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  1. Mhmmm some of those hires if not all were head scrachers because I know some of the people with qualified resumes applied for those jobs. But like you said the one with the most talent hired a semi pro coach! yeah you're giving four years but I'm giving it two years before the cycle starts again.
  2. Hearing North East hired a Semi Pro coach.... Yikes!!!!
  3. Yeah I definitely don't blame him, I mean even the coaching stipends there are some of the worse compared to counties of their size around the state.
  4. Kenwood is now open as well this has been one of the biggest turnovers in one offseason for Montgomery County
  5. What’s the word on the North East job it seems they’re in no rush to hire someone. Which would be a shame for those kids.
  6. Unfortunately it's not about having everyone in your business, you have to self promote yourself now days and social media engagement is the biggest way to do it. Especially when all you're doing is networking with coaches, promoting your program and sharing ideas.
  7. Not sure about NE but I’m sure central will do an in house hire.
  8. Not to say you’re information is wrong but where do you see an advertisement for that. Also what former HC?
  9. IDC who the coach is. Dickson does not pump out the same type of athletes like the teams they play in that region. I know the coach has tied there but there’s no way someone with his success the last few years should’ve taken that job.
  10. Have they even started interviewing at any of these jobs yet?
  11. Just a hard job! From what I heard they lose a lot of kids to creek wood
  12. Dustin Brady at Lebanon has to be on that list.
  13. I’ve heard that this job is now open, any truth to this?
  14. I have a lot of respect for the PC coaches but the offensive playing calling is off tonight.
  15. Taking Springfield in a close one tonight but it’s hard to bet against HC! Either way like I said before HC was going to be who they truly are by they time district kicks in. Perks of playing a tough schedule.
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