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  1. Congrats to Mr. Easley . Bethel is getting imo a good durable RB.
  2. He should be called burr head. Classless bum!
  3. Great post! Could not have said it any better. Thank you Miss Darby well for being Miss Darby!
  4. Agreed. Think he made the smart choice for sure. Think everyone can see good players go to UT and be under utilized. At this point I don’t blame any good athlete from not wanting to be In Knoxville.
  5. I don’t know why UT passes on some of these in State guys and don’t know why they recruit a lot of players they do. All I do know is the Vols are light years away from competing in the SEC. I just wish they could figure something out up there!
  6. Congrats to Rivers, John and Kayden! Great careers for Rivers and John. More to come for Kayden Pope!
  7. This region should make for some good football. IMO Haywood and Milan will be the favorites going in. But SGC will be right there trying to play the spoiler role. Could have two and possibly three top ten teams in one region!
  8. Gotcha. New I hadn’t seen you posting anything in a while.
  9. 3A is just playing for silver. Plain and simple!
  10. It was a guy that posted on coach T all the time on these basketball boards. I assumed he was a Soth Side fan cause he talked about em a lot on here. Went by Realistic Fan on coach T. He posted a lot and hadn’t seen him on here in a year or so. You must not know who I’m even talking about. No big deal just hadn’t seen him on here in a while, just wondering where he went.
  11. Looks like y’all picking up where y’all left off last year. Got a question non basketball related. There was a poster on here thought he was a South Side fan. Went by Realistic fan 45 I think it was . Haven’t seen him on the boards in a while. When someone on the T much as he was, you can’t help but wonder. Thought you might know?
  12. No doubt on the recipe! When you control the los everything else usually falls into place.
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