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  1. Lexington is 15 - 0 and defeated McNairy 8 - 3 yesterday. McNairy needs to cut down on the errors. Both play in the Waverly Diamond Classic beginning today.
  2. Shelby County schools did not have a 20-21 season. Players left. Tyler Byrd from Central won Mr. Basketball at Tipton Rosemark. Amarr Knox from Central led Bartlett to state. Jacobs from East played at Bartlett. Probably lots of others.
  3. Looks like Lexington returns just about everyone from last season's state runnerup team.
  4. Who are the best pitchers and teams per class in D1 ? Good to see four classes.
  5. Page 28 SS 20 at the half, SS about 14 turnovers, Page guard keeps stealing ball
  6. Bearden 36 Blackman 19 end of 3rd qtr
  7. Reported scores: McNairy Central 1 Creekwood 1 ------ MC 10 Riverside 1 ------ MC 7 Camden 0
  8. just South of Middleton at little Walnut, Ms, junior guard Madilynn Vuncannon, 5-9, led state in scoring at 28.4 ppg on that site that has stats. Hit 41% of threes. Mom is head coach. Might be a good hire for somebody and bring along instant offense.
  9. How many points did Edie Darby have against Dresden ? Lady Vol guards are not very good. She might be able to help them.
  10. Must be Tight Ends Coach at UCDavis, Paul Shelton, Newport native, attended Maryville College, ETSU graduate, assistant coach at Bearden before moving to California in 2018.
  11. Big game within the district : Lexington 10-10 at McNairy 10-8
  12. A lot of good players and some elite teams. McNairy is not an elite team but not bad at 14-3 thus far. I nominate junior guard/forward 5-9 Maddie Kirk. She carries the team offensively most games. I think that she is probably talented enough to play for any of the W Tn teams.
  13. They won't let you say it on here but site initials are mp, h, and lots players, prospects put stuff on twitter. Also twitter for Chris Smith Scouting. H is for hudl.
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