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  1. The game against Forrest was one of our 2 best showings of the year last season. The other being the Whitwell game in round 2 of the playoffs
  2. I think we will win our region. It will be between us and Clay Co. However, I wouldn’t automatically punch out ticket to the 3rd round because Chatt Prep will be a hurdle to get to round 3. If they improve from what they were last year and clean up the penalties, we won’t have the horses to run with them for 4 quarters
  3. I can’t see Gordonsville being much of a threat to the top dogs in the east. We looked better than I expected us to look in the spring but we have some major issues on the O line and D line
  4. If I was betting man, I would throw my life savings on SP being in the post season
  5. Pirates going to make another trip to Chatt this year? Can’t imagine anyone in the East having anything for you all
  6. Jo Byrns was a very solid team last year. Imo, I thought they presented the biggest challenge for us on our path to winning it all last year. I expect them to be in the conversation and one of the final few teams playing in Murfreesboro
  7. Thoughts? Gordonsville won it last year with a sophomore pitcher and returned almost everybody. Can anyone beat them?
  8. Thoughts on what this year should look like? Jackson will be in year 3 at the helm. Foster will be a Jr and be under center for year #2 I would say Tigers are pre season favorites to win the region but the Bulldogs from Celina might have something to say about that Opinions?
  9. Cmon Pirate. You know that’s not true. Don’t want to take anything away from OZ or any other team for that matter. But you guys will always be the front runner until proven otherwise
  10. Merry Christmas everybody! The greatest gift ever given was salvation through the blood of Jesus. Don’t forget the reason for the season. God sure has blessed this old man and I hope the same for all of you
  11. Anyone in the East other than you guys. You guys were far more talented than any team on our schedule. Chatt Prep was probably #2
  12. Not sure about the west. But the usual suspects are who you can expect from the East. The road will go through South Pittsburg. After that, it will be Gordonsville, Clay Co, Whitwell, Coalfield, and Oliver Springs battling to try and knock SP off. The Dark Horse in the East I think will be Chatt Prep. I was impressed with their athleticism in Round 1. They gave us all we could handle that night. If they can get a good idea of what they are trying to do with the X’s and O’s I think they can probably have the best chance to give SP a real shot. They will be able to match up athletically better than anyone imo
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