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  1. After watching Westview today, I would agree. The new PG looks more like a freshman in college than a freshman in HS. Unbelievable talent as a freshman.
  2. Peabody needs to get better shooting the ball more consistent, IMO. Mayberry could make you pay for playing zone. And the first statement is not based on summer ball. Just based on last year. Peabody will always be a tough matchup for anyone because of their quickness and athleticism. Looks like it is going to be three wars this year between GC and Peabody. Will be interesting for sure.
  3. I wasn't at the Haywood game just saying it wasn't good the games I attended.
  4. This is the fiirst year I have watched a slew of HS baseball in a while. Umpiring in baseball is worse than basketball, IMO. No reason to act the way he did but it was awful.
  5. Should have won in last year, IMO. Westview is always tough. Looking forward to seeing the new PG play.
  6. Dresden will be a handful as well. Childress is a beast PG. They were at GC Friday and looked pretty good.
  7. Covington and Dyersburg both have good teams west of the TN River.
  8. GC, Huntingdon and Covington played more or less a round robin at Covington with three good games. Huntingdon beat GC, GC beat Covington and Covington beat Huntingdon. Covington looked the better of the three today, IMO but all three teams are tough. We are playing without our starting PG and Huntingdon is just getting started with a new system and they are going to be a handful with Fuller back especially once they get their new system in tact. Covington beat us last Friday and Dyersburg and Huntingdon today. Really good AA team as is Dyersburg. TCA is loaded as well but will be in Division 2.
  9. I know the PG that played at Dresden is going to Greenfield.
  10. Good for her. She is a good player. If they play like they did against Greenfield last year, they will be tough to handle. Single A is going to be tough again this year. No gimmes for sure. TCA will be a big favorite to win Single A Division II. They are loaded. Going to be interesting.
  11. We are playing Huntingdon in Covington on Monday. Huntingdon will be really good I predict with their new coach. Them Loretto and Summertown 2 of the three I predict will be in the Boro. We will be without our starting PG for a while with an injured hand looks like. Did it against TCA in the first half on Thursday, a game which we were leading by 6 before she went out and eventually lost as TCA took advantage and created some TO's late. We were playing lights out until we lost her as it has changed everyone up and we are sacrificing games to get some guard depth built up. Guard that broke her ankle in the state was playing her first game back when our PG went down. If we can get healthy and stay healthy during season we will be really good. We have one of the better offensive teams we have had in a while. We just have to get better defensively which I feel confident we will. Injuries will be bad short term but will give some young kids some playing time that will help us during season.
  12. You guys will be likely one of if not the best in baseball and girls basketball in 2020.
  13. I hate your going. Makes more competition when TCA is in our District.
  14. I think personally there is still a lot of bad blood and words over the District Tournament that cost us the best athlete on the team to miss the post season yes against TCA. It was a bad situation that day and words were exchanged between fan bases that day and we had a player knocked unconscious for over 20 minutes. I think in the travel baseball world there have been some comments coming from TCA from sources that has gotten around about the incident. I don't know what to think about the comments . Me personally I know sports is competitive and things happen unfortunately and both sides say things some times they would not say the next day. But I understand we lost and it wasn't meant to be for some reason. But I feel for the young man and TCA . In my eyes they were the best team that won't get the trophy. For the record we worked out with three TCA basketball players and former players this week and will again Monday on the hardwood. I root for these girls and think a lot of these girls as they are very classy young ladies. I have a ton of friends from TCA and wish yow the best moving forward. I know you guys have a great basketball and baseball team lined up for 2020. I have made some comments to TCA I probably shouldn't have mad as well and I do apologize.
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