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  1. Just seems like everybody is going to pencil in those four teams in Region 6-2A already. Nobody is giving Camden, Adamsville, JCM, and even Gibson County a shot.
  2. And a silver ball is not good enough at USJ regardless of any sport. What's tough for the coach over at USJ is that the fans/boosters don't care what goes on across the river. They want championships.
  3. It's tough nowadays. You can't figure out which team is going to be good. Didn't realized Bruceton made it to the state tournament in softball. First time they have made it in 30 years. That's impressive for Coach Williams and his team! I assumed Scotts Hill and either Adamsville/Riverside will make it, it's a guarantee due to postseason region for them. Was this year (or even last year) Lexington team better than the 2017 Lexington team? The media coverage isn't going to get better. WBBJ won't help either because they want their guy in the studio for his 6 PM broadcast (which is when teams are playing). He needs to get out and coverage as well. We're going to have a dominate pitcher in softball and one school will have a dominate pitcher in baseball, and they're both freshman. Just hope they can get appropriate coverage, as well as the other amazing athletes. Madison won state in soccer, but didn't realized they made it to the championship game. I don't expect them to get any recognition because it's Madison and not South Side... That's how things go in Jackson.
  4. Matthew Dallas would be my pick. But again, baseball is tough because you don't know who is having great seasons and not. I also don't like the "poll" that baseball is doing because strength of schedules are weighed the same, some teams just lose, it's baseball. I'm not going to complain or anything, and I do agree that it's a popularity contest. Only having two West TN players made the list is a prime example of that.
  5. No, I didn't think he deserved it from a pitching perspective.
  6. It won't happen, but the TSSAA needs to adjust their "suspension/fines" when it comes to coaches ejections. There's a lot of freedom that head coaches will get more than their assistant/players, and sometimes head coaches can use it to their power. I'm not saying that's what happened here in this case, but if he wasn't warned or restricted (which from your words he wasn't) then there shouldn't been an ejection to begin with because the umpire didn't follow his protocol. Result, he won the appeal.
  7. It's going to be odd witnessing a player getting drafted in the early rounds, and he didn't sniff the Mr. Baseball list (which I don't value that as much as the others). 18 players made it, but only two from West Tennessee.
  8. Not that, more specifically on an ejection..
  9. What happened between Peabody/Eagleville?
  10. Depends on what your definition of "solid" is? Getting outs? Just curious because everybody's term can be different.
  11. Rolling down to Park Avenue just to get beat by 30 again? We've all seen this story before.
  12. No, they did vs Riverside later that day. Not going to take credit/bash a team for losing one game. It happens. I will say that Gordonsville hit two wall scrappers home runs (wind was blowing out too) and they played great defense as well. It's baseball.
  13. Something tells me you must be an umpire haha. No, I think umpires don't mind taking a day off of work to work two varsity games, but I think some of them would mind if it's more of a "wait and see" regarding to game 3 when that game is in the daytime. Therefore, they may have to take two days off work. It does appear that majority of the substate games are on Thursday/Friday. Some games have started today. However, I can see why teams would want to do a Thursday/Friday series because I believe the state tournament is a Tuesday-Friday tournament. If the spring fling were to be a Wednesday-Saturday tournament, then you'll see more teams play a Friday/Saturday substate series, and that should be more convenient to a lot of people when it comes to jobs.
  14. I actually do like the format, but I do think there needs to be several changes to how the TSSAA handles spring sports. First, move the season back, and let the first day in April be "opening day." Several coaches have proposed this to the TSSAA, and unfortunately were shut down because they (the TSSAA) wanted all sports to be over while school is in session or close to ending. Moving the season back to April does wonders to everybody involved. One, it may actually help the safety to baseball pitchers because they'll be throwing in warmer temperatures. The TSSAA will be on board of something if it involves safety. That's it. Moving the season back and starting practice in place of our current opening day (second Monday in March) will help teams with practice. I don't think teams are practicing outside enough in February due to cold temperatures and potential wet field conditions from rain/snow. Moving the season back til April and extending the regular season through the middle/late May will help offensive numbers due to them hitting in warmer temperatures. Their stats will improve, it'll increase the chances of home runs. Who doesn't like that? Moving the season back will help families if they want to go out of town for Spring Break and not have to worry about vacation. It'll help the basketball players that are transitioning to baseball/softball so they can get a two week breather from playing in the state tournament to start of their baseball season. Nobody thinks of baseball/softball in February/early March with temperatures in the 40's and a 10 MPH wind blowing from the north. I left our game on opening day of this year, and the temperature was 37-39 degrees. Today's high was in the low 80's. Would you rather play the first 3 weeks of the season with temperatures in the 40's, or play the last 3 weeks of the season with temperature's in the 70's-80's. It's common sense, but several coaches in the past wanted the TSSAA to delay the season to the first start of April, but denied. Again, the region tournament may be the first slate of games where students are playing without school being in session. So not everybody will play baseball when school is out. Regarding to the postseason, I actually like the format, but there needs to be some more clarity for substates. There are several games across West Tennessee that'll likely have to move their start times up to the day because of graduation. A best two out of three (which I'm a fan of) is great, but it's not fun if parents/umpires are having to request off work to watch this game (or work for the umpires). I hope they can figure out how to adjust to this because start times at 12 and 3 on a work day is no fun. If they delay the season, then they can have a doubleheader on a Friday night, with game 3 on the following Saturday. The same situation they did last year with that Friday being the "sectional" game. And move the Spring Fling to a Wednesday-Saturday tournament and not Tuesday-Friday.
  15. I think each team will receive four fouls to give in each quarter. The fifth foul will result in two shots. I think this is actually good for the game.
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