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  1. Let’s say a kids goes to North Side as a sophomore. And they enroll at USJ over the summer prior to their junior year. I don’t believe they can be play because it is within the 25 miles. They would need to sit a year. But if it’s over 25 miles I believe they can play without having to move. I will double check tomorrow but I think that is correct.
  2. Words of wisdom. I knew you were lurking in the shadows somewhere. Lol.
  3. Well in the case of MAHS the kids that went there would have to go to the school they are zoned for unless accepted by another charter school or a private school. There is a 25 mile radius rule. For example a kid can’t leave Trinity and go to USJ without sitting a year because it’s within the 25 mile radius. However in this case MAHS no longer exists so that rule wouldn’t apply.
  4. Lol. I hear ya man. We have looked good. But we like everyone else have things we need to work on. We have to stay healthy. Can’t have a repeat of last year. They will break ground soon on the indoor facility. 100% serious.
  5. You are correct. It is only a two year cycle. Just thought there was a rule but wasn’t sure what it was.
  6. Isn’t there a rule about a 20%+ increase or decrease mid cycle??
  7. We’re not very good Stac. Certainly not on the tomcats level. Y’all just need to put it in cruise control until the title game. Nothing to worry about in Milan.
  8. The solution to that problem several years ago involved changing board policy in individual districts. All school systems in Gibson co are now open zone as long as the board policy is said district is followed.
  9. Serious question. No shade at all intended. Gibson Co Schools are open zone according to their school board policy. Why won’t they let those kids attend??
  10. Lewis Co needs to get Page on the schedule. Probably the worst program in the history of high school football. How many losing seasons??
  11. Why yes there would be. If they didn’t move and Humboldt closed they would at that point be zoned for Gibson Co. if they went to Trenton that would be illegal transfers.
  12. Man you sure are salty. Coming in spiting venom. Someone spill something on your sweater vest???
  13. PC is definitely not skeered. Dem boys will take all the smoke.
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