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  1. Haha! Trader gives a pretty good and fair assessment of teams. Good luck Friday bud. Someone please keep us posted on the T.
  2. Just wait till the the playoffs. It gets really entertaining!
  3. Thats good news for waverly!
  4. Sticking with my Regional friends on this one. Pulling for Riverside! I think the panthers take this one 35-28! Much respect for both programs. Good luck guys.
  5. @Trollin are you talking to yourself?
  6. I know we have the athletes to be better than we are in the secondary. And I’m not saying we have wrong players out there. Maybe we do maybe we don’t. I personally think it’s a lack of fundamentals. Yea I said it but I’m just trying to be honest. I don’t think Randal has actually stepped in on this but I think he should. Riverside will try to do the same thing and their QB is better than most of the ones we have faced. If anything I hope this game with educate the players for what they are fixing to be up against in the Riverside game and the playoffs. Riverside is a must win for us! I also hope we come out of this game healthy!
  7. Alright man I’m calling you out!!!! I’m sending you a message!!!!
  8. This is crazy! Pride is a good dude! Do I think Salem meant to say something the way Pride took it no! Do I blame Pride for the unleashing no! Do I think this is the right place no! I commend super8 for trying to help and the other posters for backing Pride. I’m going to email coach T and have this thread removed. All of this in my opinion has ruined a good thread and it’s a shame. Thanks for everyone’s opinion on the game.
  9. I hope this ain’t right! Houston county is not a top ten team. I have been saying that from the jump.
  10. Has anybody posted the top tens today?
  11. That dude is Trolling the boards right now
  12. Westview has played some really good teams. Not all of them were good teams but some of them were. Like I said if waverly plays good ball I hope we can make a game of it. Our pass defense needs to suck it up and play some ball!
  13. I’m sure they are going to score a lot. Nobody has stated that we was going to beat them. I just hope it’s a competitive game.
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