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  1. MacMinn has the most annoying PA guy. Cheerleader with a microphone. "First down for the Cherokeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!" Plus you will have to overcome the refs and the cheap shots.
  2. West will be focused. They have never beaten Oak Ridge in football and they have never gone 5-0. Huge game for West and their program. Cats cannot afford a slow start. Can't afford 3 and outs or drive killing penalties.
  3. True. Anderson County Officials Association may have been the MVPs for the Cats last Friday. Farragut got that Oak Ridge whistle at the ship.
  4. Doesn't matter who the coach is, Stone and Hazlehurst are long gone. Only chance for a W is beat poor ole Karns. Lol
  5. West has 2 Arkansas commits, not 3. West defense is terrific as usual, but this year they have a good qb and a very balanced and efficient offense to go with that defense. It will be tough sledding for the Cats. Best team we've played so far by a bunch.
  6. Hoping for a good game Thursday night. RMS is undefeated, JMS is 2-4. Should be a great turnout for the middle schoolers. Hoping the weather cooperates.
  7. Bingo. It is time to do this if we want to keep the high school team competitive. There's just not enough bodies on each team to be good consistently. Neither team can scrimmage 11 on 11 in practice. One good OR Middle School team would be way more productive than 1 good team, and 1 bad team every year. Can't even remember a year when both were good at the same time. I don't see it heading that way either. JMS may not have enough to field a team next year. I am being serious.
  8. What's up Mav? Where you been? Great win for the Mavs. I did not see that coming at all. Congrats. Is that ferry boat still puffing up down the river?
  9. I would challenge you to name one single Oak Ridge player from West Knoxville that ever played for Oak Ridge. Butthurt after losing to Murvil again, so attack Oak Ridge's program. Lol class Act. Btw we are a dumpster fire not a dumster fire.
  10. Elite, I have seen him play. He is good. I'm pulling for him. I've been on this bandwagon for 48 football seasons, missed 2 games total. Lol.
  11. How could anybody know if a kid is "top in the state" unless they have seen every middle school team in the state? lol. I have seen him play, Little Heyward is a good player with a chance to be a great player.
  12. True the WildKittens are not very good, but the joke is Alcoa is a 3A bully playing with an AllStar roster full of kids from all over East Tennessee. That's the joke.
  13. This Exactly. Alcoa playing in 3A is a bigger joke than Catholic playing public. It's ridiculous
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