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  1. Nothing like a little preseason sparring! Good thread here.
  2. Are these two candidates for the job? I graduated high school with Jill. She was a heck of a ball player.
  3. You trying to wake Tide 21 up with this post?
  4. My gut was right on this one. Felt like he’d get the opportunity.
  5. Haven’t heard that one In a long time. Still just as funny as ever though!
  6. I agree, there is plenty of talent at HC. But a lot of the athletes are not playing multiple sports for sure. That’s seems to be becoming more normal than it use to be. I remember the days where your QB was usually your PG for basketball and your SS/pitcher on the baseball team!
  7. I’m really interested to see what direction they go here. Coach Carpenter IMO left things in good shape. Guys worked hard and played hard for him. Coach Guyer the assistant played at HC and is young but he from all I know is a tremendous young man and aspiring young coach. But they may go after a seasoned coach. Hope they get a good one
  8. Milan definitely with a great season. Go from winning 6 games last year to getting new coach and going to the ship the next. Remarkable to say the least.
  9. East’s D is smothering. First time I’ve seen them play. Trap the ball well and take away the passing lanes well. Impressive first qtr.
  10. I won’t argue , because everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just think once you let players start this kind of stuff then you open the door for others to say hey he did it why can’t I. My opinion has nothing to do with how many games I’ve watched him coach.
  11. Pulling for the Dawgs. What a story win or lose really.
  12. I agree , he will never have a leg to stand on again .
  13. It has trickled down from the NFL, NBA , etc to college and now small town USA. They get there way or they pick up there toys and go home.
  14. Great post. You said it all right here. Coach not gonna get a lot of respect when mom and dad trashing em at the house and saying there stupid and can’t coach and so on. Really sad.
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