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  1. "he dont usually play defense" was someone elses quote who is a fan of your team
  2. so if she were alive it was ok. got it. as it stands you mocked a deceased woman i used to b emarried to.
  3. family is off limists. period. disappointed in you @FridayMainEvent although not at all surprised you'd just say something ridiculous like "he started it" if you cant weight in with anythiong more than pathetic maybe shut up.
  4. i aint talkin abotu Tc u donkey i am talking abotu watertown in regards to your asinine comment.
  5. sometimes i am. i admit it. that riverside fiasco was too much
  6. @CaptainLongbeard should be banned for his comment
  7. My wife passed away about 11 years ago. 3 days after Christmas
  8. this might be your umbest post ever. head and shoulders is just stupid.
  9. im talking last 3 years not 10 years ago if you cant stop beuing stupid when u adfdress me then stop addressing me
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