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  1. They have 3 runs in 2 games idk where you are getting the 24?
  2. Offensive rebounds I bet Mackenzie had 6 or more in the first quarter and more throughout the game. I believe it will be a close game tomorrow because those kids from Peabody have been in plenty of battles throughout the years in football and basketball and won’t be an easy out.
  3. Not playing as sloppy as Peabody did earlier, plus they still seemed to have chemistry issues, as they were reluctant at times to get everyone involved. It has all the makings to be a great game as there’s no doubt Trenton has the athletes advantage.
  4. The Groves are keeping ER close 24-21… if they take care of the ball better in the second half they have a chance. Why is MAHS in a 3-2 zone? If you have the horses you play man and take away the elder Groves. MAHS lost a lot more talent from last year than I thought.
  5. Hampton by 6 MAHS by 12 Clay by 12 Peabody by 3 MAHS vs Clay for all the marbles again should be closer this year since all of MAHS players have had a whole season of chances to play with their players that joined them this year. Let’s just hope they don’t add any like they did last year after the Region tourney. CC by 6
  6. The team overall has the same philosophy as last year with all the pieces back except the PG. It starts on the defensive end they’re going to play physical defense and they have pretty good length. Just about Every possession is going through Strong in some form or fashion and he has added some stuff to his bag since last March and the guard play overall so far has been solid taking care of the ball, and especially on the defensive end. One other difference imo is the bench is deeper if they have to they can play 8or9 guys without a huge drop off. If CC is allowed to dictate the pace of their games and the role players make shots and the right plays when they double Strong they should be fine because defense always travels better than O in the glass house. The other thing is they have been in this situation before and that’s a huge advantage!
  7. Westmoreland for 20 years. And Mt. Juliet middle school I think.
  8. In a tough district with 4 capable teams it’s hard not to think about tanking if you know the other districts top team isn’t going to pose a threat even with a home substate game. It’s all about matchups and coaching at that point. Before Jackson County left single A I witnessed plenty of teams throw games in this district/region tournament throughout the years and I can’t say it’s a bad strategy. Clay county is playing inspired as of late and is by far the most experienced team in the region. Pickett and Clarkrange finally hit their growing pains stage, but are both still capable any night. RBS doesn’t match up well with CC or PC and that’s going to hurt them later on.
  9. No way he takes multiple steps back to Single A football mark my words! Especially after the comedy show y’all had last year.
  10. Regardless you guys are not high on his priority list I promise you guys that. Why would he come there?
  11. Keep Dreaming my man! You SP guys have high hopes! He is going to a private school who’s going to pay him for just being on the sidelines and winning football games. Why would he take 2 steps back to coach a team that got beat by a female kicker this past year? Baylor is my guess…why you guys haven’t signed Stone or Grider is mind boggling to me they literally brought you to the pinnacle with a lesser roster than the year before or even the year before that. The AD at SP must be as delusional as you spoiled fans.
  12. He got named a Macdonalds All American today and he’s committed to Alabama. He has a bright future I can’t wait to see him play against the best high school hoopers in the nation.
  13. He was talking about East TN in general. Hampton definitely has the potential to compete with Pickett Co. , and will have a size advantage on them. I’ve seen both teams play and Pickett still has to worry about getting completely healthy first or they will get beat by plenty of single A teams.
  14. Hampton matched up pretty well with Clay and it was a good back and forth game to watch. They have good size and can shoot the lights out from deep i’m surprised they didn’t utilize more set plays for their shooters with their big guys screening off the ball. They will be a tough out for anyone in single A. I thought they had solid bench players and guard play , but Strong was definitely the difference maker with 46 and 12. Both teams should make it far and maybe meet again later down the road.
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