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  1. I want to say this because I know that there are Milan fans that read these boards and know who I am. So I just want to make sure that my opinion is clear. The other night was night a good perform by our team. The coaching staff didn’t have the kids ready to play and Pettigrew even said so himself. I have confidence that our coaching staff and kids are going to put their nose to the grindstone and do everything they can to improve and I support them all the way.
  2. Show me where I said it was the same? Just don’t agree that in the grand scheme of things it means nothing like you said. If it meant nothing why have the scrimmage?? By the way they weren’t Jackson announcers. They were local Trenton guys. Just happened to be on a Jackson station.
  3. None taken. All the water girl jokes aside I know you know your football. And as much as it pains me to say you could be right.
  4. I’ve seen up close and personal what Henry co has this year and Peabody at this point in the year is head and shoulders above them. I understand that that is no historically the case.
  5. You didn’t answer my question. It’s ok. I didn’t figure you would. And if you really think scrimmages mean nothing in the grand scheme of things that tells me all I need to know. By the way I never said Baugus was running behind a 3rd team online but you knew that. And if you were really watching live stream the other night then you would know where the subs where. Anyway enjoy d the legit football talk even though we disagree. I am done. Good day!!
  6. Just curious have you seen Henry Co, Haywood and Dyersburg live this year? Did you watch Milan vs Trenton?? Milan scrimmaged Henry Co 2 weeks ago. 1’s vs 1’s was 21-21. Milan scrimmaged Dburg a few days later and 1’s vs 1’s Milan won. I know you will probably say it was “just a scrimmage”. But they were real game situations with first strings in and real refs working it. Anyone present, including myself, could clearly see there wasn’t a lot of difference in the talent and depth between those 3 teams. Trenton could have named the score on Milan. Huge difference in talent (which is due to coaching). They they started mixing in 2nd and 3rd teamers after half time. That’s the only reason it was 35-14 at the end when it was 35-7 at the half. And that 7 we got was a gift. Henry Co. played Haywood close for 3qtrs if their game Friday. 10-7 turned into 24-7 late in the game. Tells me there is not a huge difference in those teams and again I have seen both of them live so I know what they have. I am basing my opinion off live viewings and several of the coaches on the teams you mention have the same opinion. So again what are you basing your opinion on? Which off these teams have you see LIVE THIS year??
  7. Oh and back to the depth comment you made. Trenton has more players on their roster than Dyersburg and Haywood. And they rotate 9 players on each line. And yes the Trenton personnel is 35-14 better than Milan . Coaching is one of the reasons the personnel is 35-14 better.
  8. Show me where I said they would beat any 5A school? Also in regards to the 3 schools you have mentioned I have seen all 3 this year and I even work at one of them. Haywood and dyersburg are 4A by the way. Trenton is better than all 3. I have have even had coaches at these schools that you mention tell me trenton is better. So I stand by my statement. But again show me where I said they ARE better than ANY 5A school as you claim. For you to say I said that is an ignorant statement and you deserve to be called out on it.
  9. There are no 5A schools in west TN that can play with them. Maybe the whole state.
  10. They will boat race everyone they play. It’s all good.
  11. Don’t matter how much we shore up the D. Can’t win if we can’t move the football. -24 yards in the first half was pitiful.
  12. But they only lost by 10 to Oakland.....
  13. Another question. You don't call going from Milan to Henry Co. "moving up"????
  14. The OC that left is trying to move up the ladder. It is his ultimate goal to be a head coach hopefully in the middle tn area (where he went to). That is exactly why he left. You did have two assistants go the previous season. 3 assistants isn't really a big deal. Milan coaching changes have been historically stable over the years except for those 3 assistants in 2 years.
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