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  1. @sportsnutz, is the overall combined winner of this year's Bracket Challenge. And the only one to pick Fayetteville and Peabody. Jo picked Fayetteville (F) that's why he sits atop the other folks with 53 win totals. Come back in @sportsnutz and collect your overall prize winnings and take around bow.
  2. CLASS 1A/2A BRACKET CHALLENGE FINAL TOTAL STANDINGS Nutz 58-4 (F PB) ST 57-5 (31) BBR 57-5 (43) WEC 56-6 (37) Sailor 56-6 (39) PowerP 56-6 (39) Friday 55-7 (52) RLH 55-7 (57) PTom 55-7 (75) Tide 54-8 (24) Trollin 54-8 (37) Falcon 54-8 (37) Hustler 54-8 (55) Yeti 54-8 (66) PMike 54-8 (71) JO 53-5 (F) missed rd4 Bump 53-9 (51) Grizzly 53-9 (63) TCR 53-9 (68) Vandy 53-9 (70) H2O 51-11 (54) Wavo 50-12 (67) OnB 50-12 (69) Gbman 48-6 (76) missed rd3 Sum1 45-17 (42) swung for the fences. Swinger award. Roman 36-10 (59) missed rd1 Failure to submit final round: Bass 53-7 claims of prediction fraud demands recount T90 52-8 went flying with pegleg. MIA. Pride 45-7 missed rd3 and rd5. thinks he's george jones. shows up when he wants to. Rear General 22-8. only played 2A. 1A is beneath him. still the best rear general.
  3. I have tallied the 1A and 2A bracket challenge. @sportsnutz is the 1A winner. @BBRaider is the 2A winner. @BBRaider, respond to this post to collect your winnings. I have also tallied the Overall Standings (combined) in this Bracket Challenge. Turn the page:
  4. BBR takes home the Class 2A Bracket Challenge competition. His score prediction sets him atop the other 30-1 participants.
  5. CLASS 2A BRACKET CHALLENGE FINAL STANDINGS BBR 30-1 (7) PowerP 30-1 (14) Nutz 30-1 (14) ST 29-2 (1) WEC 29-2 (8) Sailor 29-2 (9) RLH 29-2 (29) Tide 28-3 (2) Friday 28-3 (18) PTom 28-3 (29) Falcon 27-4 (1) Trollin 27-4 (3) Bump 27-4 (27) TCR 27-4 (28) PMike 27-4 (32) Yeti 27-4 (36) Hustler 26-5 (21) JO 26-3 (24) missed rd4 Grizzly 26-5 (29) Roman 25-6 (23) OnB 25-6 (29) Gbman 25-2 (29) missed rd3 Vandy 25-6 (36) Wavo 24-7 (26) Sum1 23-8 (16) H2O 23-8 (25) Failed to participate in the final round: Bass 27-3 too busy campaigning in Jasper T90 26-4 his dog ate his predictions Pride 23-3 missed rd3 cited twice for failure to appear General 22-8 best Rear General ever
  6. Prayers for Coach Henry, his family, friends and the entire Coalfield community.
  7. A yuge congratulations. = CONGRATULATIONS A plus one. From yours truly. CoachT Internet street cred. Good for 90 days.
  8. I have stayed away from all social media since before our game. I can only imagine what is being said and how everything is going to be analyzed under a microscope even if that microscope is our own personal microscope. Or what have you. I haven't read this thread before the game but I intend to at some point. Just not now. First off, congratulations to Fayetteville. And welcome to the club of football state champions. Yall earned it. Like I said, I plan to finish reading the thread at some point but I may or may not comment any further. Right now I just wanna say this one hurts. SMH. This one hurts boys. Ain't lyin'.
  9. Nutz won the 1A challenge. He picked Fayetteville (F) over SP and that set him apart from the other folks at 28-3 . H2O is ranked ahead of the other 28-3 by virtue of his predicted championship game points differential total is lower. ( ). Hustler is listed above Vandy. Same record, same point differential. Just an earlier submitted prediction. JO also picked Fayetteville (F). That's why he leads the group that has 27 wins. Etc etc. Questions?
  10. CLASS 1A BRACKET CHALLENGE FINAL STANDINGS Nutz 28-3 (F) H2O 28-3 (29) ST 28-3 (30) Hustler 28-3 (34) Vandy 28-3 (34) JO 27-2 (F) missed rd4 WEC 27-4 (29) Sailor 27-4 (30) Yeti 27-4 (30) Trollin 27-4 (34) Friday 27-4 (34) Grizzly 27-4 (34) BBR 27-4 (36) Falcon 27-4 (36) PMike 27-4 (39) PTom 27-4 (46) Tide 26-5 (22) Bump 26-5 (24) PowerP 26-5 (25) RLH 26-5 (28) TCR 26-5 (32) Wavo 26-5 (41) OnB 25-6 (40) Gbman 23-4 (47) missed rd3 Sum1 22-9 (26) Roman 11-4 (36) missed rd1 Dropouts on the last day include: Bass 26-4 T90 26-4 Pride 22-5 missed rd3
  11. We have landed in Cookeville. Picked up Ralph's donuts and then had breakfast at Bravos. Still some drizzle. Yall be safe.
  12. Dearest Mother- It is I, your youngest son, who is of sound mind and strong body. I have once again taken up my coveted goose quill you gave me as a young boy when you were teaching me my alphabet. Oh, how I have cherished it through all these years. I'm writing to inform you of our latest triumph over the Yellow Jacket men from the land of Coalfield. Captain Victory and his band of Pirates were extremely lethal with the ground assault that was unleashed nearly half a fortnight ago. Also, The Band of Pirates' defensive maneuvers were just as overwhelming, as we outmanned them at every point of attack and outflanked them at every turn. In the end, the Yellow Jacket men were simply overrun then completely ran out of the Valley. Needless to say, Captain Victory, in all of his tactfulness and considerate diplomacy, allowed YellowJacket Henry to sign a one year armistice of peace and a two year promise to not enter The Beene. Up next is the final campaign. Yes, up next is the City Tigers. Hailing from the county land of Lincoln in Fayetteville. These City Tigers are led by Major Morson for two years ongoing now. Major Morson and his City Tigers have traversed a western landscape bringing them face to face with Captain Victory and his Band of Pirates. Yes, the final campaign of this long, arduous and unprecedented season is about to unfold. For we are standing on the plateau. Yes, we have reached this plateau where all brave and strong have longed and battled valiantly for. Alas, Captain Victory has led us here. Yes, he has led us here and it is upon this plateau that we will take our final stand. We are ready. Yes, we have been preparing for this all of our lives. We were born and bred for this very moment. Tell Poppa the last campaign for ultimate supremacy is nearly upon us. Tell him hours are dwindling away. And soon, very soon, the whole plateau shall witness the full power of this fully armed and operational Pirate BattleShip. Yes, Captain Victory has led us here and it is from here that we shall go forward claiming honor and glory. Sweetest Mother of mine, I must put away my quill, for I most assuredly need to ready my Banner. Yes, my Banner is Orange and Black, it represents the Mighty Pirates of South Pittsburg, and it must be readied so I may raise it high in battle. The Battle for the BlueCross treasure high on the plateau awaits us. Love to all- Sgt Southtowner
  13. Imma gone let the Mighty Pirates do my talkin'. I did hear tell the Tigers of Fayetteville are hatching a plan to silence the cannon. Even got Tshirts and everything printed up.
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