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  1. Hearing they might have the best team ever this season. A few kids getting serious looks in recruiting. Stepping up to 4a this season
  2. Don't know about Lamb, LA loses a ton of production in the skill positions from 2020.
  3. One more for Larry the Legend....hope all of 8aa pulls for the Tigers today.
  4. If Macon doesn't get in foul trouble, I say Tigers by 6. If they do, won't be hood.
  5. 8aa has sent 2 teams the Boro 3 straight years, might happen a 4th year in a row.
  6. Agree but won't face anyone like Alcoa, who has put them out of the playoffs several times.
  7. If you want to include way way back....Near White from Macon County. Look her up on wikenpedia. In both Naismith and women's basketball hall of fame. Famed LSU coach Sue Gunter who coached two Olympic teams says she the best she ever saw, ever. She was the first player ever, male or female, to dunk the basketball in international play. Worth looking her up.
  8. No way Cavs could beat the Bees.....just not absolute way.
  9. Upperman right there with Ensworth
  10. Rush better than Eldridge and Blevins. But is he even the best big man ever st Upperman? Josh Endicott, now playing at D-1 North Florida, was pretty good playing on a last talented team. All four guys mention are good players though.
  11. Grant Strong Clay Co in top 10 of 2022 class
  12. Macon beat Clarkrange and Upperman veat Westmoreland. Each won handley verse good teams. Winner of this district will be the favorite.
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