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  1. *refreshes obsessively to see if Forrest job is posted*
  2. East is loaded, West isnt Meigs in class by themselves. TC, W'Town, Marion the next 3 West is wide open, certainly Huntingdon and UC from R7 have the most history. R8, they might still be shut down. Crazy people run that area. R5 and R6 are completely a guess. Forrest, Adamsville, Lewis, and Riverside would be the safest bets, although if Eli is still coaching Forrest, they could go 5-5 and lose a 1st rd road game in postseason. Hard to imagine Meigs vs TC/WT/MC in semis, at Meigs, isn't the real state title game. R1 and R2 have a couple nice teams, but don't expect them to get past Rd 2. They are like R5 and R6 in the West.
  3. you think its drug use Salem? like when they can drive they start smoking and drinking and lose their athletic edge?
  5. Postgame thoughts: I expected this to be two evenly matched teams and little things to sway the outcome. Penalties, turnovers, special teams, etc. I was right, but also a little off. If Peabody is a 10, Meigs is an 8.3 or so. Peabody has several guys that can hurt you, just a few more than Meigs did. I think everyone picked up on this after a couple offensive series from each team. Meigs needed every break to go their way, and really the opposite happened. The pass play that would've made it 7-7 was wonderfully designed and executed. Seemed like a ticky tack penalty. I know the feeling lol. Meigs O line got beaten the entire first half. They tried some diff things to get Meadows going, but none of them really worked. Also first half, Peabody's O line did just enough to get Ganaway past the first level, then Meigs back 7 struggled to bring him down. I personally thought Ganaway was the POTG. Repeatedly he delivered on 3rd and 4th in the first half when the game was in doubt. The second half was more a result of Peabody being content to give up a lot of short yardage, but not the big play, than anything else. Give Meigs credit. They never quit. Their kids battled to the end. Getting to Cookeville ONCE is a great thing. These guys lost a Mr Football and got there 2 straight years. They waded thru the TC/Watertown region TWICE in the playoffs. I enjoyed watching Meigs continue to fight, but I never felt they would win. But they DID keep battling. Taking it one play at a time. The fans kept cheering.The sidelines kept encouraging. THAT is why we love this game. No quit in those Tigers at ALL. Peabody is so fun to watch. Their swagger, and almost an expectation of winning. I'd LOVE to have seen them against the Marion Co 2015/2016 teams. So many great matchups would've happened. Congrats to both teams, fans, and programs. It was a beautiful day for a game. It was also a miracle if you think back to the summer, when we were wondering if we would even have a season. These two programs embody why we are so crazy about this sport!! Every kid has a story and a family, and a community, cheering, feeling proud that they know the kid, feeling honored to have a chance to influence the kid, etc. These two special teams gave us joy, when we really needed it. I hope that's what we remember.
  6. Peabody got a 28-0 lead, let off the gas, and is now accelerating again.
  7. Cmon. You're up 28-0 and you're not a little diff? They exhaled. It happens.
  8. Peabody d has relaxed considerably since 1st Q.
  9. 28-13 peabody Meigs ball on their 36. 1st down. 6:03 in game
  10. Ask Salem. Hes way more plugged in. I think they need a change at the top. Unless that happens we won't max out. Our region looks easier tho. Who knows.
  11. I meant in the specific points I made. Not overall. You're in Cookeville. It was a great season.
  12. I dig Vandiver. Not just the pick 6. He plays with a lot of heart.
  13. When 1 team gets taken out of their game plan its tough to be too critical. Meigs really struggled to get 34 going. They tried some swing/hitch stuff but it seems like they weren't patient enough. They also needed one more skill threat. 1 kid can't do everything. I'd be slightly disappointed if I were a Meigs fan. Peabody plays loose with a swagger. Meigs seemed to tighten up after they got pinned deep on their first possession.
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