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  1. Sounds good to me. Booger just sayin'
  2. difference being the players are teenagers competing in a contact sport, ML is an adult trying to infuse himself into the play and draw a flag and create fake contact with a kid. Plus, he came running down the sideline full speed to do so. Face it Johnny, it was ugly, not a good look for the HC, especially on a broadcast with that many eyes on it.
  3. Murvil is in a similar spot at this point in time that all the other E. TN 6A teams have been in for so long relative to the Red Rebe;s. Here is what I mean. For example. let's just take region 2-6A. Bearden had a good year/team, Farragut had a good year/team, DB had the same, but deep down many of those kids know and all the fans coaches and admin know that the season is most likely over when they go to the Black Hole and play the Red Rebels in the playoffs. Doesn't mean they didn't have a good year, just that there is a juggernaut waiting for them in the state qtr final in Blount County. It feels similar for Murvil at the point with regards to Oakland. The difference is that Murvil is more likely to beat Oakland some times than your E. TN teams are to beating Murvil even in a "down" year.
  4. Yes they really are. This new coach has found a system that fits his boys and they run it well. It is the old school Notre Dame box. All 11 guys fit in between the hash marks. They overload one side and pull the rest around. They run it well and it was fun to watch.
  5. Did I see where SC has scheduled Maynardville by gawd? (John Bean).
  6. Nah, because the strength of schedules don't compare. What we should do is send 2 players to rep each team down to the Hammers parking lot and have a good ole wrasslin' 3 team tag match to decide the true champion! Last team standing will be declared Anderson County Champions.
  7. Dang! They messed him up good. He don't even look right now.
  8. Which one will be a good game? Which game are you talking about?
  9. I wouldn't be mad if my team played in the state semi final game on a "down" year. That would be a good problem to have if "down" = State semi finalist
  10. Murph, who's the old guy on your screen name pic?
  11. Ha. Not necessary, I know what they've got. I was just doing a little stirring of the Clinton folk pot.
  12. Hypothetical: Oak Ridge beats Clinton, Clinton beats AC, AC beats OR. who's the county champ? So the only way there's a champ is if one teams beats both the other two.
  13. You left off Clinton, same ole Clinton? Will Fedora step it up or mail it in? cause that "coaching" effort didn't get it.
  14. The DL was pretty good against poor to average teams, but not good against quality teams. The OL is just bad, no way to sugar coat it. Both units were dominated by Greeneville for sure. And agreed, your blocking back was a stud. 33 didn't get pancaked very often in his 4 yrs starting for us. Great kid, great teammate and leader. He will be missed., but wrong thread to talk OR. We should keep this thread on the 5A title game.
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