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  1. Sounds like TC has the opposite problem they have very few player makers and all the armchair qbs in the world! Lol
  2. Prep going back to back just to be put in with the private schools after next year!
  3. Hard to get those game changing transfers when you’re losing to OZ by 16&22 or a weak Rockwood and a down Whitwul squad! That solid foundation that was there for both schools already seems like it In shambles for both schools looking from the outside in. Now TC and GB got kids leaving, What is the saying? “Karma is undefeated” ! What did the admins do to TC football? It’s the same ones they had when they were winning!
  4. Chatt Prep just wears you down with their hand picked kids, what a performance by Slaughter tho they couldn’t stop him. Congrats to Santa Fe on an amazing run, I expect them to be back next year Auden is just a Jr.
  5. Good thing Chatt Prep has plenty of depth, even got 8th graders out there contributing! At the pace they are calling fouls in this game, Slaughter may get to 35+ free throws attempted.
  6. Not that it’s connected to anything, but fwiw I have noticed it’s the only box score results posted without the officials names listed on the tssaa page. It’s the only game to not have them in the entire tournament so far. I just thought that was interesting to say the least. Whose decision was that? I know you have no clue like myself. I’m just generally curious as to why. Maybe someone can answer it….
  7. It’s going to be an incredibly bad look if (when imo they seem to be the best team left in A) they do win a championship before the school even has graduated a true senior class! I hope this opens some eyes and charters will be in D2 after this next reclassification period.
  8. Congrats Pioneer it’s been a long time coming for GC girls basketball to be back on top! To get a miss basketball as well as another gold ball is a heck of a year, enjoy it and congratulations to Hart she’s got a bright future!
  9. Exactly, it takes more than just playing the right defense, it takes some luck, a lot of skill, good coaching, and players making plays in pressure situations! GC got more of that in the second half and won! You can’t tell me they won because they strictly played a 1-3-1 zone! GC made more shots when It mattered and York went cold!
  10. You can too shut her down multiple teams have held her under or around 10 points!
  11. Sir I picked GC to win the game, I believe they win it all today! Just letting you guys know that the zone didn’t work in the first 20 minutes of game time. When they missed their open shots it did work but they had good looks all day just like GC it was two good teams that could have went either way if one or two calls are different!
  12. Your are acting like they shut her down, she got wherever and whatever she wanted the first like 20 game minutes, GC got lucky and York missed open shots!! the defense wasn’t really causing, most the shots were good and open because they were shading to Beatys side as they should have earlier!
  13. Luckily Beaty cooled off or that zone wasn’t working honestly lol idk what first half you watched. But she outscored the zone by herself. Honestly don’t know why Beaty stopped shooting as much? I picked GC to win if you go back and look . I’ll put big money on York bringing the gold ball back to the UC next year barring a major injury to Beaty.
  14. I would do what Smith county did on her and just throw the kitchen sink at her! They had a good shot to beat them by keeping the pace slow and keeping the score low. They made the younger girls from York , Cooper and Werner beat them. Its definitely the blueprint i would go by. I doubt they shoot over 60 percent today on GC, but I saw York win a lot of games this year when they weren’t shooting the best! Scary thing for 2a is they will be even better next year!
  15. If York shoots over 60% again, a zone will be the end of GC! I would go man and trap/double Beaty everytime she gets anywhere near the 3 point line. GC is definitely the more athletic team! Make someone else beat ya! She can get into the paint easier against a zone by just good ball movement. If Gibson Co can keep Beaty out of the paint area they will have a good chance to advance! I’ll take GC by 4, I still believe York is a year away from taking the gold ball back to Jamestown!
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