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  1. Picking West because they seem to have a complete team and beat a pretty strong schedule this year.
  2. Best wishes and play hard MOOG! Heck Moog you always play hard. Come home with the GOLD. You and your cohorts really deserve the Gold.
  3. Good to hear! TACA is a good organization.
  4. Check if Sullivan East has joined TACA. If they haven’t, that is why it isn’t reciprocal and their athletic staff must pay when they go as fans elsewhere. If they are members of TACA, very poor form. 3rd option, the gate keepers may not have been well informed or go back to point 1.
  5. All good points FM. Also wanted to personally congratulate you on last week’s big win. You’re definitely a loyal Mav without the tinted glasses. You’re also one of the top posters on the board and an influencer, at least for me. Best wishes and go Mavs!
  6. Picking the Mavs. I hope they don’t change much. Just do what they do very well. It got them to the Championship.
  7. Congratulations Mav. Big win! May I say I was nervous for awhile. Game over, Mavs move forward.
  8. YOU BET! But until next year, GO MAVS! Our club will be expanded to 3 members.
  9. Good luck and best wishes Mavs as you take the next step towards the Championship. I’ve been told the first Gold Ball is the best.
  10. We were definitely over ranked. The other issue was depth with our 2nd half collapses. If I had any issues with Coach, I’m not sure what was his brand. It was very vanilla.
  11. My wife and I are season ticket holders at ETSU. We travel one way 450 miles to watch the games. 1 season???? He hasn’t had a chance to play with his own players yet, He basically does not have his own staff yet. Not only did players graduate but some key players left through the portal. At half time of the first game, I said it is going to be a long year. Most fans watch the ball, I watch the lines and we were not very good up front and we did not get better. I’m sure Coach will try to solve the line issue through Jr. College and the Transfer Portal. Recruited Offensive linemen take about 2 years to develop. Coach needs a minimum of 2 more years. I cannot wait to renew my tickets. GO BUCS!
  12. Thanks Hamm, a tough job and glad you do it for the wrestling community!
  13. Congratulations to all the Maverick posters. But a personal congratulations to MavsinFlight, Forrmermav and Moogsly. You all were the best team on the field. You won straight up. I am now an unofficial Mavs fan as you move foreword. 2 more games and the gold ball. Actually happy for you all when I woke up this morning. God Bless and be safe.
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