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  1. I wish kids would stay and play for the schools they are supposed to but unfortunately thats not the World we live in today. These kids see college players change teams all the time now and unfortunately it's become part of the norm. I'm old fashioned. If you live in Clinton, you play for Clinton. If you live in Powell, you play for Powell etc etc etc. But times have changed and I guess it's here to stay.
  2. I thought it was funny when the South Pittsburgh HC said "when we fell behind 7-0 for the first time this season, I was wondering how we were going to battle back from adversity" lol
  3. He can't come back to Maryville from what I heard at why he had to leave. A pretty reliable source that worked there when he left.
  4. I didn't think about that, you're probably right.
  5. It seems like Clinton would've already been punished by TSSAA by now if they had proof of them doing something illegal, but I don't know how long it takes to investigate something like that.
  6. 1992 was the last time we made it to the 3rd round. Cute Andy team lost in 2nd Round to AC in 2009. Tyler Thackerson teams lost to Rhea Co in 1st round in 2014 and Ooltewah 1st round in 2015. And then hadn't been back to the playoffs until this year. The expectations were higher for Clinton this year with the talent they had but they also had a tougher schedule than the previous years. I believe Clinton would've finished around 8-2 if they played last year's schedule. Playing a tougher schedule actually made Clinton better at the end of the season. I thought they were going to give up because of being 2-6 after the LC game, but they surprised me and a lot of people by reeling off 4 straight wins. If Clinton is going to be successful next year, they will need to find a QB and linemen. They will have some good receivers if they decide to come back and not transfer out that is They had some decent freshmen and jv guys, but will definitely need a couple or more transfers. I expect us to go backwards but maybe the coaching staff will surprise me.
  7. I was honestly expecting Clinton to go 5-5 or 6-4 at best during the regular season. I didn't think we would lose to LC. I did think we would lose to Cleveland, West, Powell, Oak Ridge, and AC before the season started but also thought Clinton had a chance to upset either Cleveland or AC but that didn't happen. I'll be honest....when Clinton was sitting at 2-6 I thought everyone had thrown in the towel and called it quits for the season. I thought we would beat Karns, but lose to Heritage. And I didn't think we would beat McMinn or Oak Ridge in the playoffs.
  8. No offense taken. You're right. It's going to be very difficult to replace the graduating seniors and any of the underclassman that decide to transfer out. With all this talk about not being able to rebuild or replace the talent will just motivate Coach Keith and the coaching staff to prove everyone wrong. They literally use the doubters and criticism as motivation. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the off-season for sure.
  9. Right off hand, returning starters that come to mind are #1 Jeremiah Lee, #5 Levell (not sure if I spelled it right) #7 Bryson Maddox, I'm sure there are more Replacing #3 Keith will be huge. Not sure who will be at running back and hopefully we can have some linemen step up and fill the holes of #77 and #73 graduating I would love to see the defense continue to improve and get better. I wish we could have a defense compared to West.
  10. The 2023 football season for the Dragons is over. Time to reload and put together the 2024 team.
  11. I don't believe WV has seen a defense as good as West since maybe Bradley Central. I'll be surprised if West doesn't win this game comfortably. I say West 31 Walker Valley PTA 10
  12. I agree with you. I believe if Thackerson had started that game against Chattanooga Central, we would've won that game for sure.
  13. Proud of the team for making it as far as they did!
  14. Thank you very much. I honestly appreciate the kind words.
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