewhere to vent....
  10. Kickers put the ball where the coaches tell them to, this is all on the coaching staff, not the kicker. But yeah I see where that did not come across clearly. Here's the deal, when Boone plays a good team we always without exception get burned on kick returns. Why? I have no idea unless we just do not practice kick coverage. But the point is, since we know we are getting burned wouldn't it be a better strategy to kick it out of bounds and give it to them at the 35? Remember our last game @ Science Hill (might have been 2018), anyway we kicked directly to one of their speed burners and he ran it back, next time we kicked off it went to the same guy and seems like he didn't score but brought it back to the 10 or something like that. That is ALWAYS on the coaches, it is not rocket science to figure out that we either have to A) get good at kick coverage, or B) kick it out of bounds.
  11. Boone always schedules non-region games against Elizabethton, Greeneville, Dobyns-Bennett, Science Hill, etc. because that supposedly helps us get better for the playoffs. All of these are known losses before the season begins, they are basically glorified scrimmages, throwaway games. And what happens is that in a tiebreaker situation we are always going to have more losses than Crockett or Tenn High because they schedule mostly winnable games for non-region. (now before anyone points out the Greeneville game this year, yeah sure every now and then a blind squirrel finds an acorn, but if you look historically Boone always loses 99% of those aforementioned non-region games).
  12. I just got back from DB, made the mistake of wearing my Boone cap and they wouldn't sell me any tickets. WHAT?!?!? (Just kidding folks, relax.... it's whoever makes the scene with the green)
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KX5jNnDMfxA
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