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  1. The first time we played y’all Taylor was out second round at McNairy she played. Big difference. I’ve always liked Taylor’s play. Little guard y’all got plays hard too don’t know her name she looked young. Make me a little nervous about playing y’all again in the tourney especially on y’alls home court.
  2. Your rite about the Lexington game. We left the door wide open in that game and if they both win there first game in the district tourney they’ll play again. But one it comes to the region I think we can play with them but to beat em we got to limit some of our turnovers way to many imo. Lots of those turnovers are unforced. Got to do a better job of stopping the ball on the defensive end as well. Do those things and we can compete in the region. Can’t wait for the tournament to start.
  3. I’ve seen at least 95% of every high school game Khyla has played over the last four yrs . I just don’t see a character issue with her. She may or may not win this award but she definitely deserves to be on this list.
  4. When we watch the team we pull for we kinda see the game one sided. I know the refs miss calls both ways in games. Don’t know if you were at McNairy for that game this year but in the second half at one time the foul margin was 10-2 against McNairy in that game. But when these teams play if every foul got called there would be no body left to play by halftime. But I always enjoy this matchup and hope they get that 3rd game in district tournament on a neutral court and we see what happens.
  5. These two teams always play physical against each other. So in your opinion does Mcnairy get by with more fouls than SS that go uncalled?
  6. I agree no way I would let her get away. She is a dynamic player!!!
  7. To me the best team wins the championship which may or may not have the the best player in the state. For example Gibson County won the single A championship last year. To me that says they were the best team in single A. But they did not have the best player in Single A. Ms. Basketball is a individual award based on her body of work not the teams. But I agree a deep run into the state helps there chances but should not determine winning award or not.
  8. Your definitely entitled to your opinion. But to base the Ms. Basketball award on one performance from the championship game?
  9. Good info. I’m pulling for Khyla think she is definitely deserving of the award.
  10. I don’t know enough about the middle and east part of the state to say she is the best in AA . But I would have to think she is the front runner for Ms. Basketball
  11. Big win for the lady bobcats tonight. 66-47 over the lady hawks. Congrats to Khyla Wade-Warren for breaking the 5 on 5 all time scoring record!!!!
  12. You are right I don’t either. I do agree if Lexington is supposed to host then they probably will. Would like to see that change eventually to a neutral site.
  13. McNairy hosted in 2018 i know because it was my daughters senior year. We had district and region there. But Chester County has had it several years
  14. Hope that works out. Takes away any home court advantage as well. Good central location especially for region tourney.
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