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  1. CLASS 1A 2019 (#1) Region 1 Cloudland (#4) Region 2 Midway (#2) Region 2 Coalfield (#3) Region 1 Jellico (#1) Region 2 Greenback (#4) Region 1 Unaka (#2) Region 1 Hancock Co (#3) Region 2 Oliver Spgs (#1) Region 3 So Pitt (#4) Region 4 Jo Byrns (#2) Region 4 Clay Co (#3) Region 3 Sale Creek (#1) Region 4 Monterey (#4) Region 3 Whitwell (#2) Region 3 Copper Basin (#3) Region 4 Gordonsville EAST ^ = (#1) Region 5 Fayetteville (#4) Region 6 Hollow Rock B (#2) Region 6 McEwen (#3) Region 5 Huntland (#1) Region 6 Huntingdon (#4) Region 5 Mt. Pleasant (#2) Region 5 Cornersville (#3) Region 6 Collinwood (#1) Region 7 Lake County (#4) Region 8 MASE (#2) Region 8 Memphis Middle (#3) Region 7 West Carroll (#1) Region 8 Memphis East (#4) Region 7 Dresden (#2) Region 7 Greenfield (#3) Region 8 Booker T Washington WEST ^ = SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Or by notice of TSSAA. I took Freedom Prep out and moved up the other Region 8 teams and added MASE. I have Memphis East as #1 seed but Memphis Middle could take that spot. They play each other tonight according to TSSAA schedule.
  2. Downplaying your team. Bassy and Lou Holtz would be proud of ya.
  3. Hey Grandpa, what's fer supper? We have buttermilk cornbread, plenty of beans. Sliced maters,onions with fresh turnip greens. For the main dish a pot of Red Tiger stew. Then wash it all down with homemade mountain dew. YUM YUM!!
  4. Some transferred out to West Memphis before the season started from what I gathered.
  5. Honestly never seen that post till you mentioned it. After reading your post about they could make playoffs by winning their last 2 piqued my interest. Seems the timing of this was meant to do the most damage. Freedom Prep didn't use the ineligible player Monday so they had maybe what? A day or two notice about the ineligible player? Maybe more? No more than 10 days.
  6. We were talking not too long ago of the Signal Mnt issue.
  7. Just glancing at their remaining schedule. Looks as though Freedom Prep will fail to make the playoffs. The best Prep can finish in the region is 3-5. MASE the 4th place team in the region can finish no worse than 4-4 now that MASE gets the forfeit win over Prep.
  8. Seems to me they would know that being a Charter school in Memphis they're not allowed to have a student athlete play for them that's played a game at a Memphis school over the last 12 months. Just like none of their student athletes can transfer to another Memphis school and be eligible before sitting out 12 months. That's why the 3 that transferred to Memphis Central were ruled ineligible then subsequently left the state.
  9. There's no unrest on the Pirate Ship.
  10. That's sorta like playing college ball then transferring back to high school your senior year.
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