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  1. Apparently, Freedom Prep’s program was $100,000 in debt. Hope the players at Freedom Prep (along with the players at MLK Prep) are able to join another program and play immediately.
  2. One school gets fined over $4,000 dollars because they had a baseball coach that gets ejected over a rule that is not in the rule book today (because no umpires in Tennessee called that rule when that coach was ejected). One school will get fined over $3,000 dollars because they had a football coach intentionally cheated. I hope TSSAA keeps a receipt over what schools they fined and how much, and for what reason. Meanwhile, if I'm a football coach at a school that has $3,000+ in the piggy bank, then hmmm.. No one knew Clinton was cheating intentionally until they went overboard and changed over 1,000 grades, and the word got out.
  3. I remember a few years ago Riverside was down 1-0 in the 6th inning to I believe it was Forrest (could be wrong). And Gene Meneese/TSSAA called the game off for rain. They wouldn't let Riverside play the final two innings the following morning to make a potential comeback. TSSAA went based on the fact Riverside had their 5 at bats and the game was official at that spot. As we all know, getting the 27th out (or 21st in High School baseball) is a tough thing to do. But TSSAA treated like it was a regular season game on March 21st.... When that happened, is when I know they, TSSAA, doesn't care about this spring fling at all.
  4. I'm going to say this, I hope the TSSAA doesn't accept this fine. This is a "slap on the wrist" if they accept it.
  5. It's time to put away with the award. 18 players selected, and 17 of those players are from Middle and East Tennessee. I guess they don't play baseball in West Tennessee. I understand there will be players that were "snubbed." We can make a legit argument that it occurs in Mr. Football and as well as Mr./Mrs. Basketball. But baseball is not a place where we can sit here and say "these are the 3 best players in this class and that class." And we got to get rid of these polls bullcrap that's being released. It's all nonsense.
  6. If a school changed over 1,000 grades, then I'd imagine football players aren't the only ones that benefited from this.
  7. "Some student’s grades were changed to help them with college and sports participation, other students, who the administration deem undesirable and they “wanted out of the school” , were changed to remove them from the Anderson County School system." This has to be a massive lawsuit waiting to happen.
  8. I'm not surprised by the list. Lots of favoritism...
  9. I don't know what's going on in the town of McMinnville, but I've read this and it's disturbing. I'm a "player" person, and I want what's best for the player. If a player gets cut off the team because she said the "F word" then good grief. I mean, come on guys. I wish there was a way for the player to transfer to a different program and just play ball. There are a lot of athletes that are stuck because they're in crappy situations regarding their team/coach. This is player just happens to be one them.
  10. Maybe the only downside. Just assuming that USJ can get a track scoreboard and the upgrades for it. They host track meets so I know they could (at least) host that sport.
  11. Depends. (Football related) Are schools willing and comfortable paying a high amount of money just to be bounced out of the playoffs in the 2nd round? 2nd round is when the playoffs truly begin. Just depends on the ROI the school is getting.
  12. Was there a reason why they're closing? Not totally sure that students have to go to Trezevant.
  13. Does Memphis have a place to host the TSSAA Tournament? Yes. Well, there are actually two places. One place will be the Elma Roane Fieldhouse, which is located on the University of Memphis campus. Let me just say there are high school gyms in West Tennessee that are better than that gymnasium. Murphy Center is head and shoulders over the Elma Roane Field Fieldhouse any day of the week. The second place would be FedEx Forum. However, I would think the FedEx Forum and the Memphis Grizzlies would have no desire to host the tournament, which will mean the Grizzlies would have to be out of town for 4 straight days, then head back into town for a game or two, then go back out of town. I doubt there's enough money for the Grizzlies to entertain that. With that being said, FedEx Forum would be an amazing place to host the tournament, and for the players to get that experience. Hotels are also pricey in downtown Memphis, and the nearest ones will be in Northern Mississippi, or in the Bartlett area. Here's the best case scenario: East Tennessee will hose Football and Golf state championships Middle Tennessee will host the basketball tournament (because they are basically two separate tournaments). West Tennessee will host the Spring Fling and Volleyball state tournaments in Jackson. Therefore, every region of the state will host two tournaments. I know that is not the case and will likely never be the case, but I do think it's the perfect situation.
  14. I’m taking Lee is retiring at South Fulton? Haven’t been to a South Fulton game in a while, but I’m assuming he is still there? South Fulton’s girls basketball and softball jobs are now available.
  15. For sure, and I'm not sure where Chester County goes from here.
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