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  1. Saved this post. Will revisit it in 3 months.
  2. So BPM has been to several practices and some 7v7’s and would like to make some observations. This team is no doubt talented. The are really BIG as a team and have lots of speed. The one thing that concerns me about this team is they seem a wee bit soft. Need to develop a mean streak. I worry that it will not come by week one and that will be where Peabody wins this game…. physicality in the trenches. Hope BPM is wrong. But it’s not a light bulb that you can just flip on when you want to. You have to make it consistent I all you do. Right now we are soft. Tighten up Dawgs….
  3. I worry about you sometimes. SMDH….
  4. Please for the love of God get him some purple!!!
  5. No he wasn’t. Go read the 1A Mr. Football thread. It was clear he was talking about 6 on yalls team last year.
  6. Maybe this will help your memory. Most definitely was a SP fan.
  7. We’ll let you boys come to Milan again for the semis this year. We won’t mind.
  8. They were good but personally I thought the “Diltards” were better.
  9. Yes. New lights, new weight room, new Jumbotron and soon to have new fully turfed indoor practice facility.
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