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  1. Both teams with a lot of talent and will improve. Gibson County will be better at year end. 3 new faces in the rotation that play a bunch and are going to be great players. We will have some growing pains along the way with a tough schedule. I feel good about this team. Probably toughest schedule in the state. We got Henry County, Crockett County, South Gibson and McKenzie coming up. Dresden got cancelled. Hats off to TCA for a great comeback and battling adversity. Vailes got her head gashed open and had to leave game and then came back. Was an ESPN Classic type game. Hats off to TCA for grinding it out. Both teams will be heavily in the mix late in the year.
  2. I said we played them “last year” They used to be running clock bad. Don’t know about this year.
  3. Really kinda hard for either fan base to make a comment about her because she missed 75% of the game. She didn’t play.
  4. I was at the game last year at Westview and their defense and ball handling and shooting took McKenzie out of their game. I like Westview in a close one 4-8 as well. But it wouldn’t suprise me if McKenzie won at home. Both are great teams and well coached.
  5. We played them last year in the Dyersburg Christmas Tournament. They are much improved and have a good coach it seems.
  6. These two I am watching as well. I seen Elizabethton in the Boro briefly and best I remember they had some size at post and looked pretty good.
  7. Have you seen Greenville or Elizabethton play this year??
  8. Word is they lost their feeder school. Got rezoned. Maybe Rockvale not sure. I used to live in that school zone for about 10 years and sold Real Estate. Lots of shuffling schools around in the Boro.
  9. They have a great team no doubt. Hope they finish it off. East TN teams have had great history in Single A.
  10. Number 4 is a sophomore and she can flat out play.
  11. Good luck to you guys. They need to stay focussed. Last years game probably is a great reminder.
  12. McKenzie has had a big time road the last two years to get there I agree. I don’t know anything about Clay County. I just remember some of the same type posts last year. McKenzie coaches and players plays with a sense of urgency and a good plan they will probably have a good shot. Good luck.
  13. Huntland has some players I agree. Wouldn’t suprise me one but if they are in the Boro.
  14. What is bad for opposing teams this year South Side plays is they are scoring in bunches and that is not a good thing for opponents. Because they can shut you down defensively in the 20’s. Really good South Side team. Lots of talent.
  15. They thought they had it won after the Peabody game last year and played bad in the State Championship Game. Watch the game. I did. They played very lethargic. I hope they win it. But they won’t win it playing like they did last year. Coaching too last year.
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