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  1. I didn't doubt them ole king, I always thought they had a good shot at Trousdale. Congrats to Hampton and Cloudland both. Two great football teams out of the east. I've always have had great respect for both programs. And that is great for Pujo and uknoit2 to get to experience that with their sons. I got a report from somebody who went to the Rockwood game and they convinced me on Hampton. I'm going with them in the State. Great football teams start up front.
  2. We were missing a few players that night and squandered a few oppurtunities in the redzone also but everybody has their opinions.
  3. Good luck to Hampton, you guys got this one!
  4. Good luck to Hampton, I believe you all got a good shot tonight!
  5. Preciate the assessment on the TC/Gordonsville game. It should be a better game than the Cloudland/SP match up for sure. Scores can be misleading sometimes.
  6. I know you all kicked our rear that year in the first round.
  7. Last week's game was streamed. As long as you get permission from tsaa and the home team along with the $700 the tsaa requires to video games during the playoffs.
  8. I believe you all got the toughest opponent of the two Carter county schools. I know scores don't always add up but Gordonsville just lost by 4 to Trousdale and look how South Pitt dismantled them. I ain't counting Cloudland out, you boys upon the Mountain have alot of grit, I'll be rooting for you all. Has Cloudland or Hampton ever been to the title game before?
  9. If you all control the line of scrimmage and play disciplined ball then I think you all got a good shot at winning. Good luck, I'll be rooting for you all up in Carter county.
  10. Personally, I don't know either of the clowns. They work for BBB Communications who covers sports in Anderson, Morgan and Roane counties. I agree with you after watching the playback. No sense in acting that way, just call the game and show some respect to your opponent like you said. I apologize for what it's worth.
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