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Everything posted by BIGPURPLEMACHINE

  1. And for the record I mean nothing that I said to be disrespectful to the kids or school. Just an honest opinion from what I saw with my own eyes. Wish the kids and team nothing but the best.
  2. No. They were god aweful last year. Even if they were twice as good this next year they would only win 1-2 games. Honestly the worst team I ever saw. Coaching was a big part. So if they get new players and keep the same coaches it will still be a disaster. Those kids deserve so much better.
  3. The fumes from cooper’s jock strap are making you delirious. Back up big homie. Lol!!
  4. Instead of addressing anything I said you choose to throw another insult at me. So be it. Good day waker.
  5. And you say there is nothing different here except they are moving across the state. Here is the difference. There is an article on the Memphis kids that says why they are moving. They put it out there for all to see. There is no proof on the Gback kids which is why what you are saying is a cheap shot. If I accused Huntingdon of doing something illegal with no proof you would be the first one on here giving me an earful. But you don’t see it in this situation. I agree it is wrong for the Memphis kids to be doing what they are even if it is legal by the rules. However I’m not going to throw some other kids and another program under the bus without any proof and that’s what you don’t get.
  6. I’m a cry baby huh. Bet you feel like a big man. So be it. But just know that my conversation the other day had nothing to do with you and yet you opened your pie hole. But I responded every time a Huntingdon poster posts. Pot meet kettle. It’s cool. You didn’t even address why o&b said what he did if it wasn’t offensive. I asked you about. Guess you just skipped right over that. And yes anyone who spewed garbage on those 45pgs about why those kids transferred us wrong and taking a cheap shot same as you. That’s why I posted so much over there. No one including you knows why those kids transferred except them and their families. But keep saying they transferred to help fill a need and insinuating that Greenback recruited them because of that. You make yourself look like the big man you think you are.
  7. You asked a question based on what you have heard on here. You don’t know if the transfer that have come to Greenback fill a need or not. You only assume they do based upon what other posters from other schools not named Greenback are saying. There is a reason o&b responded to you the way he did. Your insinuations is a cheap shot at those kids and the Greenback program. No one knows why those kids came to Greenback and if the were recruited to fill a need like so many people say. I’ll say the same thing to you that I said to bass. You don’t even know their names so how could you possibly know that they “fill a need”. Yet you accuse me of running down other teams. You may see me give other poster grief, and most of the time deservedly so, but you won’t catch me taking cheap shots at kids and programs like you just did.
  8. And just because a kid is a good player and can run fast doesn’t mean a team is automatically going to win the title.
  9. Frankly if you think I mean anything I have been saying about SP you really don’t know much.
  10. No. It’s not. Freedom prep has kids that can run that fast and they were getting trounced. And no I don’t “trust you”. I trust the kids to prove themselves.
  11. That didn’t answer the question. One person can’t be wrong and another do the same exact thing and be right. You are talking out of both sides of your mouth.
  12. Lots of people on here being hypocritical. I am going to speak honestly. South Pitt and Greenback are both going to have great teams. The same can be said about many other teams in TN even Huntingdung. And the vast majority of the time it is because of hard work on the part of the players, good coaching and wonderful community support that gets them there. Lots of teams have transfers. But to crown a team champs and say no one can compete before a game is even played is absolutely ridiculous. Everyone needs to slow down and let the kids prove themselves. It will indeed all work out in the end.
  13. Don’t you think the Greenback fans think the exact same thing when Bass says the same stuff about Greenback? Don’t see you saying he needs to be charged a sewer bill.
  14. What team have I ran down? Other than Huntingdung which I have always done since I have been on here and always will. Please name the team and what I said.
  15. Clearly not disputing there was an article. You are reaching. My dispute is that you claim the transfers to Greenback will be quality players. You have to be realistic and you just simply aren’t doing that. You know nothing about these kids except what you read in an article except for the qb from Maryville. You can’t get on here and claim the kids will be world beaters and not even know their names. Just because a kid starts somewhere doesn’t make them a good player. You reference the kid from William Blount. If he was such a good player how come William Blount was garbage? Heck the coach at William Blount had a good record in Rutherford Co. He moves and is junk. Goes to show that while you may be good at one place you may not have the same success in another. That’s exactly my point with these transfers. Don’t crown them especially when you don’t know anything about them. They will prove themselves with time.
  16. Just like you never named for me the Greenback transfer even though I asked. Said you needed to “find the article”.
  17. Are you serious... don’t know George Kidd? Of course. All Milan people know him. I played ball with his younger brother Victor. And the SP transfers have been mentioned many times on these boards. You youngun’s have a hard time keeping up. LOBPMAO!!!!
  18. It’s really no secret that the Pirates are by far the best team in single A. They brought back more from last year than any other team. All the starters combined with the unparalleled depth for a 1A team is a recipe for success on its own. But then SP goes out and recruits 6 transfers and you solidify yourself as the top team in the class and it really isn’t even close.
  19. Nice try. But the pink hat, yellow shoes and the Ray Charles grandma look gives you away.
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