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  1. If Milan wins and South Gibson wins: SG 2 Milan 3 and North Side 4 If Milan wins and South Gibson loses: Milan 2 North Side 3 and South Gibson 4 If North Side wins and South Gibson wins North Side 2 South Gibson 3 and Milan 4 if North Side wins and South Gibson loses North Side 2 South Gibson 3 and Milan 4
  2. Yes. They will always be the Stanks.
  3. Just to set the record straight it is two years. This year and next for Waverly will be 2A. 20 Days into the year next year all member schools will have to turn in 20 day enrollments. TSSAA will then use that number to set the classes to start the 2023 season.
  4. Thanks for the confidence and well wishes guys. We have gotten a couple of guys back that are really helping. Unfortunately we have 4 players out for the rest of the year. The young dawgs that have played some key roles for us are getting better and hopefully we can pull out a win Friday. Despite the record our coaches are doing a good job of pushing our players and gettin everything they can out of them.
  5. There is a ton on the line in this one. Both teams can finish anywhere from 2nd to 4th in the region. Both teams should be fired up. Who ya got??
  6. No doubt. Those are two really good teams this year.
  7. I debated on where to put South Gibson. I strongly considered putting them at 10. 3 losses did play a factor in my mind but I really think that Riverside and Munford are good teams. Riverside is 8-1 with the one loss being to red hot Huntingdung. I believe they will beat a good 7-2 Lewis Co team soundly this coming week and win their region championship. Munford is 7-2 with their two losses being to Dburg and Covington. Not too shabby. I believe they will give top 5 ranked 5A Memphis Central all they want this Friday. This was the reasoning behind my decision.
  8. Thanks man. There will be one each week thru the playoffs. Keep checking it out.
  9. Your right. He’s a big sissy so he will definitely cry about. Just watch…..
  10. Well I’m gonna assume I’m “the other poster”. So let’s make it crystal clear for you pony boy… I’ll post on any thread anytime I want to and there’s nothing your ever gonna do about it chump.
  11. Some Big games this last week that could effect the rankings going into the playoffs. Huntingdung vs Union City McKenzie vs McEwen Dyersburg vs Ripley West Carroll vs Peabody Munford vs Memphis Central JCS vs Fayette Academy Lewis Co vs Riverside
  12. I agree with what you said about polls. You place a team where you think they would lose to those above and beat those below.
  13. 1. Haywood 8-0 W 33-0 over Covington T2. Hardin Co. 9-0 W 35-14 over Milan T2. Dyersburg 8-0 Bye 4. Westview 8-1 W 42-17 over Ripley 5. McKenzie 9-0 W 42-7 over Sequatchie Co. 6. Huntingdung 7-2 W 49-28 over Peabody 7. USJ 7-2 W 52-20 over St. George's 8. Peabody 7-1 L 49-28 to Huntingdung 9. Covington 6-2 L 33-0 to Haywood 10. Riverside 8-1 W 42-16 over Humboldt 11. Munford 7-2 W 55-14 over Kingsbury 12. South Gibson 6-3 W 17-14 over Lausanne On the Outside Looking In: Dresden 6-3, Union City 7-2, Lake Co. 4-3, West Carroll 7-2, Fayette Ware 7-2, JCS 7-2 Let me know what you think CoachT nation. Lots of moving around since there was no poll last week. Several important games have really shaped this poll. Just one more week to til playoffs!!
  14. I’m very happy for the success that Gleason has had this season. Good job.
  15. My 1A top 10 would look like this. 1. Peabody (until another 1A team beats them) 2. McKenzie 3. Fayetteville 4. Gordonsville 5. South Pitt 6. Clay 7. Lake Co 8. Cloudland 9. Coalfield T10. Cornersville T10. Middle College
  16. I would put you in. I fully believe y’all deserve to be somewhere in the top 8 and will be playing come round 3. I have no confidence in the AP to put together a poll that actually has the 10 best teams in it.
  17. 1. McKenzie 2. Clay 3. Fayetteville 4. Peabody 5. Cloudland 6. Gordonsville 7. South Pitt 8. Middle College 9. Cornersville 10. Dresden Dont think this is the correct order but I bet it is close to what the AP poll will look like.
  18. This will be a great game. Lots of respect for both teams.
  19. You are correct. Last week will be very interesting.
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