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  1. Southtowner

    This Ryan mans Greenback team in 2019

    Section 17. Athletic recruiting is prohibited. Athletic recruiting is the use of influence on a student or the parents or guardians of a student, by any person(s) directly or indirectly associated with the school, to secure or retain a student for athletic purposes. In the event that there is a violation of this rule, there shall be a penalty against the school, and the student(s) who was the subject of the violation shall be ineligible for a minimum of one year. ^ Who would be considered indirectly associated with the school. Me? You? I believe so. The key words here are 'to secure or retain a student for athletic purposes.'
  2. Southtowner

    Griders 2019 South Pittsburg Pirates

    Congratulations to the Pirates that made the 2018 All Region 3-1A football team. Garrett Raulston, Sam Brown, Jabron Hale, Cooper Stewart, Ronto Tipton and Blaine Pittman.
  3. You can tell right away if a kid can play and eventually do well if they stay with it and put in the necessary work. But to say which 8th grader is gonna help out the varsity team those type players are rare. Those you mentioned will be some to watch. The Condra boy from Jasper stood out to me. Welcome to the T.
  4. Jasper has a Condra kid I believe was his name on the middle school team but not sure of the grade. Hard to judge an 8th grader coming up unless he's an absolute freak of nature.
  5. Southtowner

    This Ryan mans Greenback team in 2019

    Athletic recruiting is prohibited.
  6. Southtowner

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

    Wingman couldn't hang with us even in his better years.
  7. Southtowner

    Consolidation of Marion County schools

    Johnny Stone for President.
  8. Who are you wanting to highlight from the area? Like Crow said, it's a very specific first post. And you made a topic specifically. My guess is you have someone you'd like to bring attention to?