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  1. Oh yeah I know. BPM plays the Lou Holtz part well. Lol
  2. Trentons size worries everybody! Unreal the athletes there producing in Trenton. I was on there sideline when they played McNairy last year. I was blowed away at the size of those underclassman that didn’t get on the field. All I could think is reload!
  3. good info. Sounds like another stacked team.
  4. So what about the O line. Any returners from last year? They were some kind of a unit. Team within a team for sure. I was wondering about the big D lineman that got injured last year. I’m sure he’s back along with my favorite player Mr. Baskerville.
  5. Come over to check this thread out, and boy has it went off the tracks. Lol
  6. Needless to say he took his man out of the play. Man child!!!
  7. My kinda coach. Walking the hallways seeking out talent. Hard to believe a guy that size never playing football before. Plus receiving an offer from a college without ever playing a game. They say you can’t teach speed. You can’t teach size either. Cool story.
  8. I’m not positive but I figure Carter Smith will be. He was back up last year. But I may be wrong.
  9. Yes sir. Read that earlier today. Seth Garner on that list as well. Got two good un’s coming back. I expect big things again from these two next year. Got a lot of talent in west Tn right now!
  10. They are. I’ve witnessed it with my own two eyes in game.
  11. Yes! Saw that too. It’s a joy to see these local athletes doing big things at the next level.
  12. Two more dingers today! 6 RBI’s
  13. Watched Evan play several times in high school, he was a stud. Have kept up with him at UT as well. Seen those multiple home run games. Happy for the young man. He’s a junior this year right?
  14. Good stuff! Like that enthusiasm and confidence.
  15. I’m a region 6- 4A fan. But I agree with you 100%. Hope I’m wrong though!
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