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  1. I don't think I said you were a Dresden fan!
  2. Ok, I'm wondering if MASE is going to update their UTube channel " Road to State, MASE"? From the looks of it their road was a dead end and the Rebels were the ones that closed the road. We wasn't supposed to beat them, they had the best athletes. How are gonna stop them, they're much bigger than we are. I'm still at loss for words on that defensive performance. Go Rebels, finish it!
  3. He named 4 teams from the West and 2 from the East. Out of the 4 in the West he named, who would've Dresden beat?
  4. That's all we want as Rebel fans, we want y'all's best game! In the end no excuses for either team. Line up and play hard nosed football. Go Rebels!
  5. East vs West! I hope the Refs let em play, hopefully an injury free game for both teams. Go Rebels!!!
  6. Mckenzie Rebel fan here. I'm going with the other team from Carroll County. Mustangs in a close one. Close meaning by 12 points. We'd love to see Huntingdon represent the West in the Ship!
  7. Week 1 they played Mckenzie, and Mckenzie has a stingy, top 5 defense in the State as far as points allowed.
  8. Like the other McKenzie poster @VOLnWTN said, he is an outstanding young man. He's our best run or pass defender at CB, at least in my mind. I don't know if we'd be here without him! He works at DQ, we talk X's and O's when I'm in there.
  9. Great game here, athletes everywhere! Who executes the best wins this game! Hopefully the refs let em play. No injuries for either side! Go Rebels!!!
  10. Good luck to the Huntingdon Mustangs as well, both very talented teams.
  11. Well this is the matchup we've all been wanting to see. Better get here early as there will be standing room only. Hopefully it'll be a good, clean, injury-free game! Go Rebels!!! Tiger fans be sure to use 101 West Bell Ave in your GPS, & it'll take you to the visitors side.
  12. I agree 100% too, #11 J. Cassidy would trade it for a gold ball in a NY sec!!!
  13. Hopefully a good, clean, injury-free game. Moore County fans if you'll use 101 Bell Ave, this will take you to the visitor's side with parking lot.
  14. Please lemme know how #35 Wills is as a RB. Eg: what type of runner, how many yards after first contact, and if he's easy to tackle. Tia
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