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Everything posted by BIGPURPLEMACHINE

  1. Reitz I think the poll looks great as usual. I will say this. My personal opinion is you have Dyer Co way too high. They got destroyed by the only quality team they have played. Everyone else was a cupcake. Except for maybe Crockett. Me personally I would have them in the 15-16 range.
  2. I have lost weight since then.....
  3. To be honest with you I think I argued with her once on her and called her a retard!! Lol!!!!!
  4. Reeeaaallllly!!!! I will have to file this little nugget of information away and save for a time when it can be useful!! Lol!!!!
  5. Swo I must say I underestimated you guys last week against Dburg. I was wrong. Great win for you guys. Much respect.
  6. The key word is “quality”. The two 4A schools y’all played are junk. They have a combined record of 3-11. Not taking anything away from you guys. But to say that it shows how bad some schools have got based on the fact that two buttery soft 4A schools got destroyed by the best 2A team in the state is a bit of a stretch.
  7. Yeah but the more I look at that game it was real obvious the better team won. Covington had no ability to get vertical and we knew it. Their offense had no chance.
  8. Lloyd didn’t have a chance either if you saw the movie.
  9. I hope you are right. On another note, tell me about Hardin Co. thy lost to you guys opening night but have reeled off 6 straight. The one time I saw them they were impressive. The TE with the Alabama Ofer was the goods. What are yalls thoughts??
  10. What are the odds that Peabody has a let down on homecoming this year like they did last year??
  11. I am glad this game is at Milan. The dawgs can lock up a playoff spot with the win here. If McNairy loses they can still make the playoffs if the beat Covington the last week of the season and Westview loses out. Because that scenario is probably not gonna happen McNairy is gonna be fired up to get this win. Will be a great game.
  12. This is going to be a great game. Wish I could see it. I think Covington has 2 weeks to prepare after their first regular season loss in a couple of years. And they are playing at home. Got a feeling that is going to be really bad news for the hornets!!!
  13. So I talked to a good friend of mine the other day who is a long time poster on these boards and he helped me come to an understanding on some things. Because of that I won’t engage you anymore on this subject. So if you won’t to keep taking shots at Greenback, Milan or me have at it. However I do want to say something. I think our problem is we are a lot a like and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. One I think we both love kids and want to see them succeed. I enjoy working with kids and don’t like seeing them and their efforts get trashed. You don’t like seeing kids miss out on opportunities because the TSSAA is poor at their jobs. We want the same thing we just have different views on how that needs to be accomplished. I realize I shouldn’t be doing the things I get upset with you for doing. So I won’t falsely accuse SP anymore. Yes they have several transfers this year for football. But I honestly believe that they transferred because SP is a quality school and community with a great athletic program that has a lot to offer you people and their families. No recruiting or orchestration involved in that. And nothing is wrong with that same as Greenback. And for suggesting otherwise about SP I apologize to the other posters on this board and people in the community that may have read it. So ball is in your court OP. Take the high road or low road it’s up to you. I’m done with this. Good day.
  14. He nailed nothing but another jab at a group of kids and community that has done nothing. Shows yalls character.
  15. What do I need proof of Roy?? And you keep mentioning Milan. I’ve said a hundred times they cheated and deserved everything they got. So do you have some new material to add? And it wasn’t 6 transfers in the article it was 4. But again no proof of wrong doing. Why do you continue to tear down the character of those kids and community by insinuating it was orchestrated?? If you are going to respond please answer the question and don’t bring a bunch of mess that is irrelevant b
  16. Not trying to represent my school. Don’t know why you think I am. But just curious. Since your so interested in this. How many times have you told him to stop. It’s not ok to bash innocent people and communities. But t nobody said anything as long as it was him doing it. But when I start doing the same thing you have a problem. Sure you are going to say well if it’s wrong why are you doing the same thing? But that’s the easy way out. Have the character to address him as well. If you don’t then I will see no need to keep addressing you in this. Wrong is wrong for all. Not just your SP people.
  17. Well here’s the problem with that sparky. Take a look at their board policy. The policy does not define specific schools. The policy is the determining factor. Technically you are correct though and I will give you that. I should have been more specific.
  18. And I agree as well about the TSSAA. But you don’t make a point regarding the TSSAA by attacking teams, fans and kids that have done nothing wrong. That’s my beef.
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