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  1. We miss ya brother! 

  2. Have you seen the amount of people that do not show up to these games to support these kids it is nothing to do with parents! Most of these young men succeed in spite of their parents! One of our decent small town rural schools probably have more of a crowd in one night with a six and four record than a team like MASE has had all year undefeated and barely scored on ! I don’t get it, when I played at Fulton county high “Atlanta” we had 4 people show up to games, moved 10 miles North to Marietta and the gate avg was 4000 !
  3. Just wanted to jump on here and say kudos to those that jumped on to rep MASE ! It really is cool when those kids get some recognition from someone in their own community! I have seen alot of these Memphis teams come to Trenton and most of the time take a beat down and behave like gentlemen shake hands hit hard ,get hit hard ,get up and if the end of the game represent Memphis well ! Coming from an inter-city school system myself I can say with all honesty if you weren’t playing Peabody I would be pulling for you, and if you do beat Peabody you will be my team to follow ,and hopefully win the championship! I won’t give a prediction on this game I do think Peabody is an underdog in all honesty! But we’re gonna roll Tide up there and hopefully leave Memphis with a win GATA
  4. 94-95 never seen live action, blew knee out in practice and never could recover ! It’s amazing how much different medicine and physical sports therapy is from then to nowIt’s amazing how much different medicine and physical sports therapy is from then to now
  5. Haha I don’t even like the word “Rib” right now
  6. He brings the high IQ strength and speed to the Linebacking core, missing him was a killer against LC
  7. Week 3 Peabody had multiple starters out ! QB / safety was hobbled, linebacker that has started since freshman was out pus others
  8. I was a real real “DAWG” not like those Purple lovin Milan folks
  9. As a university of Georgia grad and someone that played football there that didn’t work out for UT and ain’t gonna work out for you
  10. What a time of year folks ! if The Tide run their offense to their capabilities they win, tall task as the drops and such have been atrocious of late ! I will say this Wild Bill after studying game film MASE is a great team, they have a few tells amd some plays that will get them torched if Sam is on point, bringing the house every play will cost them some screen TD toss and runs , over pursuit will get them burnt by Sam’s legs, I don’t know that I give the Tide to much of a chance at more than a stop or 2 , the running backs for MASE are insanely talented and smart ! This is gonna be fun I really hope the crowd shows up for MASE they deserve to be cheered on ! Unfortunately I won’t make it with a couple shattered arm bones and broke ribs, but I will be screaming t my tv if it’s streamed !!!
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