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  1. RBS with there 6'8 bigman vs UHS will be a fun one to see.
  2. Sorta like Cheatham Co huh. Wasn't gonna happen twice.
  3. Better rank Westmoreland up their with the best in AA.
  4. Same thing just happened. So, what happen to Macon????
  5. UHS vs Riverdale......should be a good measuring stick.
  6. UHS will be fine. Macon lost a few early games last season trying to gel. Lost big to UHS the first meeting then hit their stride. I expect UHS to do the same.
  7. Just like Macon, fairlane elementary and west side elementary combine to form Macon high. Red Boiling kids can come if they so choose. It's Upperman ( west Putnam) high school not Baxter independent city school. Heck LA gets from 5 schools Wilson, Hilhaam, Allons, Rickman, and Livingston middle.
  8. I hear UHS added Tye nig kid from Serbia, Mr Football finalist returns, and mow a coaches som off the new TTU coaching staff. That's three goid players added to 4 returning starters, and two mote off the bench that played a lot. There 2nd 5 could be 2nd best unit in district behind their first string.
  9. Cookeville 6a was a good win, so was #5 3a Upperman.
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