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  1. I heard a guy from Florida is interested. Lol.
  2. Absolutely. Sky is the limit for the young lady.
  3. I talked to Shanda at the pep rally and Kay Kay hasn’t…. Yet….
  4. Good hire. Comer is a great guy and really good coach. But there is a reason we can’t keep a good coach. Unless some things change at Milan High School we will be in this same position in a few years.
  5. Two of them, Joya Crawford and Chelby Jordan do have D1 offers. The freshman, Kay Kay Strayhorn will have some come. She may end up being the best of the 3.
  6. I see spelling is not a strong suit in Huntingdung…
  7. There was a Middleton team that went 37-0 that was pretty darn tough.
  8. And she will receive many more over the next couple of years. Fine young lady.
  9. Nah. My head has a loooong way to go to catch up with the rest of me!!
  10. I enjoyed hearing the girl sing the anthem before the game. She had a great voice. I bet her parents are very proud of her. Lol.
  11. I see you been churning the late night oil on social media. Lol.
  12. You make a yearly donation in an amount of your choosing to the website. It will expire after a year. I usually have one but mine expired a few days ago and I haven’t renewed it yet.
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