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  1. Any time a poster's response to criticism is "you're running down a kid" I know not to take them seriously. This is a message board. If you want to only praise teams no matter what, start your own fan page.
  2. Why would they want him. They already have a physical team. Eli cannot relate to human beings. He can barely converse with them. It might be medical in origin. Doesn't matter. His on field product is enough to disqualify him.
  3. At this point I am inclined to cheer for Mt Pleasant Friday and whoever Forrest plays the following week, cheer for them too. Eli needs to go and whatever makes that happen faster is better for the program.
  4. I think Marion wins by 7 or 14. Will be a tremendous game tho.
  5. ER had a backup QB making his first start. As many lows as he has had, did Eli actually manage to find an even lower low!?
  6. Congrats to the Mustangs. Peabody will bounce back and be right there at the end. These might be 2 state champs.
  7. The scoreboard might get swallowed into the ground. Two really disappointing teams. If Christ catches a play or two He might decide to speed up the timeline and return to Earth ahead of schedule. We can only hope.
  8. Forrest's staff allowed a locker room attitude of 8-2 to set in. As if the last 2 games were a foregone conclusion. Kudos to ER for having something to say about that with virtually nothing but pride to play for. This team, Forrest, thought they were on a moving sidewalk to the state quarters. A complete laugher. Now they are facing a dogfight against Mt Pleasant and a possible 6-4 or even 6-5 season with a first round playoff exit at home. This team continues to baffle and it's all on Eli and his lack of leadership. This team might not win another game. Can you imagine the elites or even 2nd tier teams in 2A letting that 3-5 ER team ride a bus for TWO HOURS to their field and then get pushed around like that? ER had a 100 mile trip and looked MORE fresh than the Rockets. It's an embarrassment. I hope Eli resigns today.
  9. All of a sudden the ER fan has 50 posts in a half hour. I don't even care that this turned into an R4 thread. Forrest deserves nothing. That was two bad teams last night and the less bad team won. Neither will win more than 1 playoff game.
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