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  1. Sometimes a good ‘ol fashioned country whopping is just what somebody needs to get things going. The Lions playing with a chip on their shoulder & hungry for redemption is an understatement… and perchance McEwen also whips us.. well that would be a double-whammy I don’t know if we could recover very well from that. Yes, anything is possible, that’s why we better get serious preparing this week & come out playing the best ball ever Friday night. It WILL BE a battle, no doubt about that! We sure got tons of more naysayers & doubters now, and deservedly so after our showing (or lack of a showing more like it), but again, it’s not if one falls & fails, but it’s how we get up off of the mat and come back. Our Lions being better than ever this Friday is how I think this plays out. Thinking the Warriors will take the tsunami of revenge that’ll be unleashed Friday night thanks to McKenzie. We’ll see.
  2. ^^^ I’m liking these predictions, of course. (well duh me. right?) .. But one never knows how the psyche will twist. Will Dresden be too wounded & depressed? Self-doubting? Or get mad & fired up, more determined than ever? < Man I sure hope so!! > .. Will the Warriors have a moment like happened in that Rocky movie against that Russian?.. See.. he bleeds! He’s only a human! And now they see that Dresden can be whooped, & whooped soundly & thoroughly at that, & that fact will inspire them to play way above themselves? Gleason has played Dresden really, really tough in past years when we were the obvious favs, but we had to have miracle plays to pull out a win. Them Bulldogs often “play-up” to us Lions in our rivalry.. will a healthy & motivated McEwen do the same? < Man I hope not! > This will be a telling & revealing game to see how Dresden bounces back. Westview has recovered from their two straight losses to start the season and pulled off 5 straight wins, getting up off of the mat like they ain’t done yet! Can’t erase them from the equation yet, can you? Mehopes & methinks our Lions will do some of this too.. it’s comeback-kids time for us as well! Yeah.. that’s it! That’s the storyline I like! << whoa.. how about THIS for a wild dream?!?.. Both 1A & 2A champs this year come from Weakley County? Neighboring towns of Dresden & Martin bringing back the Gold!! Whoop whoop! Oh yes!! So now I’m in my happy place of lalaland & delirium dreaming thanks to a head-injury & high fever, right? That’s what your thinking.. I know.. I can discern what’s in y’all’s noggins. Head injuries with encephalitis & scarlet fever helps me have these awesome thoughts! I get it. Both of “us” proven beatable & not good-enough teams winning the gold?!? From same county? HaHaHaaaHaaaaaa! ROFLMHO! Yeah, …. right! But what will all the naysaying negative no-no-ers think were it To happen!?!?!! For me it’ll be AWESOME to see! And you heard it here first. .. just sayin.. ya know.. just sayin’ !!!
  3. We were thiiiiiiiis close moving to Trenton-Peabody area but the Lord put us in Dresden instead. Luv it too. I have deep, long family roots in that area of the woods, and there is special properties, nutrients, & stuff in the water & soil & edible plants grown around there. Used to be called “farm fed” boys, or country breed, or sumin like dat. Just like Vidalia onions are only found in that one area of Georgia (which area also grows the trees where most of the worlds chopsticks are made, those trees are “perfect” for them, all thanks to the soil content, so I learned recently).. it’s the same for that nook & cranny of W.Tenn area, they just grow them young ‘ins bigger in that area. I think the town name, in the ancient native tongue, means Area Of Giants, or something like that. <<< so I been told by the locals & relatives.
  4. The Warriors will be on the warpath, seeking to take down the humbled Lions. Playoff seeding at stake. An important Region 6 game. Can Dresden bounce back? Or will McEwen give us another L this week? All know what I’ll say being the perpetual homer that I am, but what say ye, eh?
  5. So I guess TSSAA likes these 2 year cycles now instead of 4 years like they used to do? I hope these Regions get redone back to where that’s not so much travel distance! Region 6 & 7 teams in 1A-3A are scattered all over now. I thought they did have a good thing going so it seemed as far as town proximity in same Region and all. and those historic rivalries before last change, and this recent redoing flushed all that away. But then again, football is football, 11 on 11, line ‘em up & play, whoever it is, wherever it is. When TSSAA speaks, we all gotta listen. And truly I would hate to be those making such decisions. No joke.
  6. What a year for football out here in rural West Tenn! What a year!
  7. Did they ever. As a fan of Dresden it was tough & frustrating to watch.. as a fan of the game of football it was impressive to watch, a sight to behold. Like watching our gold ball team, twas truly something. Reminded me of when we won that gold too.. Greenback started out like they was gonna whip us good , and then we kicked it in gear. Man y’all’s Rebels got a good thing going, no kidding. If anyone does beat y’all, that team will have to be perfect & superb in every way.
  8. Will the Lions get better from eating crow & humble pie? Will this be a fire under our fanny to bounce back like crazy & play better than this? Will the Rebels get too cocky and things backfire on them? Will anyone beat the Rebels? .. Time will tell. Time will tell.
  9. WOW!!! Not many expected THIS score, did they? Neither the score at Dresden. At least our northern neighbors got the W. What a night for football! What a night!
  10. Yes they did. If we lose to the eventual champions, or repeat silver team, no shame in that. Still lots of football left. But man those Rebels were impressive, salute to them.
  11. 2A Westview beat UC 47-20. in other games.. wow! Lake Co. beat Carroll co, Peabody won & is in 1st place,
  12. Rebels score again. 2:45 mins left. 40-7. Dresden gets unsportsmanlike penalty.uhggg.
  13. Another punt by Dresden.. & he shanks it. We’ll see how we bounce back from this. And 1A better watch out for McKenzie. If anyone can beat them.. salute to you & hats off.
  14. You hear about it, then you see it. Wow! McKsnzie is definitely legit! They score again. The dagger kill shot was made unless some miracle comeback happens.
  15. Well.. we turnover on downs back to Rebels. Looking bleak for the home team.
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