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  1. I would like to see Alcoa vs Anderson County in the next round of scheduling. I’m looking forward to the Alcoa/Greeneville game this year.
  2. https://www.misshsaa.com/2022/11/03/2023-25-reclassification-enrollment-numbers/ 7 classifications in Mississippi. Check the numbers. Largest school has under 1600 students. No opinion other than I think you all got a good one. Comment just triggered what type of student enrollment numbers in Mississippi.
  3. Correct, you can whimsically be fired in coaching. A coach that has tenure can stay on as a teacher if released from coaching. If you don’t have tenure as a teacher, you can fired without cause. Your last year as a teacher before tenure is earned you can be fired, but must be given cause. A tenured teacher can be fired, but it is a long hard process requiring the 3 D’s…. documentation, documentation and documentation. I have released 3 tenured teachers, 2 with PHD’s. However, teacher contracts had and still have clauses that state you can be fired for a variety reasons re: being arrested, public drunkenness, inappropriate relationships ect.
  4. Bounder, you are correct. And it is so easy today. As a civilian today, I can check my 6th grade grandson’s grades in real time. 46 years ago as a young head coach, I knew who were my weak students and would do a weekly check. A decade and 1/2 later as an administrator, I would ask guidance for attendance, and grade reports as I did my own discipline reports. 5 years later I could run all those reports in a few minutes. today Text one the Secretaries and they can create a red flag report only printing the names with D’s and F’s or attendance and discipline issues. You are not even dealing with a whole team. The only problem with modern technology is someone who might not want to know.
  5. Your lucky, my head hit my desk….. desk is fine.
  6. Good for them. Hard work should be rewarded.
  7. 15-16 last 3 years with 1 playoff appearance loss. If the seniors have been the backbone of this squad for the last 3 years, then something is missing other than experience. I bet they play very hard with intensity though.
  8. Praying for your peace and comfort Barney during this very personal time of sorrow.
  9. As a Greeneville fan making states was icing on the cake. We have a great coach and she is a developer. Congratulations on the win. Pulling for Upperman rest of the way.
  10. Agree. Sheriff a question. When do you think there will be a reorganization of policy by the TSSAA in regards to the HS equivalent of NIL, transfers and offseason participation, if any?
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