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  1. I only go by what is said and that isn’t what he said. You may be right but I can’t read minds.
  2. In reading these posts again I got to thinking about the percentages you mentioned in the first post. And also the second post where you mentioned several players with “Milan” on their jersey and they are not from there. Let’s put this situation in perspective using these two posts. Yes Milan had 3 transfers last year on a roster of almost 70 kids. That would mean 98% of the roster was Milan kids born and raised. Two of those 3 graduated. Let’s say 2 more did transfer in. That would put us back at 3 and at roughly 98% Milan kids again. For better than the 10-15% college out of state rate you mentioned you would like to see.
  3. This is BPM and I approve this message.
  4. I see your point and know what you meant. I know you meant no harm. But I hope you can see how what you said could come off wrong. It’s all good and your ok in my book. I respect your opinion
  5. I’m not sure if you were referring to me with the personal insults. I hope you read my post where I referred to you as a credible and knowledgeable poster. But it doesn’t matter how flat you make a pancake there are always two sides. Yes personal insults are unnecessary. But you saying Milan will “find a way” to make the transfer legal is unnecessary. It implies that Milan is cheating and will do whatever it takes make it legal. I know that isn’t what you meant but surely you can see how that sounds and that you could have worded that better.
  6. I hear ya and agree to an extent. But JohnnyMoxon has been a poster for some time. He has been know you post quality stuff. The ones that really get me were all the trolls that created an account just to postBS accusations and then disappeared when it was proved everything was legit.
  7. With all due respect you coming on here mentioning two supposed transfer that Milan will “find a way” to make legal, saying Milan is selling out its integrity and saying a lawyer Helped Milan has nothing to do with talking ball. You are more than welcome to talk what you want on here. But don’t come in to sling mud and then be critical of others when they sling mud back. None of what you said involved talking ball. Our town and community went thru Hades last season against people who only wanted to spread rumors. It was all proved legit. Everyone needs to let it go and move on.
  8. If you knew my connection to the school you would know I know what I’m talking about. I don’t think you are purposely trying to spread false information. I genuinely believe you think you have a reliable source. But I assure you that you don’t. One thing that is certain that neither of us can argue is that no I can’t call the school and confirm. No school will give out information to a person that is not a parent or legal guardian. Although I don’t have to “call” to know if two new students enrolled. But it’s ok. We can disagree and be civil. Have nothing but respect for you as a poster. Good day sir.
  9. Two points. One Milan has gotten no new transfers yet. Two we hired no attorney. We have a board attorney like every school system does. But he had no involvement in any thing last year football related. As far as this year goes, IF we get any transfers this year, they will do so by the rules just like last year.
  10. So I was missing the Oak Ridge game. Anyone with Oak Ridge, Central, Betsy and DB on the schedule is due a TON of respect. +1
  11. All are region games except Mo West so they had no control over that. I’m sure he was talking about the non region games versus Knox Central and DB but I’m sure you knew that.
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