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  1. 35-28 LA wins, but in a tight game. DC has a big OL and DL. Now that they got a few skill guys back, they can keep up with the better teams. Now, if DC gets "Trapped" into passing every down, they could get into trouble. Balance offense and time of possession is they key. Should be a good game.
  2. Macon will be uo for this game but doesn't habe the athletes or depth to hang with TC this year. 35-14! But close through midpoint of the 3rd quarter.
  3. Upperman is very young. Some of their top kids are #4, #8 and #34.....all sophomores. #79 and #77 are big OL/DL and # 5 is a great athlete. If it's a 3 yards and a cloud of dust type game, Oneida has a good chance. If it's a 21 point or more semi shootout, Upperman advantage. UHS DB's are just average, but there DL is great at rushing the QB, causing havoc. Oneida does want to try and pass to often if they want to win in my opinion.
  4. Way better than your team for sure. LA is a top 10 4a school.
  5. Most call were dead on, even though it should never be thst lop sided in calls. Helmet to helmet on a unprotected receiver and hands to the face will be called every time in today's football. The two many in the huddle killed the upperman momentum.
  6. #34 UHS the most talented player on the field, maybe not most impactfull. I say UHS by 7. Something like 24-17.
  7. Uhs by 1, neutral site, LA by 7 at home.....pretty equal. They both meet so we shall soon see who is better.
  8. Low numbers has been a huge problem at Macon for years.
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