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  1. If a frog had wings .......................!
  2. Heard that Waverly has picked up some coaches and a couple of Transfers. Merry Christmas everyone.
  3. I wasn’t being ugly if you took it that way that’s not what I intended. I was simply saying that the complaints isn’t going to do anything and on your comment about Peabody and Waverly and Fairley 1. I said Peabody would win that gold ball after I went to Trenton and watched them play Milan. 2. I said Fairley and Peabody would meet in the Playoffs and it would be Peabody’s biggest test all yr. 3. I said Waverly would be a one and done in the playoffs but my team surprised me they made it to the second round and won Region. They also beat a team that Forrest was unable to beat. 4. To tickle my own fanny I also said Meigs would be playing Peabody in Cookeville and Peabody would beat them by at least 14 or more. I’m not always right I’m just like any other guy on here but my Predictions were pretty dang good in 2A football this yr. I really am sorry the Refs interfered in this game. I feel like it wasn’t right but life goes on Bud. Hope you find peace in the loss Riverside handed you guys.
  4. I think it’s time to let it rest Salem. You can complain all you want but it’s not going to change anything. Forrest would have had the same end result against Peabody.
  5. Very interesting topic I think. Wish they could have like a national championship for each class. I think it would be pretty cool. I have always heard your best high school football athletes come from Florida, Texas, and Cali.
  6. Do you have to be a part of a coach at school to attend this?
  7. Heard the Rebels have a really good QB returning
  8. So again I ask the question so when you have an answer I’m more than willing to read it. I have never doubt the Peabody coaches. But
  9. For you Region 7 boys! Who is the favorite next yr? Gibson ? McKenzie ? UC ? The Ville? Halls ? Trenton ? Don’t bite my head off but I don’t see Trenton reloading like they did this yr.
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