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  1. I agree with you in terms of steaming games, especially in rainy weather. But I don’t agree with you in terms of what’s on TV for that night. I looked at the Friday nights college football schedule, and the only marquee matchup that’s worth staying in is UCF @ Cincinnati. I don’t think anybody will skip a high school football game just to watch Tulsa @ Michigan State in the first week of the season. Everybody now has the luxury of recording games/shows now. I am somewhat confused when we are talking about attendance going down. Is it the average of the attendance in a football, or the total attendance (from all schools in Tennessee) going down? If it’s average, I can see it because there are more schools now than there was 10 years ago. I can’t buy into the “total attendance” because I would figure there are now 9 classifications in Tennessee, and everyone seems like they’re a playoff team, so it doesn’t make sense to me that the total attendance will be going down.
  2. Yes and I agree, but I think if this time is developed well, they should be in the mix for the playoffs. They can take care of their easy schedule and beat teams that they should beat or be in those games. The Scott’s Hill game will prove to me (probably all of us) of how much improvement they have. Making the playoffs is a win for this team and the community.
  3. I looked at Humboldt's schedule and it is fairly easy, but I have no problem for them having an easy schedule based on the current status of where the Vikings are at. Their first three games is Memphis East, Halls, and West Carroll. They should win 2 of 3 if all goes well. They should win at least two of the four between Lake County, Fulton County, Greenfield, and Gleason. If they beat South Fulton, then they should have the confidence to stay in the game with Scotts Hill. Needless to say, I won't be surprised if Humboldt goes .500 if all goes well. And if they make the playoffs, then that should at least bring somewhat excitement back into the program.
  4. Yes, that was going to be my next game. I think it's more intriguing for South Side because they will be the "underdog" in that game that could potentially win it if their players developed well this offseason.
  5. I pretty much took a quick glanced at everyone's schedule for the 2019 season, and there are some interesting non-region games. Yes, there are some games that you expect (Milan/Peabody and Haywood/Henry County) that really aren't intriguing anymore other than rivalries or the fact they have played almost every year for the past 4-6 seasons. So here's my games that are interesting. Hardin County @ McNairy Central. Could McNairy Central take the "next step" in 2019 and can Hardin County finally win their region? Union City @ Lake County. Lake County fans are excited to play Union City, and they are confident they can beat them. However, will Union City be the Union City we usually know or will they go back to being a .500 team like they were in 2018? Middleton and South Fulton. One school is less than a mile away from Kentucky, and the other is less than 5 miles away from Mississippi. It's an interesting game based off traveling. Scotts Hill @ Humboldt. Why Humboldt? If Humboldt just improves week by week in 2019, they have a chance to beat Scotts Hill. This is a game in late October and could potentially determine the growth of the Vikings. Gibson County @ Westview. It's a matchup that I think is interesting because Gibson County is probably the better team, but Westview's Quarterback will probably be the best player on the field. Also, this is a game in August that fans will tell how good their team is when they leave this game. If there are anymore, feel free to share. Let's have fun with this!
  6. We are talking about attendance issues here, not classification issues. Here's my two cents on what I believe is what's going on, especially in West Tennessee (I don't know if this will relate to y'all Middle/East TN folks). Our teams that were powerhouse teams, aren't currently powerhouse teams anymore. Example number one is Camden. I haven't been to a Camden game in a few years, but they haven't been to the second round of the playoffs since 2015. In addition, they had a 2 win season sandwiched between 6 win seasons. It wasn't too long that we can guarantee Camden as a 8-10 win regular season team, with an opportunity to play on Black Friday. Second is Lexington, they are down and down bad. Lexington's stadium is big, but I would hate to see the revenue money they have brought in compared to years past. Humboldt is bad. There's no excitement in McKenzie. Westview is not a good football team. Ripley has been bad for years now. South Gibson is, ehh. And these schools are "one-city schools" like they're not competing with other schools just to get every penny they can get. Truth is, there are programs that were really good a decade ago, they aren't good anymore. And fans aren't going to spend money watching bad product, just like fans aren't going to spend money watching a bad money or go to a bad concert, they just aren't. I don't think this has to do with classification issues, we are talking about attendance, not money.
  7. We get it, it's not the first time that you've said this.
  8. Number 2 team in 3A? What are you smoking? In a matter of fact, I’ll take Riverside/Lewis County over Peabody/Milan. Don’t fall in love with this “county rivalry” bull crap
  9. Here's what I believe. The Northwest officials association service Haywood baseball. If this umpire claims that there was a hybrid stance, but Dusty said that he's been doing it all year, then it puts the Northwest association a bad look. It also puts the Southwest (Jackson) association a bad look because I would assume Haywood plays a lot of baseball games in the Jackson area and a lot of umpires that are in the "Jackson" association had Haywood at some point this year. So, a pitcher isn't going to change his pitching delivery in the postseason, not going to happen. In addition, he definitely isn't going to do it during the game. Why was this called in the 6th inning and not innings 1-3? The only person that can answer the question is the umpire that called it. To me, this was the umpire taking control of his authority and made Haywood baseball look bad and made the Northwest officials association look bad as well.
  10. Interesting but there’s also real information that’s hidden, just like there is in any information protaining to sports. There’s a story and then there’s the real story as to why this occur. Don’t put all the blame on TSSAA.
  11. Umpire don’t half to give out warnings.
  12. Just because a team led 14-0 against a "good team" in Dyersburg, doesn't give the team that was winning, an automatic pass to be a "good team." And if Crockett County was winning 14-0, they should've won that game. Because "good teams" don't let a 2 touchdown lead slip away. Addition, Dyersburg went on a 41-13 run after that 14-0 lead. Freedom Prep was overall, not a good football team. Everyone knew they were a good team in a terrible district, and when they traveled outside of Memphis in November, we all knew they were going to lose. Let's be real. Congratulations on having the bragging rights of beating one team, which beat another team that was the state champions. It's football, it's sports. Nobody cares.
  13. Hey chief, let's not get too carried away here. Union City went .500 last year in the regular season, and 7-6 overall. Their regular season wins (Oakhaven, TCA, Gibson County, Adamsville, Halls) only one of them finished above .500 in the regular season and got pounced in round one. No quality wins to show for. Meanwhile, five of their six losses were by 14+ points. Crockett County started 4-0 but finished 6-6. They finished 3rd last year in their district and will finish 3rd this year. And Crockett County didn't have any good quality wins either. Westview is a bad football and over 80% of West Tennessee football teams can beat Ripley. "When you bury cupcakes" did y'all not play Halls and Freedom Prep last year? I get it, y'all are 1A, but let's not "brag" about playing teams that are in a higher classification than Lake County. When you're 1A, you pretty much have to do that.
  14. Has to be more to this story. Shocked that he would go to Haywood.
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