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  1. What is this supposed to be me and you after a 5 year Meth addiction pic ? I mean, at least we are thin !
  2. Our pitching depth has improved, I know this year isn’t over but we return all starters next year ! Roll Tide Roll
  3. 5 posts in he’s a veteran on The T
  4. Sleeping In your own bed , having your normal routine, being in your own community, and the list goes own , try again skippy !
  5. Yeah it isn’t cool at all and home field advantage, whoever comes out of our bracket will Have no one with low pitch counts able to toss it , oh well, can only play it out !
  6. Eaglville won’t have to even pitch any of their great starters to get to the end so anyone out of our bracket will get spanked !
  7. Transfers mean jack in a team sport with teenagers my friend , hide and watch and written off Tide show you a lil somethin ! People forget this group of seniors for peabody has been together a long time, no disrespect to your picks just do t see it the same ! ROLL TIDE
  8. Well some knows some unknowns to get this season ROLLIN ! What’s the expectation? Why another Gold ball of course ! Was talkin with my friend the Purple Dinosaur loving menace himself today which means it time to talk football !!! Also from here on out I will be BPM the “ the other white meat “ ! For those that ain’t too quick witted “ big Peabody Machine” ROLL GOLDEN TIDE
  9. I tell you the men have really shown me something ! I Have had to ask for some forgiveness from my Savior, I talked horrid about Coach, I know when I mess up and as a man gotta hold myself accountable, what I Habe realized is I might not “agree” with coach’s style of coaching but I am on the couch and he’s coaching g a gold balll game, so who am I to critique?! Our community never ceases to amaze me !!! Gold it’s what we do
  10. Well the great thing is your opinion nor mine matters a bit , I was quick to jump in bashing him as well until I found out he made more a move as a real man,Christian and leader than a guy worried about you or me talking crap, he in my opinion he changed some lives, maybe we are looking at the small picture and he is looking bigger ! No hate just being real !
  11. Game day Tide ! Let’s go ! Play physical on D and look for your teammates on O ! This is a team sport, the drama,chatter don’t matter a bit, go win this for your community your colors your fam and most importantly each and everyone of your brothers reppin Black N Gold on the hardwood !!!! RTR
  12. A wise post, always seems as if you know some connected Tide folk ! This was a team choice, I myself was to judgmental of the young man, the dad, I stand by my words, the ball players made their minds up and so far it has worked out, Mr Hunt played humble and hard all game ! Roll Tide Roll
  13. Sorry Charlie all girls played in the band, try again , swing and a miss shooter !
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