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  1. Unless Peabody learns to play as a team a very talented team won’t live up to the potential!
  2. Not sure Hornets are well coached and have solid fundamentals , I hope to make this one myself
  3. The Key brothers and Ganaway brothers both do ! Four of our five starters just joined the team after football, all players that play football as folows Derek Key Demarcus Key Tyrone Brown malik Ganaway treveon pharms isacc dehaan ace meadows And I am probably forgetting someone
  4. All the fellas was still playing football at that time for the Tide
  5. Power P with the impressive win ! Love all you power P boys ! Everyone cashing Rebels ticket next year these boys in Trenton might have something to say ! So impressed with Pirates resolve thru this crazy year !
  6. Special? They won but expect for two busted plays by Trenton couldn’t move the ball !!!!they win because they played clean and took advantage when we decided to be bone heads !
  7. Congrats Rebels gonna be a great one next week !!!!
  8. Come to Maria’s bro Mexican right down the street
  9. The station bar and grill is closed so anyone meeting Vandy and me we will be going to Maria’s Mexican Restaurant
  10. 5 Broadway St McKenzie, TN 38201 United States Station bar and grill 5 pm see ya there hopefully
  11. 5 Broadway St McKenzie, TN 38201 United States is where a few of us are getting drinks and grub at 5 would love to meet up!
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