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  1. With that type qb it just makes their running game that more productive. And playing at Maryville his football knowledge is off the charts. Having played for Maryville the past 3 years and seeing the competition level in 6A then moving down to 1A is like playing high school football for 3 years then going back to junior high your senior year. His skills will definitely stand out.
  2. Get that goat of yours back out on the trail.
  3. I made mention of your home schedule earlier. Yall do need a big home game. But like Friday said you need to take what you can get at this late juncture.
  4. I can see him being a nickel or a dime qb. Most defenses will have to line up in a nickel or dime package just to keep from being shredded through the air.
  5. Prayers for the family, friends and the community.
  6. Maplewood makes more sense travel wise. I'd give them their 5th home game if I was doing the booking for Trousdale. Some schools are fine with 9 games. Like Booger's boys.
  7. You do a good job Mike and all the coaches you've interviewed have said the same thing. Don't let Roy rough you up too much.
  8. Trousdale must be holding out for that 5th home game. Sometimes you have to take 6 road games one year & get 6 home games the next. It evens out in my mind. I looked at Trousdale's schedule and they could really use a big game at home this year. I can understand why they might hold out.
  9. I must've not cross checked Liberty on the CoachT schedule. My bad Mike.
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