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  1. Just hoping teams that weren't as good this year as they have previously been in recent years, improves drastically over the offseason. There are several football teams that need to improve for West Tennessee to have a good product of football. Personally, when I evaluate the product, I thought we we're pretty much average as a whole. Lots of blowouts this year.
  2. Okay, I was wrong. It's an 8-team region, 7 region games, and 3 non-region games.
  3. I want to say y'all have Dyer County, Obion Central, and Lake County
  4. Covington, Ripley, and Dyersburg all have an 8 region games. Covington elected to go with Munford and Brighton for non-region games. Dyersburg went with Lake County and Obion Central. I don’t know who Ripley is going to play, but I’m assure Crockett County could be one of them. Milan is in an 8 team region as well, and I’m sure South Gibson is one of the non-region teams.
  5. Pause here real quick. Mike Miller two sons attended Houston, and Madlock son attended Houston as well. I think there’s another Madlock at Houston, but I don’t know if that’s true or not. Majority of the Memphis athletic coaches’ kids attend the suburbs schools, including a few of the celebrities and their siblings.
  6. It's something that needs to be addressed at Haywood. The end zone's has been that way since lord knows when. But the TSSAA is more concerned with a player's knee pad showing rather than someone potentially tearing an ACL or breaking their leg because the took an awkward step on that end zone. TSSAA should have the authority to deemed that feel not safe to play. Which to me, it is not safe. You drive about 15-20 minutes north to Ripley, and part of their "end zone" is on their track. That part of their end zone is covered by some turf. However, if a player catches a pass and has a hard time stopping through the track, he could potentially end in a ditch that's about 3-5 feet deep. Regardless, what a football game!
  7. They're not supposed to get by with it. However, I don't know how they do.
  8. Would you be a fan of charging a $5 dollar fee per game for someone to look at the game online? Basically just staying at home, and paying the home school the "gate" just online. If a family of four shows up to a game, then they'll have to pay $20, but only $5 at the game. Therefore, it can benefit the customer and the school. Why would that make sense to me? Because a family that is out of town tomorrow for Thanksgiving can have that luxury to watch the game. In January during basketball season, there may be a night or two where it'll be too cold. I do appreciate the 3 private schools in Jackson on having their game broadcast online. Same goes to Peabody and Riverside for doing their broadcast on Facebook. Brentwood Academy did their game with Baylor on YouTube. What would it take for that to be broadcast in West TN? I'm sure BA spent a lot of money for that to be on YouTube. Regardless, I do agree that NFHS is not a good idea. Wasn't a good idea to begin with, but not surprised because the TSSAA never go detail to detail on what will happen. They jumped in not knowing what's going on. Maybe emailing principal and AD's will be the next step to cut the contract...
  9. I will say baseball should be getting paid $20 more dollars than softball umpires. I went to a baseball game last year for both JV and a Varisty game, and the softball game was going on right beside the baseball field. Both sports had a JV/V game. The softball game started their Varsity game after the baseball game, and finished their JV game before the baseball finished their game. Basketball officials are getting paid fine because there are a high amount of games, classics/tournaments, and the season is longer. In addition, they can do Middle school and High school games four nights a week. The sport getting screwed is girls soccer. Those officials aren’t getting the same as volleyball officials. Girls soccer officials are running and making calls. The volleyball officials are living a groovy lifestyle
  10. So you officiate for money and not for the love of the game? Haha I’m just messing
  11. I knew they played Bartlett in the preseason. Didn’t know if they played Henry County or not (and if the Henry County game was jamboree, to me that doesn’t count because only a few amount of plays due to running clock). But it’s a PC team that played Cane Ridge and MBA. Cane Ridge kept their game with Beech somewhat competitive in 6A quarterfinals. To me, Montgomery Bell is probably a top 5 (maybe top 3) team in the state regardless of classification. I do realized Haywood played Covington, which I believe is their toughest game so far. Y’all can add Milan and Lexington as “quarterfinal” teams. Well, someone has to be there. They’re not quarterfinal teams in the eye test. Everybody knows what to expect out of Lexington. Again, tremendous respect for Haywood and I like them to win. Don’t love them because I have respect for PC, and I can see them pulling off the win as well.
  12. Pearl Cohn is more battle tested than Haywood. By far, they have played a tougher schedule than Haywood. Similar to Haywood, they can score. If this game were to be in Nashville, I would lean with the Firebirds. This could be the first time Haywood has faced any sort of adversity. Curious: has Haywood trailed at any point of the season? I'm not a believer in "playing tough games in August can prepare you for November." Why? because late August was 3 months ago, and a lot can change in between those that time. I don't think PC will be scared or timid. I respect the heck out of this Pearl Cohn program. I'm leaning with the Tomcats, but Pearl Cohn needs to strike first. I do believe that's the key. I won't be shocked if there is 65 points combined in this game.
  13. Is there a website for non-region games to look at? Or did a coach tell you? Or you just saw the schedule? I’ve seen several 5/6A schools in Nashville non-region schedules been released. However, Lake County is the first West Tennessee team I’ve seen that has released their schedule.
  14. Games this Friday night: Pearl Cohn at Haywood Riverside at Huntingdon East Nashville at Covington McKenzie at MASE Page at Henry County Beech at Bartlett West Tennessee could have a representative in 3A, 4A, 5A, and 6A. They will have a representative in both 1A and 2A. I do believe 5 of the 6 D-2 teams will be from Middle Tennessee. Baylor is the only that made it from East Tennessee. Brentwood Academy was a half yard short.
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