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  1. This is not a thread to disparage a team or push a favorite. It is not a ranking thread. It’s what teams that caught your eye that you did notice or thought they were stronger or weaker than they showed at the duals. i will start by saying DB was under the Radar and Bradley was a bit stronger than thought to be. Pigeon Forge showed its metal again.
  2. Pisgah High fans are like the “Black Knight” in a Monty Python movie. No matter how bad you beat them.... they want more.
  3. It could, but playing in the elements is often a mind set. It might favor The Devils but remember receivers know when they will plant and the db doesn’t.
  4. The game is probably a toss up. Least penalties and turnovers is the winning team. It is hard to beat a very good team twice in the same year. It is always easier for a good losing team to make adjustments. The 1998 season involving the same two teams is a prime example of that. i actually thought Anderson County might have been THE team based on an upgraded schedule and a perceived improvement of their Region. Well their region wasn’t necessarily stronger. I watched on my computer from 400 miles away in real time GHS shutting Anderson Co. down. I believe GHS rolls into Betsy in a better position than they did the first time. But I’m also smart enough to know Betsy is a well coached team who will be making adjustments as well. Looking forward to the best game in the state this Friday.
  5. Going into the 1st game I was afraid we would split. I’m glad I had that thought. We will split our 2 games. Congrats on the best season Betsy has ever had in modern times.
  6. Congrats to the Devils on a big win and a strong congratulations to Anderson County for another great year.
  7. Briarcrest in a close one at home. Thomas (BCS) and Henderson (MUS) May X each other out but BCS is loaded with very big and athletic players across the front. If the Owls control Jabari Smalls I am looking for Qb Dallas to have big game with his legs and arm. BCS 24 MUS 17
  8. Mercy Rule goes into effect at the beginning of 3rd quarter.
  9. Congratulations on the win. Between the weather and a big win last week I thought it might be close but not that close. Games like this frustrate the coaches on Friday night, but it also gives them more ownership on Monday.
  10. Congrats to the Orange and Black. You played well and deserved it.
  11. Ouch! Hope Betsy doesn’t make me eat my ouch. GHS 38 Betsy 24
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