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  1. Coffee is #2 in the latest Poll. They definitely have the talent and athletes to win in Mboro. Can they get past their mediocre coaching and weak schedule to actually get there. I’m not betting on it regrettably.
  2. Any word on the injured Girl’s MRI. I’m hoping it’s just a knee sprain
  3. I totally agree. The Ramsey girl from Unaka basically has carried her whole team to the few wins they have. Not to mention she’s ALWAYS double teamed and is STILL their highest scorer. IF she had a decent supporting cast she’d be posting even better stats. She DEFINITELY deserves consideration.
  4. Well that could be promising or bad. I’m in the medical field. A partial tear usually heals in 3-6 wks with some ultrasound therapy, ice and bracing. Anything more significant could require a scope to repair which would put her out for 3-4wks. Hopefully her MRI is negative and she just has a knee sprain. Which is day to day and could get her back in a week or 2.
  5. Don’t hate. It’s just my humble opinion. I hope she is successful at the next level. I just don’t see her as a starter for a top 25 D1 school. Nothing wrong with that. She’s a great athlete and i wish her all the best moving forward.
  6. Anyone know the extent of Mckinney’s injury? I’m SO PROUD OF THE ROAN MTN GIRLS for Maintaining their Composure and FINISHING. Great Win Lady Landers I’m So Happy for You. You took down Not only the # 1 team in the State but your greatest Rival. I’m just filled with Joy for your Unbelievable Performance. It’s going to be a Tough rematch but i believe the confidence and perseverance that you displayed Tonight will serve you well through the next matchup and the rest of the Season. Congrats !!!
  7. I agree. Cloudland and Hampton are definitely the best teams in the Region. The Game tomorrow is a toss up. But I’m going with the Lander Girls in the Game because of being in Roan Mtn it is going to be a War. And Cloudland is a real TOUGH PLACE to Play. I expect the Game to be decided late in the 4th Qtr. Definitely less than by 5 either way. But give me Cloudland by 3 in the end. Jus my opinion.
  8. Dog Truth you’re something else bro. You need to worrying about those Mtn Girls tomorrow night. They may have a different opinion. Jus sayin
  9. The coaches are 1/2 the problem this season. Players are not playing the proper positions. And he’s got a girl on the bench that should be starting.
  10. I’ve seen her play. Definitely Not D1. If she has “offers” I’d sure be interested to know who’s offering.
  11. David Crockett isn’t going anywhere. They’re small on the post and too small at guard to play with big girls. They would have a “chance” to get to the State in 1A against Hampton or Cloudland but have no chance against the 4A schools outside of the weak Region 1. Beating up SH is Not something to brag about. They’re Pathetic. Regardless i do hope DC does well come playoff time. But i don’t see anything past a District Championship this Season.
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