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  1. Ouch Diltard,that's gonna leave a scar.
  2. Funny you say that,Me and the wife was waiting on our food at Toyami for a hour and I heard a interesting convo, lady says all the boys been at her house working out,another guy in line says" you know we can get in trouble for stuff like that" lady says naw not as long as nobody finds out" in the middle of a line with 30 people in it" With 10 of em wearing Tide hats amd shirts and 5 wearing Hornet hats " we gonna keep that secret for ya hun" Of course it is probably happening everywhere but only "some" Milan parents are so arrogant as to talk about it!!
  3. Milan will be great but not right away,they are getti.g no time to adapt to whatever the system will be with the new hungry staff !!! I think we will see a deep run from the Dawgs but I see the first few games being disappointing for em " not so suddle hint"
  4. Yep with very fast big elusive running backs ,Vaughn is fast and shifty,jones is a 220 pound bo e breaker and gannaway is lighting in a bottle, I think the line will go about 265 but very fast ! Lots of starting beast last year that was 10 th graders..
  5. Dude you are spot on I am a 44 year old 315 lb fat boy ,two heart attacks and type 1 diabetic ,but guess what Iam in my 9 th day of quarantine from Covid 19 , I've had a cough ,fever and some chest discomfort,they called me 5 days ago cause health dept checks on me daily and told me to sleep on stomach,already did that anyway and unless the Rona Body slams me in next day or two I should be over it... I wont pretend to know why it was overhyped but remeber flu kills tens of thousands yearly,go figure...Also 3 people at my work had it and have never had a symptom other than cough and 101 fever..
  6. Not a stretch simply because 2 A will be very down except for a few imo. Look at the size of senior groups like Peabody,Meigs and Foorrest, hard to compensate for that in small ball.
  7. With this layoff Peabody definitely benefits, our JV teams backs destroyed their competition and we ran at will for 300 plus yards on high quality teams like USJ. The line is almost completely intact,lost very few starters from there,Jones Vaughn and several other backs will be seniors and those 2 could start anywhere up to 3 A plain and simple ! Coaching , run game,line dominance,ask Meigs coach ,I believe he said best line he had ever seen,if I remember correctly ! Coaches son at QB defensive genius on the sideline,head coach that could get the best from anyone ,let's see ,I say it now 3 peat plain n simple !! These remarks do not represent our kids coaches or Tide Nation these are the opinions of Peabody Pride " but he ain't never wrong" Roll Tide 3 peat Nuff Said
  8. Great show as always ! Hopefully some folks will sleep on the Tide this year amd we can make a lil noise..
  9. Should be with Football Jesus amd Defensive Moses there amd a senior loaded class but naaaw we still win by 10 .....
  10. 1 and done 2 in a row 3 peat bulldog meat What will we call 4 in a row ???
  11. Haha cant say its not 100 percent for sure but if it happens whatch out 2 A..
  12. This year will be fun to watch Tide Nation !!! With such a stable of beasts at the running back position will we feature any one player? Will we rotate the top 3? I am very optimistic for 2 /1000 yard rushers with the blocking the Tide will have . weakness? IMO the deep ball threat will be a weaker spot on O , but if we are being honest we play 2A ball and running the ball wins Gold ... Spring practice is right around the corner and there will be some shocking news to come out soon ! Stay tuned Tidesters , the qusst for a 3peat is more real than some know ! 3 PEAT ROLL TIDE TILL WE DIE
  13. I was being a jerk in my statement !! I agree 100 percent with your statment !!! I believe there are several 2 A programs that are great jobs ! Where I played in Ga. Coaches got lambasted for dropping in classification" shoulda gave some backs story to my comment" ! UC is a amazing job plain n simple !! That being said " ROLL TIDE "
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