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  1. Triple dog dare gets em every time. Merry Christmas CoachT nation.
  2. I saw @pegleg , @powerp & that Coalfield dog heading to Cracker Barrel this morning for breakfast. Stay warm yall. Go Pirates!!
  3. I noticed before I logged on that when I clicked to view the last post of any topic it redirects you to the very first post in the thread. This doesn't happen when one is logged in.
  4. I bet you got a closet full of ugly Christmas sweater vests.
  5. Lemme see if I got this right.. This is a 2021 Greenback thread. ? There wasn't a Greenback 2022 thread. ? And there isn't one for Greenback 2023. ?
  6. 08182023.386 08252023.149 09012023.93 09082023.444 09152023.297 09222023.AL4AR8 09292023.333 10062023.ELA15.16.5.14. 10132023.174 10202023.436 10262023.562
  7. I heard tell he struck gold about this time last year.
  8. If my pockets were that deep, that I could buy a majority of the CoachT website, I would tell you honestly, I've got someone else's britches on.
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