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  1. Lewis by a bit ,The Ville seems down but will play hard, wouldn’t surprise me if it’s close though !
  2. Would be a battle again , I would lean towards the Tide 6 outta 10 because of style of play but dang what a war it would be !!!!
  3. Gotta say line play is real good IMO, this is a deadly small ball squad !
  4. Brother, I get it you don’t respect Lewis,but hear me out please, if your a 16 year old kid reading this constant berating of this group of young men how would you feel ? You can not like the program, coaches, heck the entire school staff , but man You gotta have some kinda soul that wouldn’t want a young man that suits up in those colors he’s proud to wear read this would you !? I love banter and your past posts have been great at times but man grind the axe a bit less ! Before you respond, pls, just think about what I am saying , heck no need to reply if you don’t want to ! Peabody Pride has been a mega jerk at times , but there’s a time and a place and it was 100s of posts about Lewis ago !
  5. Makes sense to Have your best 11 always on the field,only reason not to go both ways with stud athletes would be conditioning imo ! But I haven’t seen a “out of shape “ Pirate team since my time in Tennessee ! I can only imagine the pressure on the coaches, lots of expectations in South Pitt, and for good reason, been the standard in the a purty darn long time now ! GL Whooping those Trenton GA boys, hope you see some other Trenton boys later on, fingers crossed !!!!!!!
  6. Have to disagree, this Trojan team is a lot more physical than teams of late, does that get a “W” ? We will know in less than a week !
  7. This game is gonna be a real slobberknocker ! Is Dyersburg ready for the huge step up in competition? I believe so, I don’t put a lot into comparable opponents as it can be misleading, 1 score game leaning a bit to Covington !
  8. The need to play keep away is a understatement in this case,UC,to be successful will need a few of those entire quarter eating drives to stay in it and or win it. The difference in the chargers from last year to now is astonishing to say the least, Line is big and very physical ! UC will not lay down just because they are “supposed “ to lose however,As Kidd M. Said Westview has no interest in mercy ruling folks, I see this game as intriguing to say the least, I don’t believe without several big break UC can take this one But they will line em up and knock heads non the less !! I will be making this game with Swo , I have no interest in the drive to Halls this week !
  9. I get that, I know I can be tenacious with banter so to speak, but we all can be on here ! And thanks man! Much respect to you !
  10. Man it’s easy, good friends, good football talk and I surround myself with genuine caring folks ! All you, that I call friends make me better daily ! It’s easy to write on here when a lot of you guys that I talk to a lot and or daily genuinely care about your football programs,They meen so much more to people like you than hardware bro ! Hope some of you don’t mind but here ya go a few examples ! 1st text- Man I wanna come hang out with you at Shockers but my team needs to see me standing there cheering! It’s important for them to know that even with all the adversity they see me, it’s important they see the fans there supporting them win or lose ! 2nd text This is about my community,my Friends, these kids, we don’t have much up here and we got a lot of poverty and I gotta do all I can to help change that, change some kids lives ! 3rd I just want these kids to know this community is behind them win or lose, we gotta fill the Palace and give them our all when we ask for their all ! that’s just 3 recently, no names they will know who they are ! in closing Vandy you bro, shocker you bro, BPm you bro , Tide 21 you bro GoldDoc you bro the list goes on and on and on ! Sappy so sappy and I don’t apologize for it ! Give without Expecting back Your legacy is truly all you have
  11. I think this game will be hard fought and WC won’t quit, I just don’t see a way that Moon can get lose on LC, last years first game LC imploded and was dominated by a big senior loaded line, and they still won, second game was all LC, I know WC will play with pride and grit I just think the Falcons and nick name game get a big W !
  12. Here it goes! Prides 2 cents! Means nothing but your getting it , I have seen these Falcons behave horribly last year multiple times and this year once ! These young men are growing as people and men daily, yes they lost to a 3 time GoldBall winning team with the best coaching staff in the state, and did it with class ! If only winning games was Quinn’s agenda then he wouldn’t be a coach ! This guy has a bigger job than winning a game , if you don’t truly understand what a high school coaches job is them just stay silent ! Quinn has Trenton respect ! He’s breaking the toxic cycles in some of these young men’s lives, that’s more important to your community than a GoldBall!!!!!!!!
  13. Longest running signature everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  14. Alright guys,here it goes, first and foremost I like you LC posers but a prediction is just that and like I told Shocker I see it as a 42 /21 Tide win! Now let’s be honest anything can and will happen on the gridiron so let get it poppin ! ROLL GOLDEN TIDE
  15. Coach what makes it real difficult is thinking of those he left here that love him ! This forces us all to face our mortality ! Now I say we all go out and follow Mikes example ! Find something we are passionate about, put our best effort towards whatever that is and love it unconditionally, ask nothing in return ! God gave us that Molder Man and allowed him to touch everyone in different ways for a reason ! I know as a man I wanna “fix” everything and this just shows we can’t control much in reality except the legacy we leave !
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