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  1. Y’all definitely seem to be getting better ever year, no doubt. Pretty amazing how Haywood reloads every year. The talent pool never seems to run dry for you guys.
  2. If I had to make a preseason prediction on 6-4A it would be Hardin County, Lexington, South Side, Chester County, McNairy Central and Liberty Tech. But I do think Lexington will be much improved this year. I expect it to be razor close between Lexington and HC for the top spot.
  3. How many did Milan graduate from last years team?
  4. Your right, my bad. I figure everybody on our end of the state will be chasing them again this year.
  5. Stacmot, glad to see you back on here. I see the football bug has done bit you. Got some big changes in 7-4A for sure. But I’ll go out on a limb and say your Tomcats will be the preseason favorites, but as usual I do think this region will be super competitive. I am looking forward to seeing what the two new coaches will bring to the table. I do know they’ll have athletes to work with at Both Milan and South Gibson. My biggest curiosity is will SGC still run the option,orwill we see a new look on offense. I think Try not to sucks post is a fair assessment of the region, he made a lot of good points. How many starters did Haywood lose off last years qtr. final team?
  6. Is that the best you can do. Surely you can do better than that. Weak!
  7. Roy, you better watch this Cuppy man, he gets real mad if you spell words incorrectly. I ain’t joking either.
  8. Thanks for the spelling lesson. By you correcting my spelling that proves that you just enjoy stirring the pot with everyone you come in contact with. I’m not on here for that. But you may be right in what your saying about the coach but it’s ( THEIR ) decision to make. Good day sir.
  9. That’s the problem when your on the outside looking in, you don’t have a clue in there thought process on hiring a coach. But I would bet they made a decision they thought was best for there young men and program. Well wishes to coach Carr moving forward.
  10. I hope the hire works out well. Big shoes to fill IMO. Always thought Stidham done a great job coaching his team. Win or lose I always thought he had his team prepared to play and play hard. If I were a first time head coach, I would be ecstatic to step into this job.
  11. Good point, and yes there offense has always been a handful to stop.
  12. I don’t even live in Gibson County and the suspense is killing me!
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