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  1. Wow! What an effort by our D, on point adjustments at halftime by the Coaching staff and execution by the players! Congrats Dresden on a heckuva year. We have 1 more game, let's go Rebels!!!
  2. Battle of the team that's expected to win vs the team everyone wrote off after winning the Gold ball last year! My prayers are for an injury free game by both teams, and the zebras let em play! Let's go Rebels!!!
  3. I see Riverside winning this one due to the size and physicality of the workhorses in the trenches, both O line and D line will get the job done. Good luck Panthers.
  4. How is Dresden as far as injuries are concerned? I believe Mckenzie will have all their players, just not sure at what strength though.
  5. Good luck Riverside! I see the Panthers beating Fairley like a drum. Go get that Gold ball!
  6. I’m praying for an injury free game for both teams, and hopefully a better officiated game…..my word that was awful what I witnessed in Lynchburg tonight! Let’s go Rebels!!!!
  7. Qtr finals should be a good game. My prayers are for safe travels for all going to the game as well as an injury free game for both teams.
  8. 3.5 hours until kickoff, I'm praying for a great injury free game for both teams. Let's go Rebels!!!
  9. I sure hope so. The injury bug has plagued us the whole year.
  10. Hopefully we get the bumps and bruises healed for this game. I'm praying for an injury free game by both teams, and the refs let em play. With each week the difficulty level raises. We have to play ball right outta the gate, not wait till the 2nd qtr. Let's go Rebels!!!
  11. He don't speak for me, I'm pulling for Huntingdon to get that gold ball! The only game that I pull for the other team is when we meet. Swenson is due. Good luck in the playoffs.
  12. Good news, I believe #8 B. Brewer will be playing in this game! That's big considering how hard he runs the ball! Let's go Rebels!!!
  13. JMO, I'd vote for #6 D. White. The other players named are good just not as impactful, again in my opinion. I've seen all of them play too.
  14. I usually get stats of HUDl. Have you tried this site?
  15. How's Cornersville's passing game? We all know they've got B. Franklin and a good running game. Are they 1 dimensional or can they mix it up?
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