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  1. If I'm a head coach, i would rather have 40 kids that are committed to doing their best and getter better instead of having a larger team with several bad apples scattered throughout.
  2. Yes, I was joking. I was like just quit overthinking this....it's very simple guys. Lol
  3. I agree. OR should just cancel the game and go to some other games around the region. RWR!!!
  4. Numbers are down all over the country this year. Kids aren't tough like they were when I was in school. If they want to quit, let them quit.
  5. I looked up Clinton's stats and they are averaging 196 yards per game on the ground through their first 3 games. But last week's game against Halls was by far their most productive with 450 total yards of offense and that was with 5 turnovers. Like I've said "don't turn the ball over and maybe Clinton is 2-1 instead of 0-3"
  6. You might be right, but I feel like if Farragut's defense can keep OR from scoring any points....they should be fine.
  7. I think Clinton is better than their 0-3 record indicates. I think it will be a pretty good game.
  8. I know we had more rushing yards than Anderson County in Wk 1 and had 324 yards rushing last week against Halls, but don't know what they average.
  9. I would personally like to see us play Thackerson at QB more often.
  10. SD is supposed to be the "real deal" this year, but I have a feeling this will not be an easy game for them. I believe this game will be closer than most people think.
  11. If Clinton holds on to the ball this week, I feel like they will come away with the W! GO DRAGONS!!!!
  12. I'm gonna pick the Dragons in a close one. Or am I gonna pick Halls in a blowout!? I'm so confused. GO DRAGONS!!!
  13. I'm picking the Dragons this week 21-20
  14. Andy decided he would rather move to Maryland or Virginia or wherever he went instead of being the Dragons head coach.
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