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  1. I agree.Hate just giving the job to a young guy or a young coach cause his Dad has been a coach a long time.
  2. I hope they hire from outside ,not promote within the program.
  3. I hope so.With both win or lose.Was really just talking to get easy wins like others schools.
  4. Forrest must pay really well.Cant see why a coach would leave a bigger school for a smaller school unless lit more money or maybe from that area
  5. I think schedules are set for next year.After that,hope LC drops Dyersburg,TCA,Union City unless goes to AA,and Central.Add Fulton Co ,Fulton City,.maybe Perry Co.,Middleton even if longer travel.Or keep Union City and Central and pick up Ky schools not far away.Hopefulky get those easy wins like others.
  6. Doesn't matter really.Like some other teams,will play 4 or 5 nobody's at beginning of the year to get ranked and then play tougher teams like Colorado did this year.Yes LC will lose to UC next year,Dyersburg,TCA,Maybe even Central and SF and Dresden.Dont know.But some teams feel so great winning 5 easy games then lose a couple tough games.But to some,easy wins count more.But look where it got Florida St.
  7. Losing a ton of your talking about stud running back.Not in numbers.Think LC only has 4 seniors.
  8. I may be wrong but think South Fulton is going to surprise some people.
  9. Congrats Dresden on the win against UC.Hoping you guys win Friday night
  10. I'll see you sometime,let you know what I've heard in orivate
  11. He should check it out if he decides to come back Don't just enroll at LC I pretty well know all the rules.And I think if he does enroll at LC,once there 3 days or practices there,he's considered being at LC and maybe ineligible at either school.All premature as he may not come anyway
  12. Lol..I hear you but LC couldn't stop them this year and they have about whole team back
  13. You say his legal guardian is his mother.Thats what I thought.But she didn't make a move did she? I think it was his other circumstance that gave him approval to play at Trenton without making a move .So if she didn't move.Dint think he's going to be eligible if he wanted to come back.Id think people should told him that if he went to Trenton without moving
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