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  1. You would beat all 3 of those teams handily. Probably will get to prove it against two of them.
  2. We will have a STOUT team this year. Probably top 20 team in state regardless of class. Sad part is we would have nothing for you guys.
  3. When we get the indoor turf facility up we may give y’all a call back. That way if you beat us down no one will see.
  4. Milan called and offered to pay bus fair and buy you boys pizza before giving you a beat down. Creasy was skeered.
  5. I’m sure you will come to the Milan thread to trash kids. That’s what you do.
  6. No. Orchestration as you call it, does not happen every where. Kids play by the rules and don’t need bums like you and Diltard insisting otherwise and I’ll respond to what I want to when I want to. Got it Jack??
  7. Forget Roy Dillard, your posting bad things about kids right now. I want all the rest of the South Pitt posters to see this and understand this is why I have a problem. Old pirate wants to know when the Carnes family moved back to the ponderosa? And since he asked several times with no response it is clear orchestration occurred. Facts are facts as OP says. The bottom line is the boy was cleared by the TSSAA and no one owes OP jack squat. He played by the rules and OP is accusing a KID and his family and coaches of not following the rules. This is totally wrong on so many levels. Diltard and OP have done this many times thru the year and apparently are willing to continue. This is why people are taking shots back now cause they are sick and tired of seeing kids and families run thru the mud.
  8. Not sure what all Tullahoma brings back but I would imagine Pearl would have the best player in the region in Barion Brown. Marshall Co will be tough as will Creekwood. I would imagine those would be the four playoff teams with Tullahoma and PC fighting it out for 1 and 2.
  9. Good luck to him. He’s got his work cut out for him.
  10. Thanks bro. It’s amazing how some people have such short memories.
  11. You don’t have to remember. I gave you the evidence earlier. There are not two wrongs here. No one is bashing your teams kids. I’m sure they are great kids that work hard. They wouldn’t have played for a championship otherwise. But Roy is reaping what he sowed. Sorry it’s not to your liking. I do genuinely fell like you are one of the good ones.
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