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  1. And to be honest, it’s one of the best non-district games in the state. Both teams and their fans aren’t complaining due to the fact that a 4 and a 5A teams are playing.
  2. That's my point. Can't sit here and bash Childress when he has over 300 schools to worry about. Give him a fair chance, he's done fine handling this situation, and I thought he did a great job handling the state tournaments back in March.
  3. He's doing the best he could. He didn't automatically shut down the state tournaments in basketball, he "postponed" them in order to give the players, coaches, and fans of the remaining teams a hopeful chance. Regarding to football, I think everybody (for the most part) wasn't expecting the state of emergency to be extended until late August. He's basically doing the best thing he could do in a short amount of time, so you have to give him props for that.
  4. I know this is going to sound weird, but there's no reason why basketball is like 4 months long. Basketball could defiantly play 3 games a week (Tuesday, Thursday,Saturday) or have a back to back on Monday/Tuesday, or Thursday/Friday). Also the playoffs are ridiculous, too, due to the fact that you can lose a championship game, and still advance.
  5. I think we have the same concept regarding to making sure we can get the whole schedule in. However, Having the semifinals and the state championship games being played the day after Christmas, and on New Years Eve/Day, would be a stretch for schools to go in. I wouldn't mind finding a way to play the playoffs in January, and give teams a little 2-3 week break during the holidays. Unfortunately, someone isn't going to be happy regardless of what proposal comes out.
  6. I know one thing in Memphis that they have informed schools regarding to games that'll effect schools. That is confirmed. I'm not going to release that info because of panic. Personally, I don't see how we can return by Aug 21. I just don't.
  7. You're spot on. Last year, this team was a Quarterfinal team. However, the previous two years they were one-and-done in the playoffs. As what Donovan Stewart mentioned, the Tigers were #9 in the decade review for 4A, but they also went 5-9 (worst winning percentage of the top 15 teams) in the playoffs. With that being said, postseason success isn't likable in Savannah. Talent wise, this team (to me) is a no brainer to play on Black Friday, with a probably match-up in Brownsville. That'll be great for West Tennessee in 4A, where everyone needs to do better in November. I'll even go further, a #2 seed in this district will not be acceptable because everyone doesn't stack up with Hardin County, talent wise.
  8. Past playoffs runs will say otherwise..
  9. Congrats to him, I knew he was probably wanting to stay home. I thought Stanford was the best for him! This definitely will boost his Mr. Football odds.
  10. Agreed, they basically will have to start from scratch. That’s the reality. They’ll get a good chunk of players collectively from all three schools, but who knows.
  11. It's going to be interesting to see how this all panned out based on the athletic standpoint. If they go 2A, I'd imagine they'll be in the district with Adamsville and Peabody. If they go 3A, then they'll be in the Milan and Covington district. I don't know what they're going to do from an athletic standpoint and how they're going to handle this situation. But, to me, they're going to pull a Freedom Prep, Middle College, and MASE (all Memphis academies) and basically start from scratch. In addition, all the people that live in the city of Jackson (specifically near Oman Arena) want to get this done. And the county is determined to get this done. However, it'll be interesting to see if South Side, North Side, and/or Liberty would drop a class because of this.
  12. What happened? I noticed they lost Jay Lowery, but I don't know if that has a significant impact or not due to run heavy offense. I think we all figured they would take a step back, but everybody is taking a step back (probably other than West Carroll)... So what's going on..
  13. Yes, in Jackson they're in agreement to re-open Jackson Central-Merry in the next few years. However, the school system and county commission are getting the funding open. I don't know when it'll be "official" but it'll probably knock South Side down to 3A. JCM might go to 2/3A, but I don't expect them to go 4A with North Side and Liberty. They're determine to get this done soon, but the target date is not set in stone
  14. If you're going to have a soccer field as well as a football stadium, I'd much rather have a track go around the soccer stadium, then the football stadium. Personally, not a fan of having a tracker around the football field because there's rarely any fan engagement.
  15. Right now, we're 74 days til kickoff of the 2020 High School football season, which is slated for August 21. I went out of town this past weekend to watch a travel ball (baseball) tournament. I talked to a few people from Illinois and Kentucky respectively. The people from Illinois are saying that they still cannot go eat at restaurants. In addition workouts are going on, but they're strict with the workouts to the point where it's somewhat pointless to do the workouts. The people that I've talked to from Kentucky are saying that their travel ball facilities are closed til mid-July. Personally, I do believe this is based on more political involvement (remember, we are in an election year), then health recommendations. However, I agree with college football where it's going to take at least 6 weeks for all schools to come back and practice where all football players can get acclimated to the heat. The last thing the TSSAA can do is have teams coming back and have 3 weeks to prepare (because that's when the school districts will let them come back) and be rushed. Then, we're going to have student athletes passing out on workouts, because coaches are rushing trying to play catch-up with everyone else. So, six weeks til August 21st will be July 10. If there's plenty of schools that aren't allowed to participate on field activities, then the TSSAA should delay the season, and have kickoff pushed back til October 2 (playoffs begin in January/February). I believe the TSSAA has a month to decide on what they're going to do. But I do believe that every school should have a chance to win a state tournament. That's my opinion
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