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  1. Getting closer. I pray for all schools for the safety of these players and students. Other than the Dresden player going to Greenfield that is all I know. Single A will be a monster in West TN again this year. Peabody, GC, Dresden, UC, Greenfield, Gleason, Bradford.....Throw in Hillcrest, Memphis Business Academy or Booker T and that is a state tournament in itself. The Huntingdon, McKenzie, Loretto, and Summertown region will be a war as well.
  2. Amazing the two don't play. I am disappointed we are not playing Huntingdon this year because of an incident last year in a boys game that disqualified some players a couple of games. Both Greenfield and Westview will be top two in State for sure in polls. In no particular order it will be Greenfield and Loretto and Westview and Macon County. Going to be interesting to see how the Dresden transfer mixes in with an already loaded offensive team. Moore, Darby, young Darby, Biggs and Crouse can score too. Going to be interesting to see how it all plays out. Didn't Greenfield play in Westview's Thanksgiving tournament last year. Didn't South Side and Westview play what could have been Greenfield and Westview?
  3. I think you are wrong. There are good umps and referees out there who do a respectable job that call consistent and don't make it about them. Don't know about this particular case, but I know especially in basketball the bad refs usually are the one's that won't to make it about them or want to be seen instead of calling a consistent game. We had an official at an Obion County game several years ago give Obion a bucket and a foul shot when the bucket wasn't even made. The game ended up being tied at the end of regulation and we eventually lost the game. We win that game had the official been watching the game. These guys get paid decent money. They are not volunteers. Me a guy who has spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on training just hope for a fair officiated game. Don't know the situation here and there is no room for bodily contact and being spit on no doubt, but these guys make mistakes and that's understandable but some of them make a lot of mistakes. This is just in general and has nothing absolutely nothing to do with this incident.
  4. Cheatam County lose a bunch? I have seen both Macon County and Westview and both are really good. Seen Covington and Dyersburg and they are good teams as well.
  5. Greenfield will be the toughest out for anyone I would imagine in West TN as well as TCA in the private sector. Clarkrange and Loretto will be the toughest across the river. If healthy GC will be tough in February as will Summertown, Trenton, Huntingdon, Memphis Business, Gleason, Dresden, UC, Clay County, Pickett Co., Eagleville, Oneida. To me, the player I seen that impressed me a ton in West TN as she did last year is Childress from Dresden. I think they could be a handful for Greenfield. I hadn't seen Gleason play.
  6. Your exactly right. AAU is really strict on rosters....etc. You have to sign up each player with birth certificates and lots of fees. Lot of folks including myself call it AAU because it is after the season and you do play teams in HS play dates that do play in sanctioned AAU tournaments because they only travel to a handful of true AAU tournaments and are so called All Star teams because lots of kids are playing softball... etc. When I had an AAU team 6 or 7 years ago there was only 1 tournament in Jackson, a couple in Memphis and the rest in Nashville or East TN. Two true AAU that I know in West TN are the Silver Foxes and I think Tennessee Pride (old Flight West) if I am not mistaken.
  7. Kacey Sweat. Very good PG. Didn't play PG a ton last year with Lannom and Kj. She played 2 and 3 mostly. She had 12 in the state game against Summertown. We have a sophomore that has been playing PG this summer. She is going to be good but has had some growing pains. GC will be strong offensively Inside and Out. We didn't lose an AAU game period with her. GC stays healthy wait until February comes around. Dresden, Peabody, Gleason, Huntingdon will all be good. West TN will be tough again. I have seen them all. Childress is better than ever at Dresden and Fuller is back healthy at Huntingdon. UC won't be a pushover. Our district will be weak with a two team race with us and yow.
  8. Don't think so. I agree it helps to get a good draw as we did last year, but Greenfield and Loretto are not unbeatable. We smoked a team (4A champs in AR) by 22 that just beat Greenfield and Martin 2 weeks ago. Clarkrange is quicker than Loretto, IMO and just as quick as Greenfield.
  9. Clarkrange is a very good team. No difference between Greenfield, Loretto and them, IMO. Losing our PG on day 1 of summer was huge. We were undefeated during AAU season and literally you could count TO's on one hand in AAU play. We literally had about 25 TO's in the game against Clarkrange. Not saying we would beat you because your team is really good as they were last year but we have lost several games since she got hurt. Beat some good teams but she is a beast PG. The Monday's are really great players and are some kind of quick and handle the ball well. Really like your team's chances as I did last year. Last years state game against Greenfield was just a bad game, IMO.
  10. I seen Peabody at UT Martin. They are very quick. UC is a good team especially when they play us. Everybody else beats them by 20 or 30 and we have had trouble with them for years. We did tie UC and that was after beating Batesville, AR by 22 who had won the 4 A state last year and just had got through beating Greenfield and Martin. Never know about summer though. Peabody will have GC's full attention no doubt and could definitely cause us major problems with their quickness. They are South Side quick for sure!! They seem to shoot it better this year too. Whoever plays them will have to have their A game for sure.
  11. Huntingdon will be fine. Trust me. He is like his dad in the summer. Building depth. Probably could care less if he wins the game. Will be the same Final Four in the region as last year, IMO. Going to be a fun year this year. Lots of good teams. Dresden with Childress and Wynn will be extremely dangerous. Crockett County is playing like us now. Trying to mix and match. Play one game beat a great team by 20 and lose to a great team by 20.
  12. Good to know Gleason playing fast. They played us slow, slow last year. Gleason and Dresden both will be good as will UC. GC was undefeated with their PG in AAU and lost her first day of summer camp. We have beat Covington. Batesville AR (defending 4 A Champs in AR) who beat Greenfield and Martin, and Memphis Business without our PG but have struggled a ton since she got hurt. Summertown obviously tough and was last year just went through some stretches we are going through this summer with TO's. GC JV beat Riverdale JV this week in which I am super happy with the future of GC. Clarkrange, Greenfield and Loretto super tough. Single A will be a monster again this year.
  13. After watching Westview today, I would agree. The new PG looks more like a freshman in college than a freshman in HS. Unbelievable talent as a freshman.
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