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  1. Either one is fine. Actually, I think you have a shot at winning the 1A competition if SP were to win, assuming that's your pick & with the best score prediction . (You're 1 game back.) You're 2 games back in 2A. Only 1 left. Therefore you are 3 games back overall. Only 2 left.
  2. Everything above this post has been tallied. @The Drunken Sailor @H2Oman @Romansfive8 @PeabodyPride
  3. I've been watching some film and I can see why McKenzie is where they are. A very talented team across the board, indeed. We will show up and give it everything we've got. We are gonna need the ball to bounce our way a couple times in this one, I believe. Lay it all on the line because This is It.
  4. Looks as though all 3 days at Finley Stadium in Chattanooga will be beautiful days weather wise for these BlueCross Bowls.
  5. BLUECROSS BOWL 1A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Friday Dec 3 3pm South Pittsburg 24 McKenzie 21 2A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Sat Dec 4 3pm Hampton 21 Westview 20
  6. Standings Round IV 1A Rlh 28-2 Vandy 28-2 P45 28-2 TCR 27-3 Hustler 27-3 Tide 27-3 Sailor 27-3 Sum1 27-3 PowerP 27-3 Rebel 27-3 PTom 27-3 PMike 27-3 ST 26-4 SNutz 26-4 Pride 25-5 Biggest 25-5 Roman 25-5 H2O 24-6 2A Vandy 26-4 Hustler 26-4 Tide 26-4 Sum1 26-4 PowerP 26-4 Rebel 26-4 ST 25-5 Biggest 25-5 Rlh 24-6 TCR 24-6 Sailor 24-6 SNutz 23-7 PTom 22-8 PMike 22-8 Roman 22-8 P45 21-9 Pride 21-9 H2O 16-14
  7. 1A Semifinal Results 2-0 Rlh Vandy P45 Sum1 PowerP Rebel PTom PMike 1-1 TCR Hustler Tide Sailor ST SNutz Pride Biggest Roman H2O 2A Semifinal Results 2-0 None 0-2 P45 1-1 Erbody else
  8. I'll catch up on this thread later. Long drive home. Congrats @pujo & @uknoit2 Fargo Strut.
  9. We drove by & only saw one goalpost standing!! The one on the East end towards Cloudland was torn down.
  10. Just passed Hampton. @pujo Did yall tear down the goalpost?
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