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  1. Excellent season Pearl Cohn. All of you bashing brunetti were sitting home watching it on the TV. If you are even part of a team your season has been over for how long? If you're just some idiot with an opinion you could never understand the life of a true competitor.
  2. Who gets an assist from a wet field?
  3. PC will win if they dominate the line of scrimmage and limit their penalties.
  4. Good list. Is this the worst year in the history of Metro / NIL football?
  5. 56 carries and he played linebacker too... This kid must be Superman!
  6. The only way East wins is if the final is 2 to 0. I'll take PC 34 to 7
  7. Score? My guess is Hillsboro 26 Pearl Cohn 21
  8. Most coaches do not emphasize success in a jamboree like they do in a game. Pearl Cohn has to be favored because they seem to have a very outstanding team; however, Hillsboro should be more prepared for a four quarter game than they have been in their previous big games this season. Coach Fitzgerald would probably never say it but I bet this game means a ton to him going against the school that he built..
  9. Has Coach Fitzgerald ever coached against Pearl Cohn before?
  10. after week 5 1 Pearl Cohn 2 East 3 Cane Ridge 4 Hillsboro 5 Stratford 6 Maplewood 7 McGavock 8 Overton 9 Hunters Lane 10 Hillwood 11 Whites Creek 12 Antioch 13 Glencliff Is this the worst season in the history of Metro Football? There seems to be more inept teams than ever before.
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