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  1. How about this: Season starts one month later than normal Only play region games (probably max of 7 games) Nobody has an "off" week Then start the playoffs based on region results Yeah, it's not perfect, for one thing not all teams have the same # of region games. But you have to hope that someone at the T$$AA is at least contemplating some kind of plan.
  2. Just something to consider.... For every one person in the US who has died from corona there have been at least 300+ die from the flu. Corona is bad, flu is bad, every death or illness is a bad thing. But just wondering where is the 24/7 nonstop news media cackling about the flu, when it is killing at least 300 times as many people?? It couldn't be that the repeaters.... oops, I mean reporters, have an..... agenda??
  3. Agree completely. I would even be happy with a dump of all that data into Excel where at least you could do your own research into historical scores, rivalries, etc.
  4. Thanks man, and you are right, after Cole went out we just fell apart for the next several games.
  5. I heard that DB was throwing the Green Bay Packers and NE Patriots on the schedule just to hush up the naysayers, not sure if it is true or not, we'll see by spring when the schedules are printed.
  6. Tell your son that Blazer Nation appreciates his service to our country. And that is amazing what he handled, even professional bodybuilders and powerlifters who have one in a million genetics and take dump truck loads of steroids, growth hormone, etc. don't lift weights every day.
  7. Elizabethton and Greeneville amalgamate into an all-star super team for one game against Maryville.
  8. Do you seriously advocate lifting weights every day?
  9. I actually started to say "NET" instead of "east TN", but then the semantics police would descend upon the thread and..... Sort of the same thing if you accidentally call Oak Ridge a "Knoxville" team, LOL
  10. Regardless of what happens in 2020 the GREENE has had a fantastic run the last few years and has put 4A east Tennessee on the map.
  11. Yesterday I watched Elizabethton run a one-back set with the QB or RB doing all the running plays, and a mammoth sized line who exceled in blocking downhill. Passing plays? Bubble screen with the other wide-out(s) blocking downfield. That offense just seems so familiar, I know I have seen another team from somewhere who ran it successfully for many years and has a lot of 4A gold balls....... ah, maybe it will come to me sooner or later...... I'm GREENE with envy over people who can remember better than I can...... I'm just having a DEVIL of a time trying to recall the name of that team.......
  12. It could completely turn around the other way next year, you never know. The playoffs are weird in that way, sometimes a mediocre team just seems to peak at just the right time.
  13. In 3A-6A this year, middle and west Tennessee was quite lame. Rebels, I was there with you last night all the way, nice dominating win for the East!
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