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  1. Camden plays in a week Region. Fairview is the top dog and has been for a while. Camden might make the playoffs and be a one and done.
  2. Yea that’s why I got to see a lot of Region 7 games last yr. Nobody wants to go watch a blowout unless you have a kid playing and my son Graduated after the 2016 season. I sure don’t want to watch Huntingdon run all over Waverly either.
  3. Meigs is like 4 hours away tho that game should be a great game. I would like to see the Hill play also. I will have to think on this one. I really like the facility at Scott’s Hill and the people there also. @powerp you think the game will live up to the hype? The Trenton Milan game sure didn’t!
  4. Panic mode in the Camden game!!!
  5. What’s your guys thoughts on the best game that’s going on in the state this Friday. It needs to be 1A or 2A. I’m looking for a good game to go too that’s worth the Drive Time!!!
  6. Seems like we should have concentrated on players and coaching instead of changing the waverly colors and logos!!
  7. Well then what in the heck is that man talking about lol
  8. I heard from a humboldt coach that y’all wouldn’t play them in basketball. I heard that come from the hourses mouth.
  9. Have you seen the trophy it’s pretty bada**
  10. I’m extremely upset with how the game last night went!!
  11. Sweetwater must have had a big turnaround y’all smoked them last yr. was the game as close as the score shows?
  12. I’m not giving up. Never will but I do know the game just a bit and when you see players walking around with their hands on their hips, missing blocks right in front of them, not cutting the ball up up through a hole you can drive two Mack trucks through, the same look basically on the O side of the ball, busted coverage in the secondary, the list goes on! Waverly was not ready to play last night nowhere near ready. I don’t expect them to be ready Friday either. Huntingdon will mud stop us!
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