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  1. Holt carried Gordonsville on his back last year and he’s not there anymore and I’m not so sure Albritton can carry the load especially if the rain makes that ball hard to handle. This game is going to come down to big plays and Clay county is going to have the best skill player on the field in Kerr. If I was Gordy I would kick it away from him. If the dawgs line holds up on both sides of the ball I believe they win going away. CC-20 Gville-12
  2. They are dominating up front. The trenches are going to determine this game!
  3. Surprising….. To say the least.
  4. How are you guys ranked so high? This is laughable so far.
  5. Not a fan of either team, but they def didn’t show respect before the game…might have after the fact!
  6. Tyner fan is mad he actually thought his team had a chance.
  7. Haha buttermilk Cornbread is much better! Tc better get better quick!
  8. After watching TC live I wouldn’t disagree. WV is top 2 in double A. No doubt in my mind.
  9. Just calling it how I see it if Burnley goes down good luck!
  10. Haha no Ghost from the past here! H20 man has been on the right track lately, and he saw Clay county dominate Watertown in a scrimmage….You guys vs Watertown is going to determine a lot! Those lineman you guys had out better be studs! Gville dominated the line of scrimmage tonight and it was obvious they wanted it more! but Hartsville had the athletes to make them squeak it out in the end! The thing is A-AAA there is honestly not that much difference If you have athletes! If Trousdale county gets past H20town I’d be surprised!
  11. Trousdale County is in for a rude awakening if they think they are making a deeP run in the playoffs this year. No offense, but If you play like that it’ll be a quick exit when you guys get to Chatt town!
  12. He’s a troll. Lol but it was funny and good banter before hand!
  13. City and Peabody should end up being the last two standing on that side of the bracket. Cornersville got exposed by Clay county’s speed and a backup freshman QB. Fayetteville has many more options than CLay and Cornersville combined! But I believe Varo is right 32 sounds better than 40.
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