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  1. Well Greenback beat South Pitt last year and Lake Co pummeled Greenback.Had touchdown called back,penalty inside the 10.Much worse than the score actually showed
  2. Oh well.A year in which just nothing can be done I guess.Hate it happened.Now Lc will face West Carroll again.Dont really like the matchup but maybe coach plays a couple guys on defense also.And stop the qb and the running back.But guess too far out to even think about that.Congrats Greenfield.
  3. I'm scared to even go to the Lake Co - Greenfield game tonight with Trenton and McKenzie both maybe coming to Single A.With rain and bad weather in the forecast.Hope all this trembling doesnt cause massive tidal wave at Reelfoot Lake or the Miss.River flow backwards tonight.
  4. I'd rather see LC play Trenton,McKenzie and teams like Huntingdon,Union City and lose than beat Sisters of the Poor 50 to 0
  5. Welcome.Never know what will happen.Injuries.People moving.Some families may have a stud and feel like ,maybe we need to go to Milan or South Gibson and play tougher competition instead of playing the Perry Countys,Middleton,Gleason,Greenfield,Lake Co.Im sure many will want to have their sons looked at by colleges against better competition.Lake Co will be fine with Trenton and McKenzie.
  6. My radio is saying Dresden winning 20 to 0 with 8 min left
  7. Radio just siddresden had about 11 p kllm Ayers quarantined to Covid.Seemed to say they were on sidelines or maybe not there? I'd think if they were quarantined they wouldnt be there unless injured
  8. I guess Dresden wants to play Greenfield...lol.
  9. That would put West Carroll in the LC- Greenfield winner bracket if holds true.Would think Dresden still would get in by beating Humboldt last game
  10. So you saying Gleason is playing tonight and winning 14 to 0?
  11. Lake Co has played South Pitt,Greenback,Trenton,Huntingdon,Alcoa throughout their history.Will have a very good team next several seasons,win or lose
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