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  1. I bet it is a relief for sure.
  2. No it don’t mean anything but it’s just so aggravating when you know dang good and well a team is better than what they are getting credit for! Toughest schedule in 2A in my opinion!
  3. Wonder if Marion would jump to number 1 if they was to beat Meigs? Also Huntingdon is way better than #7 they have proven that over the past couple weeks. Don’t y’all think so?
  4. Appreciate it. Where is doc? Haven’t seen him post in a while.
  5. I got dibs first guys wait your turn lol
  6. Warriors have a good team but nowhere near the caliber of the Rebels. McKenzie wins big!
  7. I’m just poking. Much respect for Peabody and their fan base.
  8. Is it after the 2022 season? I can’t remember.
  9. I believe reclassification is after 2022 season
  10. Waverly will more than likely be moving back down to AA after next year I hope we keep Fairview on the schedule like we have been.
  11. If you went back further it would probably be all Fairview. I’m curious now. I wasn’t trying to say you have my permission fool
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