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  1. P42 I really consider your opinion as solid ,with the info you have right now how do you see game 1 going ? And I know right now it’s literally a shot in the dark to call it !
  2. Brother let’s hope there isn’t we have some really good home games the first couple !!!
  3. 6 at the latest my friend ! You definitely will wanna sit on Peabody side ! The smell on wet dogs and tears from broken dreams get a bit much to deal with as the game wears on,this 5 th “L” in a row to their lil brother PHS is gonna sting !
  4. Good deal ! We just a lil ole poor town my man but we got good hospitality and grub at the Stadium ! I will say arrive early The Palace is a big facility but these games can easily draw 5 k plus in fans ,Which is close to double our population ! Hope to met up with great folks from here as usual !
  5. You planning on makin the trip or just watching our broadcast ?
  6. Wait what was y’all running under Grider the Huntingdung Delight ? I am confused!!
  7. I agree but our turn downs last year where no slouches in the last two season I know Huntington as well as Henry county shot us the big no ty to name a couple ! But these matchups in tenn seem to be more about coaches relationships with other coaches or lack there of ! We only got the SS Jackson match up from a internal connection !
  8. Absolutely but I can only speak for Peabody we got shot down trying to find games constantly !! I don’t think that is the reason we dropped ,nor do I think that’s the reason Westview Dburg and so on took us on the schedule either ! I will catch flack for this but IMO schools thought we was losing our entire line on O and D, just didn’t realize our rotation includes a lot of young men still on this team ! Yes we will need some young bucks to fill holes but let’s not forget who these hoss linemen got smashed in the mouth by during practice for the last 2 years !
  9. You are correct ! And to be honest I expected the UC gate to become lackluster the way the series has changed for multiple years now. I am just impressed with our out of region schedule, we definitely have at least 5 games that should be awesome to watch and that includes the one region slugfest with LC !
  10. Because of our last stretch in 1A the gates at home was horrible ! We just lost several huge gates I.e UC,GC , but we didn’t “have” to play Memphis schools in 2A , and I have been confused about why moving to 1A “made it easier to schedule out of region “ ! I just don’t think Dburg or Westview woulda cared if we was 1 or 2 A would they ? All I know is we got a heck of a program ,they are smart fellers so Their opinions was the only ones that mattered when the dust settles . For me there has been 3 goals in my mind yearly and they won’t change !!! 1. Beat the Purple Pugs 2. Gold Ball 3. mold young men into succsesful men ROLL GOLDEN TIDE
  11. I can agree a bit but there isn’t a team in the west 2A that was close to McKenzie or Fayetteville City , and for that matter Lake County should be tossed in the mix, I just don’t see a bit down Stang team and very mediocre Westiew squad being a worry for the Tide, that being said anyone can get beat anytime we in Trenton know that all to well “Thanks GC” ! It made no since for us to play 1 a IMO but I am a supporter and fanatic so not my decision. I know I just can’t wait to see some football soon friend and I know you feel the same ! With Peabodys departure from 2A I think Meigs will rack up a couple of Gold Balls !!! ROLL GOLDEN TIDE HUNGRY FOR MORE RING CHASIN 4
  12. Gonna be a good tough scrimmage season ! Can’t wait for you to see some of the changes in position of our returning starters , whew doggie wait till you se me this monster line and quick too !!!
  13. No more ready than 2 A has been for a few years ! This team will again improve over last year !! I know I know “Prides so cocky” Cocky was like 2013 I have officially moved on to confident of capabilities of this Staff,team and town to keep winning GoldBalls ! Until we don’t just Ride The Wave with us !!!! Spend a day with our Team and it is very evident what we have is Golden !!!!
  14. I would argue Milan has a better chance in 4 A but 4 A has really been dominated by the East for a bit hasn’t it ? No slouches anywhere this year coming up ! Only classification that took a overall hit is 2 A with tops teams dropping down ! And that’s no knock on the 2A programs like Meigs H20 or TC
  15. What’s the out of region schedule looking like ?
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