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  1. It's the town and school politics. They had Eldridge and Maynard who both did great thing once they left Sparta. Hopefully it changes.
  2. Who are the play makers for Smith?
  3. Correct, be hard to believe any did ever from these region schools has run a legit 4.4 flat. I know the QB up at UHS in 2013, Sunshine, was a 4..55-4.59 type kid and was the fastest kid in pads I ever seen around here.
  4. Who all is broadcasting? Never understood why UHS or CHS doesn't have a radio station broadcasting ever game like Livingston , cossville , Dekalb, Macon....
  5. There TE/LB is like 6'4 230ish and very athletic. He is a load. Senior QB played well verse CPA. Defense looked decent.
  6. Didn't know about the UHS kicker. My point was being the team with more outside talent, plus more depth, has many more option on special teams. I think this will be a great game. Why did they decide play it on a Thursday?
  7. Special teams are huge in close games. Usually the team with the more depth and athletic guys on the outside have the advantage. Mcallister will be the best athlete on the field, but he cant do everything and stay healthy for the season. Cookeville usually has solid kicking game, I don't know about the UHS kickers. With a better offense for CHS, and defense for UHS.....special teams could decide it.
  8. Lincoln is improved I say 35-28 they win over Giles.
  9. TC moved the ball pretty well on UHS with their backup Qb. Just a few concerns I have seen and here so far. Hope they work it out.
  10. RBS and MC should combine in football, and play 5a.
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