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  1. I agree, I believe South Pitt represents the east this year.
  2. I can't remember the last time we weren't decimated by injuries. Football!
  3. It seems to be that way in most cases in order to be recognized. Most transfers that transfer to a smaller school seem to do so for more ample playing time and are most welcomed due to the smaller numbers and talent levels at these smaller schools.
  4. Might just have to wait a little longer than expected but who really knows at this point. There is always the unexpected with the expected. Your posts are pretty accurate for the most part but not always.
  5. In this area it's pretty much been the same teams every year, especially here lately, to advance to the 3rd and 4th rounds. I can't remember the last time we have played anybody but Greenback in the 3rd round.
  6. Heck yeah we would be tickled. I'm not trashing Greenback. I wished we could land some good transfers because we just don't have the studs to compete right now.
  7. A lot of other schools get a few transfers but it comes down to the quality of athletes they get and Greenback has been getting some good ones. There is a lot of good schools around Greenback.
  8. Eddie Moore was great one if that's who your talking about with the SEC offer. We played ya tough for a half that year when he was a senior then we got embarrassed in the second half. We had a 235 lb tailback that year and I remember Eddie knocking him 5 yards backwards in a head on collision. He was a beast who went on to have a great career.
  9. You all definitely have the best shot of knocking them off if anybody does but I'm afraid this Cherokee team may be better than the one that they had a few years ago. I've got you all and Greenback penciled in for this years semis.
  10. Hard to compare these teams from year to year. It would be nice if we could just line them up and see because opinions vary and everybody has one.
  11. Maybe I was getting a little sarcastic at the end of my comment but the rest of it not so.
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