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  1. Both Grissom and Bell have younger brothers who will be better especially in this new system. They are 2 of the better athletes in 2A and didn't play any defense for a 4 win 2A team. I bet they will be good enough to play on both sides of the ball for the new guy. Also, we have Fields who will be a Mr. Football candidate in short order. And there's a 8th grader moving up who looks a lot like Marion's Pickett on the field and is on a different level than the other 8th graders in our area. Half a dozen kids you've never heard of will get opportunities to contribute and everyone will be asking why didn't he play any last year. I think it will be more than 14 points. There will be a huge difference in the offense and defense we put on the field next season.
  2. RocketHouse


    Looking to change an avatar as well. Any way to donate for CoachT plus without using Paypal? I would just like to enter a Visa Giftcard and not deal with PP.
  3. Thank you for your insight. We literally have people in our town reading this and saying but he didn't go to kindergarten in Chapel Hill so I don't like him. OM freaking-G
  4. Leroy is on fire today. I'll piggy back on that. Westwood and Community have won middle school titles. No one who watches those two programs sees high school ready head football coaches. They did have a good class or a stud athlete and make the most of it. Forrest has had an unbelievable run of skill guys the last three seasons. At the same time, MTCS dopped out and Fayetteville took a huge talent downturn. The MS competition is mediocre right now. I also remember a middle school team with Swift, Burchell, Davis, and McClendon that was mediocre. In his 5 seasons what QB has been developed by his middle school? He's had 1 QB in five seasons move up to play high school. What kind of high school coach will he be? No one can answer that. Who on earth that cares about the program wants to let someone learn on the job with this group when proven coaches are out there. Johnson's coaching stock will greatly improve learning under this guy for a year or two. I haven't heard about the reactions yet.
  5. I could sign that letter. Well said. PS- You're getting all soft this week.
  6. In your defense, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Props to the admins. I have been critical professionally but they stepped up and did the right thing in my opinion knowing they would catch grief from a few loudmouths until the new guy got his program going.
  7. Haven't said this in a few years. Awesome post! The personal shot was despicable and not many in town want to go there. Far too much respect given to that butt hurt troll. That was a lot of stupid in the new guys first post. That loser walks around mumbling about class, pride, tradition while typing classless remarks on the internet. A week ago I was rooting for hometown guys with no idea who applied. 7 days later I am onboard with this hire and would advise him to CLEAN HOUSE of any of the current staff who are poisoning the well or not reining in their buddies who are. Reports I got from Tuesday were players were excited and parents at the game were even happier. Anyone on staff who has encouraged or not actively discouraged the negative garbage needs to take their tradition somewhere else and show us how great they are. Consensus, across the state is great hire. The future looks bright for Forrest. A handful of disgruntled Forrest "fans" try to sabotage the program before the coach even starts. Where were these "fans" when the program was on a steady decline. Johnson would have had a better chance had he moved away from what the high school was running or stood up to the head coach running the program into the ground. Instead he accepted a role after the OC was dumped and was on staff for six straight losses and the two worst high school seasons at the school in twenty years. Old coach was in desperate need of assistants last three years. Where were these native sons then? I believe we have the horses and reading this thread we also have plenty of horses' azzes.
  8. Regular season blowout wins over Peabody and Riverside. Teams that were good enough to play for (and win) state championships. Close losses in the playoffs to teams that advanced to the championship game. The team's talent is not debated my many.
  9. Last nights broadcast of the Forrest- MC basketball game. 1st quarter girls.
  10. Great post as usual. Grandpa's saying cuts deep at Forrest. We have the players and by all accounts we have a coach now so good should be in the near future. In the last 10 years we have fired one after 6 years of chances and two others have vaulted to 6A jobs. We should be good next season and very good in 2025-26. How much fun would a South Pitt vs Forrest thread in 2025-26 be? Watched your interview last night and was impressed. I was pulling for one of our alumni but after looking into Coach Palmer's record at Shelbyville and Obion and listening to his answers I understand why he was selected and am now on board. Too much talent on hand to give the job to someone trying to run a program for the first time. Last three hires from this county were Stephenson, Waddell, and Cook. All were first time head coaches and only one had a somewhat successful first year and two were disasters in year one. Some opinions on here are worthless. Yours has value. If only downside is success on the football field, sign us up! Let's don't hire a coach because he might win too many games and go to a bigger school said no competent fanbase ever.
  11. He won 16 games in 3 years at Obion. They were 1-9 the season before he arrived and had only won 6 games the previous 3 seasons and were trending down. I watched him play Summit in 2019 and came away impressed with his team. Very optimistic about the 2024 season and beyond.
  12. Proven head coach and offensive coordinator. Welcome to Chapel Hill. Best of Luck. Justin Palmer leaving OC football job for Forrest – NWTN Today Justin Palmer leaving OC football job for Forrest By user | December 11, 2023 | 0 BREAKING SPORTS NEWS: Justin Palmer is moving east. The Obion County Central High School football head coach has accepted the head coaching position at Forrest High School in Chapel Hill, located in Marshall County about 190 miles east of Troy and 50 miles south of Nashville between interstates 65 and 24. He confirmed the move to The Messenger and met with his Rebel players this afternoon. Palmer spent three years at Obion Central, posting a record of 16-17. The Rebels reached the Class 4A state playoffs each of the last two years and finished with a winning record (6-5) this past season. In nine years as a head coach, Palmer is 53-47. Palmer is familiar with the Middle Tennessee area, having spent several years as the head coach at Shelbyville. Palmer replaces Eli Stephenson, who was fired after the 2023 season, which ended with a 40-14 loss to Smith County in the first round of the Class 2A state playoffs. Stephenson was 45-36 in six seasons as the Rockets’ head coach but just 7-14 in the last two years. The Messenger will have more on Palmer’s decision to take the Forrest job on Wednesday’s print edition.
  13. You have a source or is it more Roach BS?
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