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  1. I know for a fact McMinn Central didn't play Grainger at the Shelbyville camp because McMinn Central has never went and played in that summer camp. You must be thinking McMinn County. You can compare Allison Hodge and Elizabeth Masengil head to head. I checked into it and Masengil stats look like this...... 23.4 pts 12.8 rebound 2.5 steal 4.1 assist per game. She usually play 2 and a half to 3 quarters a game. When she plays a whole game she is avg around 32 pts 15 rebounds. She has lead the Chargerettes to 3 state tournament( runner up freshman yr, state championship sophomore yr, and elite eight junior yr).
  2. I have seen all three girls play and they are all really good player. They all play for good teams and have lead their teams to the next level of the tournament. I know Rachel Bell is really athletic. She has great ball handling skills and a really smooth player! Rachel is fun to watch play. Emily Sissom is a great shooter. She does more than just shoot but shooting is what she is known for. I got a chance to see her in a camp at UT Martin and Emily can shoot the ball really well. I seen her in the district tournament and she can flat out play. From what I have seen she is better than her sister. She is really good. Elizabeth Masengil I think separates herself from the group because she can do it all. She can play all 5 positions on the floor. She can shoot the ball from all over. Elizabeth is one of the strongest and toughest player I have ever seen. She has so many and 1 it's not even funny. She is a scoring machine and great rebounder. Her career stat can back that up. Elizabeth plays great defense. She is a game changer. Of the three players I think Masengil is the most complete player. My vote would go to Elizabeth Masengil.
  3. My vote would be for Elizabeth Masengil. She lead Mcminn Central to a state championship last year. She dominates the finals and was state tournament MVP. Se played the state finals with a broken nose. This season she has dominated ever team she has played against this year. She has already score over 1500 points in her career and its only middle way through her jr year. She is averaging 25 points and 11 rebounds this year.
  4. If u want to listen to the game. i think u can go to www.live365.com. Then type in the search bar WCPH etowah. You wont beable to get the station until about 5 minutes before tip off. If u dont get it. Keep trying.
  5. McMinn Central 60 Tennessee High 38
  6. The two McMinn Central player that foul out in the 3rd quarter was Housley and Moss. Patterson and backup point guard Katie Blevins fouled out in the 4th.
  7. Mcminn Central lost by about 12. Coach Armstrong got mad at his starter and sat them out the whole 4th quarter.
  8. Brooke Johnson had 20 points.
  9. Honna Housley- Davidson College Jennifer Patterson- Eastern Kentucky
  10. Sat. Nov. 22 Mcminn Central will host Seymour in a Hall of Fame Game.
  11. Cleveland has improved since we played them this summer. I thought we would win by 25 points or so. Cleveland would probably finish 4th or 5th in district 5aa. They better be thankful they play in district 5aaa.
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