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  1. So far there have been 8,492 deaths in the us from Coronavirus. The latest abortion numbers I found via a quick search were from 2017. Right at 862,000 abortions. We didn’t shut down the country for that. Staggering difference.
  2. I believe the region 5/6 winner has to come west this year in the semis. Would be great to host Pearl in the new stadium the day after thanksgiving.
  3. Many prayers. My sincerest condolences.
  4. I hear ya. But that whole team was gritty and had a lot of fight in them. 2 big things impress me about that coaching staff. One think about where they were prior to this season. Constant door mat that rarely made the playoffs. Also that coaching staff made strides throughout the season and they got better from week to week and peaked at the right time. Obviously that coaching staff is doing something right.
  5. I find it interesting no one is mentioning Dyer Co. they did make the semis last year.
  6. We used to do fireworks about a decade ago. TSSAA said school personnel could not do it on school property so we had to stop that. I believe Anderson co is done by private citizens on private property adjoining the stadium. That’s what we would have to do.
  7. That’s a Milan tradition. Chow wagon is a Milan staple and has excellent food if you are into the old dairy bar type fair. But yes young and old alike have been going to chow wagon before games and walking across to the football stadium afterwards for decades. Great way to enjoy a ball game.
  8. Yeah there is a lot left to do. But will be impressive when done. I am thankful that they are still able to work during this time. You should get over and see a game this fall if able. Forgot to mention Camden. They were not a top 10 team last year but were better and making strides. With the addition of McConnell they may upset a region 5 team and be a dark horse to win region 6.
  9. 1. Alcoa 2. Pearl Cohn 3. Covington 4. Milan 5. Loudon 6. Gatlinburg Pittman 7. AE 8. Wooddale (if the Jones brothers are back) 9. South Gibson 10. East Nashville Alcoa as always 1 and a big gap before everyone else. I think Pearl brings back the house and should be 2 but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Covington or Milan beat them and it wouldn’t be an upset. They will all be very could. You can book it now it will be Pearl vs a region 7 team in the semis. Milan’s talent is legit just was lacking in the coaching department and we just got that upgrade. Remember we beat Covington last year and they took PC to the limit. On the east side AE graduated a lot and many people think GP has closed the gap on them in that region. Don’t be surprised to see them playing Alcoa in the qtrs. The coach in Loudon just flat gets it done with those kids. His track at Loudon is impressive. And what he did last year after where that team was just a couple of years ago was amazing. I think you see Alcoa vs Loudon in the semis again. Just my two cents. But I wouldn’t be surprise to see Upperman, Fairview, Red Bank, Stratford, Giles Co or McNairy end up being top 10 teams.
  10. What you know about chow wagon Barn? But for what it’s worth, I would rather have chow wagon.
  11. There is a guy right across the river I would call in a heartbeat.....
  12. Just learn how to drive retard so you don’t destroy stuff and your boys can practice.
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