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  1. I think Forrest will score. Can they average 28+ a game? Can they STOP anybody?
  2. when i was briefly shown his plan and program, i thought "this is simple stuff. ive been asking for some of this stuff for almost a decade. why dont more coaches do it?" but give him credit. he's doing it. so far
  3. chapel hill has amigos and country diner as well as another mexican place, a bbq place called holy smokes, dominos, sonics, a pizza place called viking pizza, and a subway!! last time i checked anyways
  4. "he stepped down" duh. that tells us nothing.
  5. i love the graduating seniors. truly. but littles bell and grisom are better than their brothers. and fields is another animal. so is tincher. and the new 9th graders are no slouches.
  6. forrest has had their youngest team in a decade the last 2 seasons, a horrific coach, underused the younger (9th and 10th) grade talent they DID have, and still lost by a combined 9 points to marion in 2 years.
  7. doesnt forrest return many of the same kids that played marion within 9 points COMBINED the last 2 seasons. i dont get this,.
  8. NOT SAYING its a cakewalk. but you underestimate the extent to which the previous coach was holding back some really good athletes. all i am saying, is at least the coaching will be more competitive. it will come down to which athletes execute.
  9. i hope forrest continues to stay under everyones radar with this new coach. marion beat forrest with an inept coach the last two years by a combined 9 points,
  10. THANK YOU. any other info to share. what was the meeting like
  11. looks like the average forrest liberty ms game
  12. Some good 8th graders headed their way from what I hear
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