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  1. With Powell, West and Central all being in Region 2 5A, I don't see that anyone in R1/5A has a prayer. In 6A you might see Kingsport or Johnson City make it to round 2 but regardless it will still end at Maryville if not sooner. So I agree that the 40 split is the line of demarkation. In NET we just have to enjoy the regular season and try to win each game, win our rivalry games, etc. Can't get too hyped up over the playoffs....
  2. Hopefully the success of the 2022 team will prompt some new guys to go out for football next year. I do not know of anyone currently, but I can remember a few years ago Boone had some amazing athletes who would not play football for one reason or another. The biggest gap in Boone next year will be at kicker/punter. But one thing they can come back with that a lot of prior teams have not had is confidence. And hopefully all that TBI stuff is over now, at least it's not spinning around in the news cycle.
  3. Does Maryville have kids wandering the halls who could and should be out playing football but for whatever reason they aren't?
  4. Could you elaborate on what "just fine" will look like next year?
  5. Hey guys, just so I'm clear.... We aren't saying the problem is with Hunt and the other coaching staff, it's just that Maryville does not have the athletes anymore, is that right?
  6. If I understood correctly Knox West will graduate 31 seniors, not sure if they can reload from that or not. Someone closer to the program might know but I think that would be pretty difficult. However Boone played their 2nd or maybe 3rd team most of the 2nd half and if that is what they have coming back I would say it will be somewhat rebuilding with some reloading thrown in there.
  7. Football goes in cycles, for the past few years Maryville has been in a somewhat downturn and Oakland has not. Sports cycles happen at all levels. If I was a Maryville fan I would feel very frustrated but not hopeless... once you have been there so many times in the past it should be way easier to get back again.
  8. For sure, I guess the point is that I believe 99% of high schools make things way too complicated instead of focusing on running a few plays well. Lining up in a wishbone or something old-school is not pretty, not flashy, not something Mahomes would do, but these are 16-17 year old kids not NFL superstars. In the end it doesn't matter, 99% of HS teams are going to keep trying to emulate the pro's and sitting at home eating turkey leftovers on friday....
  9. Thanks for the responses guys. 99% of TN high school teams do not have a D1 QB or D1 receivers, and yet the coaches still want them to play like Tom Brady. These kids are still trying to learn what the cosine of theta has to do with the War of 1812, they do not have the luxury of being able to spend all day every day studying computer animated play sequences, looking at defensive schemes and adjusting, etc. And yet most HS coaches try to install offenses that focus on dozens of formations and.... well you get the idea. I agree that you design the offense around your strengths as per personnel, but my suspicion is that 99% of teams are making it way too complicated and trying to mimic their favorite NFL team. Someone mentioned above that Oakland did not complete a single pass last night against Maryville... huh???? And yet they are going to the title game next week.
  10. This thread was just a though exercise. There are some who think you can't win in high school unless you are slinging it all over the field. I'm just wondering, unless you had an exceptional QB and receivers (all D1 prospects) would it be better to spend most of practice time learning something simpler, run blocking and running and build a solid offense out of that? "Simpler" in the preceding sentence just means less moving parts to the play. I dunno guys, I see so many high schools who come out of each huddle and line up in dozens of different formations and so forth.... and most of those teams were sitting at home eating turkey leftovers yesterday. How many pass plays does Oakland have? What about Knox West? That's right, they line up and concentrate on doing ONE singular thing well instead of trying to complicate it so much. I remember about 10 years ago watching the 6 playoff games in Cookeville, it was weird because that year Maryville was the only game where a team passed more than 5 times. These are high school kids, not elite NFL players. Well I've had my say, as always please respond with dissenting views.
  11. True or False: You have to run a pro-style offense and throw 100 times per game... ? Is it possible for a high school team to make it to the title game by doing something as mundane as running it 95% of the plays?
  12. Good athletes and good coaching..... it takes both.
  13. Oh man, I know wearing athletic supporters are uncomfortable but that #14 for WEST.... sure hope he's ok
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