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  1. Have y’all gotten any of the injured players healthy?
  2. Been looking forward to this game all season! These two have had some good games the past couple seasons. I know the Dawgs have been fighting the injury bug this season which I truly hate for them. But I still expect a great game between these two teams. Thoughts on this one?
  3. Congrats to the Tomcats on the win and the region championship! When you come out of Medina with a win, you know you earned it!
  4. This should be a good one. But it appears that run heavy teams are not fairing to well against the Tomcat D. So i think y’all are the favorite in this game. Just my opinion.
  5. Don’t know about that, but don’t believe they’ll run the ball for 400 yds like there accustomed to, on the Peabody D.
  6. So true. I stayed in Waverly for about 5 months several years back working. Nice town and good folks in Waverly. Got to see them play this year, got a good football team!
  7. Definitely game of the week! The Tomcats seem to be on another level this year, even compared to y’all’s standards. SGC’s coach is one of my favorite coaches around, and as always will have his team well prepared for this game. But just don’t know if they can beat Haywood this year. Good luck to both.
  8. Been following Bishop’s stats this year. The thing that is remarkable to me is that he has stats like this , and everyone they play knows it’s coming basically every snap and can’t contain him. Pretty amazing! Hope he gets to 3,000.
  9. Pulling hard for McNairy. But i think A- Ville wins this game.
  10. I think that’s a pretty good assessment of these teams, or at least the ones I’ve seen play. I agree D-burgs win is the most impressive by far. Glad you mentioned Hardin County’s D. I been wondering if I was the only one that thought they have a good D. I realize they’ve not had the toughest schedule by any stretch, but believe they can hold there own against playoff quality teams. Been playing physical and pretty disciplined on D.
  11. Your right. Westview lacked an Offensive line and a defense since Simpson has been there. They have those now, and are legit!
  12. Those tough wins on the road in a hostile environment will really help a team come playoff time. Builds a lot of confidence in a team. From the looks of the score , must have been a defensive war?
  13. I think y’all’s kids are good at everything. Scary good! Looks like y’all are clearly the favorite in the west thus far.
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