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  1. UpperCumberlandMan

    Never too early...AA Predictions 2019-2020

    Know what position she plays?
  2. UpperCumberlandMan

    Never too early...AA Predictions 2019-2020

    He should have every girl back plus hearing they added a big girl transfer. Might just be rumor though but sounded legit.
  3. UpperCumberlandMan

    Cookeville Football

    What's 2019 going to look like?
  4. UpperCumberlandMan

    Livingston Academy 2019

    How many starters are returning, what's the outlook?
  5. UpperCumberlandMan

    Upperman 2019

    Anyone know how they have e looked this spring or their numbers they have dressed out?
  6. UpperCumberlandMan

    Upperman 2019

    He have any offers?
  7. UpperCumberlandMan

    Upperman 2019

    Thanks, hearing one of the big lineman is getting a lot of offers and ones is from MTSU
  8. UpperCumberlandMan

    Upperman 2019

    Who does UHS have in the spring game?
  9. UpperCumberlandMan

    Who you got top ten in AA for 2019

    UHS is lighting up the scoreboard, 5-0, so they might be legit
  10. UpperCumberlandMan

    Top 10 3A

    Like I said, UHS, who I am most familiar with, doesn't have the talent that Alcoa does but has a heck of a coach in Caine. They do have 3 kids getting some serious looks. Two are like 6'4 300's OL/DL and the other is the QB. I expect all do sign with OVC or higher programs.
  11. UpperCumberlandMan

    Top 10 3A

    Alcoa was pushed in the semi's.....and there are teams with as much or more talent as UHS. Will be harder as Alcoa will host this season but I think the gap is closing some. Maybe Austin East
  12. UpperCumberlandMan

    Macon vs Cheatham

    Big upset, Cheatham played lights out.
  13. UpperCumberlandMan

    Top 10 3A

    1. Alcoa 2. Milan 3. Covington 4. Upperman 5. Austin East/Red Bank
  14. UpperCumberlandMan

    Dekalb County/Jackson Co/LA

    Dekalb will be strong, Jackson will be weak, LA will be average
  15. UpperCumberlandMan

    2018-2019 8AA

    8-aa best 4 top teams in the state in one district....but that's how it always is