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  1. Congrats McNairy. Your boys played hard and earned a big win. Much respect.
  2. Not really much chaos left here. The two teams that win will be in. Of the two left at 2-3, whoever won heads up will get the 4 seed. Good luck guys and gals.
  3. Cant believe no one has mentioned that this is the TN Titans game of the week. Good luck to both squads.
  4. Hey Reitz. I agree with a lot of what you said. But disagree with one thing. You said the repairs must start from within. And I feel it is the opposite. Most of the time you have good administrators and teachers that are working hard and doing everything they can to point the ship in the right direction. Problem is that what takes place in the 16 hours kids spend per day out of school more greatly influences them than what goes on for 8 hours in school. Fixing the problem will only happen when parents decide to do their job and ensure the kids do the right thing and that starts away from school.
  5. Don’t be a bum. This was low class man.
  6. Yes. So everyone on the T knows ManofMillions and I are friends. (He’s still a retard). And he is a pretty good guy. I give him a hard time but have a lot of respect for the passion he has for young people in his community and he backs it up by putting in the time.
  7. I knew about last year. A lot of publications had them picked to do very well again this year. Especially since they brought back so many starters off a team that beat PC in the playoffs and went to the semis losing to Covington in OT.
  8. Ok serious question. This Stratford team brought back so many starters from last year and was predicted to be the 3A team to beat out of middle TN. What has happened?
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