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  1. All time greatest in Metro Nashville West Elrod Nick coutras Jerry Pigue Maurice Fitzgerald
  2. That's High Praise coming from a man who built East...
  3. Decision has been made. Good pic. Much success to come to East in the future.
  4. AB withdrew. The second choice I referred to is among the three that has been discussed. Morino and Stewart are both excellent coaches. Should be a two-man race...
  5. He did not accept. Choice number two is being made...
  6. Potentially yes. However, an entire new staff will need to be hired and that's a problem with East having minimal teaching positions available.
  7. The choice at East has been made. Now will he accept?
  8. Y'all need to leave Bruno alone. He's a good guy who's good to his players and they love him. The key to his success is that his players will fight for him. Every coach has strengths and weaknesses. The staff at pearl-cohn strength is in the way they get the players to play hard for them and be Unified.
  9. Those coaches who cannot get talented players resent the ones who can.
  10. That was proposed in the 90s and was laughed down and never given serious consideration by the athletic Council of mnps. If students are truly transferring for academic purposes though, this would be a good solution.
  11. Work that sounds good but the problem with that is the current Metro principals do not hire assistant coaches as teachers as a priority. Most Metro Staff they'll have to be filled with non-faculty coaches because of this. The solution is different principles with priorities in sports. And an athletic director who strives to increase the quality of our Sports programs. Every Metro school has a Zone with enough athletes to compete the problem is giving them a reason to attend the schools. Coaching in Metro today is harder than any other time in history due to the lack of support
  12. Excellent season Pearl Cohn. All of you bashing brunetti were sitting home watching it on the TV. If you are even part of a team your season has been over for how long? If you're just some idiot with an opinion you could never understand the life of a true competitor.
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