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  1. Matt had waverly flipped around in one season. Without Matt in 2014 waverly went 1-9 to 9-3 and the second round of the playoffs with Matt in 2015. Rice will make an impact this coming season watch and see. Its a skill to pull the athletes from the hall some coaches have it some coaches don’t. Rice has proven he has that skill.
  2. Triple you must be Trippin. Fairview, Waverly, and White House will be the front runners I believe. White House had a freaking ton of kids on that team so they should have plenty to pick from and Fairview has always been extremely tuff.
  3. Glad to see you turn that page Beagle I think we will finish second in the region and make it to the 2nd round. I know one thing them boys will play their butt off. I think Elliot will have a really good season this year. Griffin will have a decent year but will have some growing pains stepping into that starting QB position. All those kids mentioned by Howdy are ballers for sure. Can’t wait to see what the Tigers are able to bring to the table.
  4. Looks like he is out bud! What the heck is up over there?
  5. Shows you how good the west teams really were this year! Riverside, Huntingdon, and MAHS probably could have won state!
  6. I think they would have made it to the ship if they were still in 3A but would have humbled against Alcoa
  7. Thank you for doing this @Southtowner! Hope to see everyone next year.
  8. Absolutely 100% no! Wouldn’t even be a close game!
  9. I don’t want any of you Hampton fans to ever think I personally was calling anybody chumps or try to take anything from Hampton. I just knew what kind of beast Westview is. I want to congratulate you guys on making it to State and getting that silver! Many many many players, coaches, and fans can only wish for that. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of noise y’all make next year.
  10. Absolutely amazed by the outcome of this game.Congratulations to South Pittsburgh.
  11. Good luck bud first championship I’ve missed in a while. Bring that gold ball back west!
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