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  1. Same here YB. But the thing is Oak Ridge has a successful athletic program. Clinton just sucks across the board, one of the worst athletic programs in the history of the state of Tn. Same ole Clinton
  2. His point is there are no hand picked athletes! They do say if you hang around there long enough your IQ will drop.
  3. Rent free YB, Rent free. I didn't think you would fit in with Clinton folk, but this kind of stuff makes me think it might be meant to be. Good luck with that endeavor. They say you will get used to all the losing after a while. Hang in there though. Here's what Clinton fans have to look forward to. Those people enjoy an OR loss more than they enjoy there own team squeaking out a single cup cake victory per year against Union Co. And we will drop some games playing the likes of Farragut, Greeneville, DB, SD etc. So at least there's that for you. Rent Free!
  4. YB, seriously don't understand your obsession and jealousy with Oak Ridge football. You talk about "rent free" good grief YB. Which Knoxville kids were "recruited" to Oak Ridge? Hand picked? Please! I wish you could identify one of these hand picks for me, because I'm not aware of any. We have a kid from Central that certainly did not want to leave Central but had to because of an unfortunate family matter. You are correct about the fact that the game has changed, hence, the coaching change. OR football has a lifetime lease rent free in your head. Welcome to Clinton, I realize it must suck there, but c'mon man, concentrate on improving that mess over there. And don't forget, even in our worst season in history, we hammered the sorry ole Dragoonz.
  5. I resemble that remark! Hey you kids, get off my lawn!
  6. Like I said king, there's no news. If a guy leaves then I'm sure you will be the first to inform us, but until then.... If I were the king, I would be more worried about fixing my program than trying to stir up drama at Oak Ridge. If my team had only 4 region titles in over 100 years of football, I would be concentrating on the dumpster fire that is Clinton football instead of spending all my time trying to get the scoop on Oak Ridge. Same ole Clinton, YB. Some things will never change. What did your boy say, Sucks to suck?
  7. I don't see the real issue. If somebody doesn't want to play at Oak Ridge, then they can take a hike. We have running backs. If and when somebody leaves then you have some news. But as of right now, there's no news. In fact, what I'm hearing is that we are getting some dudes very soon, not losing them. Not worried about the ones that don't want to be here. Oak Ridge will continue to be successful with or without your "stud" running back and his daddy.
  8. Ole man grandpa tube socks gaddis? These personal attacks are petty. You are better than this YB. But Clinton has that affect on folks. Hang in there YB, it only gets worse.
  9. Anybody that would quit after a spring scrimmage isn't going to help you anyway.
  10. I should have pushed him off that hill when he called me an imposter. Said I was probably a South Doyle fan pretending to be an OR fan. He's like, "Who's this guy?" And then BC jr. asked me what I did for a living, and when I told him he challenged that, just refused to believe it, he said, "I'm gonna have to check into that". Lol. What a crew.
  11. Thanks man, yeah I have missed him being there, fingers crossed brother.
  12. I figured you'd chime in on this one SS. On another subject, I did hear where we have plans in the works this year to honor Walmart Bag Guy and BC Jr. at halftime of a game. On a serious note, I think the ole man just might have it in him to make back into the stands for home games this year.
  13. I would say Old man Joe realized that since there was a ceremony in August of 21 in Oak Ridge with the governor on hand that a second honoring just weeks later wasn't necessary, especially since Clinton did it for a second time also in August. Do you think that a third ceremony in a row in a matter of weeks was really necessary. C'mon man. And Old man Joe still managed to beat Clinton even in the season of the worst record in OR football history. What was that your boy said? Sucks to suck? YB, don't start acting like those people.
  14. Its called the Oak Ridge 85 and the Clinton 12. Both groups were honored last August at Scarboro Community Center by Gov. Bill Lee.
  15. Yeah SI, I knew it was for a class project. It was a bad idea to post it on snapchat with no context though, especially considering the timing of posting it right on the heals of the qb video situation. I do realize that the kid that posted it had nothing to do with the project itself or the football team. I knew there was nothing to it, but the timing of it is just not a good look.
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