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    Top 10 3A

    Fingers crossed bro. I will see you sometime this season regardless. However I think Milan has to among 3-4 teams on this side of the bracket that can realistically challenge to be in Cookeville. First game of the season will tell a lot. Have to play 2A champ Trenton Peabody at Trenton. They bring back almost everyone and have gotten several transfers in the offseason. I honestly feel like they will be better than anybody on this side of the bracket in 3A. If we can hang with them or beat them that will be a very good thing.

    Top 10 3A

    Was at a Milan spring scrimmage last week. Lost 14-8 to 5A runner up Henry Co. First let me say that Henry Co is loaded and will be a very good team this next year. Milan had every opportunity to beat them. New qb that was a wr last year. Kid can run it or throw it. Will probably see a lot of qb option this next year. However he missed some throws to wide open receivers. Got to learn to put some touch on the ball. If he does that it will free up the run game even more. Defense for Milan looked stout and made HC work for everything they got. And Milan was without a few starters due to spring sports including their best player Orlandis Williamson. Should be a good year.

    Who goes to the glass house in 1A

    You said those 3 were recruited. That is a TSSAA violation. You have proof someone actually went to those 3 and recruited them to come to CA to play basketball? I am not a CA fan but I think if you have proof you should bring it forward to the TSSAA. If not you should shut your pie hole.

    Humboldt vs Fayetteville

    I teach middle school kids that make fun of what each other wears. What are you like 12.... 13?? SMH....


    3 things. 1 Can Humboldt rebound better? 2 Will McKenzie be hot from the 3pt line?? 3 Will the Humboldt D force 24 turnovers in this game???

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

    Don’t hold your breath....

    McKenzie Vs University School

    Congrats McKenzie. Way to get it done!!!

    2018-19 TSSAA Boy's State Tournament Teams(Class A-AAA)

    I thought choir that did the National Anthem before the games started today was pretty exciting. i am a little biased though.... love my students. Any posters hear us today? KWC??

    Question for Union City Fans

    I know it is a great game between two great programs. But honestly it doesn’t prepare UC for the playoffs cause there are no teams in 1A or 2A ball in TN that do what you guys do on offenses. And even if they wouldn’t come close to executing it like you guys do. It prepares UC for nothing.

    Top 10 in 1A for 2019

    I agree with everything you just said. But you need to understand that while I respect Huntingdung’s success and their football program I am from Milan, played ball at Milan, and hope you guys lose every game you play. What does it say about my team.... I’ll let you decide. All I know is that at the end of the day we made it just as far in the playoffs as you girls and our trophy case makes yours look pathetic.... cause it is.

    Top 10 in 1A for 2019

    Based on his current size and frame yes. He is very raw though. Needs to be developed. Huge up side.

    Top 10 in 1A for 2019

    Huntingdung is a perriennel contender to be losers.

    Top 10 in 1A for 2019

    Freedom Prep put up a lot of those points in garbage time. I have seen LC and FP live the last two years. There is a big gap to close.

    Top 10 in 1A for 2019

    Last 2 years Lake Co has destroyed Freedom Prep in the playoffs. What do you think will be the difference this year??

    Top 10 in 1A for 2019

    Didn’t know y’all played Trenton??