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  1. Good post. I agree. He has helped build USJ into a great program and well respected. He has had a great career. USJ has done a great job reloading year in year out. You play them you know it is going to be a battle.
  2. Never can tell. He was making good money. May not be anything to do with JCM. Never know. I do think his family has had some health issues.
  3. They learn to handle ball pressure and limit TO’s they will be hard to beat. Really good team.
  4. I have been 3 trips to Kentucky Lake. We are catching anywhere from 8-12 crappie a day but it is all day and a couple of bass usually. Asian Carp are a big problem. No crappie either and no crappie fisherman.
  5. Lots of this stuff don’t make sense. She was a beast and very deserving. She was a handful for us. If Cantrelle hadn’t of put the glue to Burlson, y’all would have likely beat us. Burdette held Madison to 9 points that game as well.
  6. Loretto and Summertown is a fun game at either location.
  7. South Gibson had their chances in that game and missed FT’s late and Micah scored the last 7 points or so and won it. I don’t know with the boys. Honestly I put so much energy and time with the girls I don’t know the boys like I do the girls. I missed 1 GC game this year and I went to South Gibson/South Side that night and one other Friday we were off I went Loretto to watch them and Summertown. You ought to go watch them two if you get a chance.
  8. I was as impressed with her game as I was any of them. She is a high IQ player and super fundamental. Y’all will be fine with her and others.
  9. They got a real good ball handler coming up that will help them. Kinda like you but you never know how these Freshman will develop for next year. See lots of Freshman that hit the ground running. South Side is just a different animal. It is a shame we all play on the same nights although I did get to watch one South Side/South Gibson game last year.
  10. I don’t know who loses what so good point. Obion wasn’t bad either but don’t know what they lose. I do think Dyersburg is the team to beat. The Freshman was a superstar talent last year and put up 23 against us one night. She gets more help they will be tough.
  11. I agree y’all are really doing well in that area with feeder programs and developing talent. Lots of great basketball in your area. Heard Alley is getting after it. I expect her to be really good this year.
  12. That District is just going to be competitive top to bottom, IMO. Obion won’t be favored but they gave Crockett all they wanted last year. I think either Dyersburg, Crockett or Dyer County will win it, but Obion won’t be easy either. I expect this District to be like the Greenfield District last year and the Clay County District. If South Gibson can learn how to score consistently in the half court and finish big games they will make a deep Glass House run, IMO. Their culture is turning but they have to learn to win the big games. South Side didn’t win it this year but they showed what they could do beating two really good Greenville and Page teams. I think honestly the draw was a little too much and they fell short. People can say what they want to but the state draw can make you or break you. Thought McKenzie survived a tough draw last year.
  13. South Gibson will be tough no doubt but they will have their hands full with South Side. They will have to handle the ball a lot better and learn how to score better in half court sets especially at post. Post was pretty good at South Gibson last year but she was a Freshman and a lot of her buckets were in transition. She will need to learn to finish more around the low block and create shots and finish better in the paint. They have another Freshman guard coming up that will be good. South Side’s pressure is on another level as we seen in Murfreesboro. Dyersburg will be tough to handle I would bet in the other District. Crockett always competitive will be a challenge for them as well as Dyer County and possibly Obion County.
  14. I am anxious to see Dyersburg. I bet Strayhorn has them working hard.
  15. You have to think Pickett, Clay, RBS and Clarkrange will be competitive as well as maybe Cloudland from the East. Wayne County and McKenzie will be the heavy favorites I agree. You have to think Wayne County only lost by 3 or so and had 22 TO’s to McKenzie last season. They learn to handle the ball better they will be really good. Greenfield has a Cracker Jack player that will be an 8th grader this year that will probably start late next season. Their Jr. High is doing well and Chloe’s sisters will be there in 3-4 years. I agree they will have younger players, but it wouldn’t suprise me if they are still competitive.
  16. York got the tech call and hit their two FT’s with 2 minutes left and put them up two and we had to foul because she was a great PG I agree. GC has done that as well late in games so it is what it is. Just think it would benefit GC more than it would hurt them. Don’t think they will do it any time soon though because of the expense of it and just getting the clocks in all schools. Do think the GC/York game was the first I have ever seen a tech that late in the game on a bench player with an official right in front of the girl they called it on and he not call the tech and an official across the way calls it. And yes the same contact on York’s end that was a foul wasn’t the same on our end in the 4th quarter. Officials called the game different in the 4th quarter. They weren’t consistent on both ends. York had one bucket in the 4th quarter and the rest were FT’s. But she was a great PG I agree and they made the best of the situation and won the game. Scott’s Hill played with a lot of heart and I agree have had some good teams in the past as well as Decatur County. They were pretty good teams this year and did what they had to do to get there. As for GC we just have to learn to keep battling and train for war to get there and hope for the best. All we can do.
  17. You got an opinion, I got an opinion and everyone else has an opinion. Just like the 4 classes. Memphis getting 3 Districts is a joke. They forfeit District and Region games and could care less. You got 3 teams in Districts and making Region Tournaments are not a challenge any more. Fans campaign for these changes to help their team and give their team a better chance. Well my team likes to play fast and it wouldn’t hurt my team in fact they would probably benefit from it, IMO. Same people that don’t want a shot clock that tell people to get out there and guard somebody are probably the same one’s that think the 3 classes is an unfair advantage. My advice to the one’s that wanted the four classes because their team was at an unfair advantage is to get out there and guard somebody. That saying works both ways. And no hard feelings because I respect your opinion even if we have different one’s.
  18. Yeah your right. Let’s just not have one in college and pro either. No need in it right??
  19. The guard from Westview McCall Simms is supposed to be one of the best pitchers around here and she is a Freshman. They say she is big time. I am going to check Westview/GC out after Spring Break. Hadn’t seen actually any games but hear Lexington and Henry County are good in 3 A and 4 A.
  20. TSSAA giving AA 3 Districts as well and making schools that actually care and travel and have great state championship history travel 3 hours is a total joke. Shame making these schools do this while the Memphis schools fail to show up at games and forfeit District and Region Tournaments regularly. Sad deal.
  21. We have four seniors that was in the 8 player rotation, 2 of which were starters and 1 one of them being a Miss Basketball Finalist post player. So we have to get to work ourselves. Have some help on the way from Jr. High as well. I told a parent the other day. Got several players kinda neck in neck and time for some to run off and leave the pack.
  22. No doubt. Alcoa, York, Gatlinburg Pittman, McMinn Central. Westmoreland as well I would bet will be in the mix.
  23. Good to hear that brother. Will continue.
  24. Hoping your granddaughter is getting better. Continued prayers!!
  25. We said all year even in the summer we felt someone out of Loretto, Summertown, GIbson County and Westview would probably have a good chance of winning it all. I will add Huntingdon in the mix this year of teams that will be in the mix. I feel the same this year that somebody out of this group will have a good shot because of what they have to go through to get to state. Have to give credit to Westview. They really got after it and answered every challenge that came their way. Jada showed how tough she was shaking the ankle injury off. Looking forward to getting back in the gym. I am a basketball person year round. I miss it already.
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