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  1. I wonder if he pays them with coupons??
  2. There were 7 total out against Huntingdung. 3 of them are out for the year. We have gotten 2 of the others back and they were both starting linemen so that helps some. Our last 2 games we have won 50-6 and 34-7 so we are playing better but it was against sub par teams. I hope getting some people healthy and the new guys having some time in their new roles will have us ready. But you guys are rolling this season.
  3. The defense for Hardin Co. has been the big thing that I have noticed this year. USJ has probably been the best team they have faced to date and to hold them to only 7pts speaks volumes. I just hope we can make it a good competitive game.
  4. He won’t be able to tell you haven’t said anything negative. He can’t read….
  5. That Jones man’s pole must be pretty big if Ole Geno can polish it in Canada.
  6. Covington went to the 3A title game in 2018 as well.
  7. He is a great person. I’m glad to call him my friend.
  8. ^^^Just want to put this out there. A friend over from Tyners way sent this to me last night. Hilarious. Personally I think the Ram Train is about to catch a brake job….
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