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  1. Don't live there but know alot about them. Fan of all the upper Cumberland teams but not particular to Macon
  2. That's right, they moved over with Livingsyon and crossville bunch...my bad.
  3. Don't count out Macon getting to the Boro. Probably not enough to win it all, but will still be very good.
  4. Who woukd have thought after bach to back 1-9 seasons in 2009 and 2010 that Upperman would pull off two Semi-final appended, 4 district titles in the next 9 years.
  5. 1. Springfield 2. Macon 3. Creekwood 4. WHHH 5. White House 6. Portland 7. Greenbrier MACON has a TE/LB that has like 27 offers, a RB/WR/DB getting some offers. Will be coached well and usually has good size in the line. QB will suprise some, very athletic.
  6. I am hearing 3 basketball players, all athletes, are going out for football. I know one should be a TE/LB the other a db/rb
  7. the fact both both and girls basketball teams made it to state is amazing. Both teams had players lose houses during the storms.
  8. Keep Upperman and the towns of Baxter and Cookeville in your thoughts as they recover from a devastating tornado early Tuesday morning that took many lives.
  9. I think the UHS-Macon game will be tight and decided in the 4th this time around.
  10. Upperman will have more athletes and speed than they probably ever had. Like always they will have size. Caine will have a solid defense. I think they can make it back to semi's if they work out QB situation.
  11. Look out for Macon County, big time TE/DE getting some big time offers
  12. Don't agree, both are very good but Carter clearly second. College scouts even agree.
  13. Carter the second best on her own team.
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