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  1. I’ve heard that this job is now open, any truth to this?
  2. I have a lot of respect for the PC coaches but the offensive playing calling is off tonight.
  3. Taking Springfield in a close one tonight but it’s hard to bet against HC! Either way like I said before HC was going to be who they truly are by they time district kicks in. Perks of playing a tough schedule.
  4. I’m hearing former Rossview Coach Ron Lambert could be the top choice for this job.
  5. I wouldn't say they all have players because there is a big talent difference when it comes to Northeast, Rossview and Clarksville and the other schools. Also from what I hear Rossview and Clarksville have money steady pouring their programs and the others don't. I personally don't know what direction these schools will go with the HC openings but hopefully it's someone who can come and change the culture there.
  6. West Creek is open and this has to be one of the worst jobs in the state in a tough region. Who goes after this?
  7. Heard they reached out to an up and coming young coach but got turned down.
  8. Yep heard the same thing. It'll prolly be around next week before it's officially annouced.
  9. Yeah from my understanding the school system doesn't want to be responsible for any cost the associated with the middle school youth sports.
  10. They have middle school football but it’s not associated with the schools. More like JR pro
  11. There’s no reason this county shouldn’t be like Rutherford county in sports
  12. I’m hearing some guys around the area want that job.
  13. Exactly! I know a kid from middle Tennessee area who team went 0-10 his senior year. But he’ll be suiting up for the NY Giants in a few hours! If you’re good enough they’ll find you!
  14. Probably a slew of metro jobs will come open.
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