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  1. I ain't seen anything yet, so until ive sren some scrimmages and the jamborees, High expectations: Cane Ridge, Pearl Cohn, Hillsboro Next level; Maplewood, Stratford, East 3rd level: McGavock, Overton, Hillwood Low level: Antioch, Hunters Lane, Glencliff, Whites Creek, Republic Stratford is the biggest mystery. The same team that went far in the playoffs lost eight games in the regular season???
  2. Any metro teams scrimmage results from last week? Any scrimmages this week?
  3. That was before sight based leadership, when most decisions were made at the central office including head football coaches. Overton tried to circumvent that by Coutras retiring just before the season began. Principal Stanfield clearly wanted Andetson but the board named co coaches befote sending Mullican the next season. Anderson got tbe job he wanted, but had pitstops at Hillsboto and Antioch first.
  4. You are wtong. Pelham hired Williams for football and Doithit for bballbefore he left for Hillsboro. New principal hired current bball coach Hopson.
  5. 1 Graves was named co interim with Andetson for one season after Coutras retired late and before Mullican was hc 2 she didn't hire hthe previous bball hc that was Pelham 3 What quality applicants did she have to choose from? The real damage was done in choosing Anderson's repladement, again that was Pelhams pick.
  6. You really have it out for Overton. Why? The only head coaches they have had in about 50 years are Coutras, Mullican. Anderson, and Williams. What metro school can match that consistency? You also seem to have a grudge against the principal. Her choice of a basketball coach last year seems to have worked out well, maybe football will also.
  7. GHS should never consider turf. Their stadium is a great atmosphere as is. The grass turf is a better playing surface than turf.
  8. Heard the coach from the west has cold feet and may not relocate to LA. Next man up may be somebody very familiar to Antioch. Any Overton news?
  9. I went to public school and that was a long time ago. I was playing kickball when the others were solving riddles
  10. I watch a lot of cartoons but I never saw that...
  11. Are you saying they hired a coach from Memphis? If so, it worked for the school down the street. Details?
  12. Normally, coaches improve significantly in their second stint as a head coach. Antioch and Overton are both in need..
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