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  1. Sonny Moore rankings have Greenback as the highest rated team,think Huntington and South Pitts were just behind.Has Lake Co farther down and has Union City ranked just ahead of Lake Co ,who play the first week of the season.Has Union City and Lake Co about even. Also has Cornersville well ahead of Lake Co and also Crockett Co is above both Lake Co and Union City,another team Lake Co will play.
  2. He can.He's about 6'3 and 235 lbs.Can run over you as well as throw the ball.Try to watch West Carroll playoff film from last year.Think he went 10 for 11 in that game and you will see the ball was in the air 60 yards.He lived in Lake co but went to Dyersburg his freshman year where supposedely he was going to be the starter for Dyersburg his sophomore year.He also went to Dyersburg for baseball where he throws in the 90's.He helped lead Lake Co to the state tournament in baseball this year
  3. I think LC will have one or 2 receivers with a thousand yards.Very good receivers.One of them made the poll I listed on first team preseason defense.LC just had a stud running back and didn't throw much.Think LC will open the play book this year.Plus Cambell Puckett,who was picked as best lineman,may be the best tight end in the state in several classifications.
  4. Wait till they get through playing all their region games..Some teams can make the playoffs just winning 1 game if there are only 5 teams..lol
  5. Class 1A 1st-Team Offense QB: Braden Carnes – Greenback RB: Courtney Tate – Freedom Prep RB: C.J. Webb – Humboldt WR: Holden Willis – Greenback WR: Demeries Brooks – Freedom Prep WR: Keshawn Hudson – Mt. Pleasant OL: Hunter Clemons – Gordonsville OL: Brycen Horner – Perry Co. OL: Campbell Puckett – Lake Co. OL: Coale Gamble – South Pittsburg OL: Andrew Farmer – Coalfield Defense DL: Derrell Bailey, Jr – Greenback DL: J.J. Headrick – Whitwell DL: TeDarrius Howard – Westwood DL: Tanner Snyder – Lake Co. LB: Edric Cole – Middle College LB: Bo McLemore – Huntington LB: Kevin Borjas – Monterey DB: Ronto Tipton – South Pittsburg DB: Hunter Ensley – Huntington DB: Anthony Walker – Freedom Prep DB: Izaiah Matheny – Lake Co. Class 1A 2nd-Team Offense QB: Hayden Lovely – Mt. Pleasant RB: Quea Taylor – Dresden Ath: Jaylyn Hubbard – South Pittsburg WR: Zach Tucker – Middle College WR: Wyatt Rutgerson – Greenback WR: Peyton McKinney – Coalfield OL: Justin Hancock – Gordonsville OL: Luke Allen – Greenfield OL: Caleb Payne – Richland OL: Elijah Ray – Harriman OL: Colton Alexander – Greenback Defense DL: Darian Harris – Bruceton Central DL: Kevonte Thomison – Fayetteville DL: Jamarkus Young – Mt. Pleasant DL: Dalton Goad – Clay Co. LB: Keyshon Gross – Lake Co. LB: Dalan Halley – Freedom Prep LB: Landon White – Oliver Springs DB: Dalton Chastain – Collinwood DB: Divers Lockhart – Dresden DB: Isaac Vanwitzenburg – Coalfield DB: Skyshn Washer – Gordonsville preseason picks from another site
  6. Josh Puckett is the coach.His older son,Cambell is the best tight end in the state,at least in Single A and maybe some of the other classifications.
  7. Talking about transfers.I noticed the QB and lineman from Freedom Prep were ineligible at Central and are now moving to play for Ravenwood.I think 5 players all total.Thinking 3 of them from Memphis.Surely all 3 families aren't moving.FRom my take on reading,maybe I'm wrong but it said their legal guardian was moving.Is he legal guardian over all 3?Seems like its going to be a mess.
  8. Yes they pulled some from their thread of recruiting but its what it is.I love it.Football time.Dont mind them or us stirring the pot
  9. Saw on a preseason all state team,Greenback and Lake Co have 3 players on the first team ,either on offense or defense and Lake Co has Keyshon Gross on the second team.And if young man from Cov is what I'm hoping,maybe only thing kept him off the team is him not being at Lake Co last year. I think So.Pitts had best running back.QB was from Greenback along with a receiver.Another receive was on 2nd team from Greenback.Best lineman was Josh Puckett from Lake Co wiith Snyder from Lake Co also listed in the top 3 .
  10. Greenback started this mess...lol. So Lake Co only has 1 transfer.That moved from 60 miles away.Not just 3 miles from another school zone.
  11. Does that mean only one playing or only one of them starting?
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