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  1. If I'm not mistaken,one has been hired to be the head coach at Lake Co high school and another one as his assistant.This was about 3 or 4 weeks ago so maybe they knew something then.
  2. Guess the grass wasn't greener at Shelbyville either.
  3. I hope it never happens.LC is as small as any team in the state but have fared pretty well.
  4. Good luck to Greenfielda new coach
  5. Lake co won a state title and several playoff appearances with just over 20 players.Heard talk years ago about thinking about giving football up but stuck it out.In many small towns,it's tough but at same time,talk of the town on Sat mornings,something to do and possibly keeps some kids out of trouble.
  6. Parents will do anything if they think Little Johnny has a better chance at a state title.
  7. I hope so.Juat having some early fun.I know McKenzie is loaded and Trenton as well.Look for Dresden to be a tough out as well.And I'm sure Fayetteville with their returnees and probably transfers
  8. I guess several of these high schools are offering NIL deals like Colleges are doing to get transfers.
  9. With Trenton having 8 starters back.Should be a tough out again this year.I thought LC moved the ball pretty good against them at Trenton and just about everyone back and stronger on defense and Ganaway gone,just think LC will win.Both teams should be tested early with Trenton playing Milan and Lake Co playing Union City who I read beat Dyer Co 4 to 1.last week in a scrimmage.
  10. Trenton has a very good qb.Very impressive.Wouldnt sleep on LC qb Ceasar.Freakish athlete,has speed.Think he went about 70 yards against Trenton last year on a running play.LC has lots of talent at the skill positions.Should have all state running back,his backup,a junior played a lot and very fast.Had a freshman in Chamberlain,very talented and a running back at the middle school last year has the potential to be something special .All state receiver Clay is back.68 said LC appears to be much stronger defensively.LC has some huge linemen .So like 68,true falcon think.Barring injury,going to be a tougher team than last year and still very young.Think it's McKenzie,LC,Trenton,Fayetteville,Dresden all being top ten and some in top 5.
  11. I didn't say Trenton would be bad,just think LC has the weapons to beat them this year.
  12. I think LC beats Peabody.LC played Trenton tough in playoffs but running back was the difference in that game with break away touchdowns but Ganaway is gone.
  13. UC may very well be good but still for Dyer Co to lose 4-1 with all the students they have could be tough in their classification.We shall see how good UC is first game of the season.
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