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  1. Yeah they are always good. I always watch them in the summer at the Boro and always see a tough team. Elizabethton is good too. Dyersburg was pretty competitive with them actually with their young team. Will be interesting. Season went by too fast.
  2. West TN has done well going across the river the last two years in substate. South Side has won twice, GC twice, Westview twice, McKenzie twice, South Gibson once all in substate. They moved GC and Westview back west which is what it should have been. Therefore two teams want be going across the river no more for substate. I think South Side is still going across the river as well as McKenzie and possibly Huntingdon for substate. Upper Cumberland will always be there. South Side will always be tough. Dyersburg will be tough and South Gibson will be pretty good as well.
  3. Loretto is starting to resemble the Karly Weathers teams. Loretto’s heighth and length can be a nightmare for opposing teams. They are hard to press because they can throw over the top and attack the rim really well. If they are handling ball pressure like they did us I can see them being bad trouble. I do think Gibson County caused problems with their pressure late, but they handled it well for 3 quarters. The Chance kid we seen at Christmas and she had improved a ton in a couple of months. I think Ashley has another great team brewing that will definitely be in the title mix when it is said and done.
  4. Pioneer don’t know about the transfer portal other than the girl from South Gibson. Very good pick up as she was rolling in our Fall League. Just didn’t work out for her at South Gibson and to be honest some times the grass is greener on the other side and I think this will be the case for South Side because she is a solid player and Coach McNeal like Coach Wilkins has an art and a God given gift for getting maximum effort out of their players.
  5. Don’t know about Livingston but Upperman will be really good if I had to bet. We played their JV in Murfreesboro this summer and they are loaded. South Side and others who lost players will be tough too. Just will have a transition period and by Tournament Time will be tough. New players will have to get used to playing.
  6. There guards really improved this past year in a big way. If they improve some more they will be a handful. Think that is where GC got them this year with guard play, but all games were close. If they can learn to handle ball pressure better and learn to manage the game a little better they will be really good.
  7. Greenville is always good. What are they losing Hawk??? Dyersburg gets Strayhorn’s granddaughter this year who is really good. Proud of him and the job he did making a nice run after starting tough. Strayhorn has done a lot for girls basketball in West TN. They will be tough. South Side will always be good. Dyersburg gets South Gibson back in there District and y’all go back to the Chester County District?? That right Hawk??
  8. Westview, Huntingdon and Summertown will be there as well when it is all said and done. Summertown lost 3 players to injury and played Westview pretty tough. Westview is Westview. Gibson County, Westview and South Side does as good a job reloading as you will find. Westview will be tough getting Simpson back and getting a Cracker Jack PG in from middle school. Also have Alexander and Simms coming back as well as Trevathon. They will be a handful. McMinn Central, GP and York will be really good I agree. Alcoa I would bet will be good as well. Loretto really came on strong at the end of the year and I think only loses Laney Weathers, which is a big loss because she is a great player but Loretto does a good job reloading as well. Should be a fun year. Can’t wait.
  9. Yeah you never know what will happen. When you win a few Gold Balls and make the state a lot and don’t win it a few years although making it, it is kinda frustrating but you have to realize only one team will be happy the rest of the year out of what 90 teams. Gold Balls for sure don’t grow on trees. Have to be happy for great runs to get there even if you don’t win it. You and I have been blessed to be part of a few that have won it and know that feeling. But you know as well as I do basketball in TN is getting better.
  10. Looks like East Tennessee won three out of four Gold Balls.Pretty impressive. Suprised East Nashville wasn’t there.
  11. I didn’t watch this game, but it doesn’t suprise me Hampton won. They were very impressive against Humboldt. Congratulations to Hampton and also Middleton too. It is a blessing to get to play in the Glass House and is a sure enough blessing to win a Gold Ball. Watching the NCAA Tournament is proof that every game is a battle for survival.
  12. I watched the Independence game. Overton was solid and had good size. Didn’t watch the rest but I watched Hampton play Humboldt and Hampton was a good team. All had great runs to get this far. Only 1 team out of what 90 or so that will be the best but you have to be proud of accomplishments and getting there.
  13. Be a great day if it happens. Mark Wilkins is a great guy and a great coach.
  14. No disrespect to Bradley because I have seen both, but I think Webb wins 8 out of 10 games. Loser leave town match I would go Webb by 12. Webb has several D-1 players . Bradley is a great team so no disrespect.
  15. Watched the game. My alma mater came up short but proud of them. Good effort. Congratulations to Hampton on a great shooting performance. Boys could shoot it. Keep working Humboldt!!! Seen some bright spots!!!
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