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  1. Page (#1 in 3A) only beat LCHS by 9. 2A is the best classification in girls bball this yr.
  2. good call. my prediction wasn't too shabby either.. lol
  3. I have no doubt it will make y'all better! Yeah. Karly was flat out dominant. They had a hard time getting the ball to burdette. When they did, they usually found success with it. Ally is becoming more and more of a force across the board. Everyone's contributing.
  4. Agreed! It can definitely be a good thing! Thanks! We threatened to blow it wide open a few times, but Campbell would drain a deeep 3 everytime we did to change momentum enough to keep that from happening. Our length really frustrated Summertown.
  5. Just seeing where McKenzie pulled the upset. Best time of the year to lose a game if you're a GC fan imho. Any updates on what transpired?
  6. Loretto up 53-38 after 3. Summertown cut it down from 21. Officiating is horrific on both sides!
  7. yes. Search X Sports Network on Facebook.
  8. Who ya got and by how much? If Burdette stays out of foul trouble, I'm taking Loretto by 15. If she gets in foul trouble, it could get much worse. However, if Summertown limits TO's, Burdette plays well (and all game), and they have a great shooting night, it could be close.
  9. Westmoreland is far too low, but as Pioneer said.. Rankings really mean nothing.
  10. Gonna be a great day of games! Based on what I've seen between both teams thus far, I've got Loretto by 15-20 in Summertown. It should definitely be streamed. Let's just hope X Sports has their tech issues figured out. Luckily we were at the Wayne Co game, cause the stream had a lot of issues. What are y'all's score predictions for GC vs McKenzie?
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