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  1. I just wish y’all had the Jumbotron last year. Then everyone could have seen that Rivers Hunt did indeed score a touchdown! lol
  2. As I said I don’t know much about WH or WHH either. Only what I saw out of WHH last season, so I can’t say much about them. But I know there playing back down and Wavo is playing up a class. I’m not a Wavo fan or nothing but IMO they will fair well in this region.
  3. Glad to see the rivalry back on between McNairy and Adamsville. 10/8 at McNairy.
  4. Think plugged is jerking your chain. He can’t be serious!
  5. True. If the adults will act right. Never thought the kids were the problem personally.
  6. I don’t know what WHH brings back from last year. But Hardin County had them last year in the playoffs and that’s the only time I’ve seen them play ever. No disrespect at all to them but they were not the team I was expecting to show up for a playoff game. HC beat them in the first qtr. they got a big RB I think he may be back, but that all I know.
  7. Awesome! Football only last for a few years. The decision to follow Christ last’s for Eternity! Happy for those decisions made for those young men!
  8. Totally agree with you. Think Wes Johnson was definitely the right choice. I believe he will field a competitive football team.
  9. Can’t believe y’all ain’t started a Springfield thread over here. Been looking for one to pop up, so I could get the low down on this years team. What y’all doing, laying low over there?
  10. I’m hearing Adamsville and McNairy may hook back up this year. Been several years since this in county rivalry has happened.
  11. Didn’t know he was at Kossuth now.
  12. Cat supporter here. Don’t know a whole lot myself about what kind of team we will have. I know the starting QB from last year transferred, also heard RB did to. I don’t even know who there QB will be honestly. Got some rebuilding to do at McNairy
  13. I honestly don’t know a lot. HC has had a good run of QB’s the last 7 or 8 years. I expect for the coaching staff to have someone ready to run the offense. But anytime you got a player taking there first snaps as a starter, your always concerned about how it will go. But with the playmakers they have returning, I think they should be fine IMO.
  14. I think the D for Hardin County could be the key this year. Pope and Garner are listed on there for offense but the two Along with Wilkes also make up the secondary for the Tigers. Hooper and Harris are both ballers as well. With some stingy D it can allow the offense to gel with a new QB and RB. Also Pope is special with the ball in his hands. I think HC could come back stronger than some may think. Lost a lot from last year but got some real talent in that team.
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