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  1. Not the Vikes problem at all !!! Problem is kids dont wanna get hurt playing football and not be able to hoop !!!! Humboldt has the physical talent of just about anyone but middle school development is non existent in general !!! Deeper than a shot a coach sir or madame !!!
  2. Okay agreed but thought this was most improved next year??? The aforementioned teams CoalBucket and Whiwul worth both good squads last year so to improve Whiwul would need to win 2 A gold???
  3. 100 percent accurate !!!! Stud players want the small school recognition that doesnt come from higher classifications !!!! Simply because of amount of talent at the "Maryvilles" of the world
  4. I think Dresden will shock some folks this year !!! Coaching change after a extremely sub par year for the Lions as well as a very young squad makes them easy to write off, but I personally see a 7 win minimum season for them !!! Lion country is a Proud place with a huge loud fan base and a great place" all be it stinky" to play !!! I think the electric atmosphere and crowd as well as shame from last years display on and off field makes for the perfect storm of success !!! You heard it here first P Pride out
  5. Yall got any of them one legged fellars like Big Ed Mo said TCA had last year??
  6. I wouldnt say its a jealousy thing but it is disheartening for other rural 1A squads !!! Take LC for example It would be safe to say the nearest highschool is a long way from them so tranfers are very few and far between ! But being totally transparent ,if we was in the perfect storm so to speak as GB is with surrounding schools we would absolutely be expecting, no demanding our coach take advantage of the situation . So I guess It is understandable fpr there to be "envy" so to speak we are all human and are capable of it right? But before any real hate "not fun banter" is thrown towards GB ask yourself if you can blame them one iota ???? Oh yeah and ROLL GOLDEN TIDE
  7. I know I am almost as funny as I am funny lookin ,,, and thays saying something !!!! All in good fun bro !!!! How the Dawgs looking so far???
  8. Hearing the Cardinals should be back in normal form next season !!! Hows it goi g down there??? Man 1 bad season outta how many late playoff rides ???? We all have down years in small ball !!!!!
  9. Breaking news footage in from cross county Milans cheering section the last 2 years!!!! What is it mates? ts BPM in h3os natural habitat!!!! Depressed after getting Baugused !! Come on mates lets poke him with a stick and see what happens!!!! Its okay Big Purple machine AKA R Kelly I believe you can fly
  10. Come on BPM you gotta go to shutterstock to get a toilet full of pee???? Dont you pee in a toliet? You aint R Kellying over there are u bro??
  11. Well our Golden Tide fellas are in BigEdMo country participating in 7on7 games on fellowship of Christian athelete day !!!!! Roll Tide fine sirs, show them what you are made of on the field and off the field !!! Oh and BigEdMo country is TCA fyi !!! ROLL GOLDEN TIDE B2B
  12. Wait, what ??Did that orngnblk feller just call Roy a goat molester? This just got real
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