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  1. We will see how it all unfolds because summer ball at Gibson County is a lot of camps and scrimmages as we know it. CDC makes recommendations and is not law that is for sure, but I know TSSAA recommended follow their guidelines. Well if you follow their guidelines we may not never play. I agree that school systems are going to have to bite the bullett and roll. That is what is going to happen in college and pro football. They will just start playing. They will never have approval from the CDC, IMO.
  2. If people were practicing, they were not following the stay at home order set by the governor other than essential shopping in April and May. I agree practice just started but I don’t know the guidelines. I don’t understand how the TSSAA will throw in a dead period in about three weeks not allowing practices after no one has done anything for 2 1/2 months.
  3. I agree. They always play an exciting game. I do know the last two years we have played Greenfield that Tuesday before Thanksgiving and South Side has played in our Thanksgiving or Christmas Tournament. Y’all played Summertown last year too that was a great game.
  4. They played twice this past year and have always played in the off-season. I would contact Coach Wilkins from GC. I assume you are talking about South Side and Gibson County right?
  5. Don’t know about the rest of the state, but it will be two of these three IMO in Murfreesboro in AA in Westview, South Side and Covington with Westview and South Side being the favorites in West Tennessee. Will be a big chance for a lot of youth to display talents in West TN next year with teams like Westview, GC and Greenfield losing seasoned talent. Do think West TN basketball will be very competitive across the board with teams getting state ready later in the year. Probably will see some growing pains and coaches trying to find the right chemistry along the way. South Side could be really good this year in West TN. Coach always seems to have them ready and always has their motors running in 5th gear. I look for GC and South Side to have some wars this summer as both teams will try to get each other ready for the 2020-2021 season. Hope and pray the good Lord blesses us with another season.
  6. I hadn’t heard that. Interesting.
  7. Think they had to wait until the last day of school. TSSAA sent a letter a few weeks ago giving summer guidelines. Time to practice. Will be interesting considering a lot of college camps won’t be open.
  8. Football players have been practicing in groups of 10 a while. I think basketball starts this week.
  9. In reality, they are the Associated Press State Champions. They were number 1 in the final rankings. Most people that reacted didn’t see the AP at first.
  10. Text me at 731-343-5660. I got one on my phone. I don’t know how to post it on here but I wouldn’t any way. Booster Club is selling them. Says AP State Champs. AP is in little writing. Shirt is legal. They were number 1 in AP poll at end of the year.Why would anyone else go to the trouble of doing that?
  11. I seen one today the T-Shirts have AP in small writing above the state champion. Have to zoom in to see it. But it is what it is. No law against making up T-Shirts in celebrating the way they want to I guess. Gibson County wouldn’t do that I will assure you. Our coach wouldn’t allow that with four teams left. They can buy all the T-Shirts, rings and banners all they want, but if TSSAA doesn’t honor co-champions or they play this thing out which they are not it won’t get in the record books. And you would think as proud as they are of their season “you would think” they would want it in the programs and record books. And if they don’t want it in the record books they are the only 1 out of 12.
  12. See Greenfield wouldn’t be OK with it. Has 0 consideration for the rest of the field up there. In their eyes, they are the only team up there. And you have probably figured that out by now. And that is fine. I can live with it. But if you read the whole article, Macon County, Arlington, Whitehaven and others were for the co-champions. All I would have cared about personally is for the record books. Trophies, banners etc. teams could have taken care of that themselves and buy their own. TSSAA probably don’t want to have to buy a bunch of Gold Balls and I couldn’t blame them for that, but recognizing these girls as co-champs for the record books and programs ought to be feasible, IMO. States all around us have done it and acknowledged teams already. These girls didn’t cancel this tournament. They were already exposed. Everyone was. Only had 9 games left
  13. If you hadn’t figured out by now, This is“Greenfield’s season”, “Greenfield’s little town”... Man that song has gotten old and to be truthful people in Greenfield need to get real and realize there are more people out there than just Greenfield. What about Clarkrange and Loretto and Gibson County’s Little Town and their season? You think you guys are the only one’s that wanted to win a Gold Ball? You guys got beat by Loretto last year and if I remember correctly they led the whole game and you barely beat them this year You can disrespect Clarkrange, disrespect Loretto and disrespect Gibson County all you want but the last two games I assure you wasn’t going to be the cakewalk that you and your fans thought. You can buy all the T-Shirts, trophies, rings and banners you want to, but if that title is not in the programs and the record books of the TSSAA it didn’t exist any where but the gym at Greenfield.
  14. Well you was supposed to win it last year too but it didn’t work out. Gibson County goes in every year to win a state title. GIbson County will make their own banner and celebrate it like we want to. Go ask our coach what his goal is. Don’t need Greenfield Fans telling me what I ought to be satisfied with. Whatever our girls and coaches vote to do to celebrate this season is what we will do. We sure don’t have to get any permission from Greenfield to do whatever. What we won’t do is get a bunch of state championship T-Shirts made up and put them all over FB because there were 4 teams left last I checked.
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