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  1. noonesfool

    Dobyns Bennett

    The last time DB was voted a state championship. Apples and oranges. Not trying to diminish all their state championships, but that is not how it is done anymore since fall of 1969, 50 years ago. They are a historic program that has fallen on hard times.
  2. noonesfool

    Ag Center

    If you don't make a profit (our sport), you are relegated to the rear of the line. I have used the the dollar sign for the TSSAA myself at times, but the number 1 thing they provide besides a blue print for the structure, rules and enforcement of High School athletics, they pay a great deal for Catastrophic Insurance. Catastrophic insurance left to the individual school would result in most schools dropping many sports particularly the contact sports. They are a business. Who Isn't? They have offices (very humble), staff, salaries and insurance themselves. We rundown the TSSAA, yet spend thousands on our kids to improve them, while screaming at refs, yelling at coaches and then often get upset over the price of a High School ticket all the while we will spend thousands to go to a bowl or Super Bowl game. Yeah the Center could be improved, but people have forgotten how bad our sport was treated in Chattanooga as well. I apologize for the rambling up front fellas.
  3. noonesfool

    A/AA State Picks

    Couple a years ago or so, Pigeon Forge beat The Brothers up in Johnson City in a dual. Foreman takes what he has..... a small school in the mountains that didn't even know there was amateur wrestling 15+ years ago and he has made them champions. Job well done Greg.
  4. noonesfool

    A/AA State Picks

    They could win it, But GHS was without Shuffler at the GIT. With Shuffler that is a big shift ( is he hurt). Plus Shelton held a top guy out of the tourney for discipline reasons (a lot of respect that way)
  5. noonesfool

    Greeneville Football 2019

    Leonard Coffman
  6. noonesfool

    Greeneville Football 2019

    We probably agree much more than our writing may indicate. I would like to see all 3 together and Im glad I don't have to make that decision.
  7. noonesfool

    Greeneville Football 2019

    Cain Ballard was 0-0 as a head coach, worked out well. i should say I’m a Cody Baugh fan and he has done a solid job at Cherokee, but I Hammonds or Spradlin are more in the mold of Ballard. 3 great but still relatively young coaches
  8. noonesfool

    Greeneville Football 2019

    I meant Cody Baugh as OC. Head Coach I believe will come from the inside. Bosken has no chance due to his personality, rash decision maker and could be considered a job hopper. Cain Ballard set a standard that will be hard to meet, but there are men there that can walk in his foot steps. Class may be the word I'm looking for.
  9. noonesfool

    Greeneville Football 2019

    Cody Baugh back to Greeneville?
  10. noonesfool

    Pound for pound rankings

    I do like Knight of Greeneville. He is a pounder. Agree with many on the list.
  11. If you have not received any information or you would like to attend, please contact me at [email protected] Our Trackwrestling tournament director will be contacting you with information. We have 15 teams at this time. Thank You, David Hollowell
  12. Frankie Debusk's Junior Senior teams were awesome at the skilled positions, but we were whipped up front. We started a 145lb. Wrestler at left guard and a 165 lb. left tackle who played reciever the year before. Moon was a great HS qb, but we lacked other skilled players, but man did we have the linemen on bothsides of the ball. We were slow (not Moon). During much of the great backs era we often did not have a great QB and we were hit and miss up front. But we won. Thank you Bill Svette, Hilton Jackson, Brigham Lyons, Dustin Moore, and the Gillespies. I will save some thoughts on a team that could have been ranked almost with this years squad a little bit later.
  13. Not much to think about..... yes (based on 50 years of playing against the Devils, coaching against the Devils, coaching the Devils, principalling the Devils and the most fun.... observing the Devils from a far the last 11 years.
  14. noonesfool

    West TN - 6 chances for the Gold Ball

    Actually 1-5 when you didn’t qualify in 2 divisions