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  1. Will be 530 To get a even split for all classes
  2. If they break it the way they have spoke in Milan and Westview will be 3 A
  3. I know you laughed a little when you typed “top 10”
  4. Lots of kids out but we gonna RTR and get this W GATA
  5. This is definitely a good one , people hate on lake and that team is loaded, if they play the perfect game at the right time they could shock the doubters and win it all
  6. After the 4 spot 2 A basically falls of a cliff , just look at the Stanks domination off the River Rats
  7. No way is Halls a top 10 they barely managed a win against a mediocre WC team and lost to a mediocre team, Lake is my #10 and would give 4/10 all they want right now !
  8. Remember the emotion he had , choked up at your field after the streak ended , fighting back tears, told out men to go congratulate your Stangs cause it was their night ! That’s all you need to know about the character of “some” in Dburg for him to be that pissed !
  9. Best I can figure out is it’s the old Halls Tiger mascot which is amazing !!!!
  10. Peabody was offered a very small amount of time and couldn’t have gotten the squad on the filed and set with allotted time, is it ridiculous yes, is it just us ? No Dyersburg always does more than just the band ! Sucks yes , malicious no ! Let’s just take our beat down and move on to next thread Tide Nation ! Had a fun night Trojans staff was hospitable food was good let’s just let it go !
  11. Well folks, will this be a slug fest of two 4-1 teams that are good squads , or will we see a Paper “Tiger” get throttled ? Call it confidence but with tight wins agains teams like WC I lean towards the latter ! This Tide offense is very balanced and still short handed at that ! What say you ???
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