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  1. Safe to say that we should start seeing Liberty, South Side, and North Side in the playoffs year in and year out?
  2. Sooo. To this point, no one on this website has mentioned the coach I believe would be perfect for Westview. However, he does not have any "head coaching experience" but everything else checks the box for the Chargers. Due to privacy and respect, I will not mention his name until Westview has announced their coach.
  3. If I’m not mistaken, Mr. Football is a regular season award (and if it is not, then it should be). Heisman is a regular season award. We all know Lamar Jackson will win MVP in the NFL, which is a regular season award. I do believe that Mr./Mrs. should be a regular season award. The way the criteria sets up on Mr./Mrs. Basketball award and who votes on it, will arguably never change. However, that’s just the way life is sometimes. Postseason play is different, can’t penalized a player because of a change of game plan, the pace of game is slower. Remember, districts are harder in some parts of the state than others. But there’s elimination games in the regional tournament. Let’s say Khyla sprains her ankle in the regional tournament, missed the remainder of the game; McNairy Central lose the game and is eliminated. Does that eliminate Khyla from Mrs. Basketball? Your eliminating basically 25-30 games worth of body of work because she failed to get her team to the region championship, which is one game.
  4. Where's the tournament? Both district and regional?
  5. That’s what I initially thought. But he was comparing Memphis as the “little brother” I got a laugh out of it.
  6. I got cha. I'm sure it's quiet up there, which I know some people like it. But being way up there is the biggest con of living in Tiptonville I guess.
  7. This doesn't make sense to me. You mentioned that four players got snubbed from LC, but you said they are "probably better than any defensive lineman they for that all state team." Are they better or not?
  8. Other than their quarterback, what makes this job appealing?
  9. If the NFHS makes it mandatory, then the TSSAA will make it mandatory as well. TSSAA will potentially get sued by the NFHS for not forcing a mandatory rule. Me, personally, I think it needs to happen, but I know it won't. I wish we can have the luxury of hiring more officials to be "shot clock operators" but we are struggling to hire basketball officials as it is. A more luxury alternative is to find a way to sync something with the shot clock. Maybe if something hard hits the rim, the shot clock automatically resets. I don't know if there is good enough technology for it. 30 seconds would be my preference.
  10. Absolutely agree with you in the fact that the "rezoning" did hurt Liberty compared to North Side and South Side. However, I do believe that all three schools pretty much have equal talent if their coaches can utilize that talent. No question that all three schools should be in the playoffs year in and year out.
  11. Congratulations to him, and shutout to Germantown for giving a 28 year old a shot at a 6A school. I was fairly impressed with Fairley this season, and I believe he'll do just fine. It'll take him some time, but by 2025 I would hope to see him thrive as a Red Devil, and he'll only be 33 at the time.
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