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  1. Pretty good assessment. I was just throwing out ties. I personally think Coach Q goes out of state. Take his retirement and double dip.
  2. OK, the AD, Frankie Debusk and Coach Quarels both played together at Furman. Both Coached by Tim Sorrells, son of former Greeneville coach, Fred Sorrells. Debusk played for Coach Fred Sorrells at GHS and led Furman as a QB to a National title. This is fairly convoluted which most football situations tend to be. I would not be surprised if something happens but like everyone else I actually have no idea.
  3. Go Upperman! Pulling for you all to win states.
  4. LOl, I don’t care who anyone pulls for….THATS FUNNY!
  5. I can answer the 1st question and I know nothing about the second. The visitors seats were originally the home side for decades because the sun was behind the bleachers. When the Home side shifted facing west many fans and later their next generations kept sitting there. Has nothing to do with Upperman ( a big congratulations to them). I always thought it strange as well and I’m highly connected to Greeneville.
  6. Great job Upperman! These are special times for your team and community. Good luck and best wishes moving forward. I’ll be rooting for you all. I enjoyed your posters, shout out to Crow and many’ others.
  7. He was very good and I appreciated his efforts. It’s a hobby, passion and almost a job rolled into one.
  8. Agree with pretty much everything. Good insight.
  9. Waco my first 2 years out of College 1976-78, I coached at TN High. Yep, Darrell Watson was there. He was magic. His unique ability was to simplify. We liked each other and I highly respected him as a man and coach. He told me that if I stayed in the business I would probably be a defensive line and Linebacker coach. He gave me 4 things for winning upfront. Good stance, control gaps, good hands and wrap up. Of course it was more complicated than that, But if you don’t do those things all the sets and stunts in the world are meaningless.
  10. Not this week Crow. I contacted Grassroots and they are not. NFHS is it at this time. We are not fans of NFHS. WGRV does a great job even though they are the hometown radio. I just go to Coacht scoreboard and go to our game.
  11. Good stuff Dave! I love the Upperman fans on here. Not cocky but confident. Probably reflects team and program attitude. I think we are developing Quadrant 2 friends and like minded football folk. Looking forward to a great game Friday.
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