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  1. Really? Wow. How long was he there, 6 weeks?
  2. It's posted on TSSAA as of this morning. What's the deal there? I don't know anything about the school.
  3. Not sure. They were rumored to have been inquiring as early as last spring after the tornado though, so maybe they were out ahead of it? Zion has officially decided to stay 11 I'm told too, despite having a full 8m schedule made.
  4. Hmm, interesting. If their numbers are in the mid teens like I've heard, one year could be suspenseful.... two years could be even more detrimental.
  5. They're deciding whether or not to play 8 man or stay independent to my understanding. I thought they'd already committed to 8m, but apparently they're still mulling it over.
  6. Two years ago, and it's been great for them. Hopefully Grace and Zion see similar benefits from the move.
  7. They're playing 8 man, along with Zion. I'm guessing covid and the tornado really hit their numbers. Looked like they were under 20 last year.
  8. Yeah, I get that. But I think that can be mostly controlled with enrollment restrictions and the like. Plus, unfair as it might be, there will always be a stigma about 8 man football that will also keep some of that at bay.
  9. I don't think you'd ever have to worry about mid level to good teams exiting for it unless they were in a dire numbers situation.....which typically means they're not mid to upper tier anyway.
  10. I've been wondering the same. I've never even seen it posted anywhere, even on the school site, though I haven't looked in a couple of weeks.
  11. I'm not sure how painting your field slightly different is too much stress financially? Technically, you'd save paint actually. You don't have to move the goal posts or anything, we never have. if anyone kicks an extra points (rare), you just have them kick from the endzone.
  12. Webb was, they moved up to 11 a couple of years ago. And I fully agree on RBS and Pickett, I think they absolutely need to make the move. Playing up 8th graders regularly is not smart, safe or sustainable. I agree on distance unfortunately, especially early on.
  13. If it becomes a sanctioned sport, then very possible. If it's only an emerging sport, then it wouldn't be.
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