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  1. I think it’s a safe bet that District 13AAA will get two teams to the ‘boro once again. The disparity is very wide between Regions 7 and 8 in AAA girls basketball as it is and both Dburg and South Gibson are well above average.
  2. Dyersburg is going to be good, really good. As mentioned, they have a lot of talent on the way and the trio of Chelby, Joya, and KayKay will only be better with a full season together under their belt. To me, playing in Murfreesboro two consecutive postseasons will only serve to make them more dangerous if/when they stand among the final eight teams this March. Experience, good or bad, always makes you better. And not only do they have experience, they know how to win there. Schedules are coming together for all of the teams and I am excited about what I am seeing on the preliminary drafts on Dyersburg’s schedule. I know I am being a tease, but it’s simply not my place to announce what another school is doing. With that said, I won’t go into specifics. However, I am excited about renewed home and away contracts for the non-district portion of the calendar. I think west Tennessee will have a lot of interest as well.
  3. Do you know where to find a District 14AAA Bracket?
  4. Context. The original post was suggesting the notion of moving state to Cookeville, thus my comment about how if a conversation is going to happen then the west should be an option as well.
  5. I really appreciate the kind words. I was court side for Gibson County's win and had a blast. I went up and visited with fans a couple of times and had a great experience. While many stayed, some had to get back on the road and wanted to know how to listen to the game. I've said more than once that Gibson County has always been one of my favorite places to call a game in the brief five years I've been helping the cause. And the irony is that my daughter was a student in Gibson County as a Kindergarten student when we returned to west Tennessee. With that said, she would've had a gold ball either way. LOL
  6. I completely agree with you. But going back to the Upperman game the five point lead was with 3:18 remaining. Two missed shots and two turnovers gave the Lady Bees a 6-0 run in 1:49. We entered the final minute trailing. I saw late lead management happen in another postseason game and asked on a broadcast why we are not forcing the other team to foul.
  7. Yes it takes breaks and even luck to win it all, but the money is on Dyersburg to go back to back. We are losing three irreplaceable Seniors as each brings a very unique piece to the program. However, there is depth on the varsity roster and more pieces coming from the middle school. As far as the pressure goes, you have to respect the fact that the Lady Trojans were not flying under anyone’s radar this season after making it to the state quarters then year before. They embraced the target, lived up to the hype, and won the gold ball under the most impossible of circumstances. Yes I am a homer, but there is no way I would bet against Dburg. And not only do I expect them to run the table, I see a Miss Basketball Finalist recognition coming next season.
  8. I can’t definitively say that they were hosed but to me it’s tough to blame the refs for a loss in a game you were up by as many as 11.
  9. Charter schools and magnet schools should be bumped to Division 2. End of story.
  10. Same. When I heard the number of the player assessed the “T” I couldn’t believe it. If you were to poll the city on the least likely to get a technical foul, the young lady assessed the technical would be voted least likely unanimously. But then again, I felt the same way two nights earlier when McNeal was given a tech. In the moments leading up to his ejection I commented how the game had gotten away from the officials and that each coach was going to have to walk a very fine line to avoid getting hit with a whistle that might have catastrophic consequences. According to the Sun, Brent was simply trying to get an explanation. I can assure you that he wasn’t the only one. When a point disappeared from Dyersburg to start the second half I asked a referee for an explanation. He said that the officials had made the same inquiry and that the scorer’s table would not give an explanation. It wasn’t until after the game that we realized that the discrepancy came from Dyersburg’s first basket of the game. A two point shot was given three points on the scoreboard and stat sheet. If you go back to the video, there was no reason for anyone in the gym to believe it was a three as none of the arms of the officials ever rose. And why they couldn’t fix that before halftime is beyond me. And on a related note, stat sheets were consistently inaccurate during the quarterfinal round. I finally gave up on their stats and relied solely on what I could record in real time.
  11. By this logic, the girls state soccer tournament shouldn’t be held in Chattanooga. Not only is it on the extreme edge of the state for everyone in the west, Baylor school is simply inadequate to host a state tournament. I’ve been there for years. It’s in a challenging location, parking is abysmal, and the facilities are not great. Heck, they ask assistant coaches to take the microphone to introduce starting lineups.
  12. I do not disagree with that. In my opinion, each of the grand divisions should have an opportunity to host.
  13. If any conversation is going to be had, why not consider a venue west of the Tennessee River? Believe it or not, it would be ok for the west to host an event.
  14. What if I said that it's ok to have state events that aren't impossible for students and fans from the west to attend?
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