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  1. Can schools/teams in this region just move around and attend any school they want? I’m confused on how there’s so much transfer talk.
  2. I’m sorry but IMO the girl for York people were calling to be a Miss Basketball finalist isn’t one for a reason….
  3. First round games.. Scott’s Hill v Gatlinburg Pittman York v Gibson County Alcoa v Westmorland Riverside v Westview who you got?
  4. What happened with Loretto? We’re they overhyped or just lost steam at the end??
  5. IMO the two best teams won their region championship out of the summertown/Loretto westview/Gibson county matchups..
  6. NFHS Network… 16-14 GC up at half
  7. Saw that GC Westview will be broadcast on ESPN app
  8. Any word on Jada’s ankle? Hoping it’s not serious.
  9. Injuries are unfortunate.. what happened? Hopefully nothing intentional?
  10. I’m thinking that the 4 teams in AA that more than likely face each other in substate (district 10 & 12) would be the top 4 in every class.
  11. I watched the live game and it looked as if the tales flopped.. summertown was red hot and Loretto couldn’t get a shot to fall… then Loretto got a little hot and summertown couldn’t keep it goin)mg.
  12. Safe to assume it’s one of the sisters then?
  13. In games I have watched online/in person I have sensed that as well. Do you know what it is going on?
  14. Westview is better… with GC and Loretto being a step below. GC-Loretto matchup could be an interesting one if that happens for sub state..
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