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  1. Greenback probably got the toughest schedule in single A.
  2. Cloudland should handle Harriman. I didn't see them beating Midway but they did.
  3. No IF's about it, you and SP will be a good one in then Semi-finals. Its layed out for you guys if you just play ball and don't have no let downs but that can happen.
  4. Wow, a 40 yard average, it don't get much better than that. He is a very accurate Qb and the Willis kid can separate and is deceptively fast and is a good player on D also.
  5. Yeah, we've been pretty unpredictable. We have turned the ball over way to much this year. If we play a clean game then I like our chances. As far as Greenback, there shouldn't be nobody come within 5 or 6 scored of you guys until the State Championship. Willis and Bailey are just too much, they are definitely game changers.
  6. I know one of those starters is a heck of a player. 44
  7. Whoever wins will avoid the Cherokees for 1 more week. Heck, I say we throw this game and meet the Cherokees in the second for we are undefeated in the 2nd round of the playoffs against GB. If I'm not mistaking. OnB may correct me on that for I'm not sure what round the 87 team played C.f.
  8. Here we are, off to see the Bobcats in the wonderful land of Oz. It should be a good game if we come to play ball.
  9. Oneida pulls the upset by a smidge.
  10. The Midway win puts Harriman in the playoffs, I think.
  11. She is a multiple personality, just ain't figured out who. I believe she may be ST.
  12. Excuses, I'm the same way.
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