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  1. Planning on being there for the Alcoa matchup as long as it's on Thursday again. That being the big rivalry week I can't miss out on us playing Jasper. So I'm hoping yall go at it on Thursday before.
  2. School (OUT) IN UPDATED *INTERIM Camden - (Wiliam Blow) - Matt McConnell Carter - (Scott Meadows) - Cheatham - (*Dwayne Daniel*) - Clinton - (Randy McKamey) - Cumberland County - (Eric Belew) - Franklin County - (Mac McCurry) - Germantown - (Tommy Ferrill) - Goodpasture - (Jerry Joshlin) - Harding Academy - (Johnny Allen) - Hixson - (Gary Murray) - Liberty - (Orentheus Taylor) - Lincoln County - (Tim Johnson) - Loretto - (Neal Cruce) - Milan - (Teddy Pettigrew) - Carl Diffee Overton - (Edgar Williams) - Pigeon Forge - (Adrian Watson) - Scott Meadows Red Boiling Springs -(Matt Swoner) - Siegel - (Michael Copley) - Silverdale Baptist Academy - (Al Rogers) - Southwind - (Rahnmann Slocum) - Station Camp - (Shaun Hollinsworth) - Westview - (Matt McConnell) -
  3. It was nice to meet some of yall. @STARSNBARS, I bet mama shut down Ralph's. Good thing I got there Saturday morning. I wouldn't want to have to thumb wrestle her over the last donut.
  4. He was hilarious. Quick with the quips. Did I read yall stopped at Ralph's before heading home? Ralph's Donut shop? I happened upon the place Saturday morning and had breakfast there. Delicious. I didn't realize they were open all day.
  5. That can only be classified under that. You know that.
  6. I wanna dedicate this song to my [email protected] Just replace the lyric Ben with Gen. Enjoy.
  7. About what I thought. The first proposal is a change to Article II, Section 23 (All-Star Games) of the TSSAA Bylaws. This proposal would remove this rule from the Bylaws. The rationale behind the proposal, which was submitted by the TSSAA staff, is that we are experiencing a significant increase in All-Star contests after the season in all sports. Many of the games are for underclassmen, and our student-athletes are not allowed to participate. Parents are wanting their children to participate, if invited, and Athletic Directors/Coaches are being put in the position of saying “no” and trying to explain why to the athlete and parents. The rule is designed to make sure student-athletes are not being exploited, but a lot of this responsibility should be on the parents. Many times coaches do not even know about the All-Star Game invitation and find out right before the player is scheduled to go, making the situation worse.
  8. I'll have to find an article stating what all it entails. I'd have to give it some thought and to see if there's potential for any student athlete to be taken advantage of in any way. I realize parents are the ones that should be looking out for their kids but we all know that doesn't necessarily mean they will. The Association is the governing body and that's one of their main priorities. I hope this rule hasn't been laid to the side just so the TSSAA doesn't have to take responsibility.
  9. My first choice would be Lake County's Coach Puckett. Awesome season. I enjoyed watching them play in Cookeville. They carried themselves very well that day and kept their eye on the prize all season. My 2nd choice would be Coach Jacbos at Peabody. Yes, they had a talented team and were the favorite since this time last year. When the target is squarely on your back you get everyone's best shot. Back to back 2A titles and the longest current winning streak in the state.
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