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  1. McNairy playing some pretty inspired basketball right now and hope they keep it up. But I agree, don’t think they can hang with SGC honestly. Their district is really week IMO.
  2. I think trader two’s post really said it well about Stroup. Think he’s left things better than where he found it at his previous jobs. I remember when he was at McNairy and IMO thought it was a huge mistake letting him get gone to Scott’s Hill. Don’t know much about Gallitan or where their program is but think he’ll make them a good coach and program builder.
  3. Kinda shocked by this news. Heard a west Tn guy was taking the job but never dreamed it would be Stroup.
  4. Classic! Good one Stacmot, I needed a good belly laugh today.
  5. I heard Stacmot signed with Bama. Also heard he got a sweet NIL deal.
  6. Thanks Stacmot. I should’ve checked before I ask. Last time I looked it was incomplete.
  7. Off particular subject but do you know if Hardin County and Milan will continue playing? Didn’t know with y’all’s new region schedule if it would work out or not.
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