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  1. Also, York has been to the state tournament 2 times in the last 20 years and they act like they’re really special. And most of those years they didn’t make it were .500 or less records….I wouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch.
  2. Not saying they aren’t… but when you’re playing teams who only score 10 points in a game you can’t really judge that. Although they played a tough schedule early on.. their last half of the season doesn’t bode well for keeping them competing and having to play hard going into tournament play.
  3. No, not to the East obviously. I’m just making an assessment of how two regions/substates one in the west (westview, etc) and one in the east (alcoa, etc.) have a much tougher road to state. I know most is geography based. And most won’t/can’t change because of that. But for example Union City/ Westview is a 3+ hour drive to their substate matchups if they had to travel. Where getting to murfreesboro (state tournament) is actually a little less of a drive. It just doesn’t make sense that a substate(sectional) game would be further than the actual state tournament. But I did see where the next cycle it seems more geographically correct for those teams. I know it will never be perfect and this wasn’t a shot any anyone… just an assessment of how really good teams in the same region/substate won’t make it where as teams who may forfeit/lose will.
  4. 5 of 10 come from the same substate. Westview GC Huntingdon Summertown CC 3 of 10 come from same District. Westview GC Huntingdon…. what a shame honestly. TSSAA screwed it up royally when they put west tn teams in districts/regions with middle tn. Division I – Class 2A 1. Westview (7) 16-0 91 2. Alcoa 15-2 79 3. York Institute (2) 15-2 78 4. Huntingdon (1) 17-1 72 5. Gatlinburg-Pittman 15-3 63 6. Gibson County 16-4 45 7. Cheatham County 17-2 43 8. McMinn Central 11-5 27 9. Community 13-4 23 10. Summertown 12-5 19 Others receiving 12 or more points: none.<
  5. Who now? I’m sorry to hear that!
  6. Anyone have a schedule for the Gibson county pre Christmas classic? I see usj plays Loretto.
  7. Saw where GC beat Mckenzie tonight at McKenzie. I’d say that’s a pretty big win over the defending state champs.
  8. Does anyone have a schedule of the play day coming up at Lebanon I think on Nov. 5th?
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