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  1. Good luck TC. Let's get each other on the schedule next classification. @AllStoneColdPirates @AllTCStingers
  2. I haven't picked any yet but think I'll play along this year. It's never too soon to start doing your homework. First couple weeks is usually the hardest. Good luck.
  3. I never have an issue on mobile. All my issues are with Google Chrome via laptop. I deleted Chrome & reinstalled. Also, keep my history, cookies, cache, everything cleared out. Still having the issues I touched base with you via email. Thanks @CoachT.
  4. Tennessee high schools are on their second year of two year contracts. Most schools weren't looking to fill an opening this year to begin with. I really don't see anything or anyone open that week. Gaffney is a 4 hour trek from Chattanooga & 3 hours from Knoxville area. Alcoa, south of Knoxville only has 9 games but nothing that matches up with yall. And they usually have a hard time filling their schedule so could be a future opponent if you're ever looking again. Baylor & McCallie out of Chattanooga are 2 private schools that are usually looking to fill a spot. Again, I don't see anything and I don't speak for any of the aforementioned schools. Good luck.
  5. You never said what South Carolina team you represent. Here in TN, there are some 5A schools that would get beat by a 1A school. Not sure how competitive your school is without a name. Anyways, most schools looking to fill their schedule at this point look to be Memphis schools. There are some East teams but I didn't see any with the dates you are looking for.
  6. McKenzie has 30/38 of their roster back this year, according to TSSAA website.
  7. I think we own that County. Might even annex it.
  8. We are young this year. Very young. We have a lot of growing up to do and rather quickly I might add.
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