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  1. Don't know. Isn't that the private school rule??
  2. Gibson County's Point Guard Club Tournament will have Gibson County, South Side, USJ and Dyersburg among others I am pretty sure and it will be Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.
  3. I read a blog last night where it didn't get voted on.
  4. What does Mckenzie look like next couple of years and Jr. High?? Know you lost a ton last couple of years. Great talent I know.
  5. Very sad when a crew calls touch fouls on one end and let's even more contact go on the other end. I just wished he would have at least tried a plan B or C. Plan A wasn't going to work.
  6. I mean is this the most corrupt officiated Tournament of all time??? And it has happend in every game this year it seems with Edey. 25-12 on fouls and no 3 seconds or illegal screens or traveling?? 1 foul on him. Is this a paid off Tournament?? And I love Tennessee but we all knew it was going to be officiated like this. I can't believe he didn't try a 2-3 matchup zone or a Triangle and 2 or anything but putting a 3rd stringer man to man against Edey with a crew not letting anyone touch him. We had zero chance playing man to man with this crew.
  7. Yeah we love South Side as well. Already looking forward to our game this year. Ought to be a really good one.
  8. I mean all these schools populations are huge and they can't find 5 girls basketball players?? Hard to comprehend. Shouldn't have to recruit at these huge schools.
  9. Yes sir South Side was a different animal at state than earlier. Amazing how much y'all improved. Very easily could have won it all. Very impressed with y'all's program. Appreciate y'all's support there brother.
  10. Amazing how Riverdale, Blackman, Oakland and Stewart's Creek seems to be very down. Amazon how these schools and cities are growing by leaps and bounds and obviously can't find 5 good basketball players. I lived in Murfreesboro for 15 years and I sold real estate and it is hard to comprehend.
  11. 4 is Haskins and she will be back if I am not mistaken. Big Time player.
  12. Yep she won two Gold Balls this year then right?? Do love the fact TSSAA has allotted lots of time between games for these Title Games. I have been blessed to be there for 4 Gold Balls and a Silver Ball for Gibson County. Thing about winning the Gold Ball is the celebration after: the photos, the hugs, the team comes out and coaches....Some times we end up at the players hotels. All lots of fun but some times we miss the other Title Games. Dyersburg I stayed and watched and was very happy for y'all. Coach Strayhorn has done a ton for girls basketball in West Tennessee. Proud for him and Dyersburg and all y'all. Winning the Gold Ball is a great feeling every time you win it. I enjoy watching other teams get to experience it. Some teams and fans are all about themselves and jealous but I ain't like that and will never be. Congrats again.
  13. I thought it was later but anyway I thought Dyersburg could have pulled it out some watching them in postseason. Hey they won so that's all that matters. I think Dyersburg will be preseason number 1. South Side, Upperman and White County will all be in the Gold Ball mix for sure. Look forward to seeing Coach and chatting with him. Congrats to y'all again.
  14. They will be preseason number 1 for sure. They had a 5 point lead with the ball with a minute left against Upperman and like to ended bad. Gibson County has stuff to improve on as well and Dyersburg needs to improve big time in that category. No need in taking shots up 5 with the ball. Seen that happen more than once.
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