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  1. Congratulations to Betsy! Well played, well coached. Big W strongly deserved. I must put put away my worn Green and white and find some orange and black for next week. A temporary Cyclone till next year. GO REGION 1.
  2. Absolutely agree Track. I’m a bit anxious to be honest.
  3. I’m not sure it will be a high scoring affair. GHS has given up 105 points in 12 games for not quite 9 points per game average. Betsy owns 12 of them. They also led the State in scoring with over 54 points a game. Football is basically a math game and the X’s and O’s are very important if everything is relatively equal. Then you add the Willies and Joe’s. Greene has 4 receivers and a running back who all run 4.4 to 4.5. Who do you double? What pressures do you bring? Then they have their QB who runs a 4.7 with ice veins. I think Betsy has their hands full. However, I do believe Betsy is the one best 4A team in the state that can beat the Devils if the right bounces come their way.
  4. Hang in there, records are made to be broken. Lol.
  5. Picking Powell. Only Powell can keep Powell from winning.
  6. They have played 4 times and have split. 1966- GHS 6 Alcoa 34. 1967- GHS 7 Alcoa 0. 2011- GHS 42 Alcoa 14. 2012- GHS 0 Alcoa 42
  7. I like Hampton in a tight one this week.
  8. I like your analysis but if one is going to play a team that can beat Greeneville, it is Betsy. A lot of hard earned respect between these two not just great teams, but programs. We are at the point that we positively feeding off each other like Maryville and Alcoa.
  9. Mediocracy of GHS football prior to 2010. 2 everybody showing up at GHS and three Boone defense better than GHS d or Elizabethton’s D for that matter in another thread. I will not throw at you the 30 something points you gave up to Morristown West
  10. Our tuition at the time (I retired 2008) was 1500 for Greene County, 2500 for out of county and 8000 for out of state.
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