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  1. We are as good !!! The only advantage a 3 A 4 A or even 5 A has is usually "usable" depth in multiple positions , we have that plain and simple ! Everyone knows we are 4 backs deep 2 QB's deep 4 recievers and so on and so forth but few relaize we rotate linemen like a 4 A school . Deep in the season and hopefully a long playoff run will show the Tides insane depth , yep we dress 70 plus but they are not all scrubs past the top 25 players at all !! ROLL GOLDEN TIDE
  2. I might be wrong but we didnt have enough without the 6th graders due to the largest class in a while going to highschool, not a excpert on the Bear though maybe another Tide poster can chime in !!! But yes traditionally its 6th and then 7th and 8th as Varsity so to speak..
  3. The Algorithm figures SOS ranking and point differentials so with SS not performing well beginning of season from being so young it didnt bump us up and others played "tougher" games so it bumped them above us..
  4. HaHa no Bush to shake boss !!! 32 8th graders moved on to highschool this year the teams 90 percent 6th graders !! They will grow and develop, coach Marley will make sure of it !! Bare minimum we have 3 years after this one of a very high quality product on the field "mininum" !!! Thats so very rare for a lil ole 2 A school !! ROLL GOLDEN TIDE
  5. Yall should ban that Gold Doctor guy he dont offer to share no Nachos till the cheese is gone !!! How you gonna be friends with a fat dude and not share !!!!!! I was gonna go watch them Twisty Boys and Goal Post humpin Pioneers friday night but "Golden Tide Fanatic" aka my wife wants to go to Tha Ville !!!! And before yall ask no my wife aint blind or deaf " well not legally" ......She just has low standards I guess !!!
  6. Whats scary is JV is just as good ..Hard to believe but its just truth !!
  7. Your reply was a honest well written reply and I respect you sir ! Thank you
  8. 55/0 final great work put in .Roll Golden Tide!
  9. 42 /0 Golden Tide 3 picks so far dominate run game and fast stinning D
  10. 28/0 Golden Tide 5 minites left in quarter 2
  11. Tide backs are fast and strong watch out 2A Golden Tide will have no drop off next year !!! 21/0 Golden Tide
  12. End of quarter 1 Tide 7 and threatening in the 1 yard line Bruins 0
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