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  1. We'll see. Loretto has as much talent coming up from 8th grade as they've ever had in a single year. Couple that with Ally Weathers having another year of growth & development and getting to lead the team (she led her 8th grade team to a state championship the year before moving up to play with older sis), J.B., Laney, and Cozart coming back, and I think Summertown has lots of problems with our length and pressure. Campbell & Burleson are both great players, and have the potential to take over games, but without Burdette down low, it's going to be hard for Summertown to stop Loretto in the paint. I think it's dogfight city between the two next year, I don't see either having any kind of "leg up".
  2. WV & Summertown aren't in the same Region (think you're referring to substate). I have a hard time seeing where Summertown will have a leg up on Loretto next year without Burdette. Loretto has quite a bit of help coming up from 8th grade and will be much longer than Summertown. Ally Weathers should also be a force next year.
  3. I'd rather her go to TN from a fan's perspective for sure.
  4. If Jada doesn't sign w/ TN, how cool would it be to see her at Bama with Karly!?
  5. Karly was off the charts all year. She had 6 bad quarters (she may have played 9 bad periods of bball in 4 years) to end the year after overheating at halftime in the region championship. The award is for the regular season and was already decided before substate. Karly also won gatorade player of the year for TN which recognizes her as tops in the state across all classes. I know she would trade it all in a heartbeat to get what Jada did win! Jada will walk it next year!
  6. With the season upon us, who do y'all have as your Top 3 teams in each class?
  7. This Upperman squad is MUCH better than they were the first 3/4 of the season! Great game so far!
  8. Congrats from Loretto, WV! Happy for y'all.
  9. This game won't be close enough for the refs to affect the outcome, imo.
  10. this prediction has a great chance of going 0-4.
  11. White County also only squeaked out a 2 point win against Lawrence County.
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