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  1. I think this game could be closer than some think. SGC seems to be improving week to week. Well coached football team!
  2. My friend he could have come down off that cross. He chose to stay and pay for you and me!! Thank you Lord!!!!!!!
  3. That’s good to hear. Because there’s a lot of people out there that have bought in to the media’s perspective on it, and that’s dangerous. People in this country got to learn to think for themselves, and stop letting others think for em.
  4. So you think one man caused all this mess you call it we are in??????????
  5. Hardin County really had there way with them honestly. Whitley run for 287 yds and Hunt threw for over 250. But HC defense didn’t look good either. Dyersburg had em off balance especially in the first half. Both these teams has got work to do on D!!!
  6. I would say if y’all can slow that Dyersburg running attack down you should be ok in this one.
  7. Dyersburg can run the football. Seemed like they had more yards after contact than before contact. Hard to bring down! Hit em up high and you won’t bring em down. Hardin County scored at will on em though. But also struggled to stop Dyersburg
  8. I think Covington will win this game. But I’ll tell you Simpson is allusive. When McNairy broke through on him he would retreat roll out of pocket and make a play. If you lose contain on him he can hurt you with his feet, give him time and he can pick a D apart. Not a throw he can’t make . But I think Covington’s D should handle it.
  9. Big win for Milan. Be a more confident team now going forward. My prediction would have been right on if Milan hadn’t added that Las TD!
  10. Hardin still looks good without Wolfe of course wish he could play!
  11. Yes. Also nice to see athletes that excel in the classroom as well.
  12. What’s the height and weight on the QB and linebacker? Good looking athletes!
  13. Im sorry I was trying to say I didn’t want to highjack it . Not saying you were. I seen where BPM ask the question.
  14. Same. Both teams off to a hot start. Will be a great game! But this is a Milan- Lexington thread so won’t say anymore about that matchup on here.
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